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Is It Necessary To Boil The Ribs Before Grilling Them

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Many individuals wish to know how to prepare ribs. Spareribs are popular for barbeque since they do not require moist heat. This cut of meat is taken from the pigs breast or side, and it has less meat surrounding the bone. Spareribs can be baked in addition to braised. Baby back ribs are a meatier, more tender option. These are made from the loin section and can be baked, braised, or barbecued. Country-style ribs are an even meatier option. These are made up of rib or backbones from the loin. Country ribs, on the other hand, are usually baked or braised rather than barbecued.

To achieve the best tenderness, ribs should be cooked gently. To help tenderise the meat, ribs are frequently cooked or oven-steamed before grilling. To steam ribs in the oven, arrange them in a big baking pan with about 1 inch of water in it, cover with aluminium foil, and bake for about 50 minutes at 350F. The instructions for boiling ribs before grilling are included in the recipe.

Grilled Bbq Pork Spare Ribs

Fork-tender BBQ Spare Ribs coated in a Cajun dry rub and grilled to perfection with crispy outer edges.

This season has brought so much gratitude into my life. If nothing else, I’ve learned to appreciate and not take small things for granted. It may sound silly, but I will not take a bag of rice or all- purpose flour for granted, or a box of pasta or bathroom tissue for that matter. Above all, I will not take time with my family for granted. I’ve cherished this time with my family so much.

This season has been about pantry staples and pasta galore. Let’s spice things up a bit, and let’s get out in the yard and start grilling.

Today, I’m bringing you a delicious BBQ spare ribs recipe that calls for firing up the grill. Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out this Grilled Teriyaki Pork Ribs Recipe too. Also, check out these Grilled Flanken Short Ribs or these Grilled Chicken Wings and let’s not forget Grilled Boneless Chicken Thighs.

Grilling season is just around the corner, so we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and grill outdoors. If you’re a meat-eater and love pork, I’m convinced that you’ll love this recipe. These smoked flavored ribs are beautifully caramelized and tender with the most robust flavor.

How Do You Prepare Ribs Before Grilling

A: To prepare ribs before grilling, you should first remove the membrane from the back of the ribs. This is a thin layer that covers the bone and can be removed with your fingers. Next, you should rub them with salt and pepper to season them before placing them on a grill or in a pan over medium heat.

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How To Hold Ribs

Sometimes time and circumstances wont allow you to enjoy your BBQ ribs immediately, in which case its imperative that you hold and store them in a way that wont heavily impact flavor or quality.

Remove the ribs from the grill and allow to cool for 10-15 minutes. Using plastic wrap, wrap the ribs tightly in a few layers. Its key here that you dont use aluminum foil as BBQ sauce and foil can actually react due to the acidic nature of the sauce.

If you are going to be enjoying the ribs any later than an hour after cooking then put them in the refrigerator. For tips on how to then warm them back up again, check out my guide on how to reheat ribs.

Here’s How You Make Them:

How to (Gas) Grill The Best Pork Ribs
  • Rub both sides of the spare ribs with mustard and brown sugar. Afterwards you will wrap the ribs and store them in the refrigerator for at least six hours, though you can skip this step if you need to make them right away.
  • Set the unwrapped ribs on the grill and smoke for three hours.
  • Transfer the ribs to a sheet of heavy duty aluminum foil and top with apple cider vinegar. Wrap with foil and return to grill. Cook at 225 F for two hours.
  • Remove the tender cooked pork ribs from the foil and place directly on the grill. Smother with your favorite BBQ sauce or even a Carolina Mustard Barbecue Sauce and cook for one additional hour until the sauce gets nice and sticky.
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    When Cooking Ribs Should They Be Wrapped With Foil

    If you dont have a smoker, dont worry. On a gas barbeque, wood chips in an aluminium pouch or directly on the coals on a regular grill can be used to add smoke. The type of wood you use makes a difference, as hard woods are more abrasive than fruit woods. Pecan, apple, and cherry are the most common woods utilised by expert pit masters. In all of our competitions, I like a hickory-apple mix.

    Tip #2: Dont over-smoke.

    When it comes to smoking meat, a little goes a long way. Its preferable to have too little smoke than too much. The most common error made by BBQ pit masters is over-smoking. It produces dark-colored meat with a harsh flavour. If youre using a charcoal grill, keep in mind that charcoal naturally produces smoke, so use less wood than if youre using a smoker or gas grill.

    Tip #3: Skip the leg work.

    Rubs and sauces have been perfected for years by professional BBQ teams. You could make your own, but if you want to save time, trust speciality sauces and rubs to get the job done. Many different flavours can be found at local or online specialised BBQ shops. The sweetness or heat of the completed dish is determined by the rub and sauce used on the meat. We try to strike a decent balance between the two. The palate will be smacked with sweetness first, followed by some fire on the back end. A sweet sauce and a mild/spicy rub are used to achieve this.

    Tip #4: Wrap and butter it up.

    Tip #4: Touch, not thermometer, tells you when meat is done.

    Tip #5: Let it rest.

    Do I Have To Remove The Membrane On A Rack Of Ribs Before Grilling

    No, it isnt an absolute must. But yes, its a good idea to remove the membrane on a rack of ribs before grilling. Use a knife to cut through the membrane and then, using a paper towel for grip, pull the membrane from the meat in one motion.

    As with grilling the perfect rack of ribs, practice on this makes perfect.

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    Sweet And Spicy Barbecue Sauce

    You can use any barbecue sauce you like, but for us, we like to cook up our quick sweet and spicy sauce it only takes a few minutes. It combines ketchup, brown sugar, chili sauce , and spices. Weve shared how to make it in the recipe.

    I like making a double batch of the sauce and keeping it in the refrigerator. It will last up to 5 days. The sauce is perfect with chicken, on a burger, or as a dip for fries.

    We make a similar sauce to coat our brown sugar barbecue wings. Another option is our homemade bacon bourbon barbecue sauce . We use that sauce for our bacon bourbon baked ribs.

    Alternatives To Boiling Ribs

    How I Make Pork Ribs Barbecue

    Luckily, there are many techniques of grilling that dont require you to grill, boil or simmer ribs.

    • Slow smoking your meat is one method to delicious, tender ribs. Many cooks choose this method of low and slow cooking to create the perfect texture and taste. If youre going to smoke your ribs, plan to smoke them at low heat for between 6-8 hours.
    • You can also get tender, juicy ribs if you use the steaming technique. Simply place ribs with either apple juice/cider or beer in a roasting pan with water. Cover with aluminum foil and bake in the oven before transferring them to the grill.
    • Brining is one option to create the perfect ribs. Make a simple brine solution with water and salt, adding your favorite items to enhance the flavor, such as onion or garlic. Brine overnight for flavorful, tender barbecue.
    • Lastly, simmered and braised ribs are a popular alternative to a charcoal grill method. If you low simmer your ribs with your favorite barbeque sauce, then braise with either more bbq sauce or your favorite dry rub, youll have tasty ribs to serve immediately.

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    The Best Grilled Ribs Recipe

    This weekend were packing the coolers, loading up the truck with big boy toys and heading out of town with friends to the mountains. Its one of our favorite weekends filled with deep breaths in the stunning outdoors, leisurely morning coffee time on the aspen tree-lined deck, and way too much laughter. More than most could possibly bear.

    After all, were a funny and sarcastic group. Or at least we think so.

    Besides hanging, hiking, and harassing, its the perfect occasion to get together and cook. Our grocery list takes precedence over the contents of our weekend-packed bags. Memorial day calls for chillin and grillin and nothin says grillin like RIBS!

    My husband has spent many a day trying various methods to create the most succulent pork baby back ribs to suckle and savor upon. So whats his big secret?

    Take them to the oven before they ever hit the fire. Most think baby back ribs need to be cooked over an open grilled flame, but using the grill as a finishing agent instead of your main cooker is the key.

    We season then refrigerate, and bake the ribs low and slow until its time for an introduction to the open flame. Sounds like most dating gigs right?

    How To Make Oven Pork Ribs

    Heres how I make pork ribs in the oven. Theres a few key things here:

    • Rub for the pork ribs to add flavour

    • Liquid for cooking this is a key step for this pork ribs recipe! It creates a steamy situation while the ribs slow cook in the oven to keep them nice and juicy. My liquid of choice is alcoholic apple cider because as with many things, alcohol adds extra layers of flavour. But theres loads of other options: beer, apple juice, broth or even water

    • Homemade barbecue sauce Ribs are a bit of an occasion around these parts so using store bought Barbecue Sauce doesnt even cross my mind. Its also one of those sauces thats astonishingly simple to make at home and really is that much better than store bought because it tastes pure and real and doesnt have that slight artificial edge of store bought. Try it once and youll be converted for life!

    • Baste, bake, baste, bake! The more you baste-bake, the better your sticky barbecue sauce coating on the ribs.

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    How To Wrap Ribs

    Another hour later, check on the ribs. We want them to curve slightly without breaking. If theyre yet to reach this point, allow them to cook for a little longer. However, if they are bending nicely then double wrap the ribs in aluminum foil. We do this to help increase the internal temperature of the meat while also holding in moisture, making them extra juicy.

    Place the wrapped ribs back on the grill. Check on the coals and water again. Dont add more wood chunks this time as the ribs will have absorbed enough smoke.

    How To Prepare Ribs For The Pit Boss

    Grilled Country

    First things first, youll want to clean the ribs. This doesnt involve washing them in the sink. Instead, youre going to remove the membrane and trim off any excess fat or meat that needs to be trimmed off the edges.

    The reason being is you want a nice even consistent-looking rib that will cook evenly, and wont burn or fry up on the tips.

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    How Do You Make Ribs More Tender

    For example, ribs cooked for four hours at 225 degrees Fahrenheit will be more tender and juicy than those cooked for two hours at 300 degrees Fahrenheit. This is a matter of personal preference but if you want super- tender, juicy ribs, you might consider lowering the temperature and cooking them for a longer time.

    Best Way To Make Ribs

    When someone says the words authentic barbecue, often the first thing that comes to mind is pork ribs- succulent, smoky, tangy, tender & sweet ribs. There are many ways to make ribs, and if chain restaurant ribs are all youve ever tasted, youre missing out. Big time. Well show you the best way, according to the pros, to make award-winning ribs at home.

    Ribs are a tough cut of meat, the muscles between the rib bones have an important job to do in holding the chest cavity together, so theyre going to need some TLC to get them to that state of finger licking good.

    But never fear, ribs are easy!

    You dont need to use your oven and you really dont want to ever boil them. You can easily use your kettle grill and your Slow N Sear to make competition-quality ribs with little effort. No pre-baking, and no pre-boiling.

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    How To Grill Ribs

    At last, youre ready to throw those ribs on the grill. Believe it or not, this is actually the simplest part. Because your ribs are already fully cooked, tender, and flavorful, all youre really doing is a reverse sear to get some color and roasty-toasty flavor. This is also when you coat your ribs in a BBQ sauce, which will caramelize and become sticky on the grill.

    You can use a gas or charcoal grill for this.

  • Preheat your grill. If your ribs are coated in sweet barbecue sauce, preheat the grill to medium. Otherwise, you can grill them over a hotter grill but you need to pay close attention to them so they wont burn.
  • Place your rack of rib, individual ribs or sections on a preheated grill over direct heat and brush on your BBQ sauce evenly in one layer. For individual ribs, it may be easier to toss them in barbecue sauce before placing on the grill.
  • Once you see an appealing brown color on them with some dark spots and the barbecue sauce thickens and gets sticky around the edges, they are ready and you can remove them from the grill. Thats all thats to it!
  • How Do I Trim Ribs For Grilling

    How to cook SPARE RIBS WITHOUT OVEN// No Oven No Grill Spare Ribs Recipe

    Trim each rack of ribs as close to a rectangle shape as you can get. A good goal is to trim down to 10 bones. Why? Because a normal grill is about 19 inches deep. When you trim down to 10 bones, you can load a rack of ribs onto a standard grill from front to back.

    Be sure to remove large pockets of fat, tooanything that keeps you from seeing the meat underneath. You can do this most easily with a small boning knife.

    Want yours cut St. Louis-style? Easy. Flip your ribs to be bone-side up on your favorite cutting board. Find the longest rib bone. Insert a sharp knife right at the top, and cut straight down through the cartilage. Continue cutting along the tops of the rib bones until you can separate the rack from the tips. And there you have ita St. Louis-style rack of ribs.

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    Slow Cooking Pork Ribs On A Gas Grill

    The benefit of low and slow cooking pork ribs on a gas grill is that a gas grill can monitor temperature for you. Low and slow works best for grilling pork ribs, and you can quickly turn up or turn down the burners to make adjustments. Using gas grills can be much easier compared to traditional charcoal grills.

    Ingredients For Cooking Ribs On The Grill

    This recipe uses pretty basic ingredients that you may already have in your fridge or pantry!

    • 1 rack of St. Louis pork ribs- You can also use baby back ribs if you prefer them. They will cook even faster so they are ideal if youre really in a time crunch!
    • 2 tablespoons rib rub- Grab your favorite rib rub!
    • 1 cup apple cider- Brand and variety doesnt matter since it all gets the job done
    • ¼ cup dark brown sugar- Make sure to grab dark brown sugar for that sweet molasses! You wont get the same effect with light brown sugar
    • 2 tablespoons salted butter
    • 1 cup BBQ sauce- Again, grab your favorite BBQ sauce here. Something sweet and smokey usually does the trick!

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    How To Gas Grill The Best Pork Ribs Ever

    So now, let’s get to this delicious grilled pork rib recipe! I know that grilling pork ribs can seem intimidating. I hesitated to grill ribs for a long time. I just thought there were too many steps and that I needed to learn how to use a smoker or to create some sort of makeshift smoker. All of that is well and good, but it’s not absolutely necessary to create delicious, tender, flavorful pork ribs. And yes, you can do it on a gas grill! Just make sure your propane tank is full and I’m gonna show you how you can do this without any fancy tools or tricks.

    How To Cook Ribs On A Charcoal Grill

    How To Make Grilled Spare Ribs â Fast Food Bistro in 2020

    Smoke the perfect barbecue pork ribs on your charcoal grill with our step-by-step recipe and guide. Cooked over indirect heat and applewood, this smoked rack of spare ribs will rival anything youve had before.

    Any good BBQ chef knows his way around a good rack of ribs, but some fall short by thinking they dont have the right equipment. While ribs are traditionally cooked in a smoker or Kamado grill, they can actually easily be made on a charcoal grill as well.

    Charcoal grills are often underrated for their flexibility, and unlike their gas brothers, they can actually be turned into brilliant smokers without compromising on that classic smoky BBQ taste.

    Todays guide will walk through the steps on how to cook ribs on a charcoal grill.

    Need a recipe? Check out our Texas Style Baby Back Ribs

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