How To Smoke Ribs On The Grill

How To Choose The Best Short Ribs For Smoking

Easiest Method For Smoking Ribs On a Grill

As we mentioned in the Types of Ribs section below, there are three types of beef ribs.

The cut of short ribs coming from the 2nd to most of the ribcage are probably the best since the muscle in this location is thicker and has plenty of meat to cover the entire rib. Moving forward to the end sections, it gets less dense and it may not cover the entire rib.

So, we suggest looking for a rack of ribs coming from the thicker side of the cattle, with decent marbling throughout. The lines of marbling through the cut will break down during smoking and make the ribs taste delicious. You can look at the picture below for reference of a decent marbled rack of ribs.

Two Flanked Cut Short Ribs Type

Also, you are free to choose ribs cut into individual pieces or cut them into 3-4 ribs per piece.

Whats Wrong With The 3

Heres the rub. pardon my shameless pun there in bbq competition circles, fall off the bone ribs are terrible. For rib connoisseurs, a great rib should be tender, and pull away cleanly from the bone as you bite into it, but it shouldnt be SO tender that the bones slide out super easily. However, for most people, and myself included, fall off the bone ribs are the best way to enjoy ribs. So for probably 90-95% of people, these ribs would be perfect.

Cleaning The Electric Smoker

Before starting the smoking ribs session, you must clean the electric smoker. Wear your gloves. Next, open the door of the smoker and take the clean cotton cloth. Remove the racks and wash the interior walls of the unit to remove any dust or residue. By cleaning the smoker appropriately, you will get rid of the smell and get crowded over there due to closing the door. After washing the inner side, clean the walls using a cotton cloth.

Afterward, wash the racks with water. Put the unit in an airy place for some time to get it dry. As soon as the unit gets dried, you are ready to go. To add this, if you are using the unit for the first time, you need to clean it thoroughly.

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Best On The Block Baby Back Ribs

It’s grilling season and people are firing up their grills! Here is a fan favorite recipe from Weber’s Greatest Hits. You can get more recipe inspiration from the book by going here.

To qualify as best on the block, the seasoned bark and natural flavors of the pork ribs must complement the hickory smoke and the sweet-tart sauce. We use some potent spices to accomplish this, but if you prefer milder ribs, add about half the recommended amount of chile powder to the rub and leave the hot-pepper sauce out of the sauce.

Before you get started, here are some key tools that will help you achieve great results with this rib recipe.

Best on the Block Baby Back RibsBy Jamie Purviance

Standing time: 30 minutes to 1 hourGrilling time: about 3 hoursServes: 8 to 10

1 tablespoon pure chile powder2 teaspoons mustard powder1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper4 racks baby back ribs, each 2 1/2 to 3 pounds

Sauce1/2 cup unsweetened apple juice1/4 cup cider vinegar1 tablespoon unsulfured molasses 2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce¼ teaspoon freshly ground black pepperHot-pepper sauce

1/2 cup unsweetened apple juice1 tablespoon cider vinegar

2. Soak 4 large handfuls hickory wood chips in water for at least 30 minutes.

3. Prepare the grill for indirect cooking over low heat .

Tip 1 Remove The Membrane From The Rack

Smoked Ribs for the 4th : grilling

While this may seem like a tedious task, removing the membrane is actually important to ensure that you get a melt-in-your-mouth rack of ribs after 5 long hours of smoking them.

The membrane doesnt cook well, whether in the smoker or in the oven, and keeping them attached usually results in a tough and chewy rack of meat.

BBQ cooks who participate in competitions follow this rule, so I highly recommend that you do, too.

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Should You Purchase The Traeger Timberline 1300

Traeger Timberline 1300 will certainly provide completely prepared food whether you prefer low as well as sluggish smoking or quick and warm barbecuing.

Wi-Fi connection will certainly not only enable you to regulate the grill by means of your smartphone so that it can barbecue at the exact temperature you desire, yet it will also allow you to establish greater than 1,000 dishes with a touch of a button.

The mobile app is basic as well as intuitive to make use of, along with built to last. If youre a significant griller as well as do not mind spending a little bit a lot more for a wood-fired pellet grill that has all of it, youll be satisfied with the Timberline 1300.

Slow Cooker Baby Back Ribs

This recipe is perfection in a smoker or on a grill – but if you’re looking for a delicious, tender, fall off the boneslow cooker ribs recipe, you’re in luck!

I have a to die for delicious slow cooker ribs recipe that follows this recipe closely, even using the same rub!

To find out how to cook ribs in the slow cooker, head here for my Easy Slow Cooker Ribs Recipe.

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Smoking Meat Without A Smoker

If you ever thought you had to have a big, fancy smoker to achieve the tender, flavorful meat that only comes from low and slow smoking. Stop right there and let this sink in:

You can smoke meat in your charcoal grill.

Sure you can. But, its got to be super complicated and bothersome. Thats what we thought when we heard it was possible to smoke in a grill. But, with Tims love of smoked meats, and the purchase of a smoker not in our near future, we decided to give it a try with what we had.

Choose The Perfect Ribs

How to Smoke Ribs on the Woodwind Wifi Pellet Grill | Camp Chef

Great ribs start with a great rack. Get a substandard quality and you can bet the outcome will be just that. So take your time when shopping around and ask for help if need be.

The good news is healthy ribs are not hard to come by. Have a look around your local supermarket or meat market, and if these do not supply a quality cut, try online vendors.

To simplify your task, here are some popular pork cuts that have been tested and tried on the grill.

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How To Tell If The Ribs Are Done

Being that we are working with a bone-in cut, its impossible to get an accurate reading from a meat thermometer. The probe is inhibited from reaching deep enough to give correct internal temperatures, yet again the bone itself may exaggerate true temperatures.

In that case, your best bet is to try swiveling one of the bones to the center and see how that goes. If the bone is flexible then its also very likely that the ribs have achieved a falloffthebone kind of consistency.

Another way to tell if the ribs are done is to stick a toothpick between two bones. If theres no resistance, thats a good sign. And if you cut through the thickest part without realizing pink juice, youre on the right track.

Upon achieving the desired level of doneness, have the patience to let your ribs rest for about 15 minutes or so. Rushing to slice the meat up will lead you to lose a great amount of juice. The resting is needful to redistribute the juices back into the meat and, therefore, hold in as much as possible.

Once done, youre all set! Bring out your sharpest knife and carve into the ribs, then serve!

Using Wood Chips For Smoke

In addition to your typical grilling tools, you will need wood chips. These pieces of wood will give off the smoke that were looking for. You can use hickory, oak, apple, cherry, or mesquite chips, and each will give a slightly different aroma to the meat. We used apple chips from a tree we cut down last fall, but feel free to play around with different chips to see which flavor your family likes best.

In order to create smoke the chips need to be soaked in a liquid for an hour or more before the smoking begins. You can soak them simply in water, or you can use beer, wine or apple cider to give additional flavor to the smoke.

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Be Prepared: Smoking Meat Takes Time

Smoking meat isn’t a quick endeavor, but the time spent is well worth it for seriously delicious results. Plan ahead for the various components of the process:

  • Brining: Brine ribs for 3-6 hours, or even overnight for a pork butt.
  • Wood chips: Soak for at least 2 hours overnight is better.
  • Dry rub: Apply a dry rub anywhere from an hour to a day before you start cooking, depending on how deeply spiced you want your meat.
  • Cooking: Fish will take from 45 to 90 minutes. Chicken an hour to 2 hours. Baby back ribs will take from 90 minutes to 2 hours and 15 minutes. A Boston butt, beef brisket or tri-tip can take as long as 6 hours.

Take Off The Membrane

Smoked Ribs on the Grill

Some butchers take the membrane that runs underneath the rib off before selling it but most of the time, you will need to take care of it yourself. You dont want to leave it on because it will be tough and chewy. Its a very unpleasant experience biting into a membrane.

To take off the membrane, turn the ribs over onto its back and you will see a thin white covering on the bones all along the rack. Starting at one end, use a small knife to slide right under the membrane and gently pull up, but dont cut it. The easiest spot to get under the membrane is right on the bone and not on the meat.

Grab the membrane with a paper towel. Gently but firmly pull the membrane off the entire rib. 9 times out of 10 it will come off nice and smooth with no problem.

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What Is The 3

Essentially, 3 2 1 ribs go like this:

  • 2 hours wrapped in foil, still cooking on the grill.
  • 1 hour of cooking, unwrapped and slathered in barbecue sauce.

Ribs are a staple for any Pit Boss diet. There are so many ways to craft a bossin’ flavor profile on your ribs: smoking, dry rubbed, or barbecued. The 3-2-1 rib method is a simple and foolproof way of cooking ribs to yield juicy, fall off the bone tenderness – every time. Its ideal for spare ribs, and its the perfect starter recipe for first-timers or anyone looking for that melt in your mouth rib style.

How To Cook Pork Ribs On A Pellet Grill

A pellet grill gives you the consistent temperature and reliable smoke flavor to make the best ribs on the block.

If you can automatically adjust the temperature of your pellet grill like you can with a Traeger you won’t have to worry about opening the grill to add charcoal.

Because your pellets are constantly added to the fire, you don’t need to open the grill to add more pellets. Those pellets are just working away, keeping your grill at the proper temperature and delivering natural smoke flavor to the ribs.

Just follow the instructions above for tender, delicious, perfectly-colored and evenly cooked pork ribs.

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Why Are My Smoked Ribs Dry

There are a few reasons which can cause the smoked rubs to dry out. One of them is that you might have forgotten to peel off the membrane from the underside of the ribs. Cooking the ribs for too long can also result in dry meat that is not tender. Another reason is cooking the meat at a temperature too high that will cook the ribs quickly but leave them dry and chewy.

Is A Diy Smoker As Good As A Real Smoker

How to Smoke Beef Ribs on a Pellet Grill | Recipe by BBQGuys

No, you will not get competition-class barbecue every time, because you cannot control your temperature with a kettle grill as well as you can with the expensive smokers.

But you can still easily achieve the proper “slow and low” cooking so critical for barbecue.

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How To Smoke Short Ribs Without A Smoker Using A Grill

Though you can use a standard BBQ smoker designed specifically for smoking, there are other ways to smoke short ribs without a smoker. You can use your indoor oven or outdoor grill.

If you choose to use an indoor oven or outdoor grill, you need to keep short ribs basted or the meat will dry out. Baste approximately every 30 minutes. Also, the smoking temperature should be around 225 to 275 and smoking time around four hours.

Slow smoking time results in fully cooked and smoked short ribs.

To use this method, place short ribs in a roasting pan or aluminum baking pan. Create a tent of aluminum foil over the top of the pan. For indoor ovens, place moistened wood chips in the bottom of a heat-proof roasting pan.

For outdoor grills of propane, electric or natural gas, there are two ways to add wood for smoking:

Placing Smoking Box on Gas Grills

Fill an aluminum pan with moistened wood chips, chunks, sawdust or briquettes and cover with foil. Poke holes in the foil and place atop the grate. Close the lid and turn the grill burner to medium-high. When the wood begins to smoke, turn the burner flame to low and place short ribs on top of the pan and close the lid. Check the smoking process for this method at least once every thirty minutes.

If your short ribs have a marinade coating, you may want to line the grill with foil before adding the short ribs to prevent loss of juices, sticking to the grill surface and also for easier grill clean up.

How Long To Smoke Dr Pepper Ribs

This recipe is written and intended for baby back ribs. As with all my recipes on this site, the time recommendations are a guideline. Each cut of meat will cook differently, and smoke times may vary from one smoker to another. Make sure you have an instant read thermometer on hand to monitor the temperature of your ribs so youll know when to pull them off the heat.

If your ribs are really thick or thin, you may need to adjust your cooking time accordingly. If you are cooking St. Louis spare ribs, you will most likely need to increase your braising time, so your overall time will go 3-3-1. My biggest recommendation is to watch your bones during the braising step. You want your rib meat to be pulling away from the rib bones and your ribs to be pliable and tender, without shredding apart.

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Spare Ribs: Marinade And Dry Rub

To prepare the ribs for cooking, we first marinated the ribs in apple cider and lemon juice for 2 hours. This starts to tenderize the meat and infuse it with flavor.

Next, we patted it dry and massaged in a dry rub. See below for our go-to Basic Rib Rub, or try a Mesquite Seasoning Mix to pump up the smoky flavor or, go with another of our favorites, an Asian-inspired rub. We let the rub start to work its flavor magic while Tim got the grill ready with the steps we talked about earlier.

Then, onto the hot grill went the slab of meat!

How To Tell When Ribs Are Done

How to Smoke Ribs on a Charcoal Grill

Since ribs have so little meat between the bones, digital thermometer wont be much of help here. Our no fail test to check if the ribs are done is the bounce test. Use long metal tongues to gently lift the rib rack off the grate but hold it only about 1/3-1/2 of the way up the rack. Give it a gentle bounce to see how easily the meat cracks.

If it cracks easily and right away, the ribs are ready. If the meat is having a bit of a hard time cracking and feels rubbery when bouncing, the ribs need at least another hour.

After a few smoke sessions, you will get used to the way fully cooked ribs feel and will be able to tell easier and easier.

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Should You Buy The Z Grill Master 700e

Z Grills 700E is a budget-friendly, yet functional mid-size pellet smoker. Along with its dependable temperature degree regulation, it executes well at sluggish and also low temperatures. The tool is also suitable for grilling.

It will not work like a committed grill, since it makes use of indirect high heat, as well as it slashes pellets quickly without burning them. Nonetheless, keep in mind that it works like an indirect high heat grill.

Although the Z Grill 700E isnt the first-rate in terms of structure high quality, it has actually been well created. It is less expensive to skip the perks like Wi-Fi in contrast to compromising the quality of what is already there.

Its a wonderful worth for the cash plan that includes two meat probes, a water-proof cover and also a warranty that will last a life time.

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