How To Clean Weber Gas Grill Grates

How To Clean The Grates

How to clean Weber Genesis grill grates

Weber grill grates come in two different types. There are grills with cast iron grates and grills with porcelain grates. There is a different cleaning technique for each of these grill grates.

Cleaning The maintenance of porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grates is the same as that of stainless steel. The grill should be preheated to 500-550°F before each use, the grates should be brushed clean with a stainless steel bristle brush, and the controls should be adjusted to your preferred grilling temperature. Food sticks to newly installed cooking grates more often than on older ones. As you continue using and cleaning your grate, the sticking will decrease.

Rust prevention Clean weber cast iron grill grates before using them each time. When using a marinade, drain as much liquid as possible of the food before placing it on the grill and when using a BBQ sauce, wait until the last 5-10 minutes of grilling before applying it. Adding too much marinade and BBQ sauce too early in the grilling process can result in sugar burning, resulting in a dark color and sometimes an off-putting taste. As a result of all that extra liquid, youll have to spend more time cleaning your grill. And lets be honest, cleaning a grill is not on most peoples list of things they enjoy!

Cleaners We have a line of cleaners made specifically for our grills. These make cleaning your grates a piece of cake!

How To Clean Gas Grill Grates And Make Them Shine Again

Does your barbeque grill look aged because of the food leftover on your grates? Over time, your grill grates can accumulate rust and leftover food particles from all of the grilling that you do. It can be a real challenge to scrub these grates clean. However, you need to take care of this appliance if you want it to last for the long haul. Learning how to clean gas grill grates is imperative to protect your investment.

There are many different approaches to cleaning your grill grates effectively. Some of them require you to purchase special cleaners while others use ingredients you likely already have on hand. No matter what your situation is, there is definitely a way for you to effectively clean the grill grates on your barbeque.

Learning how to clean gas grill grates is the first step in a short process that will keep your grill sparkling clean for the rest of its life.

How To Deep Clean A Gas Grill

Regular grill maintenance will help keep your grill working smoothly, but even if you’re diligent about brushing down the grates, your gas grill will need some TLC after a few months of use. Note that since you will be disassembling some parts of the grill for cleaning, you will need to know how to put it back together again, so take photos for reference if needed.

1. Remove the propane tank. Ensure that the gas is in the off position and remove the gas tank from the grill.

2. Brush the grill grates. Remove the grates from the grill and use a grill brush to clean both sides thoroughly. For a deeper clean, wipe with warm, soapy water.

3. Clean the lid. Use a grill brush or plastic scraper to clean off any black flakes or debris from the underside of the lid. For a good scrub, dip the brush in warm, soapy water before each use.

4. Clean the burner covers and tubes. Gas grills tend to have heat tents that sit on top of the burner tubes to help cut down on flare-ups. Remove and clean them using the grill brush or a plastic scraper. Use a grill brush to carefully wipe the burner tubes, brushing in the direction of the portholes to avoid clogging them.

5. Scrape the interior. Use a plastic scraper and the grill brush to clean any build-up on the sides and bottom of the inside of the grill, using soapy water as needed. Once the inside of the grill is clean, push all of the debris into the grease tray.

8. Reassemble. Carefully put the grill back together and reattach the gas tank.

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How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Grates Weber Tips On How To Avoid It From Rusting And Corro

1. Soak your cast iron grill grates in warm soapy water.

Soaking the cast iron grate for about 10 minutes before cleaning it can help remove stuck-on residue and burnt food particles. Also soaking them before seasoning makes the seasoning process much easier to do, as this helps open up all of those pores that are clogged up with cooking debris! You can use a mild dish soap or non-abrasive cleaner make sure not to let it soak for very long because rust may start to form on your cooking surface if you leave it too long.

2. Use metal spatula instead of tongs when turning over meat.

Using tongs will scratch off any rust that has formed on your cooking surface during previous uses which may then end up in your food! Also using metal utensils on cast iron grates is much easier than using wooden or plastic ones.

How To Clean A Charcoal Grill

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Step 1: Scrape the grates

Clean the cooking grates with a grill brush. This is typically done before every use while the grill is preheating to remove leftover debris from the last grilling. This should be done before and after every use. Check out more of our favorite grill brushes here.

  • Grillart Grill Brush and Scraper

Step 2: Check for rust and other damage

Pruitt emphasizes the importance of inspecting your grill for rust before each use. You should replace anything that has a hole or crack in it, he says. Surface rust, which is often found on welded joints, can be easily removed using a nonacidic oil like WD-40. To help prevent rust, the grill should be deep cleaned at least once every three months, according to Pruitt.

  • WD-40, 2-Pack

Step 3: Clean the lid

When the grill is cool, use a grill brush to clean off any built-up carbon from food on the underside of the lid. Steps three through five should be done at least every three months, according to Pruitt. Brown recommends that frequent grillers deep clean their equipment every six to eight uses.

Step 4: Clean the bowl

Remove accumulated ashes and old charcoal from the bottom of the bowl and from the ash catcher. Then, scrape out the inside of the bowl with a plastic or rubber scraping tool to clean off the top of the cleaning system blades and the rest of the bowl Pruitt advises that people who dont have a bladed cleaning system scrape the bowl more regularly.

  • Original Pan Scrapers Set

Step 5: Clean the exterior

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Get A Ceramic Safe Professional Cleaner

This is a good rule of thumb to do a deep clean on your ceramic grill grates twice a year. If your ceramic grill grates are very dirty, you can use a professional ceramic safe grill cleaner for a deep clean. Make sure they are safe for ceramic grill grates.You can buy a ceramic safe professional grill cleaner online or at your local store. Most of the grill cleaners come as a spray bottle for easy application.

Turn Off The Grill And Set It Aside To Cool Fully

To switch off the gas, turn the grill knobs counterclockwise. Allow several minutes for the surface of the grill to cool to the touch. Hold your hands a few inches or centimeters over the grill grates to see whether theyre cool.

  • Do not touch the grates right after turning off your grill for a few minutes.
  • It may take at least ten minutes for your grill to totally cool down.

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Deep Cleaning And Maintenance

After youve cooked the last burger of the season, thoroughly clean your grill before storing it for the winter. Remove the grates, burner hoods, and grease pan, and scrub them with hot, soapy water and a plastic scour pad. Do the same inside the firebox and lid. Thoroughly rinse and dry all parts before reassembling. Also, remove the battery from the igniter before storing your grill long-term so it doesnt corrode.

Even if you follow the strictest cleaning and maintenance schedule, you will have to replace some parts on your grill as it ages. The burner hoods and cooking grates in particular take a lot of abuse and arent meant to last forever. My dad replaced these parts on his 17-year-old Weber Genesis four to five times over the years.

Can You Use Oven Cleaner On A Weber Grill

Weber Grills – Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Grates

Yes, you can use the oven cleaner in cleaning the interior portion of the grill but avoid spraying it on the exterior area as this could damage its enamel finish. Spray the cleaner on the grates and leave it there for up to 30 minutes to soften the grime. Afterward, wipe the grill clean using paper towels.

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How To Clean A Weber Porcelain Grill With A Professional Grill Cleaner

It is best practice to deep clean your porcelain grill twice a year.

The methods we explained above are for routine cleaning that should be done after every use. A professional grill cleaner is used for deep cleaning.

Get a grill cleaner that is safe to use on porcelain such as this Citrusafe Grill Spray.

It is non-toxic, non-corrosive, and biodegradable. Follow the instructions on the package to clean your porcelain grill.

Run your grill brush over it using the diagonal method.

Once youre sure its clean, wipe off the spray with a damp cloth to remove the cleaner.

How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Grates Weber Pre

If your grill grates have been pre-seasoned, then simply clean away any residue with a wire brush, rinse off with cold water and dry completely. Finally coat it lightly with cooking oil and store it until ready for use! This should be done regularly after every use to maintain nonstick surface. A pre-seasoned grate will not rust because its pores have been filled with oil during manufacturing process. You can find more information on how to season cast iron grill grates here . However if you do not know whether or not your cast iron grill grates have been treated, you can always season them yourself before using.

· Heat up grill or stove burner to medium-high heat for 15 minutes with lid down.

· Using tongs, carefully rub 1 tbsp of vegetable oil on surface of grill with paper towel. Do not use cooking spray as it might leave the food tasting like the spray! Also be careful not to burn yourself when doing this.

· After preheating grill grate, turn off burner and let cool for 5 minutes before removing grates with oven mitts.

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How Do You Use A Weber Grill Cleaner

How To Clean Your Charcoal Grill | Weber Grills YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipWhen the blades are turned the residue falls into a special catch pan located underneath the kettleMoreWhen the blades are turned the residue falls into a special catch pan located underneath the kettle to remove. Simply turn the pan a quarter turn and pull down weve removed all the ash charcoal.

How Often Should You Clean Your Grill

Clean Your Grill Safely

You should clean your grill after every time you use it, but thats not all. If you havent used your grill in a month or longer, you will need to clean it before you use it. While this may seem a little like overkill, its important to remember that a poorly-maintained grill is a potential health hazard. Besides, its not good for the grill, either.

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Technique # 1 The Burn Brush And Rinse

No! Dont set your grill on fire. You simply wrap the grates with heavy duty aluminum foil, close the lid and crank up your grill to a high heat temperature for approximately 15 minutes.

The food and grease sticking on your grate will be burnt off and become brittle. Use a quality scraper or grill brush to remove the remaining carbon.

Then you can hose off any remaining debris and residue. Now, youre ready for the next barbecue.

You may see a similar technique online where you put the grates in your home oven to burn them by setting the oven to the cleaning mode. Bad idea. The smoke can set off your smoke alarm, smoke is never good in a house, and there is the distinct possibility of a grease fire in your oven.

Besides ruining a perfectly good oven, do you really want to hear about it from your spouse?

When To Replace Your Grill Grates

There isnt a definite lifespan for grates. It all depends on the use and how they’re maintained.

Youll know its time for a replacement when the metal seems corroded, flaking, cracked, or covered in rust.

In some cases, if the hardened grease or built-up barbecue sauce appears unsalvageable, you might have to consider replacing your grates.

Final cleaning tip: Also check and clean up the burner tubes of your gas grill from time to time! Here’s how to clean your burner tubes.

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The Obvious Approach: Brushing

This method works best if it is done immediately after grilling while the grate is still hot. Before the grates cool off, scrape each grate with a brush, both top and bottom sides. You can also dip the brush in water which will create a steam that loosens the grease. Not only will this make cleaning time shorter, but it will discourage insects from hanging around your grill. Depending on your grate you may need to wipe them down with a cloth after scrapping.

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How To Clean Weber Grill Grates Superb 8 Steps To Do It

How To Clean And Maintain A Weber Gas Grill

Joseph R/

How to clean weber grill grates? Every year, your Weber grill grates start to accumulate a layer of grease. This results in the buildup of unpleasant odors and stains on the surface of the grate. The easy-to-follow steps will help you clean weber grill grates, reducing food stuck between them and preventing further stains from appearing. In this blog, we also have an article about that you might want to read about it.

Grilling is a form of cooking that involves dry heat applied to the surface of food, commonly from above, below or from the side.

  • DIY Strawberry Hand Pie Baking Kit
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    How To Clean Weber Cast Iron Grill Grates

    Clean weber Cast iron grill grates can rust or corrode, so they need to be treated with care. Always avoid using steel brushes with hard bristles. The grates on your grill should be greased on both sides using natural cooking oil. Before you begin cleaning the grates, make sure that they have cooled down completely.

    Using a brush you can easily remove residue, grease, and burnt food particles from the grates. For cleaning the cast iron grill grate, you will need a brush or a sponge.

    How To Clean Porcelain Grates

    The porcelain coating on Weber grill grates is another unique feature. Grates of this type are also relatively easy to clean. A round brush is all you need. Whenever you use it, the bristles will be able to get into the grills grooves and remove anything stuck there.

    For removing any remaining food particles, even larger ones, you can use the grill brush to sweep across the grates in a tilted position. It is not difficult at all. The grill brush can be dipped into water to remove stubborn stains. There will be fewer stains for your brush to get rid of, as well as a higher level of effectiveness.

    The grate must be flipped over and thoroughly brushed. Because this process needs to be repeated again and again, it will take some time. Every time you clean the grates, be sure to go through them. The mess present there will be cleaned up a great deal.

    The porcelain grates on Weber and other grills are recommended to be cleaned with brushes made of brass bristles. Compared to hard bristles, these are slightly softer, plus the grates coating wont deform. Using this simple method, you can clean those porcelain grates on your grill without damaging them.

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    No Scrub Baking Soda And Vinegar Grate Cleaning

    If you have an extremely dirty grill with stubborn, caked-on grease or grime that doesnt loosen right away soaking the grimy grates overnight in baking soda and white vinegar can save the labor of scrubbing.

    Try this method to deep clean your grates at the beginning of grilling season or use it after a cookout, especially if you cant scrub the grates right away.

    • Once your grates are completely cool, remove from the grill.
    • In a large garbage bag , combine 2 cups of white vinegar and one cup of ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda. The mixture will begin foaming right away.
    • Place all the grates into the trash bag and seal it with a tight rubber band or knotted string. Place the bag with the grates and the solution in a cool, out-of-the-way place and wait 8-12 hours or overnight.
    • Remove the grates from the bag and rinse in a large sink or with a hose. Most, if not all of the grime should fall away from the grates. Rub any stubborn residue away with a ball of aluminum foil or sponge it will be much easier and looser than before soaking.
    • Seal the garbage bag and discard it and any remaining solution.
    • Return your grates to your grill.

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