Is Charcoal Or Gas Grill Better

Is It Healthier To Grill With Gas Or Charcoal

Gas vs. charcoal: Which grill is right for you?

In most studies, gas grills can be healthier for you and the environment than charcoal grills. Natural gas or propane burn very cleanly, so there isnt much toxic chemicals adhering to your food. When using a charcoal grill, two types of chemicals called PAHs can get on your food. PAHs are believed to be carcinogenic. Charcoal also produces copious amounts of carbon monoxide and can put soot into the air. The production of charcoal is considered to be more harmful to the environment than the process of producing natural gas or propane.

One thing to remember is that some of the most potentially harmful chemicals come from animal fats and meat drippings burning in a hot flame rather than the emissions from a particular type of fuel. You can still get nasty PAHs on your gas grill when the food drips on the burners.

And How To Choose The Right Grill For Your Home

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Gas versus charcoal. Every year there are dozens of articles on the same subject. Gas is so convenient! Charcoal gives you smoke flavor! Gas grills are more expensive! Charcoal doesn’t cook as long! Yadda yadda yadda. In the past, I’d tune it all out. I had only enough space and money for one grill, and that was a charcoal-fueled Weber kettle. The decision was already made for me, not that I would have had it any other way.

I understand where the charcoal snobs are coming from. Really, I do. I used to be one. I was one of those folks who swore up and down that I’d never get a gas grill. That I might as well be cooking indoors if I started cooking on gas. That the price of a gas grill compared to a charcoal grill made it an absolute no-brainer.

It must have been my destiny to eventually fall to the dark side, because I have fallen, and I’ve fallen hard. With a new yard and a little bit more space now that I’ve moved out to the suburbs, earlier this summer I finally did the unthinkable and got myself a gas grill. With the blessing of our friends at, I took the advice of our own Guide to the Best Gas Grills and picked up a Broil King Baron.

Let’s get down to brass tacks.

Is It Healthier To Cook With Charcoal Or Gas

When it comes to healthier eating, gas grills are winning out over charcoal grills. The same smoke generated from dripping juices that flavors the meat so well can also create carcinogens. Less smoke from gas grills means fewer carcinogens on your meat. But, there are some things you can do on either kind of grill, like marinate your meat and trim the fat off.

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Charcoal Or Gas Depends On What Youre Grilling

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By Sam Sifton

  • May 23, 2017

Gas or charcoal? It is a question that has bedeviled American consumers and cooks for decades, since the first LazyMan propane grill went on sale in the 1950s and left the Smiths with their briquette-fueled brazier looking jealously over the fence at the Joneses and their new outdoor science stove.

In the abstract, there is no one correct answer. You can have affirmative responses to the use of either fuel. You can stack them as high as summer corn.

For instance: You get great smoky flavor and an unparalleled crust from cooking over or beside coals or wood. That said, on a Wednesday night there is little easier than lighting a gas grill after softball practice and cooking a bunch of brats for the team. There are positives and negatives to each form of fire, depending on what you are cooking, and when and for how long.

We are way past versus, said Adam Perry Lang, a barbecue chef from New York who built his career on food enhanced by the flavors and scent of wood smoke. Mr. Lang said that at home, he often cooked over propane, and that, in some cases, he actually preferred gas to charcoal or wood. Theyve gotten very good, he said of gas grills. You can make some really, really good food with a gas grill.

Grilling that way may not be the best use of time on a weeknight, but on weekends or any time you can get free to concentrate on your cooking a charcoal grill cannot be beat.

Charcoal Gas Or Electric Grill: Which Is Best

Smoke Hollow TC3718SB Gas

The debate over charcoal versus gas can get heated, and adding newer electric grills in to the mix only fuels the fire. The one simple thing you need to know is that choosing the best fuel typecharcoal, gas, or electricfor you is primarily a matter of taste and convenience. Beyond that, a few other factors can help you make the right decision.

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Charcoal: A Favorite Of Grill Masters Everywhere

First, lets talk about the charcoal.

Charcoal has long been the favorite of the backyard grill masters for the taste that it adds to food. Many folks report that burgers and hot dogs are just more flavorful coming off a charcoal grill. Thats because the charcoal and fire lend a smoky taste to whatever is being grilled.

Of course, there are detractors but, in an informal poll, it was found that more people than not prefer foods like hamburgers, steaks and hot dogs grilled over charcoal.

Thats easy enough. Or is it? A charcoal grill takes more time and more preparation to use. So, for convenience sake, its not your first best choice.

In terms of cost, a large bag of charcoal costs anywhere from $6 and up.

Then theres the cost of starter fluid, which will usually be a few more dollars. It costs, on average, about $2 dollars just for the supplies needed to get a charcoal grill going!

Lets look back at that starter fluid for a moment. A flammable and poisonous substance like starter fluid releases a very large amount of hydrocarbons into the atmosphere and the particulates from the charcoal also add to air pollution.

So, charcoal cooking may be tasty but its not very environmentally friendly. You also have to wait for the fluid to burn off so it does not contaminate the items youre grilling.

Another aspect to charcoal is the potential for trouble. From adding too much starter fluid to unattended grills, many afternoons grilling in the backyard have ended in fire.

Is Grilling With A Gas Grill Healthier

With the classic charcoal grill, the meat is placed on a grid that is about 3 inches above the glowing coals.

Ideally, the grill master would have waited until the coals were completely white before placing them on the grill. If he has not done this, we already have the first point at this point, which can definitely be harmful to health remains of the grill lighter that evaporate and penetrate the meat.

But lets just assume that everything was done correctly and the food was only placed on the grill when the charcoal was completely heated.

Now the meat is heated to an extreme before you know it, it is black, burnt. Although you can be careful that the meat does not burn, the heat development on charcoal grills is often very difficult to coordinate this can lead to burnt steaks and sausages again and again.

Here, too, the point would go to the grill critics because burned meat is extremely harmful to health and even carcinogenic.

But lets ignore this and continue to assume that the master of the grill will take care that the meat does not burn. The heat causes fats to escape from the meat and drip into the charcoal, which cannot be prevented.

These fats burn, and harmful soot is created furthermore, flames are created, which in turn can lead to the food being grilled.

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The Negatives Of A Charcoal Barbecue

Heat control is more of a struggle with live fire and it’ll take some care, intuition and plenty of practice. With time, you’ll be able to cook almost anything thanks to the radiant, high heat that charcoal provides.

The charcoal itself doesnt actually provide much in the way of extra smokiness with the flavour in both cases coming from the drippings hitting the heat source and smoking up over the food. However, you could argue that the area of heat is larger with coal, providing more space for dripping.

Charcoal grills can be slightly restrictive in size. They can have smaller cooking areas and often no cooling shelves. Mix this with the slightly lengthier start time and tricky heat regulation , and you’ll soon notice you’re spending more time managing the cook, rather than relaxing with your guests.

Gas Versus Charcoal: The Verdict

Gas Grill vs Charcoal Grill – Which is Better?

In the end, it really depends on individual preferences. If you’re a super-keen cook who would like to practice and learn how to carefully cook over wood or charcoal, then embrace that, get out there and impress your friends. Try cooking brisket, a beer-can chicken, or some super-smoky charcoal-baked spuds.

However, if you simply want to cook for a crowd, grilling burgers and sausages with minimal prep and planning, or simply want to do some quick outdoor grilling, then invest in a solid gas grill that will last you long-term.

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Can You Add Charcoal To Gas Grill

For the majority of gas grills, you should not be adding charcoal. They are designed to handle the heat created by burners and not the heat created by burning charcoal. The best argument, however, is that the heat from burning charcoal can cause a significant amount of damage to the components of a gas grill.

Charcoal Vs Gas Grill: Cost Safety And Taste Explained

Not sure which type to choose? With so many different kinds of grills out there I cant really blame you.

Both charcoal and gas grills are awesome in their own respective ways.

To learn more about charcoal vs gas grill differences, just read more.

Ive made this thorough guide to not only explain the pros and cons of these two grill types but also make your decision about purchasing the right type of grill for you much easier.

Some of us grillers love starting a fire from scratch and cooking slowly for hours while others just want their burger done fast and without any mess.

Youll soon find out which type of griller are you and what type of grill suits you the most.

Cooking is a great bonding activity for every person. Grilling, on the other hand, is the best way of cooking as this technique cooks the food in a much more flavorful way.

Its also a great excuse to get out of the house.

Your grilling depends on the type of grill you use.

Grills vary from pellet, electric, and even wood-burning grills. Did you know that among all grill kinds, charcoal and gas grills are the most widely used? They are also more valuable and efficient than other types of grills.

Flavor and convenience usually go hand in hand.

If you aim at the most convenient grill then the flavor should be the least of your concern. For instance, if you choose an electric grill, then it wont guarantee the best grilling experience.

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Charcoal Vs Gas Grill: Which Is Best For You

Grill season is in full swing. If youre hoping to entertain in your backyard and host the biggest barbecues on the block, you need to make sure your grill is fired up and ready to go. But this obviously prompts the age-old question: should you go gas or charcoal for your grilling needs?

Grill masters the world over have wrestled with this question, and everyone seems to have their own answer based on their family recipes, the foods they tend to grill the most, their most valued experts advice, and good old-fashioned intuition. Today, we will talk you through the pros and cons of charcoal and gas grills, so you can decide which is best for you.

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Put Down The Lighter Fluid


Theres no need to use toxic lighter fluid to ignite charcoal when you can use a chimney starter. Theyre simple: Stuff some old newspaper in the bottom, fill the top with charcoal, and light the paper. At around $10 to $15, theyre also cheap. Plus, your food wont have any off flavors from unburned lighter fluid residue. You can also make one out of an old coffee can by removing both ends, using a church key bottle opener to cut holes around the bottom rim, placing the chimney on top of your grill, and proceeding with the newspaper, charcoal, and ignition.

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Which Charcoal Barbecue Is Best

When buying a charcoal barbecue, think about capacity, storage options, build time, longevity and quality of materials. Charcoal barbecues can be cheaper than gas, with small portable charcoal barbecues being especially reasonable. However, larger grills from specialist barbecue brands can be expensive. We reviewed charcoal barbecues under £100 to bring you some pocket-friendly options.

Convenience Of Gas Grills

Gas grills are about as convenient as one could hope for in a grill. They heat quickly, making them a good option when youre looking for a quick dinner but still want something homemade. Whether youre using a propane tank or a direct gas line, theres very little prep work required. Once your grill is fired up, temperature control is also easy, with simple control knobs to raise or lower your heat.

Speaking of propane and natural gas, both make excellent fueling options since both are relatively inexpensive to use for long periods of time. Both are easy to refuel , and there are no ashes left to clean up after grilling.

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Cons Of Charcoal Grills

Despite having all these astounding things, charcoal grills also suffer from some drawbacks. The key setbacks are as follow:

  • Charcoal grills take too much time to startup. It needs at least 15-20 minutes to reach the proper temperature for grilling.
  • Charcoal is messy and demands more afterward cleanup.
  • There is a chance of getting the ashes into your food.
  • It does not feature any additional options
  • If you use self-ignite charcoal or charcoal fluid to set the fire, it may give off an unpleasant smell.

How To Use Charcoal

Is Charcoal Grill Better than Gas?

Almost as hotly debated as what works better, is the question does ‘proper’ charcoal really make a difference? As explained above, charcoal barbecues allow you to cook with more versatility, allowing you to build up great flavourful crusts, as well as cooking low-and-slow for hours .

However, if you aren’t opting to use real wood for burning or smoking, then naturally-lit lumpwood charcoal imparts little to no extra flavour to what you’re coooking.

On the other hand, briquettes, made from compressed biomass including coal dust, leftover charcoal, paper and sawdust, are often laced with additives that help them burn, which can impart an unpleasant chemical hint to your food as it cooks. However, they are convenient, easy-to-find, quick to ignite and provide a long, consistent burn.

With all this in mind, it’s helpful to buy the best quality charcoal you can afford, and to tailor it to your cooking. Cheaper lumpwood will often be smaller and so will burn too quickly for anything other than burgers, whereas more expensive charcoal will come in larger chunks and is best for slow-cooks.

Furthermore, there is also an environmental consideration. Many of the larger charcoal producers are sourcing trees and biomass from all over the world often putting cost considerations above quality and ethical, renewable sourcing this is particularly an issue with briquettes.

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Gas Or Charcoal: The Debate Rages On

Few topics in life inspire such passionate debate as politics, religion, andevidentlywhether gas or charcoal grilling is better. In some parts of the U.S., barbecuing is kin to mysticism. What is the true nature of barbecue sauce? Which ingredient unlocks the secret flavor? How does smoke enhance the savory experience?

At Weber, weve heard it all. So, at the risk of offending the devout, we offer our insights into the great debate. Basically, were non-partisan. Any grilling is good grilling if it suits your needs and tastes.

We recommend the method that fits your lifestyle. Some folks feel a basic human need to make fire they enjoy the hands-on experience of lighting charcoal. Some even like a challenge of charcoal grilling in cold, wet or windy weather.

Waiting for the charcoal to reach cooking temperature is half the fun for these folks . And the portability of the smaller grill is a must for grillers on the go.

Other folks want convenience and spontaneity. A gas grill allows them to instantly fire it up anytime and get down to cooking. Adjusting temperatures is as easy as turning a knob. Gas grills are inexpensive to operate, offer easy cleanup and offer no resistance in inclement weather.

But what about flavor?

Happy Grilling!

Impact On Final Flavor

Words used to describe the flavor imparted by charcoal: smoky, rich, earthy.

Words used to describe the flavor imparted by propane: There are none. Propane is naturally odorless which has an additive that does have an odor to alert users to leaks. By contrast, being made from wood, charcoal has a suite of aromatics.

What people like about charcoal is that the rich, meaty taste of a steak is given an added depth of flavor from the smoke. Of all the different types of grills, most would agree that charcoal imparts the very best flavor.

Propane can only give you a cooked version of the meats flavor. For Joshua Bousel of SeriousEats, the sight of smoke coming from a gas grill only reminded him of the smoky flavor that couldve been, if only it had been a charcoal grill. Seasoning will have to provide any additional flavor you may want to have.

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