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Traeger Grills Tfb38tod Renegade The Best Traeger Grill 2021

Smoked Prime Rib Roast – Traeger Electric Pellet Smoker

The thing that instantly grabs your attention is the round shape of the grill thats large enough to cook a massive amount of food at once. The Traeger Renegade Pro Pellet is a combination of two sturdy legs rounded at the underside and a group of all-terrain wheels to drag it through grass or gravel.

You will find the chrome steel handles on each side of the grill, and the lid is well-built. And being the buyer, you must consider the overall presentation of the product, and this Pellet grill looks pretty stylish with a combination of orange and black colors. So, its easy to determine that the Traegers material is high-grade metal for the look, which ensures long-lasting service. Moreover, the Traeger Renegade Pro pellet grills standout features are the digital pro controller, the duel meat temp probes, etc.

Starting the Traeger Renegade Pro pellet grill is as easy as pushing a button. The look of this pellet grill features an electronic auto-start ignition, so you dont have to visit any problems firing up this grill. Besides, the Renegade Pro grilling area measures 380 square inches, making it the right size for cooking foods, starting from burgers to ribs.


How Does A Pellet Smoker Work

The storage container is filled with small hardwood pellets, which are the heat source. Then, an auger motor feeds the small pellets into the cooking chamber, where they burn to cook the food and create smoke.

This process is called combustion and what happens is that the pellets burn at the bottom of the cooking chamber as theyre ignited by air. Special intake fans bring the air inside to aid the pellet-burning process.

The heat and smoke are then evenly dispersed, and meat is cooked perfectly!

When you want to start smoking or grilling, you set the temperature on the digital panel.

The motor then adjusts how much air goes in to control the temperature inside the cooking chamber. Thats done by controlling the number of pellets going in and how fast or slow they burn.

Troubleshooting Problem #: Maintaining The Temperature

You have a set of procedures you can use to keep the temperature on the grill consistent. Especially if you open the grill, you will get varying temperatures, but you also have to remember that you’re cooking with fire, which can cause some fluctuations.

Most commonly, the wood pellets will be the cause of your temperature fluctuations on the grill. To combat the problem, make sure that you store them in the right conditions and avoid any area where your pellets could get moisture in them.

Second, make sure that you keep the grill clean because this will have an impact on temperature. You also have to watch for rust and corrosion because this can have an impact on the grill.

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How Many Watts Does A Traeger Pellet Grill Use

A pellet grill will typically draw approximately 300 watts. Pellets in a pellet grill are ignited by using an electric igniter. The electric igniter has to get very hot in order to ignite the pellets. This is done by passing an electrical current through the igniter rod, so for the first few minutes Traeger grills draw about 300 watts, but after ignition, it operates only on 30 watts of electricity.

How A Traeger Pellet Grill Works

Traeger Pro Series 34 Electric BBQ Grill and Pellet Smoker

The below video produced by the manufacturer shows how a Traeger operates. You can get a pretty good idea of why electricity is required for the automation process by watching this video. The minor inconvenience of having to plug in this grill is greatly outweighed by its ease of use, versatility, and set-it & forget it capabilities.

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Best Traeger Grills 2021 Reviews And Buyers Guide

December 23, 2020 By SK Zai

The quick answer is the Traeger TFB38TOD Renegade is acknowledged as probably one of the Best Traeger Grills 2021 for all-round use but read on to see why we think that is.

Traeger produces wood grills that stand out for their signature smoky flavors with natural wood pellets. So, whatever you are roasting, smoking, baking, or even searing, Traeger has excellent wood pellet options. Traeger is a brand that is famous for producing the best grills for a long time. About 30 years ago, the Traeger was the first one to come up with the wood-fired grills. Traeger continues to guide the way being the quality one builder of wood-fired grills within the world. So, if you are looking for the Best Traeger grills 2021, then you are in the right place.

People who love outdoor cooking or organizing a party in their backyard prefer portable yet versatile pellet grills. We have a list of the best Traeger grills 2021 that you can consider investing your money in.

Is It Easy To Clean The Traeger Grill

Traeger grills are easy to maintain and clean. Regular, light-intensity cleaning will ensure longevity and preserve your overall enjoyment. It’s also crucial to check the flow of pellets from time to time as pellets may get stuck in the auger. The cleaning procedure for your Traeger grill goes as follows:

  • You’ll need a grease cleaner, paper towels, bottle brush, disposable gloves, and a scour pad.
  • Spray the grill grates and chimney with grease cleaner.
  • Remove and clean the grates with a bottle brush and paper towels.
  • Remove the old foil.
  • Remove the drip tray, heat baffle, and vacuum inside of the grill.
  • Scrub the chimney with a brush.
  • Spray the walls of the grills with grease cleaner, then wipe with paper towels.
  • Reinsert the grill interiors.

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The Fire Goes Out Frequently

Another annoying problem with the Traeger grill is the fire is going out in the middle of cooking. This problem is the root of many other problems like temperature swings, excessive ash, etc.


Dump pallets are the main cause of this problem. So you should keep the pellets in the right place and restore them accurately. If you can prevent this, then it would be able to maintain a fire.

Traeger Ranger Portable Grill And Smoker

Traeger RANGER Pellet Grill Portable Smoker Hickory Smoked Whole Chicken 1st Cook

Traeger Grills promotes a growing corner of the outdoor cooking market called wood-pellet grilling. From a performance perspective, the Ranger does its job remarkably well. Everything you smoke there came out moist, smokey, and tasted more or less exactly how you dream smoked food will taste.

The grill involves temperature rather more quickly than you can ever expect, reaching 425 degrees at only a quarter-hour. Also, pellets are more economical than charcoal or wood and propane. Moreover, the Ranger buyer is famous for its two things, and it is the masterpiece for two types of chefs. A smoke seeker who wants to cop out of the incredibly high skill and know about how well to induce traditional smoking practices. And the other is someone in need of mobility and slow-ability.

Its weight and size may show that it slides into the rear of flooring and wouldnt move around with relative ease but space for cooking isnt so small to be overly compromised in its ability to cook for a good number of guests like four to six. However, if you wish to grill only steaks and other super-high heat endeavors, look elsewhere. Not because it cant sear it can but because a charcoal grill will reach high grate-level temperatures.


  • Its a large and heavy grill

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Final Words Wrapping It Up

Traeger offers 6 1 premium products that allow you to grill, smoke, bake, sear, roast all your favorite food with new recipes in your home backyard. You do not need a separate smoker toaster anymore one Traeger grill is all you need. Also, it is more adaptable than your kitchen and easy to clean. Besides the best Traeger grill 2021, your cooking experience will be so dynamic that the possibilities are limitless. We hope you get the right product. If you have missed any of our other reviews on Charcoal grills, catch them here.

Are Traeger Pellet Grills Worth The Money

Yes, totally. Traeger has made a name for itself as a quality grill manufacturer thanks to its high-quality grills and great customer service. All Traeger grills are well built and use top-of-the-line components and designs. Traeger pellet grills are easy to set up and can be used to cook nearly everything you would want, like smoked, baked, or grilled recipes.

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Does A Pellet Grill Need Electricity

Since electronics are used for features like the digital control, pellet grills do require electricity to run. This limits their ability to be used in situations where power is a commodity. However, Ive seen pellet grills run on battery packs in competitions. Most pellet grills can reach a temperature of 500 degrees.

Wood Pellet Grills Vs Gas Charcoal Or Electric Grills

Traeger Pro Series D2 575 Electric BBQ Grill and Pellet Smoker

Every cooking method offers its own nuance, pros, cons, and flavor profiles. Many of us meat eaters prefer the clean taste of wood-fired cooking and smoking. Pellet grills and smokers offer all the flavor combined with the convenience and versatility that most other methods lack.

Charcoal barbecuing requires zero electricity but does involve a long, messy startup process. The charcoal briquettes need to be stacked up and dowsed with lighter fluid. Then its a waiting game for all the briquettes to become evenly hot and grilling temperature ready. You might also get some of that lighter fluid flavor in your food. Its up to you if thats what youre comfortable with.

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Electric Vs Pellet: Flavor

One of the most common questions people have is about the flavor. Is the smoked food cooked with an electric smoker better than a pellet smoker?

The answer is mostly no.

The pellet smoker is known to give food an amazing smoky flavor, and its much more intense. Most people agree that the smoke profile of the food cooking in the electric unit is not as strong or tasty as the pellet smoker.

Thats because an electric heat source doesnt compare to cooking with wood.

In the electric smoker, a water pan like in these examples creates steam which mixes with the wood smoke but this only imparts some flavor not as much as classic wood smoke alone.

The wood smoke is superior and gives a nice smoke ring . Electric smokers dont create that soft bark and smoke ring, but regardless, the meat will still taste delicious.

The bottom line is that if you want convenient cooking methods and tasty food, electric smokers are great. But, if you like the classic wood-smoked flavors, youre better off buying a pellet smoker.

Wondering which wood to use for smoking what? Find all my posts on using wood for smoking here!

Can You Use A Traeger Without Electricity

You cannot use a Traeger grill without electricity since electronics used in Traeger grills needs electricity. The features like the digital control, pellet grills auger, and hot rod igniter require electricity to operate. So, if you are going camping, you may need to carry an inverter to plug the Traeger grill as it will not work without electricity.

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How Many Watts Does A Pellet Grill Use

The first few minutes is when the most power is needed. The small, metal igniter rod needs to get red hot in order to ignite the first few pellets that drop into the firebox. Approximately 300 watts is needed to accomplish this. Then only about 50 watts is needed thereafter to keep the fan, control panel, and auger running. The burning pellets do most of the work.

Traeger Grill Features To Consider

demo operation Traeger Portable Smoker electric pellet Grill TFT17LLA

Traeger grills enable you to grill, braise, smoke, bake, roast, or barbecue in your backyard with one cooking device without the use of charcoal or gas.

  • The process starts when you load the hopper with wood pellets. There are many types of wood pellets available, such as apple, cherry, and maple, and each imparts a unique flavor to the food.

  • An auger at the bottom of the hopper moves the pellets to the hot rod, which ignites the pellets.

  • A draft induction fan circulates air into the grill to cook the food.

Traeger grills come in a number of sizes and with different features to think about before you buy.

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Available Upgrades Accessories And Attachments

Though not an upgrade, exactly, the first thing youll want to get for your new Traeger Pro Series 22 pellet grill is more pellets! They come in a variety of flavors, and youll have fun experimenting and combining different foods with different woods.

Out of the box, theres no work surface available for getting prepped. Fortunately, Traeger sells a folding front shelf that runs the full width of the cookbox. This is ideal for sliding large cuts in and out, and for last-minute mopping, rubbing, and seasoning.

For some storage space, check out the bottom shelf accessory. It attaches near the bottom of the frame, just about the wheels.

Holding a consistent temperature is the key to smoking and slow roasting. Unfortunately, thats not easy to do in cold weather! If you love to cook all year, consider the insulated blanket to help hold in the heat.

You can also grab a variety of extra shelving and specialty racks for ribs, poppers, or extra smoking space. From a practical standpoint, some foil liners for your drip bucket will make and easy clean-up even easier!

As always, though, the most important accessory for your Traeger is a fitted cover. This low-cost investment will extend the life and protect the appearance of your beloved barbecue by keeping out moisture between uses.

Traeger Timberline 1300 Wood Pellet Grill

The Timberline represents the latest and greatest from Traeger, and its got a price point to match.

When the Timberline series was launched back in 2017 it used to have a few more unique features. This year some of these have made their way down to the cheaper Traeger models so its not quite as impressive as it used to be.

But there are still some notable improvements. As well as offering an absolutely whopping 1300 square inches of cooking space, the Timberline is the only Traeger model to include a pellet sensor.

Traeger Timberline 1300 Specifications:

Weight 238 Lbs

This handy feature monitors your pellet consumption and lets you check on your phone so you dont have to worry about pellets running out.

While this shouldnt happen too often, especially if you remember to fill the 24lb hopper.

Its still really handy that you dont have to worry about running out mid-cook and restarting everything.

You get three removable grill grates that can be positioned for searing or smoking.

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How Many Amps Does A Traeger Grill Use

If youre planning to cook in a Traeger Grill, you need to understand how much power is being used by your Traeger grill. Your Traeger grill will need very little power to operate, but it will need more power in the beginning. It will need 4 Amps for the first 5-10 minutes of operation. Afterward, it will need only 1.5 Amps to keep the system running at a normal pace.

Traeger Lil Tex Elite

Traeger Pro Series D2 780 Electric BBQ Grill and Pellet Smoker

The Traeger lil Tex Elite is what can be called a set-and-forget pellet grill.I have heard someone call it a lazy mans grill.

How it works?: Fill the hopper with your preferred pellet, start it, set your temperature, and put your meat on it.That is all you have to do.

The results are pretty darned good, due to the thermostat that makes temperature stays constant and that is a big advantage over charcoal or propane gas.With the use of 2 lbs/hr on high, 1 lb/hr on medium, and 1/2 lb/hr when smoking you can use the 20 lb pellets for a lot of cooking with this pellet smoker.Read the full Traeger lil Tex Elite review

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Traeger Grills Century 22 Pellet Grill And Smoker

The Century 22 Wood Pellet Grill can cook meat either low and slow or hot and fast. And you get to enjoy it deliciously, have consistent results on every occasion you decide to use it. Besides, it is a versatile grill that allows you to grill, smoke, braise, bake, or even roast your favorite food, so you will get excellent value for money by utilizing it.

Moreover, top features for this Century 22 pellet grill include the two meat thermometers that allow you to check the grills interior temperature without even lifting the lid. Another impressive feature is the easy to understand grease management system that helps you maintain the grill clean, ensuring its durability. The heavy-gauge stainless steel is responsible for its construction, so it will be going to stand even after frequent use for several years.

It also features a standard design thats harking back to old wood smokers, and itll make a worthy addition to your patio or deck, no matter your current décor. The electronic auto-start ignition ensures a quick and efficient start each time you use it. However, it is totally up to you, and only you can decide whether this product is suitable and the right fit for you.


  • Flavors are minimal

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