Member’s Mark Pro Series 5-burner Gas Grill

What Other Grill Brands Does Sams Club Sell

Members Mark Pro Series Gas Grill

If you cannot find a Members Mark grill that is right for you, Sams Club also carries various other brands. Additionally, Sams Club sells gas grills, charcoal grills, electric smokers, and regular smokers.

The other grill brands available at Sams Club include:

  • KitchenAid
  • Vision Grills

A majority of the grills that Sams Club sells are available online and can be shipped right to your house! One great thing about ordering grills online through Sams Club is that you do not need to be a member to do so.

However, if you are not a member of Sams Club, they charge a 10% service fee added to the original cost.

Are Members Mark Grills Of High Quality

Based on the online reviews from Sams Club members who purchased Members Mark grills, the grills are of high quality. Additionally, all of Members Mark grills average between a 4 and 5-star rating from past customers.

One common issue that customers who bought Members Mark grills had was finding a cover that fits properly to protect it from outdoor elements.

However, when it comes to grilling meat, Members Mark grills can perform precisely the way you need. If you happen to have any problems with your grill, there is a customer service line to call.

Past customers who used the customer service line reported that the staff was very helpful in solving their issues.

Additionally, each of Members Marks grills is backed by Sams Clubs Member Satisfaction Guarantee, meaning you can return and get a refund for your purchase if you are not happy.

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    Page 1: Blocked Burner Venturi

  • Page 17 Seasoning: After performing a burn off and brushing with a grill brush, allow the grates to complete cool. Using rubber gloves spread VEGETABLE SHORTENING over the entire grate surface. Be thorough. Vegetable oil or canola oil are also good options. Do not use salted fats such as butter or margarine. Position the seasoned grates into the grill.
  • What Kinds Of Grills Does Members Mark Manufacture


    Members Mark offers several different types of grills designed for outdoor living that range in price from $140 to $1,700, depending on the type and capabilities of the grill.

    The Members Mark grills that are available at Sams Club based on their website include:

    • 7-Burner BBQ grill
    • 35-inch Charcoal BBQ grill
    • 4-Burner stacked stone grill island

    Of all the Members Mark grills, the 2-burner gas grill is the one that is top-rated by industry and customer reviews.

    This grill is perfect for smaller spaces and includes 2 folding side shelves. Another aspect of this Members Mark grill that entices customers is the price of around $230.

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    Who Makes Members Mark Grills

    CONTENTSTimothy Woods

    I always think twice before I decide on what product to buy. Sometimes its all about the quality. Sometimes, I just want to find a good value for money.

    For all of you that love the smell of grilled food, there are many manufacturers of grills. Apart from well-known brands, many private labels are made for big retail chains, like Member’s Mark grill sold at Sam’s Club.

    Wondering who makes Member’s Mark grills? We did a little research and found a few interesting details.

    Review Of Member’s Mark Grills

    There are several different Members Mark Grills. The Five Burner is more or less middle of the road, and at $299 it offers a lot to like. The cooking area is ample for even large gatherings and it gets hot, stays hot and cooks evenly throughout its entire surface. It can be cleaned relatively easily by removing the CI burners and cleaning the grill bowl and grease pan.

    Perhaps the biggest downside is the fact that the CI burners do rust and parts wear out. Some users also complain that replacement parts, while available, can add up in cost and aren’t of consistent quality.

    The after sales service from Grand Hall is noteworthy as support and parts availability are bigger than most average consumers realize. Grand Hall support is excellent and parts availability is a non-issue. For example, three ignitors, a burner rail, and four ceramic flame tamer tiles and including S& H came to just $41.00. Parts can be ordered by mail or picked up at any local Sam’s Club.

    If you like the Member’s Mark brand and the idea of a grill with good support for replacement parts, there are both lower-end and higher-end options available. The two-burner is $100 less, while the high-end eight-burner is $399. Both offer good value for money, though they may be less durable than some other well-known brands.

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    Who Manufactures Members Mark Grills

    Member’s Mark grills are made for Sam’s Club by low-cost Chinese manufacturers. According to comments on the Sam’s Club website, one of the companies that make Member’s Mark grills is Prokan Grills.

    Prokan Grills was founded in 1977 and started as a small family company with a clear goal to create durable products with the best craftsmanship and innovative designs. Their goal was to expand the production and sell their products to world-class partners and distributors.

    Most components of the Prokan barbeque grill designs are fabricated in-house by skilled workers with quality-sourced steel. They are said to be easy to install and are supposedly built to deliver exceptional performance that lasts for years. Every product is certified to meet national standards in the U.S. and Mexico, and other parts of the world.

    Another company that manufactures Member’s Mark grills is Nexgrill. With a headquarters in Taiwan, they make grills for those who have BBQ in their blood. In Taiwan, grilling is also a tradition, and apart from hamburgers and hotdogs, their specialty is Thai chilli-rubbed yellowtail, a honey chipotle marinated duck.

    Nexgrill likes investing in new things, so they are proud of flavor-making features like infrared heat plates, searing side burners, multiple heat zones, dual-energy capabilities, and customizable grid configurations. They create grills in which you can grill everything from the simple to the sensational.

    Page : Hose & Regulator Specifications And Installation

  • Page 8 HOSE AND REGULATOR: Your grill is equipped with a Type 1 connection device with the following features: 1. The system will not allow gas flow from cylinder until a positive connection to valve has been made. NOTE: The cylinder valve and all grill burner knobs must be turned OFF before any connection is made or removed.
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    Search For Exact Fit Bbq Repair Parts Using Your Model Number Or Part Type

    Where do you find a model number on a Member’s Mark Grill?

    • First, try looking on your original owner’s manual. Usually the model number will be listed on the bottom of each page.
    • If you don’t have your manual, that’s fine too! Sam’s Club grills have small metal plates or labels with certification information on them, including your model number. These plates are usually on the back of each grill.
    • Look for a number that starts with Y, M, or a word name like MONARCH, REGAL, etc. Some Member’s Mark models also start with BQ or 720. This is because Member’s Mark gas grills have been made by multiple manufacturers, including Grand Hall, Dong Guan Xin Cheng, and Nexgrill.
    • If you find the number ‘608SB,’ this is actually the part number for your side burner. However, we still list it as an option because many customers are confused by this.

    Member’s Mark Pro Series 5

    Member’s Mark Pro Series 5-Burner Gas Grill. This is an assembly video of the member’s mark 5 burner pro series. Five 12,400 btu stainless steel tube burners covered with porcelain coated flame tents to disperse heat.

    The firebox was designed to deliver the ultimate in heat retention and durability. Members mark stainless steel and porcelain 5 burner gas grill. 5 burner gas grill gas0565as, gas0565aso.

    It features a large 720 sq. I measured 6 wc gas pressure with the 3 main burner valves on high and the infrared burner valve on.

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    Members Mark Grills: Social Proof

    Are there any Members Mark gas grill reviews from satisfied consumers? We took a look online to find out.

    For the most part, users were satisfied with the purchase. They claimed that it was a good value for the price, especially considering how powerful the burners are.

    However, most of the customers also mentioned that they didnt expect to get more than a year or two out of the unit.

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    Converting Member’s Mark Bbq Grill From Propane To Natural Gas

    BBQ Grill Searching Courtesy of Google

    Disclaimer: I am NOT a gas/grill/whatever expert. Anything you do based on what is written here you do at your own risk. Converting the Member’s Mark BBQ Grill to Natural Gas VOIDS the warrenty. Do NOT callme if you melt your grill, burn down your house, etc.

    Does Sams Club Sell Grilling Utensils

    In addition to quality grills, Sams Club also sells necessary grilling utensils, so you have everything you need for the perfect BBQ!

    For example, Sams Club offers their members 2 and 4-piece grilling utensil kits as well as grilling aprons.

    Sams Clubs 4-piece grilling utensil kits include a spatula, locking tongs, BBQ fork, and a grill brush to keep your grill in top-notch condition. The 2-piece utensil kit consists of a spatula and a pair of locking tongs.

    Depending on the brand and size of the tool kit, it will cost you between $23-$35.

    However, Sams Clubs apron and tool bundle is an incredible offer that is hard to find anywhere else. For $27, the bundle includes a grilling apron, utensil tote, spatula, BBQ fork, tongs, chefs hat, and quilted oven mitt.

    To know more, you can also see our posts on who makes Members Mark shampoo, who makes Members Mark vodka, and who makes Members Mark chicken.

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    Find Parts For This Model

    It is aesthetically pleasing and made with attention to every detail. Inch griddle surface that is big enough to cook appetizers, sides, and main dishes all at once or for large crowds on game day. Get the full official member’s mark pro series 5 burner gas grill assembly instructions by downloading the free bilt app and searching member’s mark pro ser.

    Who Makes Members Mark Grills In 2022

    Member’s Mark Pro Series 5 Burner Assembly and Unboxing

    Members Mark grills are manufactured by 3 different companies, Prokan Grills, Nexgrill, and Rankam Group, which are third-party manufacturers based in China or Taiwan as of 2022. Additionally, the price of Members Mark grills ranges from $140-$1700, depending on the style.

    To learn more about what kinds of grills Members Mark produces and the other grilling supplies available at Sams Club, continue reading!

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    Are Private Label Grills Worth Buying

    Private label or store brand grills are those manufactured by one company for sale under another company’s brand name, in this case, Member’s Mark. They are cheaper than similar brand products and available to many consumers because they offer good money value.

    Large retail chains can more easily control their sales and profits through private labels. The greater the trust in the retail chain, the higher the sales of private labels.

    According to research private label brands held a 19.2 percent share of the retail industry’s market value in the United States in 2019. Over one of every five products sold in the U.S. was from a retailer’s brand.

    Manufacturers find interest in selling their products under major brands’ names because they get a secure sales channel, annual placement, and the possibility of exporting to other markets. Also, for them, that means that they do not have any additional marketing costs.

    Read More:

    What Members Mark Stands For

    Member’s Mark is a private label brand of Sam’s Club, a retail warehouse that Walmart Inc. owns and operates. To compete with similar brands, Sam’s Club relaunched Member’s Mark brand in 2017, intending to streamline 21 private brand names in one.

    Under Member’s Mark brand name, you can find various products, from food and general merchandise categories, home and household items, health, and technology.

    Members Mark grills sold at Sam’s Club are Asian-made. They are available in different sizes and different fuels like gas and charcoal. Their attractive design will grab your attention, some of them have exciting features, but most importantly, they have a fair and affordable price.

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    Members Mark Grill Review: Putting The Flames To The Test

    Theres something truly special about a meal thats been cooked outdoors. Food thats been prepared over an open flame has a taste and a texture that you cant find anywhere else.

    However, not everyone has time to build and tend a charcoal fire. Thats what makes gas grills such a popular alternative. The rapid ignition allows grilling enthusiasts to cook out every night of the week.

    Members Mark grills are packaged exclusively for the big-box retailer Sams Club. Most of them are manufactured by Nexgrill, a company that markets bargain-priced appliances.

    In scope, Members Mark grills are on par with competitors like Broil King and Cuisinart. All of these labels offer sizable grills at an affordable price. The question is, are they a worthwhile investment?


    • Less-than-durable construction
    • Only available through Sams Club and its affiliates

    This Members Mark Grill review will strive to give you the answers youre looking for.


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    Sams Club shoppers, dont miss this deal on Members Mark Pro Series Grills. For a limited time, you can save up to $175. This deal is available in the club and online.

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    Where Does Members Mark Manufacture Its Grills

    Unlike most of the products manufactured by Members Mark, the grills are not made in the United States.

    Instead, Sams Club imports Members Mark grills from low-cost Chinese and Taiwanese manufacturers.

    Although the companies that produce Members Mark grills are based overseas, Sams Club ensures that members can reach out to quality customer service employees if they have any problems.

    • Nexgrill
    • Rankam Group

    Prokan Grills and Rankam Group manufacture grills, smokers, and fryers in Chinese facilities. Both companies produce grills at a significantly lower cost than most big-name companies can match.

    Although Members Mark grills are available at a lower cost than other stores can offer, the grills and smokers are made from high-quality materials that last a lifetime.

    The third company that manufactures grills for Members Mark is Nexgrill. Nexgrill grills are produced in Taiwan with durable materials designed for those who love BBQing and grilling food regularly.

    Member’s Mark Gas Grill Parts

    To find the correct parts for your MEMBER’S MARK grill, select your model:

    If you don’t see your model number, don’t give up! Not all model numbers are in our database. Please view all parts currently available for MEMBER’S MARK, listed below by part type. Still no luck? Contact us – we’re here to help!

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    Things To Consider Before Buying A Gas Grill

    Although gas grills offer convenience and reliability, they dont appeal to every outdoor chef. Some people just cant live without the flavor of real wood, whether its in charcoal or pellet form.

    If this applies to you, then you probably wont be happy with a Members Mark grill. On the other hand, if you have a busy schedule, youre likely to appreciate the instant gratification that gas-fired units provide.

    Whether this is your first gas grill or just one in a lineup of many, its important to know what youre looking for. Before shopping, consider the following questions:

    • How much are you planning to spend?
    • Are you hoping to keep the grill around for a long time, or will you be willing to replace it in a year or two?
    • How often do you usually cook out?
    • How many people do you cook for on a regular basis?
    • Which ingredients are you planning to prepare most often?

    Your answers should help you navigate these Members Mark gas grill reviews with greater ease.

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