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Grilling Recipes For Summer

11 Best BBQ Recipes | It’s Time To Fire Up The Grill!

Fire up the grill with our 50 Best Grilling Recipes from around the world. Many of these grilling ideas are fast and easy enough for weeknight dinners, and many are vegetarian, vegan or vegan-adaptable.

Apparently, we like to grill a lot and hope you do too! Whether youre looking for grilled chicken recipes, grilled vegan or vegetarian recipes, grilled vegetable side dishes, hearty grilled salads , or grilled lamb or beef recipes, youll find some fun inspiration here! Scroll to the bottom for our favorite grilling resources, tips and gifts- or jump to the recipe card for our favorite All-Purpose Dry Rub Recipe!

Hot Dogs And Sausages

The Spruce / Molly Watson

Hot dogs are always a favorite at BBQ parties, but after the first few cookouts of the season, they can get a bit tiresome. For a change of pace, pop bratwurst on the grill, set up a condiment station, and a basket of buns, and call your work over. When you grill sausages, knowing what type of sausage you’re using is a must so you know whether to cook them through or just heat them up. Fresh sausages need to be cooked through , while cured or smoked sausages can usually just be heated up.

If you choose to throw a few dogs on the grill but would like to add a little twist, offer some unusual topping combinations at the condiment station, such as salsa and cilantro, bacon, lettuce, and tomato, and blue cheese and hot sauce.

Grill Recipes For Summer

Wondering what to grill tonight for dinner, whats good to cook on the grill, or what to grill for a crowd? Then youve come to the right place!

Ive got all the best grill recipes and summer grilling ideas gathered in one place, so you can make the most of the season.

With the warmer weather and longer days, its time to pull out the grill for BBQs and summer get togethers! This is one of my favorite times of year for food because there are so many delicious things to cook on the grill. Of course there are all the juicy meats we salivate over, but I also love the grilled side dishes and healthier options for a bit of a change.

And of course I rounded up the BEST recipes to give you tons of grilling ideas to try out this summer. Weve got the burgers and steaks, as well as grilled chicken, healthy recipes, and even grilled side dishes!

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Grilled Broccolini Salad With Basil

This warm and crunchy salad is exactly what we want to eat alongside burgers and hot dogs. No grill? No problem! Go ahead and roast the broccolini in a 400°F oven for about 20 minutes, or until charred at the edges.

Got a genius recipe to sharefrom a classic cookbook, an online source, or anywhere, really? Perhaps something perfect for beginners? Please send it Kristens way at .

Any Night Grilling is your guide to becoming a charcoal champion , any night of the week. With over 60 ways to fire up dinnerno long marinades or low-and-slow cook times in sightthis book is your go-to for freshly grilled meals in a flash.

Smoked Mac And Cheese

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The ideal American appetizer for your outdoor barbecue. This smoked mac and cheese recipe dials up everything you love in the traditional recipe. Macaroni with melted cheddar and gouda cheese, served over apple smoke, with crispy bacon on top. It can be mixed in with pulled pork, bacon, or smoked lobster. Believe me, youve never had cheesy macaroni like this before.

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What Are The Best Main Dishes For A Bbqparty

Lets get into the most important part of every barbeque MEAT! For some people, this is the sole reason to attend a barbeque. And there is something about the smell of meat roasting on a grill, which drives people mad with desire.

Hamburgers, hotdogs, ribs, pork shoulders, skewers, chicken breasts or even salmon fillet. These are classical choices, which you cannot go wrong with. Some are more expensive then others, some are easier to make. So the choice depends on a) which you can afford b) which do you and your guest like the most c) how much time and energy do you have to prepare them.

Now lets take a look for some dishes that go beyond the most simple barbeque recipes and will please and surprise your guests.

Best Foods To Grill This Weekend

September 4, 2016by LisaThis post may contain affiliate links

Try some of The BEST Grilling recipes from around the World with Panning The Globe’s roundup – the 16 Best Foods To Grill This Weekend!

Summer is short. It’s important to squeeze in every possible bit of summery enjoyment and a big part of that is summer food! I know I won’t be in sleeveless tees and sandals for much longer. Soon I’ll be inside, bundled up, braising brisket and roasting vegetables .

I love living in a part of the world where the change of seasons is dramatic. For right now I’m happy to get a good dose of warm sunshine and outdoor activities. I’m grateful to be able to throw something delicious on the grill and fill out the rest of the menu with summer salads and other fresh summer produce.

In honor of savoring summer, I put together a roundup of my favorite Panning The Globe grilling recipes.

Below is a clickable menu. Or scroll down for a little more detail about each of these scrumptious dishes.

These Grilled Zucchini Caprese Stacks make a great appetizer or light lunch. This dish is all about fresh seasonal ingredients. Tomato season is the best time to make these!

GRILLED FIGS PROSCIUTTO AND BURRATA is the dish I make most often for company in the summer. Again, it’s about the excellent ingredients – creamy burrata, salty proscuitto, sweet grilled figs, drizzles of good quality olive oil and balsamic. I love serving this with a thinly sliced baguette on the side.

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Know Your Budget Before Planning Your Bbq Party

First things first, before you start planning on your menu or even how many guests you are going to invite, lets consider your budget. And if you are planning to finance a BBQ party for a large number of people, it will cost you some.

Even if you decide to go with a bare acceptable minimum, you will still take a serious hit on your pocket. And you can get away with it if you arrange barbeque for a small, close circle of your friends and family. But, if you are planning to host an event for more people, it would be prudent to ask your guests to provide an entry fee.

This is a pretty common practice andnothing to be ashamed of. After all, you are providing an opportunity foreveryone to have a good time.

Ifyou are planning to have alcoholic beverages at your barbeque then you have to atleast ask them to provide their own drink. Thiswill lift up budgetary constraints and you will be given much more freedom toprovide the best experience for everyone.

Features To Look Out For

5 of the BEST BBQ Recipes for Summer! Time to Fire Up The Grill!

If you havenât looked for a new grill in some time, you might be surprised at how attractive the entry-level models can be. Many of these are now available in stainless steel, which gives your backyard a more modern appeal. If you buy one of the latest models, you can also benefit from some of the new features on offer.

Some grills come with built-in containers to hold your wood chips and on occasion, a smoke chamber. You might also come across sear stations, rotisseries, side burners and built-in thermometers, all of which have their uses. Like many other appliances, grills are getting smarter too with some offering Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity. With this, you can get notified when itâs time to flip the burgers, baste your dish or serve up. It can even let you know when itâs running low on gas.

Be on the lookout for hooks on which to hold your tools as well â itâs a simple, but useful addition which you can find regardless of the price. Side tables are convenient as well for placing dishes. Removable ash catchers and drip pans are also good to have as they help with cleaning up.

Check out more of our appliance coverage:

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Best Food To Grill On Charcoal For Max Flavor

Theres nothing quite like the smell of a charcoal grill, all fired up with some prime cuts of delicious food getting slowly cooked to perfection.

But if youre a little unfamiliar with which foods are absolutely the best ones to go on a charcoal grill, or if youre looking for a few simple grilling recipes, youve come to the right place.

Here are the absolute best foods to put on a charcoal grill.

Slow-Cooked Pork Butt

Now, the secret to cooking an amazing pork butt is to do it slowly, controlling your heat throughout the entire process.

Many people believe that its not really possible to control your heat well on a charcoal grill, but theyre dead wrong.

First, youll want to season your pork butt. You can choose any type of seasoning you want, dry or otherwise, but we recommend a mix of salt, pepper, brown sugar, cinnamon, chili flakes for medium heat and some barbecue sauce if youre feeling adventurous. If you really wanna impress, use some of our famous Dickey’s Rubs.

Once youve got your charcoal grill nice and hot, use a pair of BBQ tongs to sort of make a clear space in the middle, pushing those coals to the edges of your grill. Next, place your pork butt in the center, close the lid and wait a few hours for it to cook, turning it every now and then.

Try not to turn it too much, because you dont want to open the lid too often and release all that heat.

Grilling Steaks

Glazed Grilled Salmon

Simple is best when it comes to grilled salmon on a charcoal grill.

Easy Summer Grilling Recipes

Grilling season is the best season, am I right? Fire up the grill for one of these top 15 quick and easy summer grilling recipes. Seriously, these all take less than 30 minutes to prep and cook. For recipes that need to be marinated, give yourself an extra 30 minutes to an hour.

We have been grilling almost everyday this summer, and I am not complaining. I just love the smoky smell that escapes from the grill, the taste and textures of anything grilled , and of course enjoying that perfectly charred meal outside on a sunny patio.

Before you begin making one of these summer grilling recipes, make sure you have all your equipment ready to go. You will need tongs for grilling, an indoor grill pan , and skewers if you are making kebabs. Ok let’s get grilling.

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More Grilled Dinner Ideas

Mediterranean Stuffed Eggplant, page 179 of Love & Lemons Every DayServe this stuffed eggplant for dinner, and no one will leave the table hungry. French green lentils and bulgur make the filling nice and hearty, while sun-dried tomatoes, arugula, and fresh basil pack it with flavor.

Vegan Burrito BowlMove over, Chipotle! This homemade burrito bowl will knock the socks off any bowl youd get out to eat. Pineapple salsa offers a delicious sweet contrast to the spicy grilled mushrooms and peppers. If you dont have pineapple on hand, mango salsa or fresh tomato salsa would be great here too.

Spicy Black Bean & Mango Stuffed Peppers, page 165 of Love & Lemons Every DayI make stuffed peppers in the oven in the fall, but in the summer, I always throw them on the grill. It gives the peppers a nice char, which adds extra dimension to the bright mango, black bean, and corn filling here.

Grilled Corn TacosI bill this as a taco recipe, but the filling here is so tasty that Id be happy eating it as a salad, too! Its a zesty mix of feta cheese, tomatillo salsa verde, and summer bounty like cherry tomatoes, grilled green beans, and corn.

What Are The Best Grills

9 Foods You Didnt Realize You Should Be Grilling

After extensive research, we’ve found the best gas grill to be the Weber Genesis II S-335. Whatever you want to cook, be it hotdogs, burgers or steaks, this grill will produce perfectly-seared results. It’s app connected and features both a sear burner and side burner. Unfortunately, the best does come at a price however.

If you’re a fan of charcoal, then the Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill 22 is worth your consideration. The design features vents and a hinged grate to improve your control when you grill.

If you’re looking for versatility, then the Kamado Joe Classic II 18 KJ23RHC might be the one for you. Unlike other grills, it’s made from ceramic and can be used for unconventional recipes, such as pizza or even desserts.

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Grilled Peaches With Moonshine Syrup

Meat isn’t the only thing you can throw on your barbecue. In fact, peaches are one of our favorite things to grill every summer. In this delicious recipe, Chopped judge Tiffany Derry brushes sliced peaches with sorghum and a sprinkle of salt to get them deliciously charred and caramelized. A smoky moonshine-infused syrup finishes them off leaving you with a dessert unlike any other.

Get the Recipe: Grilled Peaches with Moonshine Syrup and Sorghum Yogurt

Royal Gourmet Cd1824e 23

If you want to do more than sling hot dogs and burgers on your charcoal grill, the Royal Gourmet is ideal. It has a crank that lets you raise and lower the charcoal pan to help control the heat. When you want to quickly grill brats, move the coals right below them. To slowly smoke a side of salmon without flare-ups, lower them.

Thereâs even a door underneath the grates that makes it easy to keep adding charcoal as the hungry crowd thickens. Plus youâll find you need a lot of charcoal to keep the Royal Gourmet burning, so make sure you stock up before the party starts.

Unlike on a kettle-style grill, this model has side tables to hold your tongs and trays and platters. Youâll also find a thermometer in the lid to give you a rough idea as to how hot it is under the grill, a warming rack thatâs helpful for heating buns, and an easy to remove ash tray. Below the grill thereâs a bottom shelf to keep extra charcoal or a roll of paper towels.

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Grilled Salad Heck Yes Grilled Salad

  • Allow us to introduce you to one of our favorite TMP recipes, this grilled romaine caesar salad. Yup, you read that right! You put the hearts of romaine right on the grill to get a wilty, smoky, char-y and just all kinds of delicious. Its a main dish salad thats dinner party-ready.
  • Grill up some chicken and add it to this Waldorf salad for a smoky, summery riff on the crunchy classic.
  • A grilled curried chicken salad with goat cheese and a delicious herby vinaigrette is about as healthy and delicious as can be.

Kamado Joe Junior Bbq

The Best Grilled Vegetables EVER! | SAM THE COOKING GUY 4K


The Kamado Joe Junior might look like the over-ripe cousin of the Big Green Egg, and admittedly they do share some resemblance, but its charms are all its own.

CompactFor starters, while the grill area is the same size on the Joe Junior as on Big Green Eggs MiniMax, its a little easier to cart around if need be, thanks to its neat handled cast iron stand and lighter-by-a-whisker weight.

Extra featuresIts also more cost-effective, despite offering a great range of uses thanks to the included heat deflector stone that allows you to hot smoke, roast, and bake as well as grill.

Kamado valueKamado Grills aren’t cheap, so we think this option for under £500 is a real steal.

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Bourbon Bbq Smoked Chicken Wings

Wings at a Super Bowl party is a must, but I wanted to suggest one that does things a little bit differently.

Booze with meat is a dream combination, and these wings do it beautifully. Smoked for a couple of hours, these will be outrageously juicy fresh off the grill, and the lining of sweet bourbon finishes the whole thing off brilliantly.

Best Things To Grill Tonight

If youre looking for something simple to grill for dinner tonight, for summer parties, or for BBQs and cookouts, dont forget the classics! Get some ideas here, then check below for specific recipes to try out.

  • Burgers: Everyone loves burgers, and the best part is you can let everyone make their own how they like. Just buy some ground meat, buns, and toppings.
  • Sausages: Sausages, brats, and hot dogs are a summer classic, perfect for any BBQ.
  • Ribs: If you have a little more time, ribs are a great option. They come out so tender this way!
  • Steak: A good steak is a must for grilling season! Its a good main for a nice dinner, but can be casual for weeknights too.
  • Chicken: There are so many great grilling recipes for chicken. Its a great alternative to beef and pork, but its still so delicious.
  • Seafood: Salmon, all kinds of fish, and even shrimp can be cooked on the grill for a healthier lunch or dinner option.
  • Vegetables: Dont forget the veggies! You can grill them up to create a crispy, charred texture and flavor that makes a great side to your entrees. Try asparagus, bell peppers, corn on the cob, zucchini and summer squash.
  • Foil Packet Recipes: Wrap up your favorite ingredients in aluminum foil to grill. Its an easy way to make a full meal and individual-sized portions.

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