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How Do You Use A Pellet Grill

Best Pellet Smoker Grills 2021 – Top 5 Reviews & Buying Guide

To make use of the best pellet grills, make sure that you know how to use it. Carelessness and negligence can result in you damaging your expensive unit sooner, wasting valuable money.

We have explored some useful tips below to ensure that you maintain the quality of your pellet smoker as well as enhance your grilling experience.

Choosing The Right Pellet Grill For You

As you can see, a quality pellet grill isnt particularly cheap.; If youre in the market for one of these smoker grill combos, that likely means; you value quality, versatility, ease of use, and that delicious wood fired taste.

Since youre committing to spend your hard earned dollars for something that serves an important purpose , there are a few things you should consider while you search.

Traeger Grills Product Line

Traeger offer a huge variety of grills that will suit any of your outdoor cooking needs that you will ever need.;

Versatility is a huge priority for Traeger, with almost all their products made to grill, smoke, barbecue, braise, roast, and bake using wood pellets for a better taste.

If you are having a hard time choosing a grill from Traeger, then we compiled a list with 5 most popular and best rated Traeger products and a few things to have in mind for each model, so you can easily find the product that you need.

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Overview Of The Traeger Brand

Traeger are the innovators behind the original wood pellet grill. Designed by founder Joe Traeger in 1985 and patented in 1986, Traegers 100% wood-smoked barbecue revolutionized the industry with its set and forget operation.

Patenting the design meant that Traeger had a monopoly over the market as they established themselves as a premium brand with a product that took the fuss out of home smoking and their popularity, understandably, soared.

Once their patent expired in 2006, other barbecue manufacturers raced into the market, fueling innovation and price competition. And, although theres now have a lot of pellet grill brands to choose from, Traeger are still one of the best-selling companies, backed by their premium image as the original and best.

The company, Traeger, is no longer a family-owned business. Interestingly, Joe Traeger sold it in 2006 and now works for rival company, Dansons, the owners of Pit Boss.

Where are Traeger grills made?

Traeger were originally made in the US but have since moved their manufacturing to China like most competing companies.

Which Grill Has The Best Warranty

Best Pellet Grill for the Money [MUST READ

When evaluating a Grill, one of the key factors is What is the Grill Warranty?

Here we have listed the Major US Gas Grill Brands and their warranties to easily compare product lines.

Keep in mind, Warranties only cover manufacturer defect.;Only includes rust, corrosion, oxidation or discoloration, when the part becomes inoperable,. It does not cover not maintaining the grill , accident, misuse or improper installation.;

Stainless U – Lifetime / Sear Zone – 5 Years ;Lifetime
Stainless U – Lifetime / Sear – 3 Years ;10 Years
Stainless U – Lifetime / Sear – 5 Years ;15 Years
Cast & Stainless U – Lifetime / Sear – 5 Years ;Lifetime
;Stainless U and Prosear – Lifetime ;Lifetime
;Stainless U – Lifetime / Sear – 5 Years ; Lifetime; ;Lifetime ;90 Days

All warranty claims must be made through the manufacturer. It is very important that you register your product.;

Warranties are for ORIGINAL purchaser only. So, if you purchase a home that has an existing grill, the warranty does not apply.

Warranties are only as good as a manufacturer remaining in business this is why we feel that knowing how long the Brand has been in business manufacturing grill products is important.


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Best Grills In : Gas Charcoal And Pellet Compared

The best grills will be able to sear any recipe, be it meat or veg, to perfection. You should be able to rely on it summer after summer, and it just be convenient to use, easy to clean and versatile in its design. You dont have to spend the big bucks to get a good grill either. Prices can range anywhere from $100 to over $1,000, so its good practice to first consider your budget.;

Even if you know how much you want to spend, picking out the right grill can be a challenge. Theres the type of grill to consider as well as the array of features available. Thats why weve scoured the market to find the best grills. Whether youre looking for gas, electric, charcoal or pellet, weve found the winners. Here are the best grills.;

Kamado Joe Classic 18

Best Kamado grill

Reasons to avoid

Cooks who love to try new things, and want to expand their repertoire beyond the basics, will love a kamado grill. The best of the bunch is the Kamado Joe Classic 18-inch KJ23RHC. This ceramic baby is heavy and will set you back a big chunk of change, but it will reward you with unparalleled control over the heat.;

That way you can cook an artisanal pizza in mere minutes, smoke a pork butt for hours, as well as grill everything in between. What you dont get is a lot of room to load on the burgers so you should expect to cook about 8 to 10 at once.

Instead of briquettes, youll need to stock up on lump hardwood charcoal. It can be hard to find, but it lights easily and burns slowly. Plus unlike other models, this kamado comes with a wheeled stand and has side tables for resting your basting sauce and a cold one. When its time to clean up, all you have to do is slide out the ash drawer and dispose of the ashes. Safely of course.

Reasons to avoid

The Cuisinart Deluxe Four Burner Gas Grill is a great looking grill that offers even heating whether you cook directly over the burners or indirectly with only some of the burners lit. On this model, theres a very unique feature: a glass window that lets you check on your food without lifting the hood and losing precious heat.

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Should You Acquire The Z Grill Master 700e

Z Grills 700E is an affordable, but basic, mid-sized pellet smoker. It executes well at slow-moving and low temperature levels with trusted temperature level guideline and very easy to utilize controls. It can likewise be made use of for grilling. But, bear in mind that its indirect high-heat and also wont work the like a devoted grill, and also, itll chop through pellets swiftly to do so.

In regards to construct high quality, the 700E gets on the cheaper end, but, is really well done. Theyve minimized the cost by passing up the extras like WiFi rather of giving up the quality of what is there.

With 2 meat probes and also a waterproof cover included, its a great value for money bundle thats backed by a respectable guarantee and also the durability to outlive it.

Traeger 3 Year Warrenty Term

ð±ð¥ Best BBQ Pellets Revealed in this BBQ Pellet Review ð?ð¥

One of the most popular Traeger grills currently is the Pro 780: Image and Warranty Terms Traegergrills.com

Currently,Traeger is offering a 3-year warranty term on all their products against defects and workmanship under normal use. For instance, Traeger states how long you should leave pellets in the hopper. Something worth noting that Traeger states with regards to the warranty is that it does not cover any commercial use. The warranty term for commercial use is just 1 year. Therefore, thats worth noting if you were considering purchasing a pellet grill for business purposes. Another important thing to note is that a Traeger pellet grill must be operated following the instructions. It also references fuels not compatible with the unit. Therefore, its important to check the owners manual to see if it states only Traeger branded pellets should be used, as this has been the case in the past. This is to ensure that only pellets produced to a certain quality are used in the pellet grill/smoker that wont lead to etc.

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Hold Up Your End Of The Bargain

Whether you have a lifetime warranty gas grill or one with a 1-year warranty, always ensure that you understand what the specific coverage is for each of the components. Register your grill for the warranty as soon as you buy it so that when you eventually need to make a claim, the process can proceed smoothly.

Finally, it is your responsibility as the owner of the grill to carry out periodic maintenance on it to keep it in good working condition. Neglecting to do this may be grounds for disqualification. Remember, if any of the components in your grill malfunction or stop working, a warranty is designed to be the cushion of protection against having to foot the repair costs out-of-pocket.

Are you wondering whether you should get a hibachi grill? Do you understand what it is? Check out our blog to find out!

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Best For Limited Space: Gmg Davy Crockett

The Ranger and the Scout are definitely good solutions for a certain user: namely someone looking for a portable-only pellet grill. And for an RVer or boater, it may be the only option because of limited storage. The GMG Davy Crockett, however, offers more cooking space and remote control via phone for only a slightly larger footprint .

Runner-Up: Traeger Ranger

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What Is A Pellet Smoker Grill

Pellet smoker grills are a fantastic addition to any serious pit masters collection of tools. They have a load of benefits like the Set & Forget feature which allows you to set the grill temperature and leave it to cook without worrying about constantly checking up on it. Of course, it also imparts that characteristic smoky flavor that youd expect from a pellet smoker grill.

The pellet smoker grill is well-made and can easily last for decades with proper care. Its perfect for slow cooking meat and when used in conjunction with hardwood pellets it provides a nice smoky flavor. However, the best part about using this grill is that it comes with an electronic system that simplifies the cooking process. This feature allows you to control the temperature and add wood pellets in a more simplified way.

What Actually Is A Product Warranty Anyway


Now, my intention here is not to get too technical/legal on the subject of warranties. Really I just want you to understand what to expect in general. A warranty at its core is essentially a contract/agreement between you and the manufacturer .

a written promise from a company to repair or replace a product that develops a fault within a particular period of time


The important word to pay attention to in that definition is the term fault. Because, how the manufacturer themselves defines a fault will determine if the pellet grill/smoker or one of its components has failed due to what they would regard as a fault or misuse. For instance, you will also see other important terms within a warranty such as fair wear and tear or under normal use. In other words, if the manufacturer believes that a component has failed outside of their interpretation of fair wear and tear or under normal use, it may cost you to repair it. This is applicable to any product you buy and pretty much all warranties.

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Rec Teq 2 To 6 Year Warranty Terms

The RT-700 from REC TEQ has the best warranty of 6 years: Image and Warranty Terms Recteq.com

From one perspective, the warranty terms provided by REC TEQ contain pretty standard language similar to the other brands above. For instance, the warranty does not cover rust and oxidization. Also, the warranty is non-transferable and does not cover the pellet grills/smokers used for commercial applications. Where it gets a bit more interesting is instead of a standard warranty term for all REC TEQ pellet grills, there are different lengths of warranty period depending on the specific model. You can review the different models in my REC TEQ pellet grills post. So their smallest models the RT-B380 Bullseye and the RT-340 come with a 2-year warranty. Their larger/portable pellet grill the RT-590 comes with a 4-year warranty term. However, their largest domestic pellet grill the RT-700 actually comes with a 6-year warranty.

Why Buy A Built In Pellet Grill

We want to say Why Not and leave it at that but doing so wouldnt be fair to you.

Theres a lot to tell you about the built-in pellet grill, and were excited to share all the details. So, why buy a pellet grill. First and foremost, for flexibility.

Built-in pellet grills let you smoke, grill, bake, and sear. Some models in our reviews of the 5 best Built-In Pellet Grills For 2021 have additional features not found on traditional built-in charcoal or gas grills. Stay tuned for those, so keep reading.

When an outdoor cooking appliance offers you the most options to cook different foods simultaneously, that alone is worth the price of admission.

Built-in pellet grills offer the same fantastic functionality as outdoor pizza ovens. Please read our article on Outdoor Pizza Ovens HERE.

The second reason to consider owning and cooking with a built-in pellet grill is THE PELLETS! You have so many flavor profiles to consider because the pellets you can use to cook with come in a variety of so many incredible flavors.

Yes, you can smoke your favorite meats on a charcoal grill and even some gas built-in grills, BUT you simply cant do so with the precision of the built-in pellet grills auger and your ability to mix different pellets and control the amount you feed into the auger while youre cooking.

So, in conclusion, the top 4 reasons you want to consider a built-in pellet grill are, but not limited to:

  • FUNCTIONALITY Simultaneously cook different foods.
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    An Unbiased View Of How To Clean Gas Grills

    So after checking out the standard functions, we make sure that you will intend to discover our checklist of the ideal 2 burner barbecue grill in the market. Best 2 Burner Barbecue grill This kind of barbecue grill is a tiny sized titan. If you want to become a grill master , after that its best for you.

    With porcelain-coated cast iron and also top-ported 443 Stainless steel burners, we are that this 2 burner infrared gas grill is an excellent option for anybody. Firstly, with infrared technology, you can grill your food with a better temperature level control. Thanks to the 2 Top Ported 443 Stainless-steel heaters, the infrared heat will certainly assist you prevent cold and hot places externally of the grill while the utilized gas is much less.

    This innovation is integrated into the infrared grill as the key resource of heat. Unless the routine gas grill, theres an infrared component in between the grates as well as the fire, which avoid the fire from heating the grates directly. Chatting much regarding the infrared system, so you might ask yourself how it functions.

    The gas will warm the infrared component, after that this element will emit extreme warmth. Utilizing infrared grills aids in providing consistent heat and minimizing flare-ups. Additionally, according to grill professionals, this kind of grill is the ideal for hot meat. We make certain that these 2 outstanding infrared burner systems will make you think about having this grill for your party right now.

    Has Ample Cooking Area

    Weber Smokefire 2nd Gen vs Traeger Pellet Grills (Is this the best grill for under $1,000?)

    For larger families, a primary surface of 350-800 sq. inches should be enough.;Pellet grills come in different sizes. Larger sizes include 500-700 sq. inch of primary cooking area while the smaller pellet grills usually feature a primary cooking area of 450 sq. inch. An upper rack of 100-150 sq. feet makes the smaller grills not so different from larger variants.

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    Best Pellet Grills From Cr’s Tests

    Paul Hope

    As a classically trained chef and an enthusiastic DIYer, I’ve always valued having the best tool for a jobwhether the task at hand is dicing onions for mirepoix or hanging drywall. When I’m not writing about home products, I can be found putting them to the test, often with help from my two young children, in the 1860s townhouse I’m restoring in my free time.

    Plan How Much Cooking Real Estate You Need

    Before deciding how big your cooker needs to be, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. How many people will I be cooking for? Do I plan on cooking large cuts or even a whole pig?

    Remember that bigger doesnt always mean better. Purchasing a huge pellet cooker can really just mean wasted pellets.

    A standout feature of pellet smokers is that the temperature is relatively even across the cooking area. As a result, there should be no temperature difference between the top rack and the bottom rack while cooking.

    Bearing this in mind, lets discuss the difference between the primary cooking area and total cooking area. Primary cooking area refers to the area on the main cooking plate. Total cooking area takes into consideration secondary racks.

    Therefore, a large cooker with a primary cooking area of 500 square inches, might actually be of less use to you than a smaller cooker with a total cooking area that includes a 450 square inch primary rack and a 125 square inch secondary rack. If you couldnt be bothered doing the math, thats 575 square inches of total cooking space.

    The bottom line is this take stock of what you need, and dont be fooled into thinking that bigger is better.

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