What Size Grill Do I Need

With Built In Grills Size Matters

What Grill Size do I Need? | The Straightforward Way to Decide

A huge consideration when deciding on a built in grill is size. If you already have a grill you use frequently, you likely have an idea what size youll need already. For others, it may not be that simple.

Youre planning an outdoor kitchen. Most likely, youre preparing to host more people and have more gatherings than before. More people + more gatherings = need for a larger grill.

Think about how you use your grill currently. If youre a family of four, is it just enough to accommodate you? If you plan to entertain more than four people, its time to consider an upgraded bbq grill size.

Coyote 28-Inch Grill 479 sq. in Grill Area

Recommended for 3-6 People

640 sq. in Grill Area

Recommended for 6-9 People

990 sq. in Grill Area

Recommended for 12+ People

Yes, I know what youre thinking! It is important to understand how many youll be grilling for most frequently. However, its also important to consider how many more people youll be grilling for periodically.

When in doubt, size up. While it never hurts to have too much space, its painful to not have enough. Trust us on this one! You wont want to be kicking yourself later wishing you went with a larger built in grill.

Where Are You Going To Use Your Grill

The first question that you need to answer is Where are you going to be using your grill? If you need a grill for tailgating or camping the best grill is going to look a lot different than a grill to keep on your back patio. If you want a portable grill, youll want to look at some of the smaller models. If youre going to keep it in your backyard, then a less portable but larger grill is probably a better bet.

How To Clean A Grill After Use

Most grill models come with a wire brush that should be used for removing food residue, ashes, and gunk post-grilling. Remember to always check the manufacturers instructions before cleaning your grill. Grill grates can be cleaned by first using soapy water and then rinsing clean. For more stubborn stains, soak the grates in a solution of vinegar and baking soda, then scrub off caked food and rinse with water.

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What Grill Size Do I Need

Its time to decide What grill size do you want? Oftentimes, its not immediately apparent what size you need. So, how do you figure it out? Well Theres a couple ways. Lets discuss the easiest way first.

Do you already have a grill? This may seem like a silly question But its truly not! You may be replacing an old grill Or youre deciding on a grill for your outdoor kitchen Either way, youll have an idea of how well that grill size worked for you.

Was it too small?

Was it too large?

If youre happy with your current grill size Just stick with what works! What if you dont have a grill already? Dont worry Its still quite simple. You have to think about how youll realistically be using your grill.

First of all How many people will you be cooking for most often? Is it just one or two Or around 4-5 people? Another point to consider is how often youll be hosting a barbecue. How often will you be hosting gatherings?


How many people will be attending them? If youre cooking for only a couple people at home, but youre often hosting large gatherings Youre going to want to size up your grill! Heres our general rule of thumb. If youre unsure Size up! No one is disappointed by purchasing a grill thats a bit too large. But a grill thats too small?

Thats an annoyance youll constantly be confronted with. And there you have it. The straightforward way to determine the grill size you need.

Still unsure?

Ultimate Gas Grill Buying Guide: Choosing Your Grill Size

What Size Grill Do I Need To Buy

Grill Spot TeamThis is Part 6 of GrillSpots Ultimate Gas Grill Buying Guide

When choosing your grill, one of the most important considerations is grill size. The size of a grill and how much cooking space it offers impacts how much you can grill at one time, where you can set up and store your grill, as well as your ability to use indirect cooking methods.

All of these factors may not seem critical, but they can limit your grilling capabilities, reduce time spent with guests, and affect yard aesthetics, as well as impact your overall grilling experience and enjoyment, making size an important factor when selecting your grill. In this section of the Ultimate Gas Grill Buying Guide, we will help you determine which size of grill you should get by looking at:

  • What grill sizes are there and how are they determined?
  • What size grill do I need?
  • How many burners do you need on a grill?
  • How to calculate grill surface area

Lets dig in.

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Average Dimensions Of A Grill

If youre opting for a small family gas grill, one usually measures between 400 to 500 square inches, but it can be up to 600 square inches in the cooking area for larger ones.

For the dimensions, the average size of a grill measuring 360 square inches can be 24 by 15 inches , while larger ones, such as those with cooking 1,200 square inches, measure 48 by 26 inches .

But if going for a gas grill, consider the number of burners, too. As for example, a 3-burner type can have a cooking area measuring between 450 to 500 inches, ideally for a smaller family.

Meanwhile, there are also types with burners totaling up to six, typically those with grilling area measuring between 550 and 650 inches.

To help with the selection, you might want to opt for the larger one if you like entertaining guests and you have enough space on your backyard deck or patio.

What Kind Of Grill Grates Should You Get

If you have a grill that is built to last, youll eventually go through grill grates. If you get a cheaper model, they dont matter as much since the grill will probably only last a couple years. There are several different materials to look for:

  • Porcelain coated cast iron: These are high quality, leave great sear marks and are easy to clean. They are super heavy though.
  • Stainless steel / porcelain coated stainless steel: Solid grates that will last. Relatively easy to clean.
  • Cast Iron: These conduct heat super well but need to be oiled to prevent rusting
  • Chrome / nickel coated wire: these are the lowest quality and dont sear well.

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Rule #5 Which Type Of Bbq Burners Are The Best

As in any car the most important thing is the engine, so in the grills, the burner are the heart of the grill. If the burners do not work properly, the whole grill is worth nothing!

There are several types and levels of burners in the market:

1. The best burner is the stainless steel burner, this burner is made as a perforated tube. These burners usually last for many years and provide best blue fire.

2. Other burners that exist on the market are the cast iron burners. These solid burner provides the fire with the desired power. But the material from which it is made can rust very quickly, since it is impossible to protect the iron from the fat that falls on it or anything else that causes rust.

3. The latter are tin burners, which are found in simple grills and these burners are ineffective. Most of them rust in less than a year. They also do not provide the desired amount of heat.

4. Infrared burners. In general, Infrared burners are only for giving the meat a heat shock and caramelising and make the meat with crunchy edges. BUT, it is a kind of an ax not suitable for delicate jobs. If you do not stop in time, the meat will become dry and dark.

Use the infrared mainly for the last minutes to give the last browning. In high quality grills the infra will be used only in the back or as side burners

What Are Btus In Grills What Is A Btu Rating

How to Size my Return Air Conditioning Grills Correctly?

Propane appliances, including grills, are typically rated by their energy output capacity, measured in BTUs, or British Thermal Units. Each BTU is the amount of thermal energy required to raise the temperature of one pound of water by one degree Fahrenheit. And while thats a great metric for determining the right size heater for your home, when it comes to outdoor cooking surface area is more important than maximum heating capacity.

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What Size Grill Do I Need A Buyers Guide For 2022

What size grill do you really need to make enough food for your family and guests without taking up the whole patio or spending a fortune?

Or worsehaving to go buy a second grill.

We take a deep dive into everything you need to consider before deciding on a final purchase, so lets go!

Asking what size grill to buy is kind of like asking what size car to buy, or what size house to buy. There is no right answer, what works for one person may not work for another.

Just like cars and houses, bigger is not always better.

And on the flip side, if you buy a grill too small for your actual needs, you may end up kicking yourself for not going just a tad bigger in the first place.

So lets break it down into the most important considerations to make when deciding on the best sized grill for you and your family.

How Many Burners Do You Need On A Grill

Grill size has a direct impact on the number of burners a grill can handle. Most grill models have between two and six burners, but larger models can have up to eight.

The larger the grill the more burners it will typically have, but adding a burner does not necessarily mean a huge increase in cooking area. More burners typically means easier multi-zone cooking, so if you prefer to cook multiple meal components at once, utilize indirect heat, or smoke or slow roast items, choose a grill with at least three burners.

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Grill Sizes : How To Choose The Right Grill Size For Your Family

Fire up the barbecue with the help of our grill size chart.

We’ve all been there. Youve decided to throw the barbecue of the summer, but the surface area of your grill can only cook so many burgers at a time. Fast-forward to you being stuck at the grill all evening and churning out rounds of burgers, hotdogs, and other must-haves instead of getting in quality time with your family and friends. If this has happened to you, it might be time to figure out what size grill cooking area you need to upgrade to so you can spend less time cooking and more time enjoying yourself.

Read further for all the information you need to determine the right grill sizes for your outdoor space and the ideal cooking surface area to accommodate everyone’s burgers or hotdogs at your next barbecue.

Grill Cooking Surface Size

What Size Grill Do I Need?

You can get the square inches of a grill surface width multiplied by length. According to my take, the best size grill for outdoor kitchens would be over 450 square inches. Not only that size of a grill provides enough space for different sorts of food, but also you will find it easy to cook more food for more people in a short period of time.

I recommend to use smokeless indoor grill if you prefer grilling inside the house. With the 80 square inches, I can feed for 2 people and 150 square inches good for three to five people.

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Types Of Charcoal Grills

When you are looking at charcoal grills, you will find 3 main types of grills: kettle grills, barrel grills and kettle grills. These will vary in price and features but all are more than capable of grilling a perfect steak.

Kettle Grills

This is the most common type of charcoal grill and is what comes to mind for most people. This will be your simplest and cheapest option for a charcoal grill. Kettle grills also tend to be smaller than the other types of charcoal grills, making it your best option for camping or tailgating.

While these grills are great options for families and small groups, if you have large parties, you may want to consider a larger option.

Barrel Grills

Barrel grills are pretty straightforward. Basically they look like a sideways barrel that is cut in half. These grills offer a lot more surface area than kettle grills and often have more features such as the ability to grill and smoke your food. Because of these, they will also cost you more than a kettle grill.

Barrel grills are a great option if you frequently entertain and want want a large grilling surface but dont want to break open the bank for a ceramic grill.

Ceramic / Kamado Grills

Ceramic grills are exactly what they sound like bbq grills that are made of ceramic materials. These are going to be your most expensive type of grill but they also retain heat much better than kettle or barrel grills and can provide more surface area than most kettle grills.

What Size Gas Line Do I Need For Outdoor Grill

4.9/5Pipe sizeoutdoor Gas Grilllinegasoutside grillGrillgasgrill

Besides, how do you extend a gas line for a grill?

Extending Home Gas Lines to an Outdoor Grill

  • Determine where to tap the gas line. On the first visit, your service person will look for an appropriate place to tap into an existing gas line.
  • Install a T-fitting.
  • Run gas lines to the outdoors.
  • Have the work inspected, if required.
  • Convert the grill, if necessary.
  • Testing the fittings.
  • Similarly, how much does it cost to run gas line for grill? Cost to Run a Gas LineTo run a new gas line, it’ll cost an average of $522. However, it can range anywhere from $120 to $1,350. Most homeowners spend between $256 and $790. Budget $15 to $25 per linear foot for new and replacement lines, including the labor, piping and materials.

    Also Know, is a regulator needed for natural gas grill?

    Do you need to use a natural gas regulator on your NG barbecue grill or fireplace? The answer is both yes and no. If the gas line running the the barbecue grill has a regulator stepping the pressure down to 4â³ then it is not necessary to also have a 4â³ regulator on the barbecue.

    Can you split a natural gas line?

    A tee serves to split service on a line to separate appliances. This is one of the things that you will need. Black iron pipe is in standard use for gas service. In this case you will have one main gas cut-off that shuts down ALL gas to the house and a cut-off for each gas appliance in the house.

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    Considerations When Buying Abuilt

    There are many things to consider when youretrying to select a built-in grill for your outdoor kitchen space, such as theamount of space you have available, how large your island or peninsula will be,what materials it will be made from, the amount of cooking surface arearequired for your purposes, and what your future plans for expansion mayinclude.

    Main Grilling Surface Vs Warming Rack

    Which BIG GREEN EGG Do I Need? BGE SIZES and SPECS | FOGO Charcoal

    Also make sure to check whether some of that square footage includes a secondary warming rack above the main grill surface.

    Many companies will include this area, even though it is not part of the main grilling surface, just to make their grill see larger than it is.

    It is likely that a grill with a main cooking surface measuring around 450-500 square inches is going to suffice the needs of an average family of 4-5 people.

    For larger groups, you may opt for a larger sized grill up to 700 sq. inches.

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    How Much Should You Spend On A Grill

    Once you figure out your fuel type, the next big question to answer is the price. How much do you want to spend on a grill. While price can be an indicator of quality, you can also spend $30 on a small simple charcoal grill that will cook amazing steaks.

    Typically with gas grills in the $100 to $300 range, you should focus on simplicity. If youre buying a 4 burner stainless steel grill with a side burner for $250, theres a reason its a screaming deal. It probably isnt as sturdy as the more expensive models, uses thinner gauge steel enclosure, and probably has less powerful burners. If you only want a grill for a year or two and dont plan to move it after you set it up, the grill could still work for you.

    If you want a grill that is going to still be cooking up great burgers 10 years later, then you definitely get what you pay for.

    Determine what you can afford to spend and select your features based on your needs.

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    Gas Grill Vs Charcoal

    Provided you dont have any flame requirements, your options are charcoal, wood, and gas burning grills. While there have been many arguments about the merits of each, all are more than capable of cooking a delicious steak.

    Wood grills tend to be very distinct and to flavor your meat with the smoke more than charcoal or gas. While charcoal grills can give a smokier flavor to your meat than a gas grill is likely to, the taste difference is often un-noticeable to many people.

    The benefit of a charcoal grill is that these typically get hotter than gas grills and can better sear your meat. The main benefit of a gas grill is that they are quick and easy to light and get started with minimal cleanup.

    If you lean on the side of convenience and practicality, a gas grill is probably best suited for you. If having a perfectly seared steak is your priority, go with the charcoal. Most people go with the gas grill as the are so convenient and easy to use.

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