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Broil King Build Quality

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When you fire up your first steak, burger, or sausage using a Broil King, youll notice that the build is solid and sturdy.

Thats because all Broil King gas barbeque grills are manufactured in their North American locations by North American workers. Broil King has manufacturing locations in Dickson Tennessee, Huntington Indiana, and Waterloo Ontario.

Most of the components that make up a Broil King gas grill are fabricated by North American craftspeople using North American steel. Broil King proudly states that their grill cook box, shelves, and steel carts are 100% North American made.

Broil King gas grills arent made entirely in the US, though. If you read between the lines, it seems that some of Broil Kings grill components are sourced globally.

Quickly Repaired Where Are Weber Genesis Ii Grills Made

Weber makes grill schematics as well as substitute components quickly readily available. This makes them very easy to fix at a large range of service centres or to get parts and fix them yourself, without having to deliver the grill anywhere.

This also indicates that you might have the ability to discover an older version Weber at a yard sale as well as rehab it with new parts, to bring it back to life.

Weber Genesis Vs Genesis Ii

Recently, the Weber grill company released the Genesis II and Special Edition series, updating their popular Genesis line with a brand new line of productsthe most significant update to Webers product line in the last fifteen years. The new lineup is objectively impressive, decisively differentiating Weber from its competition in terms of quality and versatility.

There are dozens of significant differences between the Weber Genesis II / SE grill models and their predecessors, but here well focus on the most dramatic and significant improvements. Also, please note that Weber simplified the Genesis line up getting rid of the redundant LX series as well as the 2 and 6 burner models.

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Weber Spirit Vs Genesis Overview

Weber has been in business for a very long time since its inception in 1952 when founder George Stephen created the kettle grill. The Genesis line of gas grills started in 1985 while the early 90s brought about the start of the Spirit line. Since then, both of these product lines have seen several advancements which we will cover. In 2022 Weber launched the brand new line of Genesis grills, removing the II designation.

Our Favorite Weber Grills

Weber Genesis II LX E
  • This product is a Liquid Propane unit
  • Equipped with the powerful Gs4 high performance grilling system
  • Use the side burner to Simmer BBQ sauce or sauté veggies Infinite…
  • Sear station creates an intense heat zone to quickly add sear marks on…
  • Dimensions: Lid Open 62″H x 59″W x 31″D || Lid Closed 47″H x 59″W x…
  • Boasts the GS4 grilling system with improved infinity ignition,…
  • Porcelain-enameled, cast iron cooking grates
  • 529 Square inches of cooking space over three burners. Left Table down…
  • 30, 000 BTU-per-hour input main burners with fuel gauge
  • Open cart design with six tool hooks and two large wheels.Built-in lid…

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Weber: No Longer All American

Weber is currently headquartered in Palatine, Illinois. This is the same state where the company originated. The company manufacturers the majority of their electric, gas, smokers and charcoal grills in Palatine and Huntley, Illinois. However, not all components are USA made, but rather globally-sourced.

Weber was involved in a class action lawsuit in the early 2010s over its use of the claim Made in America. The argument against Weber was that they were using Made in America to describe certain grill products, yet these products were made largely from component parts manufactured outside of the United States in areas such as China and Taiwan.

According to classaction.org, Weber settled the lawsuit in 2011 with an agreement to include the verbiage Made in the USA, incorporating globally sourced component parts on its labels when applicable.

Currently, where a Weber grill is made will vary based on the model. For example, the Genesis II model is manufactured in both China and Palatine, Illinois incorporating globally-sourced parts. Weber states there is no difference in the quality based on where it is manufactured.

If you prefer a USA manufactured Weber grill, you can verify where it was constructed by looking at the product box. The box will indicated a statement of origin, which will show where the grill was made.

If you are having the grill shipped you, you can contact the seller to try to have a USA made grill sent to you.

How Does It Compare To Other Grills

If youre unsure about the Weber Genesis II E-130 and want to check out another gas barbecue, here is how it holds up:

  • Char-Broil Performance TRU-Infrared
  • When comparing the Weber Genesis, this grill comes up most often. With three burners and porcelain grates, it is quite similar to Genesis.

    That being said, it has less storage space than the other grill, as well as less cooking space. People tend to go for this grill over the Genesis due to the lower price.

    2. Weber Genesis II E-435

    If youre looking for the same features but with a little more space, then the E-435 is for you. It also features a searing station, side burner, and 4 main burners.

    Of course, these all come at a price, the E-435 being a lot more expensive than the E-310.

    3. Broil King 958344

    While Broil King is lesser known than the other two brands, they do offer great quality at affordable prices.

    This grill also has a little bit more power than the E-310, but not as much space or features.

    Other Gas Grills We’ve Reviewed:

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    Conveniently Fixed Weber Grills Genesis Ii 315

    Weber makes grill schematics as well as replacement parts easily offered. This makes them very easy to fix at a wide range of service centres or to buy parts and also repair them yourself, without having to ship the grill anywhere.

    This also suggests that you may be able to discover an older model Weber at a yard sales and rehab it with repairs, to bring it back to life.

    Weber Vs Broil King Trustworthiness And Reviews

    Weber Genesis II Gas Grill Review | Special Edition 4 Burner | BBQGuys.com

    One of the best ways to compare Broil King vs Weber is by reading real customer reviews. We can compare technical details and comparable build quality for eons.

    But, what do real customers, grillmasters, and grill connoisseurs have to say? Weve analyzed dozens of real customer reviews on several marketplaces and were ready to share our findings.

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    Weber Genesis Ii Series

    For several months now, anticipation has been building and speculations swirling around the new Weber Genesis II Series barbecues. Now they have arrived and there are A LOT of changes from its predecessor! On top of that, there are 14 different models so we would understand if you find the new Weber Genesis lineup a bit overwhelming.

    To help you sort out the differences and wrap your head around which model is best for you, we’ve created the feature breakdowns below.

    All Weber Genesis Barbecues Feature:

    • Electronic ignition system that carries the industries longest warranty – 10 years!
    • A range of sizes from 2 burners to 6 burners
    • High performance, stainless steel burners with unique tapered, top-ported rectangular burner design
    • Grease management system to keep your burners and grease away from each other and to prevent flare ups
    • Stainless steel heat deflectors creates even heat distribution and radiates heat back up into the cookbox
    • Tuckaway warming rack system compatible with optional Elevation Series accessories
    • Left side shelves fold down for space-saving awesomeness!
    • Propane models come with tank baffles on right hand side
    • Natural gas models come with 10-foot flexible hose
    • Compatible with Weber iGrill 3 thermometer– they were literally made for each other!

    And now for the differences!

    Weber Genesis II Barbecues Feature:

    * Weber Genesis II SE-410 models have 7mm stainless steel rod cooking grills and stainless steel Flavorizer® Bars

    • 2 years All remaining parts

    Should You Buy A Weber Genesis Ii Series Grill

    It depends.

    You should also look at the Spirit grill. If you are grilling a couple of items, you still have decent features.

    The Summit grill allows you to smoke your meat or roast it using its rotisserie.

    For professionals or more seasoned chefs or grill aficionados, Lynx, DCS, and Hestan offer a much better grill with higher BTU, infrared sears, and overall better construction.

    You will have to pay a lot more for those features, usually over $3799-10,000.

    Genesis, however, is the most popular grill for a reason.

    It is far more durable than a competitive brand.

    You also have the right size, options, output, and features for the price.

    The basic Genesis is not expensive at $749. You can also buy a large grill with good features for under $1,300.

    It will light quickly, maintain temperature, and be easier to clean than the Spirit, Summit, and other competitive brands.

    Weber also is built better than its competitors . It will last longer with better reliability.

    If you are looking for a great, dependable larger-sized grill without the frills, Genesis should be considered.

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    John Wells Overland Park Ks

    Date Code: C

    I had to laugh when I saw the note about the C club on New Years Day 2005. I was smoking a turkey and realized when loading the charcoal, that I need a new charcoal grate. Its FINALLY giving out. I was checking your website and saw the thing about the letters stamped into the vents.

    This has been one great smoker, consistent and easy to use! I cant remember where I got it or what I paid for it, but Ill buy another for surewhen this one cant be used anymore!

    Weber Genesis Ii Grill Codes

    Weber Genesis II LX S
    • S – stands for stainless grates and cover
    • SE – stands for a color and stainless grates
    • E – Enamel color hoods and porcelain grates
    • 4 – Stands for four burners. The Genesis is now available with 3 or 4 burners.
    • 3 – side burners, Sear Station
    • 5 – Full cabinet doors

    Look at this model number: S-435. “S” means it’s stainless. “4” is the number of burners it has. “35” means it has the Sear Station, stainless grates, and a stainless cover.

    If you want a three burner with side burners, stainless cover, Sear Zone, and stainless grates, what would the model number be?

    It would be an S-335.

    You can buy any Genesis in natural or LP gas. However, they are designed to be one or the other and should not be field converted.

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    Craig Smith Chattanooga Tn

    Date Code: C

    I was talking at work about building a drum smoker and a girl I work with overheard me. She said her husband had an old smoker that doesnt get used at all and offered to call him to see if it was something he wanted to get rid of. Turned out that he was, and this smoker has the date code of C.

    Thanks for putting a website like this up and thanks for all the info to use my new to me old Smokey Mountain.

    Quickly Fixed Are Weber Genesis Grills Made In Usa

    Weber makes grill schematics and replacement components conveniently available. This makes them easy to repair at a variety of service centres or to order components and also fix them on your own, without having to ship the grill anywhere.

    This additionally indicates that you might be able to discover an older version Weber at a garage sale and also rehab it with repairs, to bring it back to life.

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    Best Weber Genesis Ii Series Bbq Grills For 2021

    Steve Sheinkopf | April 06, 2021 | 11 Min. Read

    Start finding answers in our Resource Center full of videos, buying guides, and checklists

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Weber Genesis II is Weber’s most popular grill series.

    This series has decent sizes in three or four burners, good burner output, and is built to last longer than other competitive grills.

    Buying a Genesis is not easy.

    The model numbers are confusing. Genesis also has similar model numbers to their lesser-priced Spirit line.

    First, you will learn about all the features and differences between all the available Genesis grills. Then we’ll show you the main benefits of buying a Weber Genesis grill.

    We’ll also show you how to interpret Weber grill codes along with comparisons between the lesser-priced Weber Spirits and higher-priced Weber Summit grills.

    Now, no series of grills are best for every type of grilling, so you will also see a comparison between Genesis and other grill types like charcoal, pellet, and pro grills.

    Let’s get started.

    Note: Weber discontinued some of the lineups several days ago, probably due to component issues adding to the complexity of buying a Genesis grill.

    New Weber Genesis Ii Smart Grills

    Are Weber Genesis II Grills Any Good? – Ratings / Reviews / Prices

    SX-335 – $1,299 | EX-335 – $1,199 | EX-315 – $999

    First, any grill can be a Smart grill using the Weber iGrill App. The iGrill uses wireless meat probes to sense the inside temperature of your food.

    Weber was at the forefront of Smart technology, and it is “Smart.”

    You can receive alerts to flip that burger or remove the food from your grill right off your phone.

    Weber has recipes and other grilling ideas as well.

    For the Smart grills, the iGrill is built-in, and you can see the temperature right on the grill and the app.

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    Weber Genesis Vs Genesis Ii: Hashing Out The Difference

    In 2017, Weber updated its popular Genesis models with the introduction of the Genesis II line. What are the differences between these grills, and how might the changes affect your grilling experience? In our Weber Genesis vs Genesis II review, well walk you through the answers.


    Weber Genesis Grill Warranty

    Weber is known to have the best warranty in the industry for its grilling products. Genesis II and II LX series are not an exception to this. Weber provides and amazing 10 year warranty for the heart of their grills . Furthermore, the porcelain enamel grates and flavorizer bars of the II series are warrantied for 5 years. On stainless steel versions of grates and flavorizer bars on II SE and II LX series you will get the 10 year warranty.

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    Year 100% Weber Guarantee

    From casters to lid, its the warranty that wont let you down. At Weber, we have your backs, not just your backyards in mind when we develop our products.With the 10 YEAR, 100% WEBER GUARANTEE, should your product have any manufacturing defects within the 10-year timeframe, the part will be replaced at no charge to youno hassles, just happiness.*

    * Valid for Weber® Genesis® II and Genesis® II LX gas grills.

    Weber Grills Genesis Ii

    Weber Gasgrill Genesis II EP

    Numerous backyard grill masters, myself consisted of, love their Weber grills. Without doubt, Weber has a dedicated follower base. Weber Grills Genesis Ii

    If you are considering buying your first Weber grill then you have possibly heard all of the hype about just how good they are.

    Regardless of the buzz, several very first time purchasers get sticker label shock when they look at the price tag. There are a lot of other grills available, much of them appearing to have the same features, at much lower rate factors.

    This raises both really logical questions of, What makes Weber grills so costly? Are they worth it?Weber Grills Genesis Ii

    Whether its coal, gas, electrical, or lp, Weber has actually ruled every kind of grilling sector. When we think about a grill, we instantly consider Weber. They really did not obtain such a high reputation for no factor!

    The quick answer is that nearly all Weber grills deserve the money. The worth originates from the long-term cost of ownership combined with outstanding grilling efficiency. When Weber grills are contrasted straight against various other brands of comparable high quality it becomes clear that the rate of a Weber grill is really practical.

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    How We Tested Gas Grills

    Over the course of four days in Spring 2017, we put our gas grills through a battery of tests designed to demonstrate their qualities and highlight their differences. We cooked burgers on high heat to see how well the grills seared meat and how intense and even was the heat they could generate across the whole grate surface. We slow-grilled cut-up chickens to see if the grills could hold a low temperature evenly across the whole grate. And we roasted whole chickens indirectly on both low and high heat to see if the grills could create browned skin and perfectly cook meat without charring. Sam Sifton, editor of the Cooking section of The New York Times joined us for these tests. In 2018 we repeated these tests, pitting the new Weber Spirit II E-310 against our upgrade pick, the Weber Genesis II E-310.

    For the high-heat, whole-grate burger testan indicator of the grills ability to pump out uniform, high heat without creating an infernowe heated the grills on high with their lids down for 15 minutes . We then oiled the grates and distributed 12 to 15 6-ounce patties across the whole cooking surface. While the burgers cooked we kept an eye out for flare-upstheyre not desirable, as they char the meat and create rancid smokeand looked at the evenness of cooking on the different areas of the grates. After about 10 minutes of cooking , we compared how well each grill had seared the burgers, looked for any patties that were charred or still unacceptably raw, and took a taste.

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