Where To Buy Traeger Pellet Grills

How Long Do Traeger Pellets Last

Traeger Pellet Grill Review, should you buy one?

Although it is impossible to answer this question with 100% accuracy because of too many variables like smoker temperature, smoker size, and outdoor temperature to mention a few I came up with these average numbers.

  • Low and slow on 225 takes about 1 lb per hour
  • Higher temperatures like 350 take about 3 lb per hour

So, if you take this average of 2 pounds per hour a 20-pound bag will last you about 10 hours and will cost you about 2 dollar per hour if you buy the Traeger brand pellets.

Other brand might be different.

How Many Traeger Models Are There

There are three main Traeger pellet grill models and a line of smaller portable grills. The three Traeger models are:

  • Pro Series A standard entry-level line of pellet grills.
  • Ironwood Series Mid-level pellet grills with higher cooking temperatures and more insulation.
  • Timberline Series Top-of-the-range grills, higher temperatures and double insulation.
  • Tailgater Series Portable mini grills.
  • Wood Doesn’t Just Fuel The Fire

    – It’s the secret ingredient

    The best-selling wood-fired grill demands the best pellets on the market. Real taste doesn’t just happen it’s made from all-natural hardwood, producing perfect smoke. It starts with all-natural hardwood pellets made in American mills. Designed specifically to work with Traeger grills, our pellets are calibrated for maximum consistency so you get perfect results every time.

    Our pellets also come in a variety of flavors to suit every type of food. Fruit woods like cherry and apple impart a sweeter, more subtle flavor that matches perfectly with poultry, pork, seafood, and baked goods. Bolder staples like oak, hickory, and mesquite are tailor-made for savory beef, wild game, and vegetables.

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    Buying Guide For Best Traeger Grills

    Among manufacturers of wood pellet grills, Traeger is one of the best of the best. Theyre known for both the quality of their products and the delicious flavor of the food their grills produce.

    Traeger makes grills small enough to sit on your tailgate and large enough to feed a crowd. There are also models with luxury features like stainless steel grills and controllers with WiFi connectivity. These heavy-duty grilling machines can represent quite a financial investment.

    At BestReviews, were here to give you the facts you need to make informed purchasing decisions. Weve provided a shopping guide to help you wade through the list of features you might find on a Traeger grill. Our top five picks are in the product list at the top of the page.


    Traeger Grill Features To Consider

    Traeger Grill Pro Series 22 BBQ Pellet Outdoor

    Traeger grills enable you to grill, braise, smoke, bake, roast, or barbecue in your backyard with one cooking device without the use of charcoal or gas.

    • The process starts when you load the hopper with wood pellets. There are many types of wood pellets available, such as apple, cherry, and maple, and each imparts a unique flavor to the food.

    • An auger at the bottom of the hopper moves the pellets to the hot rod, which ignites the pellets.

    • A draft induction fan circulates air into the grill to cook the food.

    Traeger grills come in a number of sizes and with different features to think about before you buy.

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    Whats Your Climate Is It Cold

    If you live in a cold climate, then your pellet grill is going to be working twice as hard and burning through more pellets than usual. The best Traeger models for cold weather have double side-wall insulation that can retain heat and run more efficiently. Youll find the best cold weather Traeger grills in these models:

    • Traeger Timberline Series
    • Traeger Ironwood Series

    The Ironwood and Timberline models have double sidewall insulation, which helps the grill provide a more consistent temperature, make it more efficient by not burning through too many wood pellets. The Ironwood and Timberline have more power, so they can get hotter much quicker to cook through the cold weather.

    Traeger Insulation Blanket

    If you cant afford one of the well-insulated models, Traeger make an insulated blanket for the Pro Series so you can still grill through the winter. The insulation blanket attaches to the grill and prevents heat from escaping while you are cooking in freezing temperatures. I recommend an insulation blanket to anyone who lives in climates that drop below 35°F, so then you can cook year-round and wont burn through all your wood pellets.

    Keep the Weather Off Your Grill

    Its also worth buying a decent cover to keep the weather off your grill, because when the grill metal is freezing, it takes a lot of time and a lot of wood to bring your grill up to temperature. A grill cover will keep some weather off your grill and save time and pellets when you go to cook.

    It’s Cantankerous As Hell

    One reason for the Timberline 850’s exorbitant price is its integrated smarts. The machine can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network. It also comes with its own temperature probe. That, combined with the Traeger app, allows you to monitor food during a cookout. The app has a large library of recipes. More than mere reference material, these recipes can act as cooking programs the grill will automatically run.

    The Traeger app can send recipes to the grill for automatic cooking.

    Despite the Timberline’s sophistication, it still needs a human hand from time to time. During long smoking sessions, pellets can get stuck to the sides of the pellet hopper. That can cause the grill’s fire to sputter. This, in turn, can cause the Timberline to feed an excess of unburned pellets into its firebox.

    That can result in a dangerous situation that Traeger calls “over-firing.” Over-firing, or combustion of too many wood pellets at once, is a house fire risk. There’s even been one report of a Traeger pellet grill exploding as a result.

    Pork ribs smoked in the Traeger — now that’s barbecue.

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    Traeger Pro 575 Wood Pellet Grill

    The Traeger Pro is the most popular and best selling Treager grill. It comes in two sizes. The 575 square inch model has enough space to cook 5 racks of ribs at once, or 4 chickens which should be plenty for most people.

    You can also choose between black or bronze color.

    The big change in 2019 is the addition of Wifi technology to the Pro lineup. This WiFIRE feature lets you connect your grill to the Traeger companion app, and control it from anywhere you have an internet connection.

    Traeger Pro 575 Specifications:

    Weight 128 Lbs

    Temperature is controlled by the Pro D2 direct drive controller which lets you cook anywhere between 180 450°F.

    The RTD probe measures the temperature every second to maintain even temperatures within 15 degrees.

    Another benefit of the D2 direct drive technology is the turbo temp fast startup which lets you start cooking quickly.

    Take a look at this video to see the Pro 575 getting fired up.

    You get an 18lb hopper, and thanks to the cleanout feature you can quickly change pellet flavor during a cook.

    In terms of efficiency, the grill will go through about 2 lbs of wood pellets per hour on high heat and only 1/2 lb per hour on smoke mode.

    If you are having trouble deciding between the Pro 575 and the Pro 780, Traeger has a handy comparison guide.

    One last thing to consider is that the Pro Series has a max temperature of 450°F so this wouldnt be the best option if you want to do a lot of searing.

    Cookshack Pg1000 Fast Eddy’s Pellet Grill

    Pit Boss Vs Traeger Pellet Grill | Which One Should You Buy

    According to Lampe, this stainless steel grill is a cooking machine with double walled construction and insulation for heat retention as well as a quality searing burner and smoking performance. It also has the ability to cook over direct or indirect heat at up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and a two-year limited warranty. Theres even a warming drawer to hold a pan of food while you keep cooking, he said. Fast Eddy is a long-time championship barbecue cook and pit builder so its no surprise that his grills are at the top of their class.

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    Traeger Grill All Natural Cleaner

    If you want durability and your accessories and griller to live a long life, in that case, you do need a cleaner and a solution that will ensure to provide you good cleaning and help you to maintain the cleanliness of your griller and smoker. This solution is something you can rely on.

    It is a non-toxic solution and is not made of any harsh substances. It is made up of biodegradable and all-natural solutions so that you dont find yourself guilty of harming the environment. It is compatible with all kinds of surfaces and helps you to maintain the hygiene of your griller.

    Getting A Traeger Grill Based On What You Intended To Prepare

    I believe this is a really essential factor to consider, since it greatly affects what attributes and size you will require.

    It is suitable to use a larger roast with even more interior space to fit bigger cuts of meat such as ribs, pork butts or entire briskets for a block party or cookout. Where To Buy Pellets For Traeger Grill

    It is most likely a small cook is for you if you desire to barbecue some hen, hamburgers, as well as sausages occasionally.

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    Traeger Pro Series 575 & 780

    The New Grills are Larger

    The new Pro Series is a bigger grill than its predecessor, its two inches higher for a more comfortable grilling height and has a larger barrel which increases the cooking space.

    Wi-Fi Controller

    One of the biggest differences is WIFIRE, the built-in Wi-Fi digital controller that allows you to monitor and adjust the temperature from your mobile device. The controller allows you to adjust the temperature in 5 degree increments.

    Traeger App and Cloud

    The digital controller operates through the Traeger App. The Traeger App contains hundreds of recipes through GRILLGUIDE which gives you the ability to download recipes directly to the WIFIRE grill controller so your grill can walk you through the entire cook with step-by-step guides.

    More Powerful

    The old and the new Pro Series have the same temperature range, however, the new Pro Series is more powerful and able to reach the maximum temperature faster than the old model.

    Temperature Probes

    The 1st Gen Pro Series comes with two temperature probes that allow you to monitor the grill temperature and the meat internal temperature. The new Pro Series comes with a single probe for measuring meat, while you can monitor the grill temperature through the Traeger App.

    Wood Pellet Hopper Capacity

    More Expensive

    Expect to pay $200- $300 more for the new 575 and 780 models. Check the latest price on the Traeger Amazon Store or go directly to the Traeger website.

    Benefits Of Woodfire Grilling With A Traeger Grill

    Traeger Grill Review

    Traeger crafted theoriginal wood-pellet grill with attention to detail, versatility and grillingperfection in mind. While gas and charcoal grills definitely have theirbenefits, many barbecue enthusiasts prefer wood-fire grilling for a number ofreasons. A perfect grilling option for at-home cooks and professionalpitmasters alike, Traeger pellet grills offer a wide array of impressivefeatures to help you master your grilling endeavors. Here are just a few of thetop benefits associated with a Traeger grill:

    SignatureWood-Fired Flavor

    Unlike charcoal grillsthat are fueled with briquettes or propane grills that are fueled by liquidpropane, a Traeger wood pellet grill achieves a signature wood-fired flavorwith the use of pure hardwood. Wood pellets like pecan, cherry, oak and alderimpart real wood-fired flavor into delicious meats, veggies and other grillingfood favorites. Cooking with Traeger’s 100 percent natural hardwood pelletsallows you to complement the different grilled foods you love the most. Get asweeter flavor with a fruit wood like apple, or use a bolder wood like hickoryto achieve a savory, smoky flavor.

    Multipurpose BBQGrilling

    Wood PelletGrilling Made Simple

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    Traeger Wood Pellet Grills

    Cook the way natureintended with a top-quality Traeger grill. Using pure hardwood as fuel, thesegrills help you prepare delicious steaks, burgers, hot dogs and other barbecuefavorites with the smoky flavor you expect. As a leading name in pellet grills,Traeger offers incredible versatility, amazing flavor and convenient ease ofuse. Discover the Traeger difference by shopping Ace Hardwares impressivecollection of Traeger grills online.

    Which Traeger Is For Me

    Before you decide on a Traeger model, you need to ask yourself these questions:

  • What is your budget? A few hundred dollars or a few thousand?
  • How many people are you cooking for now?
  • Do you want to cook for large gatherings in the future?
  • Do you live in a cold climate?
  • How much room do you have on your patio?
  • Do you want a hi-tech grill with the latest technology?
  • Do you want a portable grill?
  • All these questions are important because not all Traeger grills are equal. Once youve answered these questions, youll have a better idea of which Traeger is best suited to you.

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    Traeger Invented The Original Wood Pellet Grill

    over 30 years ago in Mt. Angel, Oregon, and continues to lead the industry as the world’s #1 selling wood-fired grill, perfected by decades of mastering the craft of wood-fired cooking. A Traeger grill will transform the way you cook because it fires up consistent results every single time. Fuel your hunger for wood-fired flavor with Traeger.

    Grilling Smoking As Well As Baking

    How To Buy The Right Chicken For BBQ | Traeger Grills

    Traegers grills are excellent if youre seeking greater than just barbecuing as well as smoking. You can additionally prepare scrumptious confections, side dishes, and drinks in addition to meats as well as greens. Where To Buy Pellets For Traeger Grill

    Traeger grills give you this option.

    A Traegers accurate temperature control makes it feasible to grill things like fruit pies effortlessly, something that you could not risk try out a gas grill.

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    Timberline Vs Ironwood Differences

    Fully Insulated

    The Timberline is a step above the Ironwood and has superior insulation. The Ironwood only has double walled sides, but the Timberline has double walled sides, a double walled hood, and a double walled back. This allows the Timberline to retain heat and maintain stable temperatures.

    Larger Cooking Area

    The Timberline can hold meat on three levels, with adjustable racks. The enormous surface area can hold 12 chickens, or 15 rib racks, which is enormous.

    Additional Timberline Features

    There are also a few minor differences between the Timberline and the Ironwood such as a concealed grease pan, a stainless steel shelf, a magnetic bamboo cutting board. The grill grates on the Timberline are made of stainless steel, whereas the Pro Series and Ironwood have Porcelain coated steel grates.

    Price Comparison

    The Timberline 1300 is around five-hundred dollars more expensive than the Ironwood and about one-thousand dollars more than the Pro Series Traeger. Check here for the latest price comparison.

    You Should Get A Traeger Grill Based Upon What You Will Prepare

    I believe this is an extremely important consideration, because it greatly impacts what features and also dimension you will need.

    To accommodate the larger cuts of meat at a block celebration or picnic, choose a bigger cook with even more inner room, such as a big barbecue with a bigger firebox. Traeger Grill Pellets Where To Buy

    Smaller barbecue are a lot more most likely to be suitable for people that only want to roast the periodic burger or sausage periodically.

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    Traeger Stainless Steel Basket

    This stainless steel grill basket is made of good quality steel, which is prime quality and offers you the excellent working and grilling of your food. The premium quality stainless steel ensures durability and long life working. The basket stores your veggies and fish by maintaining the excellent quality of your food.

    The two handles of the basket help you to carry the food quickly without spilling. The upward edges also help you to carry the veggies and small food items from rolling down from the grill grates. It comes at an affordable price, making it pocket-friendly, and it is a must-have accessory in your griller and smoker kit. It is best for small food items, and excellent quality food can easily be seasoned and barbequed.

    Traeger Pellet Grill Bbq Cleaning Brush Accessory

    Buy any Traeger Grill for $399 or more and get a FREE 20 ...

    The Traeger cleaning brush is not only an accessory but an essential part of your griller kit as hygiene and cleanliness are always the first priority of every consumer, so the cleaning solution and brush is a crucial accessory to have in your kitchen kit.

    It is made up of nylon bristles and is perfectly made to clean the cooled grill grates and stainless steel to protect it from damage and give durability and conserve the prime quality of the grill grates. It comes with a dual grip handle and leather loop, making it accessible and handy and providing an excellent grip to the user.

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    Traeger Pellet Grills: Making Cooking Simple

    When it comes to Pellet Grills, Traeger is a true industry leader. Since inventing the very first pellet grills over three decades ago, Traeger has continued to innovate. Traeger smokers raise the bar for new pellet grill technology:

    • Their WiFIRE control system allows grill aficionados to check on temperature and grill time directly from their smartphone.
    • Smoke Science technology ensures amazing smoke flavor with every cook.

    Traegers commitment to excellence has made them one of the most respected names in pellet grills, and the quality and ease of smoking meat on a Traeger pellet smoker are impossible to deny.

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