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How to Choose The Best Gas Grill 2019 | BBQGuys.com Grill Buying Guide
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  • Buying the best BBQ will make alfresco entertaining your new favourite pasttime. With a range of gas, charcoal, and even electric barbecues, our top 15 best BBQ guide features options from as little as £200, up to £1,000. While BBQs are typically an investment, theyre absolutely one worth making. For a start, choosing a high-quality BBQ will mean you wont have to replace it for years and years. Simply cover it up in the cooler months and then get it back out of the garden shed when you next fancy grilling up some steaks or hot dogs.

    Some prefer a classic kettle BBQ that has a compact frame and is very easy to operate. These are perfect for low-maintenance garden parties when you want to cook up a few burgers to keep your guests happy. Foodies will love a gas barbecue for the ease of use and often immense grilling area, which means you can cook up a real feast all in one go.

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    Our best BBQ guide features brands like Weber, Everdure, Char-Broil, Traeger, Outback, and Kamado Joe. There are also some options from the likes of John Lewis & Partners, Argos, and Very.com, which deliver on value and stylish features. If youre willing to spend a little more you can even find BBQs with side burner to cook up sauces and get a headstart on your corn-on-the-cob.

    Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill 22

    Best charcoal grill

    Reasons to avoid

    The Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill 22-inch has a grate thats big enough for a whole mess of hamburger patties. However, because its easy to adjust the heat by opening and closing the vents in the bottom and in the lid, this grill is remarkably versatile and can definitely go beyond burgers and brats. It can turn out a perfectly seared medium-rare porterhouse or thoroughly-cooked chicken with a crispy golden-brown skin. The grate is hinged on both sides so its easy to add more briquets if youre having a party and turning out hot dogs throughout the evening.

    Extras include a thermometer in the lid and hooks for hanging up your tools. A heat shield underneath the lid handle makes it easy to lift without singeing your hand, and the lid rests on the side of the grill while you flip the steaks or baste the ribs. Underneath the kettle, theres a big bucket called an ash catcher you use a lever to sweep the ashes into it and then its easy to remove and empty without leaving a trail of ashes along the way. The only thing missing are side tables for holding a platter.

    Up Your Grilling Game

    Did you find your favorite grill already?

    If youre having a hard time deciding, go with our top pick Weber Genesis II E-335. Its a quality product that is durable and easy to use. In addition, the overall look and feel of this grill are very high-end and convenient with an enclosed car that has plenty of shelf and prep space.

    You can find more gas grill buying advice here.

    Go ahead and enjoy making mouthwatering meals all summer long on your new top-notch rig!

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    As soon as I learned to walk, I started to assist my dad and uncles with grilling and smoking. I always loved helping them and later took over the role of the grill master in my family.

    My goal is to cook tasty barbecue food, enjoy it with family & friends, and help others do the same!

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    Weber Smokey Joe Premium Barbecue

    Best portable BBQ

    Cooking area: 42 x 37cmWeight: 1kg

    Perfect for taking on the go Fire-resistant lid handle

    Reasons to avoid: Not ideal for at-home use

    If you want a barbecue that isnt consigned to your garden alone then the Weber Smokey Joe Premium could be just the one for you. This combines quality craftsmanship and cooking ability with portability that lets you turn any park, field or beach into a bbq party.

    The 37cm cooking area of the Smokey Joe is a nice balance between portability and space which is enough for around three people. But if you want to do more just crack open another bag and coals and keep cooking. The porcelain-enamelled and rust-resistant lid and bowl mean even being out in the elements is no issue for this bbq.

    Ideal Home rating: 4 out of 5 stars

    Kalamazoo Gourmet K500 Hybrid Fire

    10 Best Gas BBQ Grills for 2017
    • Grates are thick steel with narrow slots cut into them, so food doesn’t fall through
    • Objectively a wildly expensive product

    Cooking Space: 506 square inchesGas Type: Propane or Natural Gas Max Temperature: 1,000° F

    Kalamazoos grills are made to order in Kalamazoo, Michigan under the watchful eye of its Chief Designer, Head of Product and total gear nerd Russ Faulk. The price tag its grills demand means youre not buying a summer cookout machine youre buying another kitchen. Thankfully, its functionality backs that up.

    A fact: there is no grill like the Hybrid Fire grill. It can cook with gas, yes, but it can also cook with wood, charcoal and even pellets. The build quality is such that it feels like it was made out of aircraft parts. The gas burners are cut from cast bronze for goodness sake. If youre in a place to comfortably spend nearly twenty grand on a gas grill, you buy this and you dont look back.

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    Best Overall Gas Grill Best Under $1000

    • Heavy-gauge steel grates are preferred to Weber-standard iron grates

    Cooking Space: 669 square inchesGas Type: Propane or Natural GasMax Temperature: ~800° F

    There are cheaper grills with most of the features and cheaper grills with comparable build quality and cheaper grills supported by healthy warranties and strong customer service but there is no grill that matches the Webers Genesis E-330 complete package.

    Other than a mess of heavy-gauge, enamel-coated steel, plenty of storage, a side burner, foldaway warming racks and north of 500 square inches of cooking space, its also a part of a rare class of gas grills that can climb temperatures above 800 degrees, thanks to a built-in infrared burner that effectively double the heat potential of the grill. Theres enough cooking space and burners to successfully employ the two-zone grilling technique, which effectively makes any grill a smoker, or at least close to it. Its an all-around grill and a specialty grill in one.

    Our only qualm is the use of enameled cast iron grates. In testing, the grill reached 650 degrees over the standard burners and nearly 900 degrees over the infrared “Sear Zone” burner. This is plenty of heat the grill doesn’t need tedious, heavy cast iron grates. If you’re up for it, we recommend replacing them with GrillGrates’ anodized aluminum set, which bring greater heat balance, increase grate-level temperatures and further reduce flare-ups.

    A Closer Look At Specs

    Comparing these gas grills isn’t all apples to apples. With different grill sizes, cooking grates and BTU levels, a difference in performance is expected in each individual outdoor gas grill. Still, there are some observations to be made.

    One thing our test data highlights is how quickly a grill can cook on its own medium or high setting. That doesn’t mean each grill is set to the same preheated temperature. It simply means we turned the knobs to what each grill indicated was medium heat.

    The chart below compares each grill’s average cooking time for chicken and burgers over three identical tests. We run the clock until the last burger reaches 145F and the lowest chicken breast reaches 165F.

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    Lion Premium Grills 90823 40 Natural Gas Grill

    • With its exquisite design and full-size commercial-grade structure, the Lion L90000 reaches the marketplace with nothing but powerful and quality attributes. Depending on how individuals have been reacting to their own performance, it is safe to say they adore it!
    • A broad cooking area is obviously the very first outcome. Able to accommodate up to 40 hamburgers at some time , the grill supplies 802 square inches in the grates or 1030 square inches should we contain the removable/adjustable heating rack. In the circumstance of rotisserie cooking, that is 2-3 whole hens with space to spare.
    • From the exterior, you might even understand there are a total of 6 knobs. One of those, five is mostly responsible for nearly all of the grilling which occurs on the pole grates. Together they make for an astonishing 90,000 BTUs, so 18,000 BTUs each. If you do not already know, that is quite generous so much as burning capability goes.
    • Moving to material, it is another highlight of this Lion L90000 Premium Gas Grill. More than 90 percent of this grill framing is a commercial-grade, 16-gauge 304 stainless steel, by the shroud into the grilling grid into the grease tray. Quite a few owners praise its durability, stating the grill still functions just like its day one after decades of use with only minimal cleanup.

    Tips For Gas Grill Success

    How to Choose the Best Gas Grill | BBQGuys.com Buying Guide

    Cooking on your gas grill sounds simple turn it on, turn up the heat, put your food on the grates, and you are good to go. But its not quite that simple.

    To get the most out of your gas grill and draw rave reviews from those who bite into your burgers or happily feast on your medium-rare steak here are some tips.

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    Types Of Bbqs And Grills

    There are many options to consider when choosing the perfect BBQ. Gas or charcoal? Propane or wood? How about a Kamado? What is a BTU? Well help you choose the best grill for your space and help you understand the differences between each, including their features and benefits, so you can make an informed decision before buying.

    The Best Gas Bbq For 2021

    We found that the Weber Genesis II EX-335 GBS is as smart as they come when we put it to the test. It has three gas burners, smart cooking, and a great warranty.

    Super smart

    Weber’s Connect app allows you to get smart when barbecuing. It syncs your phone to your grill and allows you to add details on the type of meat you’re cooking to get the perfect temperature and timing for your food. A probe also monitors the internal temperature.

    Great side burner

    The Weber Genesis II EX-335 GBS side burner has a lower level which means your flame won’t become extinguished when you’re cooking. That’s good news for unpredictable weather, and we found that it rivals a regular hob in terms of power and ease of use.

    Straightforward assembly

    Assembly included 72 steps, which is a lot! However, they make sure that every detail is perfectly adhered to so you build a grill that’s built to last. Just make sure you have someone to help and it’ll be done in a few hours. There’s a 10-year warranty, too.

    Gardeningetc rated 5 out of 5 stars – head over to our Weber Genesis II EX-335 GBS review for more details

    We tested the Campingaz 4 Series Premium S for families barbecues to see if its self-cleaning and modular cooking system was up to the task, and were very impressed.

    Generous size

    Easy clean

    Full control

    Gardeningetc rated 4.5 out of 5 stars – head over to our Campingaz 4 Series Premium S BBQ review for more details

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    Best Tavel Gas Grill: Weber Traveler Grill

    You can level up your tailgating or camping grilling game with the recently released Weber Traveler. You can easily grill for large groups with 320 square inches of grilling space. It flattens down to fit in the trunk of a car and the wheels make it extremely mobile. You also wont need to haul around bulky propane tanks because this grill optimizes propane usage, and is designed to run off of 1-pound cylinders.

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    Testing Notes: What To Look For In A Gas Grill

    20 Best Small Gas Grill Picks for 2021!

    BTWho?: BTUs are an outdated and easily manipulated measurement of grill power. The numbers grillmakers provide are calculated on per hour measurements, and are derived from data on how much fuel the grill burns, not its temperature levels. A bigger grill that chews through more gas could have a sky-high BTU figure and not breach the 500 degree barrier, which should be the absolute bare minimum. Ignore BTUs and look for max temperature output, which is a better gauge of a grill’s power.

    Want steaks? Go infrared: Infrared burners get dramatically hotter than standard gas burners. Using standard burners, most gas grills will struggle to exceed 600 to 700 degrees, and won’t develop a browned crust on a steak before you’ve overcooked it the infrared burner solves this issue by channeling heat from a burner into a ceramic tile, which converts that convective heat into infrared heat, dramatically increasing its intensity. You need an infrared burner to brown a steak properly. It won’t matter how long you let the grill warm up with the lid down if the grill’s max temperature is meh. Note: some companies give infrared burners a branded name like Sear Zone or something in that vein.

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    What Is The Best Bbq On The Market

    Thats a matter of opinion! However, we hope weve helped to make things easier than ever for you to understand and appreciate. There are plenty of great ways to set up a grill in your garden. Looking for the best deals on a stainless steel grill? Looking for the best BBQs running on propane or butane? No matter your tastes or needs, we hope weve lined up some of the best picks to appeal to you.

    Remember the best deals online dont necessarily mean you are buying into the best BBQs. Look for quality first, and check out what verified buyers and burger chefs have to say! The best BBQ for you will be one that you can wheel out again and again. Start cooking up a storm this summer with a barbecue unit thats flexible and easy to manage.

    If you are in any doubt if a gas barbecue is right for you, and you are interested in looking at charcoal barbecues we have also written a review on the Best Charcoal Barbecues.

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    Best Gas Grills To Get Cooking With In 2021

    The age-old debate of gas versus charcoal grills presses on even today. As technology has made both machines better over the years, there doesnt seem to be an end in sight. And in recent years, pellet grills have entered into the mix to make backyard grilling disputes even more tenuous.

    The fact of the matter is, there should be no shame in your grilling game, no matter what heat source you prefer. If youre a gas man through and through, youve come to the right place.

    We dont have to tell you that gas is quicker, offers better temperature control, burns cleaner, and is more environmentally friendly. But, gas doesnt mean just propane. If you have natural gas access in your deck or patio, we found some great options. Theres a staggering amount of gas grill brands out there to choose from, which can make deciding on the best one to buy tough. Thats why weve round up the best gas grills to buy in 2021.

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    What Are The Best Grills

    After extensive research, we’ve found the best gas grill to be the Weber Genesis II S-335. Whatever you want to cook, be it hotdogs, burgers or steaks, this grill will produce perfectly-seared results. It’s app connected and features both a sear burner and side burner. Unfortunately, the best does come at a price however.

    If you’re a fan of charcoal, then the Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill 22 is worth your consideration. The design features vents and a hinged grate to improve your control when you grill.

    If you’re looking for versatility, then the Kamado Joe Classic II 18 KJ23RHC might be the one for you. Unlike other grills, it’s made from ceramic and can be used for unconventional recipes, such as pizza or even desserts.

    Best Gas Grills Under $500 Choosing Without Overpaying

    Gas Grill Cooking – Top 4 Best Gas Grills for your Backyard
  • How to clean a gas grill?
  • Imagine Youre in the backyard of your house, the music is playing loudly, your friends are laughing You turn your head and catch the light smell of grilled meat. You take a step, one more and the flavour just becomes stronger The flavour of burgers, hot dogs, grilled corn, and other vegetables these all combine in one perfect aroma and you are drooling from just one look at all the variety of food. Isnt it a great day? We hope so.

    Do you want to enjoy the grilling experience? A grill is your necessary minimum. We have conducted research to list the most important criteria for each gas grill. Based on this study the top5 gas grills under $500 were selected. Below you can familiarize yourself with our best models and which features they excel in.

    The best construction for outdoor cookingWeber Q3200 LxWxH : 55.5 x 50.2 x 30Number of burners: 2BTU-per-hour: 21,700 Minimal possibility of corrosion
    LxWxH : 24 x 24 x 47Number of burners: 2
    Material: Steel Weight : 92LxWxH : 48 x 28 x 48Number of burners: 3BTU-per-hour: 40,800 Heats quickly fast
    LxWxH : 54.1 x 23.4 x 45.5Number of burners: 3BTU-per-hour: 24,000 Infrared technology helps cook quicker and the meat will be juicier Easy to assemble.
    LxWxH : 52 x 26 x 57Number of burners: 3

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