Which Model Weber Grill Do I Have

Question: How Do I Identify My Weber Grill Model

Find the Model Number on Your Grill
  • What do Flavorizer bars do?
  • The serial number consists of one or two letters found on the lid damper, plus the bar code containing 5 or 6 numbers, located under the control panel. Located in the upper right-hand corner of owners manual. Older units had a bar code underneath the stainless steel charbin cover.

    What Is The Difference Between Weber Genesis 310 And 315

    The Weber Genesis II E315 has the same dimensions and features as the E-310. However, in the E-315 model, the cookbox sits on a cart that has two hinged doors in the front. Only the black Genesis E-315 comes with the option of 2 fuel sources. You have a choice of propane gas or natural gas.

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    Stainless Steel Vs Porcelain Enamel Grates

    Your grill grate is the very surface where youll lay down your precious meats and other grill ingredients, so the way its made as well as the materials it is made from matter a great deal. Generally, there are three kinds of grates in quality grills stainless steel, pure cast iron and porcelain-enameled cast iron. Whats the difference? Lets find out.

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    Keeping It Cooking: Maintaining Your Weber Grill

    Keeping your gas grill clean and maintained is not only important for ensuring it has a long life, its important for keeping you safe. Here are some of the most important regular maintenance tasks you should be doing on a regular basis to keep your Weber grill in tip-top shape.

    Check for Leaks

    Weber grills are designed to remain free from leaks, but things happen and leaks may occur. One way to check for leaks in your hose or tank is to use a soapy water solution in and around the connection points of your tank and tubes. Then turn on your tank, and if you find bubbles forming its a pretty sure sign that youve got a leak. This means you should not use the grill under any circumstances until the leak has been fixed.

    Clean Your Burners

    Use a grill cleaning brush to remove food pieces, oxidation and other debris from the surface of your burners. This not only keeps them looking clean but also keeps burners from becoming blocked, which can lead to fires.

    Get Rid of Excess GreaseGrease will naturally collect on parts of your grill, but too much grease can be damaging and unsafe. Use a scraper to scrape off any grease thats been solidified on the grill down into the grease tray. From here you can empty the solidified pieces from the grease tray down into the catch pan. The catch pan can then be emptied, and youre ready to go once you replace a new aluminum liner. Easy peasy.

    Weber 7599 Weber Genesis Ii Griddle

    Weber Model 210 Spirit Gas Grill

    Wake up and prepare breakfast in the crisp morning air. Flip pancakes at sunrise or crab cakes for dinner. Whether youâre filling the backyard with the sweet aroma of fruity crepes at dawn or grilling a seafood feast at duskâmake anytime your time to grill with the Griddle.

    Fits: Genesis II and Genesis II LX 300, 400, and 600 series gas grills

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    Best Pellet Grill: Weber Smokefire Ex4 Wood Fired Pellet Grill

    • App is easy to use

    • App doesnt always allow customization

    • Only two probes included

    Weber finally released its very first pellet grillthe SmokeFire EX4and while the first generation of the wood pellet grill had a few problems that needed to be addressed, the second iteration of the product is a worthwhile splurge. This grill boasts 672 square inches of grilling space across two levels of grates, and it offers an impressive temperature range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing it to be used for both grilling and smoking.

    The SmokeFire EX4 has a 20-pound pellet hopper, as well as a DC-powered engine designed to prevent auger jams. The grill is also equipped with a number of smart features that will appeal to many home chefsit comes with two meat probes that let you keep an eye on the doneness of your food, and its WiFi enabled, allowing you to control and monitor the grill from your smartphone. It can even walk you through the grilling process, letting you know when its time to flip fooda handy option for novice grillers.

    Dimensions: 47 x 43 x 33 inches | TotalCooking Area: 672square inches | Type: wood pellet

    Thanks to WiFi, its possible to monitor the grill temperature, recipe progress, and temperature probes from a distance, so theres no need to hover over the grill to see whats going on.Donna Currie, Product Tester

    • No hinge on grate

    Best Portable: Weber Q 2200 Gas Grill

    • Extremely easy to set up and operate

    • Spacious cooking area

    • Heavy-duty porcelain-enameled cast iron grates

    • Large folding side tables

    • Somewhat heavy for a portable grill

    • Catch pan didnt fit properly

    The Weber Q2200 Propane Gas Grill is our top pick for portable grills by any brand. Though a bit of an investment, the gas grill pays off with its convenience. Its easy to start, easy to use, and heats up quickly and powerfully, delivering 12,000 BTUs of heat per hour. The 280-square-inch cooking area consists of porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates, which should be enough to serve three to four people .

    There are two tables so you can prep on the go, and they fold up easily when its time to pack up. The handle is ergonomic, and its lightweight enough to carry to a campsite or tailgate. Our tester called it pricey but worth it for anyone who regularly grills on the go.

    Dimensions: 15.5 x 51.4 x 19.5 inches | TotalCooking Area: 280square inches | Type: gas

    The meat was cooked to perfection in around 10 minutes, and I was really impressed at the heat put out by the grills 12,000 BTU burner.Camryn Rabideau, Product Tester

    • Not enough room for large items, such as a whole chicken

    • Handle can get hot

    Dimensions: 19.7 x 19.7 x 20.5 inches | TotalCooking Area: 240square inches | Type: charcoal

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    Flaws But Not Dealbreakers

    We wish Weber would take a cue from some competitors and make the bars of its warming racks run front to back, parallel to the main grates. That way, you could easily slide a spatula under stuff thats warming. As it is, the warming-rack bars run edge to edge, and you have to awkwardly jimmy a spatula in there sideways.

    The Spirit II E-310 should come with a grill cover. It doesnt, nor did any grill in our test group. Youll need to buy one separately Webers dedicated Spirit II cover costs about $55, and a well-regarded generic cover costs about $20.

    Weber Grill Side Burner

    Weber Gas Grill Genesis 310 vs 315 vs 330 vs 335 Grill Comparison – Which Model Should You Buy?

    A side burner is an extra burner thats usually located on one of the side tables outside the main grilling area. These can be used for a variety of purposes, but many grillers use them to warm or cook sauces, or to cook additional sides that will accompany the main event. If you often find yourself multitasking while youre grilling, a side burner might be a great idea.

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    What Is A Smart Grill

    A Smart Grill is a grill that uses app-connected technology that allows you to monitor food temperatures, get alerts and control the grill .

    Pellet grills tend to be the most advanced of grills ahead of gas and charcoal overall in this space. Lynx was the first reputable gas grill manufacturer to release a smart gas grill. While the Lynx Smart Grill has great capabilities, it is not in the conversation for most consumers due to the high price point.

    Webers Smart Grills come in at much more modest price points in line with what you find with Webers grill lineup. Webers version of a Smart Grill incorporates their Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub technology into the grill.

    Best Budget: Weber Spirit E


    Burners: 3 Burners totaling 30,000 BTU’s | Fuel: LP | Cooking Grates: Porcelain Enameled | Color: Black Only | Capacity: 529 sq. in. Appr. 12 Burgers | Side Burner: No | Rotisserie: No

    Weber Spirit E-310 grill has the best price vs performance ratio among all grills on or around $499 price range. This gas bbq is reliable and comes with a 10-year warranty to back up its workmanship.

    3 burner design gives you the ability to cook indirectly .

    The ignition works with a touch of a button. Make sure to light up burner 1 first to get the gas flowing to the rest of the burners. Although it may not be the most convenient way to start a grill, you can cook with any number of burners on this Weber Spirit bbq.

    What this grill is lacking in features, it makes up for with its porcelain enameled grates, and excellent grease management system. Flavorizer bars which are located under the grates minimize flare-ups and help add smoke flavor to your food.

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    Upgrade Grill Pick: Weber Genesis Ii E

    *At the time of publishing, the price was $780.

    The Weber Genesis II E-310 gas grill is also an exceptional performer, and it offers several clever, life-improving design elements that we love. The grates are about 20 percent bigger, too, but overall the Genesis II takes up barely more area than the Spirit II, so theres no appreciable trade-off between the two if your patio space is tight. Essentially, the decision comes down to how youll use your grill: If you often cook for crowds, the Genesis II is worth the extra couple hundred dollars.

    Performance-wise, we found the two Weber models nearly identical, with the Spirit just slightly edging the Genesis II on burger-searing performance. And that gap would probably close with a bit more time to learn the Genesis IIs finer points. In terms of materials, the two are almost twins, offering heavy cast-aluminum fireboxes and porcelain-coated cast-iron grates. The Genesis II, however, features a frame made of welded rails, while the Spirit II is made of folded metal . Theyre both sturdy enough, but the Genesis II is appreciably stiffer and more solid-feeling. And we like that it has casters: Its easier to swivel into a corner for storage than the casterless Spirit.

    Moving the tank to the outside also frees up space below the grill, which Weber fills with a generous and sturdy storage shelf. Thats a nice feature you can keep trays, grill tools, or even a small cooler there.

    How Do I Know My Weber Grill Model

    Weber Spirit E

    If your grill was made from 1979 to 2014, the top vent on the lid will have one of these serial numbers which is a one or two lettered date code listed below. Beginning in 2013, a serial number was added just above the two letter date code.

    Secondly, do Weber grills have a lifetime warranty? One of the perks of owning a Weber grill is our best-in-class warranty program. All current generation Spirit II, Genesis II, Genesis II LX, and Summit Gas series models purchased after 10/1/17 feature full 10 year warranties on all components, excluding normal wear and tear.

    Considering this, what year is my Weber gas grill?

    Weber’s model year runs from October 1 to September 30. For example, a grill with date code DE is part of the 2009 model year and may have been manufactured anytime between 10/1/2008 and 9/30/2009.

    Where are Weber gas grills manufactured?

    Weber grills have been made in the United States since 1952, when George Stephen built his kettle grill from a buoy at Weber Brothers Metal Works in Mount Prospect, Ill. All but one of latest models are still manufactured in Palatine, Ill.

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    Gas Grill Vs Charcoal Grill

    If youre buying a grill, your first decision is which type of fuel: charcoal or gas.

    Gas grills offer three big benefits:

    • Control: Adjusting the heat is a simple matter of turning the burner knobs, so you can easily prevent burning or undercooking, as well as create different heat zones by shutting down one or more burner . You can do the same with charcoal, too, but it takes workyou need to move the coals around and adjust the vents.
    • Convenience: Gas grills turn on with the press of a button and heat up fast. Charcoal grills require 20 minutes or so to light the coals and another 10 minutes or so for the grates to heat up.
    • Cleanliness: Gas grills dont generate much smoke and dont produce ash or embers the way charcoal grills do, so cleanup is simpleyou just have to brush and wipe the grates and empty the grease trap after youre done cooking.

    That said, charcoal grills have several upsides of their own. Charcoal burns hotter than gas, so you can get a superior sear on burgers and steaks. You can buy an exceptional, do-everything charcoal grill for $150 gas grills start at around $200, and youll spend at least twice that on a really good one. Lastly, theres the romance factor: For some people, its more fun to play with fire than to twiddle a few knobs.

    Jim Pfefferle Pewaukee Wi

    Date Code: C

    I rescued this bad boy from the back porch of my sisters place, where it had gathered dust since my fathers passing five years ago. Before looking, I was pretty confident it would be a C model, since my Dad was always trying out new grills and loved Weber products. I now consider this WSM a family heirloom.

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    What Is The Difference Between The Weber Genesis Ii And The Weber Spirit Ii

    The Weber Genesis II line is made in Made in North America where as the Spirit II is made overseas. A distinct difference is the lid, the Genesis II lid is double insulated steel whereas the Spirit II is much thinner. The Genesis II series also has more space to grill with compared to the Spirit II series.

    Which Weber Grill Is Best

    How To Reset Weber Grill Bypass Mode!

    Summertime is grilling season, which means its time to upgrade your outdoor grill. However, not all grills are equal. For more than 100 years, Weber has been the standard-bearer for charcoal grills, but its selection of backyard barbecues goes beyond the classic kettle. Depending upon your space, crowd size and desired flavor, there is bound to be a Weber grill to meet your needs.

    Whether you prefer the smoky aroma and taste of a charcoal grill, the clean cooking of gas or the fat-reducing properties of an electric model, Weber has a model to match.

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    How Long Do Weber Grills Last Everything You Need To Know About


    How long do Weber grills last? If you are seeking the answer to this question, this article is for you. In addition, we also show how to make your grills last longer in this article. So stay tuned and keep on reading, you will find everything you need!

    Lets find the answer with Sunset Bar and Grill.


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    Best Overall: Weber Genesis E


    Burners: 3 Burners totaling 39,000 BTU’s | Fuel: LP | Cooking Grates: Porcelain Enameled | Color: Black | Capacity: 669 sq. in. Appr. 20 Burgers on the surface | Side Burner: No | Rotisserie: No

    The Genesis II E-310 is what we call the Weber workhorse. This is a perfect all-around product designed to meet all of the needs of the average family who loves to grill. It boasts a reasonable and budget-friendly price point, yet still comes packed with all the most popular and powerful features of Webers best offerings.

    Three individual burners, digital thermometer-compatible, with a 669 square inch cooking area including a tuck-away warming rack. Add in wing tables on either side, Flavorizer bars underneath the grate and Webers legendary Infinity ignition and youve got the perfect grill for just about anyone.

    Although all Weber grills share the same firebox design the build quality goes up on higher price points.

    Weber Genesis grills are far more sturdy compared to the Spirit series. And their burners are 30% more powerful. Unlike the Spirit grills that which you need to construct meticulously, the Weber Genesis grills are far less complicated than an Ikea project.

    Burners: 3 Burners totaling 39,000 BTU’s | Fuel: LP | Cooking Grates: 9 mm Stainless Steel | Color: Black, Copper, Crimson Red, Smoke | Capacity: 669 sq. in. Appr. 20 Burgers on the surface | Side Burner: Yes | Rotisserie: No

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