Which Traeger Grill To Buy

Wifi / App Experience

Traeger Grill: watch before you buy

WiFi connectivity used to be what competitors used to set themselves apart from Traeger. The company has now caught up, and the Timberline series is one of the few pellet grills available that is compatible with Amazon Alexa.

All of Yoders YS series pellet grills are WiFi-enabled and work with the YS Drive app. Both apps allow you to monitor the internal temperature of both the pit and also your food through the use of a probe. The YS640s has two probes to the Timberline 850s one.

The Traeger app does have a massive database of searchable recipes with automatic temperature settings, which is very handy, although it has been criticized for lag issues in the past.

Do You Need Bells And Whistles

Depending on the value, Traegers offer various attributes as well as upgrades.

The Timberline, for circumstances, is completely loaded with added attributes like a pellet sensing unit that will inform you when pellets are running reduced.

Ironwood and also Timberline controllers also feature more switches, making life more simple as contrasted to the scroll-through food selection system on the Pro Series.

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Is Traeger The Best Pellet Grill

Traeger grills lead the pellet grill market because of their quality, consistency, and easy-to-use operation. You can smoke or barbeque anything that you can make on a gas or charcoal grill.

You can cook your classic favorites or even grill a casserole or pie by design since the grill can be at the same consistent temperature like an oven.

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Company History: Traeger Vs Yoder

To make this comparison as fair as possible, well be looking at Traeger and Yoder as brands and comparing two of their flagship products, the YS640s and the Timberline 850.

Well give you an overview of the quality of the brand and then drive into the specs of two of their tops grills, comparing their features to each other and to each companys wider range.

How To Troubleshoot Your Traeger Grill

Questions and Answers: Traeger Grills Pro 780 with WiFIRE Black ...

Im lumping a lot of things together here, because this is where things start to break down for a lot of people from the instant they start using their Traeger pellet grill.

The first thing you should always do when youre having some kind of nondescript problem with your grill is to check the pellets. Make sure the pellets are in good condition and havent taken on moisture.

Your pellets should snap or crunch when squeezed if they crumble, then theyve likely gone bad. Likewise, if they appear a dull or light color, they may have gone bad in the packaging.

More on Traeger Grill Troubleshooting here.If you want to see how amazing this brand check out these comparisons

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Features Durability And Overall Quality

Above we mentioned you get what you pay for in a grill when it comes to features like durability and quality. Budget grills may be more affordable up front, but if you buy a new one every year, the cost adds up.

Convenience is important, too. Some grills, such as our Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill, have WiFi capability. You can check and adjust your grill temperature anytime from anywhere. But if you just want to cook a few burgers every now and then, the features on higher-end models may not matter to you. Look at reviews and features listings to find the right balance.

Traeger Pro Series 575 Pellet Grill

I have the 575 and love it. Usually cooking for 5. But if I had it to do over again. I would go bigger: Traeger PRO 780.

Im starting this best Traeger pellet smoker review with this model because its the most popular in the Traeger series. When I checked on Amazon, I noticed that it is available in two sizes and two colors.

Talking of the sizes, it comes in 575 and 780 square inches. But Im reviewing the 575 inches here. The 575 square inches allows you to cook up to 4 chickens on the go.

And when it comes to color, this model is available in bronze or black color.

Thanks to Traeger that keeps improving on its pellet grill. The pro lineup now features a new WIFI technology.

With this feature, you can connect this grill to the Traeger app and have it controlled from your room or anywhere with an Internet connection.

The pro D2 direct drive controller, which comes at a range of 180-450°F, controls the temperature of the grill. It comes with an RTD probe that ensures that your smoking temperature is maintained evenly.

The cleanout feature of the grill allows you to change your pellet flavor when smoking.

Traeger pro series 575 is quite efficient and doesnt suck up your wood pellet. It only uses around 2lbs of wood pellet per hour when used in high heat mode.

However, you must remember that the Traeger pro series 575 pellet grills comes at a maximum of the temperature of 450°F. So if youre considering doing several searings, then you may want to check out other models.

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Reasons To Consider Other Grill Options

  • You prefer a direct heat method of grilling: The Traeger grill uses an indirect heating source, much like an oven, so you wont be able to sear meat, as many people like to do when grilling a steak. The Traeger system is better for those people seeking more of a smoker type of cooking system, although you can sear your meat by using a frying pan with a little oil initially before you finish cooking it with the Traeger grill. You can use the frying pan on a stove top burner or on the surface of the Traeger grill.
  • You dont have electrical power near the grilling area: Traeger pellet grills require electrical power to operate, unlike a propane grill that runs from a propane tank and uses a small battery to generate the spark to light the propane. The electrical power runs the temperature control mechanism, the auger, and the circulating fan.
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    Best Traeger Timberline Grill

    Which Traeger Grill should you buy…

    Winner: Traeger Timberline 1300 The Beast

    The Traeger Timberline Series Grills is not for the faint of heart these are the mack daddy Traeger Grills for home cooks with only the Commercial Line offering larger sizes. There are currently two Timberline sizes: Traeger Timberline 850 and Traeger Timberline 1300. Again the only difference is the grilling space: 850 square inches or 1300 square inches. Youre going to be approaching $2000 for the Timberline but if youre reading this and considering a Timberline, Im assuming budget is not really an issue for you and therefore Im assuming youll want the best of the best thats the Timberline 1300.

    Traeger Timberline Video

    Traeger Timberline Features

    The Traeger Timberline grills are Traegers premier outdoor cooking solution. Youll get all the best features of the Pro Series AND all of the following too

    • Timberline D2® Controller
    • Three tiers of stainless steel grates
    • Double-wall stainless steel interior
    • Concealed Grease Management System

    Traeger Ironwood vs Timberline Grills

    Heres a great video review by Embers Outdoor Living on the differences between the Traeger Ironwood vs Timberline Grills

    Heres a quick summary of the differences between the Traeger Ironwood vs Timberline grills

    Traeger Timberline 850 and 1300 Grilling Capacity

    Heres a look at what you can cook on the Traeger Timberline grills.

    Traeger Timberline 850 & 1300 Current Prices

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    Is A Traeger Easy To Use

    If you can navigate an oven, you can definitely operate a Traeger. Our grills are simple to use. With Traegers Set-it & Forget-It nature, its as easy as 1-2-3. Just turn the Traeger grill on, set the temperature, throw your food on the grill, and youll be on your way to creating the best food on the block.


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    How Long Do Traeger Grills Last

    Like any grill, you have to keep up with cleaning and maintenance to maximize its lifespan. For a Traeger grill, you can expect consistently cooked meals and smoked meats anywhere from 5 to 10 years after you purchase your grill.

    These grills are designed to stand up to weather elements and maintain durability. As long as you keep up with a damaged part replacement, your Traeger grill could last as long as 15 years.

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    Grill Cooking Space And Durability

    If you dont know what to look for when choosing a pellet grill, chances are youll end up choosing the wrong one. Traeger has designed its pellet grills to offer four main design categories that make it easier to select the perfect smoker and grill for your needs.

    Their best models include a powder-coated stainless-steel body that offers superior durability. This sturdy construction is what makes Traeger a premium brand that commands premium prices. Traeger grills also include a flame deflector, porcelain-enameled grates, fire pot, and drip pan, all built with marine-grade stainless steel for the ultimate durability.

    • Traeger Tailgater Series is made up of the brands portable pellet grills. They typically have about 300 square inches of cooking space and a lot less technology incorporated into their function.
    • Traeger Pro Series are mid-range, mid-capacity pellet grills with 500 to 780 square inches of cooking space. They include Wi-Fi connectivity to the Traeger app available for Android and iOS devices and are perfect for pitmasters with mid-level barbecue skills, who dont do a lot of outdoor cooking.
    • Traeger Ironwood Series offers a more substantial capacity of 650 to 885 square inches of grilling space, and new technology like TRU convection and DownDraft Exhaust that help to optimize cook times.

    Traeger Grills Tfb38tod Renegade Pro Pellet Grill And Smoke 380

    5 Best Small Traeger Grills (Reviews) For Backyard &  RV BBQs

    Heres another recommendation from the Renegade series the Renegade Pro pellet grill.

    Even with its top-notch features, Im surprised to know that many BBQ lovers never looked into the direction of this Traeger grill.

    When it comes to construction, I can compare this grill with the Tex Elite 22 .

    Traeger made this product using coated steel with a powder finish. That way, it can withstand harsh weather conditions or any rough handling. It is also equipped with wheels, which lets you transport your grill anywhere.

    However, I noticed that the cooking space is narrow . But you can still smoke 3 racks of ribs, 2 chickens, and even 12 burgers at once.

    Renegade Pro is sufficient enough for a small family of, lets say, 3-4 members. And if theres anything else Im sold for about this grill, its the portable 6-1 functions that allow you to smoke, roast, grill, bake, barbecue, or braise anything on the go.

    Furthermore, the digital pro controller feature helps in the cooking process, coming at +/- 15 degrees F. Feel free to choose Low and slow, or hot and fast, along with other settings.

    However, I noticed that this unit doesnt go well with extra accessories like drip trays or smoke racks.

    I hope Traeger will fix this accordingly.

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    What Are Some Of Your Favorite Recipes To Cook On A Traeger Grill

    There are endless possibilities when it comes to recipes you can cook on a traeger grill. Some of our favorites include:

    -Smoked ribs

    -Roasted vegetables

    -Traeger pizza

    No matter what youre in the mood for, you can find a recipe to suit your needs. And, if youre feeling creative, you can even come up with your own!

    Are Traeger Grills Healthy

    Not completely, but Traeger grills using wood pellets and pellets as fuels are safer than others for our health. To understand it better, take a look at how pellet grills of Traeger work.Typically, a pellet grill comes with a firebox and a hopper containing the wood pellets. When the temp drops, the grill will send a signal to the system to drop the pellets into the firebox. The pellets are then burned to create heat and smoke.

    With a Traeger pellet grill, there is no need to keep an eye on the grill as it automates everything. Also, the heat will only cook the outside of the food, while the smoke will penetrate and leave a smoke ring inside to improve the taste and flavors.

    So why is Traeger grill a healthy option to choose?As you can see, the convection system of those grills works to diffuse the smoke while retain the flavor of your foods. The smoke, which probably forms polyaromatic hydrocarbons, also known as carcinogens, will pose less risk for our health in this case.

    Let me assure you that these chemicals from smoke is not so dangerous if you are only exposed to a small amount. Therefore, eating a grilled burger once in a while will not result in cancer development. There are also some tips to reduce the harmful effects of grilled foods, for example, trimming the fat, marinating, or avoiding overcooking your meat.

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    Which Side Of Traeger Is Hotter

    There is no definitive answer to this question as the heat distribution of a Traeger grill can vary depending on several factors, such as the type of fuel used, the size and design of the grill, and how well it is insulated.

    However, in general, the side of a Traeger grill that is closest to the firebox will be the hottest. For even cooking, it is important to rotate food items on the grill so that they spend time on both sides.

    Big Horn Outdoors Pellet Grill & Smoker

    Traeger Pro Grill – Pro 780 & Pro 575 | Traeger Grills


    With almost a decade in the market, Big Horn Outdoors is doing pretty well at making a name for themselves. This model represents the least expensive option for a full size backyard pellet smoker in this group. Granted, they rely heavily on the upper rack to get their available space to 700 square inches. Some of us less coordinated individuals remove the upper rack much of the time to be able cook taller items and maneuver in general, so this comes off as somewhat cramped. The pellet hopper is a little small at 8 pounds and may need refilling for longer smokes.

    They do include some fun accessories folding front shelf, pellet hopper latch, and tool hooks. They also have a nice easy to read chamber thermometer. The control settings are simpler in 25 degree increments, and it does have two probe inputs. They also have nice oversize metal wheels for better mobility with the pellet hopper opposite the handle so it works as a counterweight when moving around.

    Specs to know

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    Where Are Traeger Grills Manufactured

    According to Traeger that all grills for residential use were manufactured in China from 2008 onwards.

    The commercial grills that they sell are still made within the United States.

    Some have expressed their displeasure about Traeger making grills in China, but the fact is that the vast majority of the grills sold to consumers are made in China.

    If the American-made brand is essential to you, then you may be interested in buying a Yoder charcoal grill even though youll be paying more than twice the cost.

    Traeger Grills Tailgater 20

    The next on our list of the best Traeger grills is Tailgater 20 which features a total cooking space of 300 sq inches. The hopper capacity on this unit is 8 pounds, which seems sufficient given the overall dimensions and cooking area.

    In addition, the 5-degree temperature increment system ensures the users get the taste and quality they want from a high-end machine.

    Digital Pro Controller

    You cant always be at home to keep your food warm and tasty. With its high-end Digital Pro Controller, the Traeger Tailgater is the perfect solution for those times. This grill has a small footprint but is big on performance and flavor.

    EZ Foldable Design

    The EZ foldable design makes it easy to transport and use. With its compact design, this pellet grill can be taken anywhere and can be easily stored in car trunks.

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    Pit Boss Austin Xl Wood Pellet Grill

    This product is one of the best-sellers among wood pellet grills. Its cooking space is up to 1000 square inches. So, imagine how many foods you can cook all at once with this product. You can also monitor them using the digital control board with LED. If you want a direct flame grilling, you can use its innovative flame broiler, allowing you to have more delicious barbeque meals.

    Its temperature range starts from 150 to 500°F. You can reach your desired temperature according to your plans and meals to cook. Furthermore, this wood pellet grill comes with four rolling casters and a 31 lbhopper with a purge system.

    Whats more, this wood pellet grill has a stainless steel side table with a removable serving tray. It means that you have space for more food to serve people when the occasion or gathering starts. Its overall body has a porcelain-coated cast iron for its quality and durability.

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    Traeger Tfb42lzbc Grills Lil Tex Elite 22

    Traeger Grills Ironwood 885 with WiFIRE Black TFB89BLF

    It does not matter whether youre a beginner or experienced smoker, this unit from Traeger is definitely for you.

    Coming at 418 square inches of cooking space, feel free to cook up to 5 racks of ribs, 4 chicken, and over 16 burgers on the go. The hopper can also hold over 8lb of pellet weight. That way, you can grill for hours without refilling.

    The burner is durable and long-lasting, thanks to its high-quality steel materials. It comes with a digital controller that has your temperature maintained at the 20°F range. The controller makes it easier for you to set the temperature of your grill. To cook your food at a low temperature, choose the low and slow settings, or switch to the hot and fast setting for high heat cooking. At a max temperature of 450°F, enjoy a consistent cooking experience.

    Set your grill to your preferred temperature and face other activities. I love that the LED display is clear enough to be read.

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