How To Cook Lobster On The Grill

Preparing The Lobster Tail For Grilling:

How to Cook Lobster Tails on the Grill | #NationalLobsterDay2020

Once you have chosen the tails, you must follow these steps to prepare the lobster tails for grilling:

Step 1:

  • Take a sharp shear and use it to cut down the top of all the tails.
  • Now use a knife and place it over the cut that you made.
  • Now cut through the flesh of the lobster.
  • Once you hit the bottom of the lobster shell, you can stop.

Step 2:

  • Now, use the hands and flatten the tail of the lobster.
  • You can put a metal or wood skewer through the meat of the lobster.

This is an essential step as this skewer will prevent the tail from getting curled up when it is cooked. This is the best technique to cut and grill the lobster tail as it will make direct contact with the grill. This will give the lobster tail a very smoky flavor which tastes delicious

How To Grill Frozen Lobster Tails On Pellet Grill

Sometimes the lobster tails are available in the market in frozen condition. They are way more convenient to buy online or even from the nearby shop.

Many people buy the frozen tails because they are easily available and come with a better shelf life. But the main question that people ask is whether these frozen tails of lobsters can be grilled.

Well, there is no doubt that unfrozen lobster tails can make amazing and delicious grilled dish. Yes, you can grill lobster tails that are frozen, but you will first have to thaw the frozen lobster tails completely before you can proceed.

Directions Grilled Lobster Tails At Home

Time needed:;20 minutes.

If you can light a grill, you can grill lobster tails. Our simple recipe will walk you through grilling frozen lobster tails butterfly style. Be careful! You do not want to overpower the sweet, delicate flavor of the lobster meat.

  • Thaw tails in the refrigerator.

    Be sure your lobster tails are fully defrosted. Its best to defrost overnight in the refrigerator.

  • Prepare the grill.

    Prior to starting the grill, pour a small amount of vegetable oil on a paper towel and lightly coat the grill rack . Prepare a medium-hot fire in a charcoal or gas grill. As the grill heats, prepare lobster tails.

  • Prep Lobster Tails

    Set each lobster tail on a cutting board with the translucent membrane down, curve shell facing up. With kitchen shears or a heavy knife, cut through the curved shell and meat, leaving the membrane intact. Open the tail gently like a book so its hinged in the center.

  • Season Lobster Tails

    Use about 1 teaspoon of olive oil for each lobster tail; rub onto the cut surfaces of the lobster meat, and season to taste with salt and pepper. The olive oil keeps the lobster from drying out on the grill.

  • Grill Lobster Tails

    Place lobster tails on the grill, meat-side up. Grill tails with grill lid closed, until the meat is opaque, about 6-8 minutes, turning once. Be careful not to overcook!

  • Serve Tails

    Squeeze fresh sliced lemon half over lobster and drizzle and serve with melted unsalted butter. Try pairing grilled lobster with a nice steak or fresh shrimp!

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    Cook The Lobster Tails:

    When the steaks are almost done cooking, place the;lobster;tails under the broiler. Broil the;lobster;tails for about 6 minutes or about 1 minute for each ounce. You will know when the;lobster;is finished cooking by how it looks. It will turn opaque-white in color.

    If you arent confident about judging by appearance then grab an instant-read thermometer. The internal temperature of the;lobster;meat should read 140°F to 145°F. Just make sure you dont overcook the;lobster;or it will get tough.;

    Now youre ready to eat your grilled steak and;lobster. Serve it with the warm white wine butter sauce and any sides you choose.;

    How To Steam Lobster Claws

    Grilled Lobster Tails

    Steaming the lobster claw brings out its natural flavor and allows proper cooking without worrying about burning it. Its also a lower-fat cooking method because you dont need to add oil.

    It takes about 10 minutes to steam one pound of lobster claw; extend three minutes for each added pound.;

    How to steam lobster claws? Follow the easy steps below:

  • If frozen, allow the lobster to thaw fully.
  • Wash it thoroughly.
  • Sprinkle some salt and spices you want to add. You can glaze it with lemon juice too.
  • Place in appropriate streamer and cover.
  • Heat the steamer using medium fire.
  • Steam for 8 to 10 minutes. You can steam it longer if you want.
  • For each additional pound of lobster claw, add three more minutes of cooking time.
  • When cooked, place in an appropriate container and allow cooling before eating.
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    How To Butterfly Lobster:

    Taking the time to butterfly the lobster tail will make a huge difference in the finished meat.; When you butterfly the tail, the meat is able to absorb more of the flavors from the marinade and the smokiness from the grill.

  • Cut the shell: Use kitchen shears or a sharp knife to cut the shell down the middle.; Start at the big end where it meets the tail fan, but leave the shell intact.
  • Pull apart halves: With your fingers, pull apart the shell halves so you can see the tail meat in the shell.
  • How To Make Grilled Lobster Tail:

    • Using kitchen shears, make a lengthwise cut through the shell down the back of each lobster tail, stopping when you reach the tail fin.
    • Turn the tails around and using the shears, cut the top tail fin to meet the other cuts.
    • Using a sharp knife, cut through only the lobster meat following the line you just made in the shells.
    • Dont cut through the bottom shell portion, just the lobster meat.

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    Frozen Lobster Tail Grilled With Cheese

    The steps to thaw and prepare the lobster and the oven are the same as above, you just need to prepare more garlic, mozzarella cheese.

    Put the pre-processed lobster into a large bowl, add 1 teaspoon of salt, 4 teaspoons of ground pepper, 2 teaspoons of chopped garlic, then mix well, marinate for 10 minutes to fully infuse the spices.

    You can try away the grilled lobster to enjoy

    Then, take the shredded cheese sealed into the lobster cross-sectional groove.

    Prepare a baking tray, place 1 layer of the grill on top and then place 2 halves of lobster, pay attention to the lobster meat facing up.

    Preheat the oven to 220 degrees C for about 10 minutes. Next, put the baking tray in the oven,;grill for about 20 minutes and cook the lobster. Depending on how big or small the lobster is, the;grilling time can vary by a few minutes . For grilled lobster, cheese when the meat is ripe and the cheese inside has melted into the lobster.

    Or you can follow this!

    Grilled frozen lobster tail is a delicious and nutritious dish. Having it at your home party is perfect. No need to go to the restaurant, you can also make a grilled lobster tail at home. Hope that;our sharing above has helped you to know how to grill frozen lobster tails at home.

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    How To Grill Lobster Tails: A Quick Beginners Guide

    How To Cook Lobster [Grilled Lobster Butterfly Method]

    Grilled lobster tails come with a hefty price tag in fine dining restaurants, but did you know that theyre inexpensive to make at home?

    You can easily enjoy buttery, silky, and ABSOLUTELY scrumptious lobster meat for less than half the priceall you need are the right grilling techniques to get started.

    So, bring out your fancy dinnerware, dust off your formalwear, and start firing up that big ol grill. Let our team show you how to grill lobster tails perfectly!

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    Cooking The Lobsters Claws

    The lobster claws will take more time;to cook than the lobster body and tail;meat, since the shells tend to be a little thicker. ;Remove the claws from the carapace with a twisting motion. ;Next blanch the claws and;;finish cooking on the grill. Famed lobster cooker Jasper White keeps the claws intact and covers them with a roasting pans or pie tins so the whole lobster cooks evenly.

    Cooking Lobsters At High Altitude

    Cooking lobsters at high altitude takes more time since water boils at a much lower temperature, and evaporates faster. At high altitude the air has less oxygen and the atmosphere becomes much drier. According to the US Food and Drug Administration , most cookbooks consider 3,000 feet above sea level to be high altitude. At sea level, water boils at 212 °F. With each 500-feet increase in elevation, the boiling point of water is lowered by just under 1 °F. At 7,500 feet, for example, water boils at about 198 °F.

    To compensate for the lower boiling point of water, the cooking time must be increased but not the heat.

    How many minutes should you increase the time? Try adding about 2 minutes to our lobster cooking times. Also, cover the pot tightly when cooking. To avoid overcooking and undercooking your lobsters, use an instant read food thermometer to check internal temperature. The FDA recommends most seafood be cooked to an internal temperature of 145ºF. Visit the FDAs website for more information on cooking lobster at higher elevations.

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    How To Cook Lobster Claws How Long Does It Take

    The claw meat is one of the best parts of a lobster. But to truly enjoy it, it is important to cook them not too long or too short. How to cook lobster claws? How long to cook lobster claws?

    Below is the estimated time to cook a one-pound lobster claw using different cooking methods. Add 3 minutes for every extra pound you cook.

  • Boiled: 13 minutes
  • Baked: 13 minutes
  • Fried: 10 minutes
  • The most common way to cook lobster claws is by boiling them. The simplest boiled lobster claw recipe is as follows:

  • Bring a pot of water to a boil.
  • Season the water with salt & pepper.
  • Add the cleaned lobster claws to the pot.
  • When the water starts boiling again, set a timer for 13 minutes.
  • When the timer goes off, remove the claws and serve.
  • So it takes about 13 minutes to boil one pound of lobster claws. For each additional pound, add three minutes of boiling time.

    Read on to learn more about how to cook lobster claws including how long it takes to cook them.

    Slow And Indirect Cooking With The Pellet Grill

    Grilled Lobster Tails

    If you cook lobster tails on a pellet grill, the dish you have after grilling will taste sweet, delicate and juicy.

    First, this method requires grilling the lobster in high heat without cooking it directly. Please dont ignore our indirect reminder; otherwise, your lobster tail will be so charred and inedible!

    Before you start grilling, dont forget to prepare and season your lobster tails! In a small bowl, mix the butter, lime juice, chives, garlic, parsley, and any other ingredients you like.

    As for the tail, use scissors to cut the top of the lobsters shell from the flesh of the tail. In detail, use the knife to slice along the middle line; but dont go too deep into the lobster! If youre extra careful, insert a skewer vertically on the lobster to prevent the tail from curling when grilling.

    So, how to use this type of grill? First, fill the pellet hopper with pre-prepared smoking woods. Then start the machine and push the temperature up to 220°F. Once the grill is heated, all you need to do is place the lobster tail on the grill and close the lid.

    Here is one reminder for you: when placing the food on the grilling tray, position the lobster tails adjacent to the heat source. This is what we call an indirect method. With such an approach, the lobster will taste more tender and sweeter.

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    How To Boil Lobster

    The shell of the lobster flavors the bubbling water, which in turn, flavors the lobster meat!

    For cooking a bunch of lobsters, boiling gives you even fast cooking. However,;boiling lobster tends to water-log them. If you are shelling lobsters ahead of time, go with boiling. Why boil lobsters?

    Reasons to boil lobsters:

    • Best for cooking 4 or more lobsters at a time.
    • Cooks lobsters more evenly than steaming.

    High, intense heat cooks the meat quickly, making; it easier to remove from the shell. So boil your lobsters if you plan to pick the meat to make homemade lobster rolls or other dishes.

    How To Boil Lobster Claws

    Boiling is considered the most common and easiest method to cook lobster claws. You dont need other cooking utensils except for a large pot containing your lobster claws.

    It takes about 13 minutes to boil one pound of lobster claw; extend three minutes for each added pound.;

    How to boil lobster claws? Follow the easy steps below:

  • If you have a frozen lobster claw, you have to thaw it thoroughly before boiling. You can do this by taking it out from the freezer and allowing it to stay at lower temperatures in the fridge. You could also take it out and put it under running water for 30 minutes or more until it is ready.
  • Fill in a deep pot with enough water to submerge the whole claw.;
  • You could add some seasoning to the water, such as salt, pepper, paprika, and minced garlic.
  • Bring the water to a full boil.;
  • Wash the lobster claw thoroughly and drop it in and cover.
  • When the water starts boiling again, start timing it for 13 minutes.;
  • When cooked, transfer the lobster claw to an appropriate container, drain and cool.
  • Serve with your favorite side dish.;
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    Its Going To Be Quick

    Rememberonce the lobsters are on the grill its important to monitor them. They will cook fairly quickly. Overcooked lobster can dry out and turn rubbery and tough. Once the meat begins to turn opaque and firm up, pull the lobster from the grill; it will continue to cook for a few more minutes once removed from the flame.;

    How To Broil Lobster

    How to Grill Lobster

    Enjoy a more caramelized lobster meat almost like what youd get in a hot grill but dont have a grill? No problem! Broiling lobsters achieves a thin layer of sear atop the lobster, giving it something like a crisp smoky flavor. Broiling is also a great option if you plan on adding a flavorful crust to the top of the meat.

    Heres one of our favorite broiled lobster recipes: Turn the Heat Up: Broiled Lobster Tails with Jalapeno Butter.

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    Grilled Cajun Garlic Butter Lobster Tails

    For years I have thought of lobster tail as a special occasion only meal.; It just seems so fancy!; Maybe thats because where I am from it is so rare to see it on a menu.; Not living by the ocean makes this meal so unique to me!; So, when I got a hold of some lobster tails I was over the moon excited to try this recipe!

    I was not let down one bit! The grilled lobster turned to be as insanely delicious as I thought it would be!; It felt like it melted in my mouth! The spices were so perfect with the grilled meat and gave it just enough kick without taking away from the amazing flavors the lobster meat had on its own!; I enjoyed this meal so much and it took an ordinary night at home and made it feel like something special.; We all enjoyed it so much and will definitely be making this again soon!

    Grilling Lobster Tails On A Pellet Grill:

    So, your lobster tail is now cut and prepared perfectly for the grilling process. Now you must follow these steps:

    Step 1: Make sure to brush each tail piece with a bit of olive oil mixed with salt and pepper. This is important for seasoning to increase the taste and flavor.

    Step 2: Start your pellet grill on the âsmokeâ and keep the lid open unless and until the fire is properly established in the burning pot. It will take about 3 to 6 minutes. Then preheat the grill to 350 degree Fahrenheit.

    Step 3: Take a small bowl and mix some minced garlic, some herbs and black pepper with the melted butter. You can add basil, rosemary, thyme, or chive as herbs in the butter.

    Step 4: Now place the lobster tails on the grill with the flesh side down. Keep it like that for about 5 minutes. After 5 minutes, you should flip the tails over and some garlic along with butter on the top mixed with herbs.

    Your grilled lobster tails are ready to serve. Make sure that they are served hot to enjoy the best flavors. You can also add some additional parsley on the grilled tails for garnishing. Undoubtedly, your friends, family and guests will love to indulge in this scrumptious dish.

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    How Each Cooking Method Varies

    • Boiling Quickly cooks the meat in hot water, but the flavor can get diluted.
    • Steaming Rapidly yields a clean flavor for those who like to customize their toppings
    • Baking Gives a delicate texture due to gentle steaming at a consistent temperature in the oven.
    • Broiling Lightly browns the shell and meat for more depth in flavor.
    • Grilling Adds a bit of smokiness and char to the meat and shell.

    How To Microwave Lobster

    How to Cook Lobsters on the Grill without Ruining Them ...

    In a pinch to cook lobster and dont have a pot? Yup, you can zap them in the microwave. It actually steams the lobster in its own shell not the most elegant way to get the job done, but it works well in a jiffy.

    First things first, humanely dispatch the lobster immediately before microwaving. Second, only microwave one lobster at a time!

    Does microwaved lobster taste the same? Microwaving a lobster cooks it in its own juices and the shell imparts extra flavor. To the surprise of well, everyone its actually not a bad way to cook lobster. It also stays hotter longer since it cooks in a thick shell and the bag.;

    Needed materials:

    • One-gallon plastic food-safe zippered freezer bag per lobster for 1 ¼or 1 ½ pound or a 2-gallon freezer bag for 2 pound lobster
    • Lemon half to spear on the rostrum above the eyes*
    • Rockweed to add flavor or 1/4 cup of water

    Cook at the highest setting of the microwave, this will vary.

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