Which Weber Spirit Grill Do I Have

What Is Common To Both Spirit And Spirit Ii

3 Must have accessories for the Weber Spirit II E 310 BBQ Grill.

While most models of the Spirit II series are designed to be an upgrade of the Spirit, some common features define the Spirit line up of Weber grills.

Both Spirit and Spirit II grills are priced at the higher end of the spectrum . Needless to say, both grills deliver your moneys worth.

The cooking space in both grill series measure up to be the same- what you notice, however, is that Spirit II comes in a bulkier design. The durability of these grills is also standard, as they are made using good quality materials that last for years.

S Are Easily Available

Weber has also focused on the easy availability of parts of the grills. Therefore, you will easily find parts for your Weber grill. If you dont want to move your grill then you can also order parts to your home and repair them yourself.

There are several service centers too available to repair your Weber grill parts. What a few people do is get an older model Weber grill at a garage sale then rehab it with new parts. Overall, the easy availability of parts of all Weber grills makes you love your grill.

The Cooking Grates On The Genesis Ii Range And The Spirit Original

are cast iron, cast iron can reach temperatures up to 60% hotter than other metals and retains the heat well. The Spirit Classic E0210, however, usually comes with porcelain-enamelled steel, which does not hold heat as well as cast iron. At Riverside, we equip all our Spirit E0210s with a free upgrade to cast iron GBS® cooking grates.

Still, on the topic of grates, all of the grates in the Genesis II barbecues are GBS® ready, with a 30cm removable section of the grate in which Weber® GBS® accessories can be placed. With so many accessories available, from a pizza stone to a wok and steamer set, getting adventurous with your barbecuing has never been easier. From the Spirit range, however, only the Original E-320, and the Classic E0210 – if purchased from Riverside, come equipped with GBS® compatible cooking grates.

The Spirit barbecues come equipped with removable warming rack, allowing food to be moved up from the main grate to the warming rack, freeing up space on the grill and keeping food warm until it is ready to be eaten. The Genesis II range, however, features a tuck-away warming rack, allowing the rack to be folded up in order to be used, or down when not in use to save space. Additionally, in the Genesis II LX range, this warming rack doubles as an Elevated Tiered Cooking System , and when folded down can be used to cook kebabs, additional accessories can be purchased that clip into the system.

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How Many People Do You Barbecue For

The main factor to consider before determining what size barbecue you need is the number of people you wish to cook for.;With gas barbecues, you usually have the option of multiple burners. For medium crowds, its recommended to use three to four burners, and for larger groups, Weber offers as many as six burners. The number of burners your gas barbecue has also determines your capacity for direct and indirect grilling . For example, with a two-burner model, you can simply turn down or switch off one burner and place food over the side that is switched off. A four-burner model gives you even more options you can switch off two or even three burners and use that space for indirect grilling. Find out more about direct and indirect cooking;in our cooking methods article.

Weber Grill Side Burner


A side burner is an extra burner thats usually located on one of the side tables outside the main grilling area. These can be used for a variety of purposes, but many grillers use them to warm or cook sauces, or to cook additional sides that will accompany the main event. If you often find yourself multitasking while youre grilling, a side burner might be a great idea.

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Bill Nipe Birchwood Wi Model 1880

Date Code: C

I was attending an estate auction when I came across a box which appeared to have a small charcoal grill in it. Upon further inspection, I noticed it was a Weber smoker.

I was sure someone was gonna outbid me, but I won at $18. When I got home, I removed the smoker from the box and found out that it had never been used. I did not know much about the art of smoking or about these smokers until I stumbled across your site.

Well, I have been smoking this little guy every weekend since and the whole family loves the meals this thing turns out. This smoker has been a blast to use along with your site, and it will be smoking for a long time to come.

Is Bigger Better Choosing The Right Grill Size

When it comes to the size of their grill, many cooks and backyard chefs think that bigger is always better. But when selecting your grill you should keep in mind the factors that matter most, because going big is a tradeoff in other areas that you might not initially consider.

There are two significant disadvantages to choosing a larger grill. First of all, large grills take a longer time to heat up. Its simple sciencea larger space requires more heat and energy before it reaches a certain temperature. Just imagine trying to heat a gymnasium with a space heater. as opposed to a small bedroom. This means budgeting for longer prep times when cooking for eager mouths.

The other disadvantage of larger grills is that the use more gas. While gas grills have become more efficient, its a fact that those with larger burners and more burners to fuel will use up gas much quicker than smaller models.

Keep all of this in mind when selecting your gas grill. How much grill space do you really need? Do you entertain larger groups often, or are you generally cooking for you and your small family? Are you big eaters or do you like to enjoy smaller portions? All this will help determine whether you should opt for a smaller grill or go big. Its a personal choice, and there are inherent benefits and drawbacks on both ends of the size spectrum.

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Genesis Silver A / B / C

Older Silver Grills had an open cart

2004 – Silver was placed on the emblem. These grills had a center mounted hood thermometer. They had plastic shelves on the left side of the grill and control knobs to the right.

2005 The Silver series had a closed cart, plastic left side shelf and a center mounted heat thermometer. The A has 2 stainless steel burners. The B and C – Three Burner Grill. The difference between the B and the C is the B had no side-burner and the C included side burner attached to the right of the control panel


Control Knobs were on the Side.

The 310 featured 3 main burners and the 320 has 3 main burners and a side burner

2007: E/S 310, 320 – The E has an emailed hood with an enclosed cart with corresponding painted steel doors with stainless steel trim, porcelain cast iron cooking grates and porcelain steel flavorizer bars while the S has a stainless hood, stainless cooking grates and stainless flavorizer bars.

2008,2009E/S/EP 310, 320 The EP was a special edition grill that had an enameled hood but included stainless cooking grids and Flavorizer bars. This series was offered to specialty alliance dealers.

Kevin Steers Cedarburg Wi

Which Weber should I buy?| Spirit vs Genesis II vs Summit gas grill

Date Code: B

Kevin says, Days after an estate sale in my neighborhood in northern Wisconsin, this WSM was found in the bushes, where it had been abandoned. The new homeowner told me to take it, as he knew I was a barbecue guy. I will need to reverse a mod, as the original owner converted it to propane, I believe, as evidenced by the holes in the base.

In the first photo, you can see the propane valve attached to the front leg of the charcoal bowl. In the third photo looking inside the charcoal bowl, the rectangular hole is probably access for the propane burner; the small hole in the bottom is probably a weep hole for water.

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Why Quality Is Declining In Weber Grills

Some people have reported feeling a few quality declines in Weber grills in recent years. Below, we have discussed why these issues are actually appearing:

  • Outsourced Manufacturing

Right now, Weber is not entirely manufacturing grills in the United States. The company has moved production plants outside of the US. Assembling of parts only takes place in the United States of America. Although, the headquarters of Weber Stephen Products LLC is located in Palatine, Illinois. After assembling the grills are also quality and assurance tested. However, after the outsourcing of grill manufacturing, some people feel a decline in the quality of Weber grills.

  • Technology Glitches

Weber has introduced stunning innovations in their new generation of grills but sometimes you will face technology glitches as well. Todays era is about smart devices and we are living in homes packed with smart gadgets. The ovens, bulbs, tube lights, side lamps, coffeemakers also run on smart connections.

Weber grills come with a smart grilling hub and Weber connect system. However, users have faced some technology glitches including connection errors. Sometimes they are even not that accurate. Its competitors have smart technologies that allow users to monitor and adjust the grill from a smartphone. It gets very important for that company to properly test the technologies than deliver them to the consumers.

  • 430 Grade of Steel

Four Or Six Main Burners

The Weber Summit Grills will have 4 or 6 mainburners. There is the Summit 400 Series , the 600 Series , and the Silver, Gold and Platinum Series.

We always recommend measuring your parts and comparing them to our part description to be absolutely sure.

Does your Grill have wood shelves? Then it is most likely a Genesis 1000-5500 and has 13 flavorizer bars.;

Plastic Shelves? These grill would likely be a Spirit or a Silver, A , B or C

Older Weber grills , and Platinum I/II ) gas grills used a piezo ignition. In fact, it wasn’t until the introduction ofthe E or S series in the Genesis and Spirit that a battery-operated sparkgenerator was introduced.

The Genesis 2007 grills have Side Control knobs and use a2-port spark generator and have the burners running left to right and have more BTU’s than the older grills.

ignitor kit. metal gascollector box and electrode.

ignitor kit. white molded plasticcollector box with ceramic electrode and wires

Genesis – 2011-2016 had a major changein the burner orientation. They moved from horizontal to vertical. They hadused the horizontal orientation for decades. This moved the controls to thefront of the grill. This grill uses a 4-spark generator and Heat deflectors

Genesis II Grills have flat tube burners versus round tube burners. All of the Genesis II open cart grills are imported. The closed cart is Made in the US though many of the parts components are imported. These grills have either 2,3,4 or 6 Main Burners.

Weber Grill Parts Guide

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Weber Spirit Vs Weber Spirit Ii Series Bbq Grills

Three years ago, they changed their internal components on the Spirit II with Weber’s GS4 Grilling System for better ignition and grease management.

Weber added the GS4 Grilling System into all the Genesis II models but only the two least expensive Spirits.

The Spirit has the finished cabinet, whereas the Spirit II does not.

The newer Spirit II is cheaper by $50 at $379 and $479 for the three-burner versus $429 and $529 for the older series.

But what does it mean when you compare both internally?

Let’s take a look.

Weber GS4 First-Strike Ignition System

The Spirit II has a first strike infinity ignition system versus a still effective crossover system in the regular Spirit series.;

What Additional Features Do I Need

WEBER Spirit Classic Burner Hooded Gas BBQ Grill (E

Youve chosen the size of the barbecue based on who youre cooking for, space and number of burners but what about additional features?;

Our larger gas barbecues include the Gourmet BBQ System cooking grates. The removable centre section can be replaced with a number of accessories , allowing you to cook all your favourite meals on the barbecue. Cook anything from pizza to casseroles or even an early morning breakfast – all in the comfort of your garden.

Barbecuing has never been as accurate then with the Spirit II and Genesis gas barbecues, with both series being iGrill 3 compatible. The iGrill 3 allows you to monitor the doneness of up to four cuts of meat from an app, and be notified on your phone once food has reached the perfect temperature to serve. This app-connected thermometer is your answer to perfectly barbecued food. Every time.

Gas barbecues with side burners have all sorts of uses: cooking sauces or side dishes that cant easily be prepared on the barbecue; sautéing vegetables on the side while barbecuing larger items on the grill; or simply keeping your sauces and side dishes warm. Just think of your red wine sauce simmering away on the side burner while you perfect your;steak and fries;on the barbecue! A side burner is the perfect feature for outdoor cooking as it allows you to spend more time outside with your guests while cooking an entire meal.;

Get creative with your side burner

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Craig Smith Chattanooga Tn

Date Code: C

I was talking at work about building a drum smoker and a girl I work with overheard me. She said her husband had an old smoker that doesnt get used at all and offered to call him to see if it was something he wanted to get rid of. Turned out that he was, and this smoker has the date code of C.

Thanks for putting a website like this up and thanks for all the info to use my new to me old Smokey Mountain.

Burners Dont Light Up

For example, after observing your burners if you found out that they are not lit up even then it is high time for you to move. If your first Bruner near the flicker lights up averagely, the middle one is lighting a bit lower and the last one scarcely lights, then the regulator is responsible for this issue. You better change your older one and set a new regulator as a fix.

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Why Are Weber Grills So Expensive Are They Worth To Buy

Weber grills are not cheap. They have priced hundreds of dollars. When we look for a Weber grill, two questions straightly strike into the mind that why are Weber grills so expensive? And are Weber grills worth the money? In todays article, we will be going to have a detailed and straight discussion of this whole scenario.

Weber grills are one of the most popular grills that most families are using for generations. The company has continuously worked on new innovations they can bring in Weber grills. How they can make the grilling experience more joyful and convenient.

Weber grills allow users to have temperature control. This allows the users to control the temperature of their grill and easy to control flare-ups. Another great advantage of Weber grill is the durability and good quality material used in it. You will see Weber grills are backed by a ten-year warranty from the company.

If you use the grill properly and take care as well then your Weber grill will be going to last for decades. Even, you can divide the price of weber grills to ten. Here, you will get the cost you are paying per year. Now, you can compare this to the cost of buying and throwing away a cheap grill every year. Thats one of the main reasons behind most people prefer buying grills from Weber.

How Does A Gas Grill Work

How to Convert a Gas Grill Into a Charcoal Grill–Weber Spirit–Save $$$ (2020)

On the inside, the gas grill is a bit more complicated than the charcoal grill. The gas grill uses natural gas or propane gas to fuel the fire. The gas grill comes with heat plates to distribute the burners heat, minimizing flare-ups and preventing burner damage. Even though getting it to run is more complicated than the charcoal grill, the gas grill is easier to handle.

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Keeping It Cooking: Maintaining Your Weber Grill

Keeping your gas grill clean and maintained is not only important for ensuring it has a long life, its important for keeping you safe. Here are some of the most important regular maintenance tasks you should be doing on a regular basis to keep your Weber grill in tip-top shape.

Check for Leaks

Weber grills are designed to remain free from leaks, but things happen and leaks may occur. One way to check for leaks in your hose or tank is to use a soapy water solution in and around the connection points of your tank and tubes. Then turn on your tank, and if you find bubbles forming its a pretty sure sign that youve got a leak. This means you should not use the grill under any circumstances until the leak has been fixed.

Clean Your Burners

Use a grill cleaning brush to remove food pieces, oxidation and other debris from the surface of your burners. This not only keeps them looking clean but also keeps burners from becoming blocked, which can lead to fires.

Get Rid of Excess GreaseGrease will naturally collect on parts of your grill, but too much grease can be damaging and unsafe. Use a scraper to scrape off any grease thats been solidified on the grill down into the grease tray. From here you can empty the solidified pieces from the grease tray down into the catch pan. The catch pan can then be emptied, and youre ready to go once you replace a new aluminum liner. Easy peasy.

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