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As a conclusion we genuinely believe that the very best cabelas 24 pellet grill needs to be economical as well as an acceptable quality to grill food to its ideal temperature.

So in the event that you really would like the most effective value for money outdoors bbq grill to enjoy along with your relatives and buddies do not miss the cabelas 24 pellet grill which stands out for the top quality, cooking comfort and safety as well as a good robustness on unstable ground.


Are There Pellet Grills Made In The Usa In 2022

You are probably aware that many of the appliances you buy for your home while purchased from an American brand/retailer theyre actually made in another country, typically China. The reason is to generate sufficient margin/profit to cover manufacturing costs, marketing and dealers percentages while at the same time offering an affordable product to consumers. As shown in my A to Z brands list there are lots of pellet grills/smokers on the market today. Many of those pellet grills/smokers are made in China, but some are still made in the USA. So lets discuss those US-made pellet grills/smokers.

Here you have two examples, a true Made in the US pellet grill on the left and on the right a Made in the US with globally sourced components pellet grill : Images BBQGuys.com

Disclaimer: Hey! By the way any links on this page that lead to products on Amazon or other sites are affiliate links and I earn a commission if you make a purchase.

You can use the Table of Content below to jump to the pellet grill brands which are made in the USA today.

I completely understand why many people want to support pellet grill brands that still manufacture in the USA, as it supports US manufacturing jobs. However, US jobs as a whole also need to be considered, and Ill discuss that in my conclusion below.

Traeger Pellets Vs Cabelas Quality

Traeger makes some of the highest quality wood pellets in the industry, with Cabelas pellets falling on the second tier of quality when it comes to performance.

Traeger wood pellets heat up faster and can attain a higher heat with less ash than Cabelas wood pellets.

Though this isnt to say that Cabelas wood pellets are bad.

They are very much worth the money and produce a rich flavorful smoke.

However, they do make a little more dust and leave behind more wood fibers than Traeger.

So, its a good idea to sift them before adding them to the hopper, and then purge the hopper after every use.

Cabelas wood pellets might take a little bit longer to preheat a grill than Traeger, but its not prohibitively long.

While Traegers wood pellet might burn hotter, Cabelas pellets can handle all low-temperature applications and still get a wood pellet grill well beyond 400 degrees.

The small amount of extra ash that they produce is insignificant for all but the longest of smoking sessions.

Especially if you are cleaning out your wood pellet grills firepot after every session like you should.

When you consider the minor decrease of perhaps 10% in quality and the fact that you can get them for nearly half the price, it can make Cabelas wood pellets a way to save money on your wood pellet budget.

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Anyone Tried Cabela’s Pellets

quote:Originally posted by Padrefan98:Best price I have found for small quantities. I usually buy 40#s at a time.

quote:Originally posted by Joe M:I bought a couple bags of Cabela’s competition blend when they were on sale with free shipping. It doesn’t say who makes them . The pellets were tiny pieces with more dust than other brands. They had a higher ash than CS & BBQ’ers. They worked but I wouldn’t buy them again. If you find CookingPellets , give them a try.

Use One Of Traegers Grills If:

Cabelas 36â? pro series pellet smoker for Sale in Atlanta, GA
  • You want a pellet grill that will last for many seasons of frequent use
  • You dont need a great deal of cooking space
  • You plan to keep the grill in one spot most of the time
  • Its important for you to keep an eye on the temperature of the meat as it cooks
  • Youre looking for a unit that carries a generous warranty

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Cabelas Pro Series 24

  • Transparent windows-Both the hopper and the cooking chamber allow you a clear view of whats going on inside
  • Storage Space-This model is equipped with a lower shelf, a side prep station, and a hopper thats designed to hold more utensils and condiments if needed
  • Open-Flame Roasting-Theres an open flame option that allows you to raise the temperature to 500 degrees, thereby putting a good sear on grilled meats
  • Extra wheels-Cabelas grill comes outfitted with four wheels, whereas Traegers has just two

Lone Star Grillz Made In Conroe Texas

Another family-run business that has been making charcoal BBQs and offset smokers/sticker burners for over a decade. Lone Star Grillz have now developed their own range of pellet grills/smokers available in two sizes.

There is the 20 x 36 model and the larger 20 x 42 model, both with the same features and functionality. Below is a video running through the features of these grills.

A demonstration of the features of the Lone Star Grillz pellet BBQs

The cooking chamber designs are carried over from the off-set smokers that Lone Star Grillz have been making for many years which makes a lot of sense. The additional pellet hardware has then been added.

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Kando Gear Made In Red Rock Texas

A family-owned metal fabricator business with over 30 years of experience who has recently decided to enter the pellet game based just outside of Austin, Texas in a town called Red Rock.

They produce three different pellet grill models, the Rival, K480 and the Champ. The designs of all of these pellet grill/smokers are quite unique.

Ive included a video below on Keith the owner of KANDO Gear discussing the differences between two of their models the Rival and the Champ.

As you can see these KANDO Gear pellet grills are unlike any other models on the market: Video KandoGear.com

A combination of 10 gauge and 14 gauge steel is used in the fabrication of the KANDO Gear pellet grills, hence they should have a long life span. They are then finished with three coats of high-temperature resistant paint.

Whats particularly interesting about the design of these grills is the easy access of the pellet burn pot for cleaning/maintenance. Also, they feature FireBoard PID/WiFi control panels which are some of the best in the business currently.

Where Are Camp Chef Dutch Ovens Madewho Makes Cabelas Pellet Grills

NEW – Cabela’s Pellet Grill Review (w/ Window)

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Camp Chef knows that great tasting food brings people together.Camp Chef has been making high quality products for more than 20 years and offers efficient ways to cook for almost any outdoor gathering.Camp Chef can do everything from social functions to campouts.

Camp Chef was established in 1990 because there had to be a better way to cook outdoors.Many campers and sportsmen had an interest in cooking outside, but were not sure what equipment was available to them.He designed a cooking system that would meet the needs of the avid outdoors person.

The Pro 60 is the most versatile cooking system on the market by incorporating accessories to simplify and diversify any outdoor menu.BBQ boxes, flattop griddles, and pizza ovens give users the ability to cook on a single Camp Chef cooking system.

Camp Chef began producing quality cast iron cookware with its signature True-Seasoned Finish after being in the campsite for nearly 10 years.The demand for a versatile outdoor cooking system at home was addressed by Camp Chef another 10 years later.Several cooking systems, smokers, fire pits and more are designed for the home and patio in mind.The company’s roots are in the great outdoors, giving people the chance to experience nature without sacrificing a meal.

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Royall Grills & Smokers Made In Reedsburg Wisconsin

You may not be aware of Royall grills as they have little presence online apart from their own website, hence youll struggle to find an owners review on YouTube for instance.

However, Royall have been producing pellet grills/smokers since 2011 and according to Royall from their website these grills are completely manufactured in the USA.

I have managed to find a video interview with the owner of Royall Grills & Smokers from way back in 2011 at a BBQ event, Ive included that video below.

An interview with the owner of Royall Grills & Smokers from 2011

Despite their low profile on YouTube etc Royall Grills & Smokers appear to still be in business and their products have been updated from those seen in the video above.

Trager Ironwood Grill Series

If youre somebody that appreciates top quality and also is trying to find a pellet smoker thats an action up in terms of development and also function, the Traeger Ironwood is a great option.

Before we get into the basics of just how well this smoker carries out, weve simply got to point out the difference in between the Ironwood 885 and the Ironwood 650. And, the ONLY difference is the dimension. The Ironwood 885 provides you 885 square inches of cooking room while the Ironwood 650 gives you 650 square inches.

All the components, products and results youll get are the very same despite whether youre using the 650 or the 885. Although this is a Traeger Ironwood 885 customer review, everything we say uses to the 650 too, its just a little smaller sized as well as slightly less expensive.

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Arent Traeger Grills Made In The Usa

Traeger, the longest and most established pellet grill brand were originally manufactured in Oregon and were produced in the USA up until 2006 when the Traeger family sold the company. In 2006 the patent that Traeger had on the design of pellet grills/smokers since 1986 ran out, then more makes/brands of pellet grills started to enter the market.

Traeger felt they had to move manufacturing abroad to expand the company to make it viable while still offering a product at a price their customers are happy to pay. Hence, today Traeger pellet grills are made in China.

While Traeger is still an American company who design their pellet grills in the USA they are manufactured abroad: Image Traegergrills.com

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Cabelas Bbq Wood Pellets

Cabelas 36â? pro series pellet smoker for Sale in Atlanta, GA

Cabelas BBQ Wood Pellets is made from 100% natural, virgin hardwood that comes from sustainable timberland these all-purpose pellets burn clean and hot, adding the flavor of your favorite hardwoods to your food. No artificial flavorings or fillers.

MeanwhileYou, only need 3 oz. to season your Grill for 1 hour of high-heat cooking 5 lb. bag reserves you for 17 hrs of cooking time before needing a refill.

Traeger is a perfect alternative

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Cabelas Pro Series 24 Pellet Grill

This pellet grill has a big front window that will allow you to check the condition of the food you are cooking without opening the grill door. The Cabelas Pro Series 24-inch pellet grill comes with digital control that is easy to operate. It also has a meat probe that can help you in monitoring the internal food temperature and cooking temperature.

When it comes to the grills temperature, you can adjust it from as low as 180-degree Fahrenheit for slow smoking. And for open-flame roasting, you can change it as high as 500-degree Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, the pellet grill has 671 square inch cooking that comes with a removable and adjustable upper cooking rack.

Design-wise, it sports a distinct elliptical design that offers better cooking area as well as vertical space. Further, it has large pellet hopper that will keep the grill cooking for extended without replenishing fuel.

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Finally, it has a porcelain-coated and long-lasting cooking racks, vacuum ash clean-out, and side shelf designed for food preparation.

So, if youre looking for a pellet grill that can perform everything from quick searing to slow smoking, then this is for you.


  • Short life

Cooking Space And Temperature

Cabela’s and Traeger pellet grills are equally good when it comes to cooking space. Both brands provide sufficient grilling areas. Thus, cooking for a large household will not be a problem on either of these grills.

However, when it comes to temperature, you may not have maximum temperature control on both these grills. The temperature variations on both these grills are not the best. But if you are still a beginner at grilling, the temperature settings won’t be an issue.

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Traeger Pro 575 Pellet Grill

The Traeger Pro 575 pellet grill offers a big cooking area, a durable build, and versatility. This model performs well as other pellet grills twice its price, making it a great choice if your budget is more modest.

The Traeger Pro 575 pellet grill is a premium model packed with features for better convenience and performance. The Traeger Pro Series comes with D2 Direct Drive technology that ensures connectedness between the motor, auger, and variable speed fan, delivering fast startup times and consistent smoke throughout the grilling session. Easy-to-clean porcelain grates ensure optimal heat distribution.

Also, as the Traeger grills most popular, the Pro 575 has expanded capabilities, including a removable front shelf.

Why Buy Gas Grills Manufactured Inthe Usa From Bbq Depot

Cabela’s Pellet Grill – Replacing The Control Board

At BBQ Depot, we feel there are severalreasons to buy grills made in America. Heres a few of our favorite reasons:

1. It supports our economy on a national andlocal scale.

2. It provides job security for Americans.

3. Manufacturing standards on gas productsmade in the USA are subject to stringent regulations and laws that areregularly enforced. Not every country shares these same standards. We have seen countless numbers of imported gas products that are manufacturedto standards that are so low they are considered unlawful in the USA. Buying anAmerican-made gas grill from the BBQ Depot can give you peace of mind that yourgrill has been made and inspected to be up to par with the latest laws andguidelines.

4. Buying grills made in America gives youeasier access to service, warranty, and replacement parts. Is there anythingmore frustrating than not being able to purchase a replacement part? Not onlydo we sell American-made grills, but we sell the American-made replacementparts that go along with them. No more wasting hours and hours searching the Internet trying to find the rightpart, only to find out it doesnt exist anymore. Just head to our website or giveus a call and well help you find it.

5. The quality of manufacturing is higher.When a product is designed and manufactured in the United States, the entireconstruction pipeline can be monitored closely. This means fewer defects and abetter overall product.

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Which Smoker Should I Buy

Brand new to smokers but think the Pellet Grill smokers are the way to go. I am looking to spend around $600 $800. Looking for a more of an entry level type grill. I think I have narrowed it down to the following:Green Mountain Daniel BooneCabelas Traeger


Extend your budget, get a MAK and never look back. My MAK 2 is just an incredible smokin machine!


Im with these guys, I would take the Green Mountain over the Traeger. I was in the same dilemma you are a while back and decided I wanted to do it right, so I started looking at MAK and Yoder. I ended up with a Rec-Tec, a little more than I wanted to originally spend but not too far out of my budget. Once I wear this one out my plan is to get a MAK. There are a lot of people happy with each cooker from each price point but typically it seems with pellet cookers you pretty much do get what you pay for.

Rec Tec RT-680

A To Z List Of Pellet Grill/smoker Brands

Back in 2007 when I first become aware of pellet grills and smokers the only brand I was really aware of was Traeger. Traeger is really where this whole concept of cooking with pellets started in the 1980s. It was a slow burner but since the 2010s is really when pellet grills and smokers started to get mainstream awareness, discussed alongside gas and charcoal grills. There are now over 30 pellet grill/smoker brands that Im aware of, and the link above goes to my A to Z list of brands article.

Now, you may already be aware of a few of the other brands such as Pit Boss, Camp Chef, Z Grills and Im sure you are aware of Weber, though you may not have known they have entered the pellet grill game. However, they are now many, many more brands to look into. Some may be what are commonly referred to as Traeger clones, but many others are offering their own unique designs and features.

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