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Cabelas Smoke Station 24 Pellet Grill

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The Smoke Station 24 Pellet Grill from Cabelas® is made of durable heavy-gauge steel and designed to give you over 580 sq.. of primary cooking space, as well as 218 sq. in. of secondary cooking space so that you can feed a crowd without fail. With a porcelain-coated grate, stainless steel exterior, and easy-to-read control panel, this Grill offers everything you need to smoke or grill with ease.

Cabelas Smoke Station pellet grill provides built-in smoking capabilities, as well as gas searing, to create one delicious piece of equipment. The smoke tray is quickly loaded from the outside. Smoking capabilities include everything from jerky and sausage to brisket and salmon.

Moreso, the simple-to-use controller, delivers ultimate temperature control with a meat temperature probe or fully programmable PID controller. The digital display features an automatic outdoor temperature readout to monitor the weather and a clock with a timer. Includes stainless steel grilling tray, grease pan, and cup.

If you cant find this Cabela model then go for Traeger

What To Look For In A Pellet Grill

Pellet grills have garnered a reputation because of their exceptionally tasty results and ease of use. Their indirect heat delivery system allows you to experiment with your meal in a safe manner.

Before we delve into the differences and similarities between pellet grills by Cabelas and Traeger, we think its essential for you to know what to look for in a good pellet grill.

Cabelas Pro Series 36 Grill

The Camp Chef Pellet Grill & Smoker XL is a versatile outdoor kitchen tool that allows you to enjoy smoking meats or vegetables.

You wont need any special equipment to use the pellet smoker because it features a convenient digital temperature readout.

It has a large-capacity hopper that holds enough pellets to feed the fire for several hours.

When you start using the pellet grill, you can easily adjust the temperature dials to get the perfect smokey flavor.

It also includes a built-in ash catcher that keeps your grill clean after every use.

The Camp Chef pellet grill is designed to provide maximum convenience and ease of use.

A pellet grill is a great choice if you love to cook outdoors and need something big enough to handle all your meals.

You get a lot of versatility with a pellet grill because you can roast, smoke, bake, braise, barbecue, and even fry all at once.

These grills also come with a built-in thermometer, making them perfect for beginners. However, they arent cheap.

A basic pellet grill runs about $500, while a top-of-the-line pellet grill can run anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000.

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Are Pellet Grills Worth The Expense

A pellet grill is a great option if youre looking for something quick and easy to use.

Pellets are made from different types of wood and can be found at any grocery store. They come in various sizes and flavors.

When using a pellet grill, there is no cooking process involved.

You simply press the power button on the unit and wait for it to get hot enough to begin cooking.

Once the desired temperature is reached, youll see the flames light up around the grill and the fan will start blowing out air.

This means that the grill is ready to cook your food. You can also choose to grill at a specific temperature using an external thermometer.

Pellet grills also come equipped with digital thermostats, allowing you to monitor the internal temperature of your food and adjust accordingly.

These digital controls are easy to use and are intuitively designed.

You simply need to select the desired temperature range and press the start button.

If you prefer not to use a thermometer, you can still manually control the temperature by adjusting the airflow.

Best Overall: Camp Chef Smokepro Dlx Pellet Grill

Cabelaâs 36â? pro series pellet smoker &  grill for Sale in Atlanta, GA ...

Wood pellet grills are taking over patios in America, and its no surprise. With their convenience and versatility, these grills do almost all of the work for you using electricity. While there is a wide range of grills to choose from, we found that none compare to the Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill. This model comes with a number of extra features, such as its included meat probes, adjustable smoke settings, large-capacity hopper, and side table for holding utensils, that make it stand out from the competition.

One standout feature is the automated auger, which feeds wood pellets to the grill. This unit also has an auto-start electric ignition, which means you can start the grill with a simple twist of a knob versus having to use lighter fluid and matches. Reviewers especially love how simple it is to clean. There is both a grease drain and a removable ash system that makes for a quick and easy cleanup.

This grill offers a lower rack measuring 429 square inches and an upper smoking area of 141 square inches. It also comes with a PID controller, a top-of-the-line feature that allows the user to adjust grill temperature more accurately . The temperatures for this model range between 160 and 500 degrees.

Weight: 140 lbs.| Grilling Area: 570 sq. in. | Hopper Capacity: 18 lbs. | Temperature Range: 160-500ºF | Dimensions: 45 x 21 x 51 inches

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What Are The Advantages Of Pellet Grills

There are a number of reasons some people prefer pellet grills over traditional charcoal or gas models. One of the main benefits is that they provide precise temperature control with minimal oversight, which is useful if, for instance, you plan to smoke food for long periods of time.

Pellet grills also give food a wonderful smoky flavor, and you can use different types of pellets to control the flavor profile of your meals. Further, because pellet grills cook using indirect heat, they prevent flare-ups and result in more even cooking.

Control Of Temperature Level

A temperature level gauge is generally present on lp and also charcoal grills, yet it isnt often precise. Food preparation at precise temperature levels is much easier with a pellet Traeger grill given that it works more like a stove.

The temperature level control of the Traeger system isnt exactly as specific as the one in your cooking area, yet it usually functions well.

There are some pellet grill manufacturers that only provide low, medium, and also high-temperature settings.

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The Benefits Of Smoking With Pellets

The biggest benefit of using a pellet smoker is the ease of use. Rather than trying to get charcoal up to a certain temperature and keep it there for hours, a using pellets gives you an even consistent heat that lasts for many hours.While the same can be done with a traditional smoker, it takes a fair amount of skill and practice to keep the temperature and conditions consistent.

Safety measures you should know about pellet

Pellet grills are incredibly safe. The key is to use a high-quality grill and fill the hopper with premium food-grade, all-natural wood pellets. While charcoal and gas grills can be prone to flare-ups due to grease dripping into the flames, this is not a problem associated with pellet grills, providing a more reliable and predictable cooking experience.

What is a wood pellet? Are they toxic?

Wood pellets are typically composed of sawdust, wood chips, sticks, and lumber mill scrap. Manufacturers use a hammer mill to ensure the materials are approximately the same size. They then expose the sawdust to high pressure to bind the pieces together. After being in an oven at a temperature of approximately 225°F, the wood pellets are soft. A controlled cooling process allows the wood pellets to harden.

At no point in the process does the manufacturer require chemicals to create their product. Pressure, heat, and cooling do not add contaminants to wood pellets so they are free from toxic pollutants.

Are There Other Pellet Grill Brands That Used To Be Made In The Usa

Cabelas Pro Series 36-in Elliptical Pellet Grill Review

Another example, while a much smaller company than Traeger is Grilla Grills. They are an American owned company thats more than 40 years old with a factory based in Michigan focused on metal processing. Hence, making their own pellet grills just seemed a natural step for them to take. And for the first couple of years when Grilla Grills came onto the market they were 100% made in the USA, at the Michigan based factory. While their pellet grills were very well received by their customers, and still are, the price of their grills was stopping them from being able to grow. Hence, they chose to move the main manufacturing of their grills abroad. Though they still manufacture some of the accessories in the USA. You can read more about it here, but Ive also included a video below from Mark Graham who is the sales and manufacturing manager over at Grilla Grills.

Mark Graham explains why Grilla Grills chose to move the main manufacturing of their pellet grills overseas: Video Grillagrills.com

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Has Ample Cooking Area

For larger families, a primary surface of 350-800 sq. inches should be enough. Pellet grills come in different sizes. Larger sizes include 500-700 sq. inch of primary cooking area while the smaller pellet grills usually feature a primary cooking area of 450 sq. inch. An upper rack of 100-150 sq. feet makes the smaller grills not so different from larger variants.

% Off Cabelas Smoke Station 36 Pellet Grill

Product photos from retailer sites.

If youre hoping to prepare meat, like brisket and ribs, in addition to summer barbecue staples of hotdogs and hamburgers, a pellet grill like this Cabelas model is the way to go. This pellet grill is engineered to maintain a consistent temperature over an extended period of time. This grill also includes an attachable Sear Station to cook over a direct flame or indirect heat from the pellet burner.

Promising review:This grill is pretty awesome! Easy assembly and operation. The control board took a minute to figure out, but Ive got it down now. No more babysitting my smoker all day. Gets hot enough to grill steaks and burgers too.

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What Is A Pellet Grill Or Pellet Smoker

Theyre the same thing, and the names get used interchangeably. Powered by electricity, pellet smokers allow you to make slow-smoked barbecue at home with a lot less guesswork and babysitting than in more traditional methods. Instead of wood and charcoal, these grills uses pellets made from compressed sawdust for fuel. You set the grill to a specific temperature, and it automatically dispenses and ignites these pellets as needed to heat the cooking chamber over the long, slow smoking process.

Heres how it works: The pellets sit in a hopper attached to the side of the grill. When you start the grill and set the temperature, an auger dispenses pellets into the fire pot. The grill then ignites the pellets, and when it reaches the set temperature, it automatically maintains that heat throughout the cooking process. As long as your grill is reliable, you could load it with pellets before you go to bed and have a beautifully smoked brisket by morning, without having to wake up and tend coals every couple of hours.

As long as your grill is reliable, you could load it with pellets before you go to bed and have a beautifully smoked brisket by morning.

Why Cabelas Pellet Grills

Cabelas 36â? pro series pellet smoker for Sale in Atlanta, GA

Cabelas pellet grills come in many styles and sizes. Some of them are designed for commercial use, while others are meant for backyard cooking.

There are also pellet grills that are designed specifically for outdoor cooking.

These types of grills are usually heavy-duty units that can withstand all kinds of weather conditions.

They offer excellent features like automatic ignition systems and temperature controls.

Many of them even have a digital display that lets you monitor your cooking progress.

There are many types of grills available today. Some are designed for outdoor cooking, while others are made for indoor cooking.

There are also grills that are designed specifically for pellet grilling.

These grills usually have an electric heating element that heats up pellets inside the grill. One of the best brands of pellet grills is Camp Chef.

Camp Chef grills are made in the United States. They are very durable and come with a warranty.

Rec Tec grills are also made in the U.S., but they are not as well-built as Camp Chef grills. Rec Tec grills tend to break down quickly.

If you are looking for a pellet grill that is easy to clean, then a Rec Tec grill may be right for you.

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Certain Downsides Cabelas Wood Pellet Grill Manual

The most obvious is the need for an electric outlet to power up the grill. If you do not have one in your backyard or youre genuinely seeking to grill in the great outdoors, this isnt necessarily the grill for you.

I will likewise say that the wood pellets, sadly, are not quite as very easy to find by as charcoal or propane. If you know that youre running reduced on the pellets, youll wish to stockpile earlier as opposed to later on

Interior Halogen Grill Lights

This especially comes in handy when it comes to grilling during the seasons where the nights are long. Youll no longer have to stop barbecuing just because of the time.

After having a grill equipped with interior grill lights, you will never turn to a BBQ without them I promise you that.

Its a great way to conveniently see what youre doing without having to bring out your own source of light to your barbecuing session.

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The Pros And Cons Of Pellet Grills

The biggest pro to investing in a pellet grill versus other types of grills is its simplicity, according to Lampe. The cooker does all the work and makes it pretty easy to cook barbecue, he explained.

Marks agreed that when it comes to ease of use and consistency, a pellet grill wins. Temperature control produced by a pellet grill makes a huge difference for the average Joe, he added. If you want to have a great barbeque with a reasonable amount of work while still being able to enjoy your friends and family when they are over, a pellet grill is the best way to go with the most amount of success and the least amount of stress.

However, the biggest potential downside is that its a mechanical device, so if theres a loss of power or a malfunction, that can disrupt your day of cooking. Good maintenance helps with this, Lampe added. A long-time BBQ pro might like to play with the fire while theyre cooking, but a pellet cooker means there is really no need to tend your fire constantly making it perfect for an at-home cook.

To help prevent this, he emphasized the importance of keeping your pellet grill dry and protected from the elements with a secure cover. If the electronics get wet they can short out and the replacement parts for those panels generally are not under warranty, as you the owner are responsible for proper care, he said. Also, when pellets get wet they expand and then dry causing the auger to lock up.

Trager Ironwood Grill Series

Cabelas 36″ Pellet Grill Review

If youre somebody that appreciates top quality and also is trying to find a pellet smoker thats an action up in terms of development and also function, the Traeger Ironwood is a great option.

Before we get into the basics of just how well this smoker carries out, weve simply got to point out the difference in between the Ironwood 885 and the Ironwood 650. And, the ONLY difference is the dimension. The Ironwood 885 provides you 885 square inches of cooking room while the Ironwood 650 gives you 650 square inches.

All the components, products and results youll get are the very same despite whether youre using the 650 or the 885. Although this is a Traeger Ironwood 885 customer review, everything we say uses to the 650 too, its just a little smaller sized as well as slightly less expensive.

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Cabelas Pellet Grill Vs Traeger A Brand Overview

Before diving further into the details of Cabelas pellet grill vs Traeger, lets take a general look at the brands popularity and their products overall quality.

The Pro Series 24 Model From Cabelas

The Pro Series 22 Model From Traeger

Cabelas and Traeger are among some of the pioneers in terms of pellet grill manufacture. Their products have proved efficiency, durability, and quality after many years of competing with other contenders in the field.

Cabelas was founded in 1962 by an American direct marketer named Richard Cabela. This company specializes in producing outdoor cooking merchandise, and their pellet grills are the most well-loved series they have ever created.

Since its establishment, the company has always focused on improving the technology and optimizing the performance of its products. It has given this company an ultimate monopoly in pellet grill manufacture for many years.

On the other hand, pellet grills from Traeger won customers hearts with their affordability and top-notched quality.

Traeger was founded by an inventor named Joe Traeger. He created the very first Traeger pellet grill in 1985 after experimenting with the mechanism of wood-burning stoves.

The core thing that brings Traeger pellet grills closer to the customers is the products value for the price. Despite the popularity, every item from Traeger is offered at such a budget-friendly cost.

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