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IN 1974, Ed Fisher opened a store here called the Pachinko House to sell the upright pinball games of that name that he imported from Japan. He also shipped in ovoid earthenware grills called kamados. But they only collected dust in the back of that strip-mall storefront until he began cooking chicken wings with them and fanning the smoke toward the street to attract shoppers.

We were selling something called a kamado from a place named after a pachinko, recalled Mr. Fisher, who first saw the charcoal-fueled cookers in the 1950s as a Navy lieutenant in Japan. That didnt sound American, and that wasnt easy. But once I got people to try one, once they tasted the chicken we cooked on them, they were hooked.

Giving them a distinctive green, dimpled surface and a catchy name helped. So did that cool shape, which looked somehow countercultural when compared with conventional grills.

Now, more than 2,000 retailers across the nation stock Big Green Eggs, the brand of ceramic kamados that Mr. Fisher eventually developed, with sales, he said, growing by more than 20 percent every year for the past two decades.

At first, the eggs caught on as compact backyard barbecue pits. But as the fervor grew, fans began using them for many things that could be made in an oven, as well on a grill, whether Bundt cakes or pepperoni pizzas.

Selling customers was tougher back when Mr. Fisher, of the Pachinko House, began importing kamado grills more than 30 years ago.

Blaze Kamado Explosive Durability Test

In this video, we put the Blaze cast aluminum kamado through the ultimate durability test to see how it stacks up against its ceramic competitors. We first see how each type of kamado can handle a shot from a .460 Magnum, then we pack 2 pounds of the explosive substance known as Tannerite into both grills to well blow them up! The result is a sky-high explosion you dont want to miss.

What Do The Reviews Say About Big Green Egg Grills

We usually check online at Amazon or a big box store for reviews in this space. However, Big Green Egg reviews are hard to find because Eggs are sold in physical stores by Authorized Dealers only. No Amazon!

The good news is you dont have to go far to find Egghead forums filled with thousands of glowing opinions, advice and cooking tips. Heres a link.

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The History Of Big Green Egg Throughout Civilization

In the beginning, there was wood, dry leaves, lightning and eventually, fire. Early man soon learned about the flavor benefits of cooking meat over this exciting discovery, which quickly gained acclaim as far superior to gnawing on raw Tyrannosaurus ribs!

Later cultures discovered that the results were even better when the fire and food were contained inside a dome-shaped, earthen vessel. Evidence of these early prototypes of the Big Green Egg have been found by archeologists in the ruins of nearly every civilization around the worldexcept the Propanians, who preferred to scorch their meals using volcanic gasses, and the DriveThruians, who ate all their meals from take-out and quickly vanished from planet earth.

Todays Big Green Egg is a modern-day evolution of these ancient cookers. Centuries ago, these knee-high cookers were fueled by wood or natural charcoal , and pots were hung inside them for cooking rice. Eventually a slatted cooking grid was fitted inside for grilling and roasting meats. Popularity spread as U.S. service members discovered this type of cooker during World War II and shipped them home after the war. The domed cookers were an exciting alternative to the metal charcoal or gas grills of the day, and people became enamored with the added flavor and juiciness this newly discovered style of cooking gave to foods.

Often copied, but never equaled the Big Green Egg is the Ultimate Cooking Experience! If it doesnt say Big Green Egg, it isnt.

What Is The Big Green Egg

Maple Syrup

To put things specifically, the Green Egg is the name of akamado-style ceramic charcoal barbecue cooker. There are several differentthings to note here. For instance, a kamado-style cooker comes from theJapanese word for a stove or place for the cauldron. It refers to themodernized version of the 3,000-year-old earthenware cooking that has been usedby the Japanese, and its shape often resembles an egg, hence the name of thecooker.

The ceramic in the cooker also makes a massive difference. Ceramic isknown to withstand incredibly hot temperatures, and it can heat up considerablyquickly as well. This means that this particular cooker is going to be able tohandle the heat of anything you cook, while also not taking a long time to heatup on a cold winter day. Ceramic is also known for holding its heat well,meaning that you can also consider slow-cooking an option with these cookers.

Finally, this cooker utilizes charcoal as its power source, ratherthan gas or electricity. This gives experienced smokers the option of usingdifferent kinds of charcoal and wood chips to add another layer of flavor tothe meats they cook. This also means that you have the opportunity to smokefood in this cooker, which is something that many people enjoy doing.

The Green Egg is a cooker that has a number of different uses and cancompete with just about any gas grill in terms of usability.

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How Are The Accessories

Take your pick from cast-iron cooking grates, side tables, custom cooking islands, covers, pizza stones, grill racks, woks, and more.

We only tested a few EGGcessories, but there are hundreds to choose from. Take your pick from cast-iron cooking grates, side tables, custom cooking islands, covers, pizza stones, grill racks, woks, and more. Big Green Egg also has its own brand of oak and hickory lump charcoal and charcoal starters. They even sell a wireless temperature control unit that allows you to set the grills temperature from your smartphone. All of these items come at a price, and customizing your Egg can add up pretty quickly.

How The Egg Is Made

For more than 25 years, each Big Green Egg has been manufactured in a hi-tech factory in Mexico . This factory only employs professionals who specialise in working with ceramics that must be fired at very high temperatures. We are proud of our exclusive contract with with this partner, ensuring that they will only produce kamados for Big Green Egg. In this way the production process will remain a secret, just like the formula for Coca-Cola.

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Kamado Joe Vs Big Green Egg

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The two most popular brands in the ceramic grill market are the Big Green Egg and the Kamado Joe.

These are the top ceramic grills used by professionals around the world and they truly are phenomenal grills. I dreamed of owning one for years before I was eventually able to afford one.

And believe me, its worth the price. Ceramic grills are in a league of their own and allow you to take your grilling and smoking game to the next level.

Just like me, Im sure youre trying to decide between two of the top brands. I did loads of research and tested out a few grills before I finally made my decision.

Which of these brands offers more for less? Ive detailed my findings below to help you make the right choice for your needs and budget.

I will also share my choice and the reasons for it. The final decision, though, is yours. Will you buy the Big Green Egg, or the Kamado Joe?

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To get started, Ive briefly identified some of the key characteristics of this type of grill, and how each of the brands matches up in the table below.

  • 2 Conclusion: Big Green Egg vs Kamado Joe
  • How Does It Work

    Big Green Egg vs Pellet Grill: Epic Rib Battle Part 1 – Spare Ribs

    The Big Green Egg reaches cooking temperature and is ready to use in just minutes thanks to the eggs design, which allows for airflow similar to a fireplace. Lighting the natural lump charcoal is quick and easy with a natural charcoal or electric starter . Patented venting features adjust airflow and control temperatures, which are monitored by a precision temperature gauge.

    Learn more about how the egg works.

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    Are Big Green Egg Grills Any Good

    Theyre big, theyre green, theyre egg-shaped but are these grills any good? Join us in this detailed article to find out

    Big Green Egg Grills are designed and made in North America, with some ceramic parts made in Mexico. They were developed by American servicemanEd Fisher in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974. He enlisted engineers using state-of-the-art NASA ceramics to build a cooker with superior heat insulation.

    Lets crack the shell on Big Green Egg Grills and serve up an information omelette looking at where theyre made and by whom, what products are in the range and how to use and maintain them.

    What Makes The Big Green Egg Special

    Kamado grills came to the United States following World War 2, when American servicemembers saw the Japanese mushikamado grills popular across that country. The Big Green Egg originated in the 1970’s and the company has established itself as an industry leader for quality, customer service, and excellent attention to product design. The name is because it looks like a green big egg. While not the first Kamado cooker in the States, Big Green Eggers are some of the most enthusiastic grill masters around. The community posts recipe ideas and innovative ways to cook every imaginable thing online. The Big Green Egg has built a loyal following of people not easily swayed by new-fangled approaches to cooking on a ceramic grill. These ceramic grills are instantly recognizable by the green hammered finish and the distinct egg shape.

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    Everything You Need To Know About Big Green Egg Grills

    Are you an Egghead?

    A lot of weird things came out of the ’70s, but none of the questionable cultural phenomena still have as much traction as the Big Green Egg. No, it’s not a fashion statement, nor is it something you and your partner can only do behind closed doors it’s a grill. And if you fancy yourself a barbecue connoisseur, you need to know more about it.

    Big Green Egg Vs Traeger Grill : Head To Head Comparison

    What Makes the Big Green Egg Grill so Special

    Who doesnt love the thought of barbeque on a pleasant afternoon?

    The company of good friends and smoking hot steaks getting ready is all you need for a fun day.

    If you are the host to these wonderful occasions, chances are you already have a barbeque grill in your home.

    When talking about grills, two names often come up, the Traeger Grill and the Big Green Egg.

    A group of people will always go back to Traeger Grill blindly. And there are others who consider BGE grills to be the best choice for preparing delicious steaks.

    But which one is better?

    Can they even be compared? Which one should be your choice when buying a barbeque grill for yourself?

    These are the questions we aim to address in this article. So, take your pencils and start taking notes as we dive into a thorough comparison between Traeger Grill vs. Big Green Egg.

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    How The Big Green Egg Became A Phenomenon

    The outdoor grill barely quivers, without billowing any eye-watering smoke signals, and it provides the only dash of deep color on this otherwise monochrome gray deck. To someone who hasnât watched a cooking show or attended an upper-middle-class dinner party during the past decade, it would look distinctly foreignâeither prehistoric or futuristic, as if it holds the fetus of a brontosaurus or thrums like some ominous extraterrestrial pod from science fiction. In any case, the Big Green Egg is about to hatch something wondrous.

    âSee, most grills would have smoke all over the place at this point,â says chef Kevin Rathbun, demonstrating the cooker he uses at his Morningside home. âWith a low heat, you can walk away from it for hours, all night even, but at this high heatâabout 700 degreesâyou really need to burp the egg to let air in slowly. Itâs demanding oxygen to breathe.â He gently lifts the 40-pound domed lid, which releases a small plume of smoke and reveals a sizzling 30-ounce porterhouse steak. Itâs exquisitely charred in eight minutes, and then Rathbun slings a mammoth curl of lobster tail on the grill, along with some lightly seasoned yu choy greens.

    âSee how tender and juicy everything is?â he says. âThe tight seal and the sheer thickness of the ceramic material is the best at retaining moisture, so your food never dries out.â

    Eggfests & EggheadsThe fraternity of BGE lovers is deep and wide.

    Is The Big Green Egg Worth It

    Before testing the Big Green Egg, I thought it was just an expensive charcoal grill. Now, I know why it has a loyal following of Eggheads. The versatility of the Big Green Egg really sets it apart from other gas and charcoal grills. Turn it into a smoker, use it as an oven, or fire up some really tasty burgers. I would be lying if I said this grill isnt on my Christmas list this year.

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    Why Does The Big Green Egg Offer Such A Small Mini

    There are times that call for a small, intimate celebration and lighting a full bag of charcoal may seem downright wasteful. Enter Mini-Max. We love the versatility of Mini-Max when a special occasion or a quick meal is in order. They are also highly portable for taking camping or to a vacation home.

    See what other Designer Appliances readers are saying.

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    Where Can I Find Recipes

    Big Green Egg vs Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills

    I turned my Big Green Egg into an outdoor oven to make pizza.

    One thing youll definitely receive with the purchase of an Egg is an entrance into a community that calls themselves Eggheads. Big Green Eggs website has hundreds of recipes to help you get started using your Egg, and theres even a culinary center with classes. If you really get into it, you can attend Eggfests in cities across the country or participate in the online forum to get advice with your fellow grillers.

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    What Is A Kamado Style Grill

    Kamado grills are ceramic cooking devices that originate from Asia where they are often used on street corners and in restaurants. In the United States, kamado grills have become very popular for smoking and grilling at home. Kamado style grills can use charcoal or wood as a heat source and feature adjustable vents to allow for controlling the airflow. A good design allows grill masters to maintain the right cooking temperature over long periods of time. The highest quality kamado grills provide decades of cooking perfection, ease of use, and consistently superior results.

    Big Green Egg Accessories For Steak Lovers

    Cast Iron Cooking Grates

    While the stainless steel grates included with the Big Green Egg are incredibly durable, upgrade to the cast iron cooking grates when you want steak house quality food. The Cast Iron grates get very hot, retain their heat and give you restaurant style sear marks on your steaks and chops.

    Plancha Griddle

    The plancha griddle is also made out of cast iron and provides a great cooking surface for searing meats, vegetables and seafood.

    Ceramic Cookers

    For chicken and turkey, these ceramic cookers are awesome! They infuse your meat with so much flavor and moisture. Fill the ceramic cooker with your favorite liquid , herbs and spices, then sit your poultry directly on the ceramic cooker and roast until done. When you carve the meat, it will fall right off the bone.

    Instant Read Thermometer

    Want to make sure your steak is done to your desired temperature? The Instant Read Thermometer is the tool for you. Insert the thermometer into your meat to check on the temperature. No guess work on when your meat is done with the Big Green Egg thermometer.

    Automatic Temperature Control DigiQ BBQ Guru

    The temperature control allows you to monitor the temperature of your Egg. This comes in very handy if you are doing a long, slow smoke and you want to get a good night’s sleep. The Temperature control will keep your Egg at the right temperature when you can not be there to monitor it.

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    Features Face To Face

    For the purposes of comparing the two brands, weve chosen two grills of a similar size and with similar functions, in this case, the Big Green Egg Large and Kamado Joe Classic III.

    Well be comparing their warranty, build quality, the accessories they come with, and the customer support and community engagement associated with each brand.

    Why Trust The Spruce Eats

    Weber Summit vs. Big Green Egg

    Donna Currie is a cookbook author as well as a writer and product tester for The Spruce Eats. She stays up to date on all the latest grills and gadgets and personally tested a kamado grill for this roundup.

    Danielle Centoni is the author of five cookbooks and a writer and product tester for The Spruce Eats. She also tested one of the most popular kamado grills on this list.

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