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Camp Chef’s 14″ Grill System for your RV – Part 2

To start, you need to fill the hopper to the top with high-quality natural wood pellets. While most grills can work with any type and brand of pellets, some require specific ones from their brand.

Next, assemble your cooking grates correctly inside the chamber to keep them in place, set your desired temperature using the control panel, and connect it to a power supply. If you want to cook in a short time, keep a higher temperature.

After this, you have to turn on the grill. If your grill contains an auto-ignition button, press down on the button for a few moments. Otherwise, you can ignite the pellets manually using a lighter.

Your smart meat probes will measure the internal temperature and display it on the LED. When your heat levels are up, place your meat inside the grill and follow your recipe step-by-step.

You can even insert the probes inside your meat to keep an eye on your dish without opening the temperature. The set-it and forget-it grill will do all the rest of the cooking for you while you enjoy a drink.

Just make sure to keep an eye on the hopper and refill it with pellets if needed. After the set time, turn off the grill, remove your dishes, and wait for the grill to cool down. Next, you have to clean out the grills before storing it away until the next time you might need it.

Are There Other Pellet Grill Brands That Used To Be Made In The Usa

Another example, while a much smaller company than Traeger is Grilla Grills. They are an American owned company thats more than 40 years old with a factory based in Michigan focused on metal processing. Hence, making their own pellet grills just seemed a natural step for them to take. And for the first couple of years when Grilla Grills came onto the market they were 100% made in the USA, at the Michigan based factory. While their pellet grills were very well received by their customers, and still are, the price of their grills was stopping them from being able to grow. Hence, they chose to move the main manufacturing of their grills abroad. Though they still manufacture some of the accessories in the USA. You can read more about it here, but Ive also included a video below from Mark Graham who is the sales and manufacturing manager over at Grilla Grills.

Mark Graham explains why Grilla Grills chose to move the main manufacturing of their pellet grills overseas: Video

Is Camp Chef Made In The Usa

Published by on March 5, 2021March 5, 2021

Camp Chef is a popular American grill brand, producing a range of fire pits, cast iron cookware, flat-top grills, smokers, gas grills, outdoor cooking stations, and pellet grills.

Based in Cache Valley, Utah, the company makes products popular with outdoor enthusiasts and backyard cooks. Although an American company, youve probably asked the question, is Camp Chef made in the USA?

As with many traditional brands, manufacturing is now outsourced, but the quality remains high.

Camp Chef Designs and Markets Grills Made in China

Camp Chef grills and cooking stations are made in China using parts and materials sourced internationally. Design and production are overseen by Camp Chef in the USA.

Manufacturing in China allows for competitive pricing and access to state-of-the-art factory facilities. Camp Chef stands behind all their products and theres a high level of quality control.

When asking is Camp Chef made in the USA, its important to consider that many of the most popular brands also outsource their manufacturing to China. Some examples include:

  • Coleman One of the largest producers of camping goods and grills.
  • Lodge A marketer of cast iron cookware.
  • Bayou Classic A popular cookware and cooking station brand.

Chinese-made goods can come with some stigma, but its often unjustified. Some of the best grills and cookware products are made in China.

Popular Camp Chef Grills and Cooking Stations

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Best Cheap Pellet Smoker

  • Side prep table is helpful
  • Ash catch makes cleanup much simpler than others
  • Occasionally out of stock

A healthy balance of technology, quality materials and clever design. In line with most quality pellet grills, Camp Chefs SmokePro operates between 160 and 500 degrees hot enough to smoke and grill anything other than steak. Three quality of life improvements that come standard with the grill: a computer control screen you can actually read, a pellet hopper with a window built-in to see how much fuel is in the grill and a stupid-simple ash cleaning system, which amounts to pulling a small cup away from a trapdoor on the underside of the grill. Unlike other grills in the price range, Camp Chef pellet grills go on sale fairly regularly, too. The SmokePro covers the pellet smoking bases effectively and is backed by a legitimate company in Camp Chef, which is more than most budget-focused pellet grills can claim. We like it for the price and then some.

Camp Chef Smokepro Sg 24 Pellet Grill Review

Camp Chef SmokePro SG Wood Pellet Grill

By: Max Good

Camp Chefs SmokePro SG 24 Pellet Grill aspires to be both a smoker and high temperature grill. Though often referred to as pellet grills, cookers like this one are primarily smokers with limited grilling capability at best. If you are not familiar with pellet smokers, they are thermostatically controlled outdoor ovens that burn wood pellets and can be set to exact cooking temperatures just like an indoor kitchen oven. A typical design includes a thermostat under the hood that monitors cooking temperature and feeds wood pellets to a firepot as needed to maintain your set temperature. The firepot is usually covered by a metal heat diffuser. Another large metal drip plate is placed at an angle right under the cooking grates to even out heat and divert drippings to a grease bucket. Some pellet grill manufacturers attempt to create a hot, sear zone by exposing foods to the direct flame from burning wood pellets in the firepot. For this Camp Chef model, the SG is short for Slide and Grill, which describes the design.

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Best Design Pellet Grill Pit Boss Classic Wood 700 Sq In Fired Pellet Grill

You know how most grills lack proper searing. Pit Boss, the grill manufacturing industry pioneer, has tried to solve this long-lasting problem by introducing the fantastic Classic Wood 700 FB. From the plate sliding design to offering real flame searing, this grill has won the hearts of many reviewers.

It offers a total of 700 square inches as the cooking surface. The pellet hopper capacity is 21 pounds. This grill also features porcelain-coated wire cooking grates, making them super-easy to clean.

This grill has a digitally controlled burn system to avoid burning disasters. Also, it uses 100% hardwood pellets as fuel. You can cook simultaneously for four to six people on this grill.

The cooking temperature ranges from 180 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can almost cook in any style. The 700 FB will also maintain the set temperature throughout the cooking. Moreover, for an easy readout, the thermostat controls have LED displays.

The Pit Boss 700 FB has a heavy-duty steel construction. The design is perfect for open fire pot searing.


Cookshack/fast Eddy Pellet Grills/smokers

Ive previously written a full article on the Cookshack pellet grill range, so please check that out that article for the full details. Here Ill just quickly run through a few details about the company and their products. Cookshack is based in Ponca City, Oklahoma and they have been producing electric smokers since the 1960s. Then in collaboration with BBQ expert and Pit Master Fast Eddy they developed their range of residential and commercial pellet grills/smokers. Their smallest unit is the PG500 seen at the top of this post, their other residential pellet grill is the PG1000 which is a more conventional design and features an insulated construction.

The PB1000 is one of two residential pellet grills/smokers made in the USA by Cookshack: Image

All Cookshack pellet grill/smokers are made from stainless steel. They feature a 4 cooking zone design. The first area is the hottest cooking area directly over the pellet fire where direct flame broiling is possible. The heat/smoke is then carried up to the upper rack which is the second cooking area before it is pulled down over the second grate which is the third cooking area. Below that is the fourth cooking area in a draw. Frequently used as an area to keep cooked food warm it can also be used as a cold smoker.

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What Size Is The Best For Me

The size will mainly depend on your yards size, the size of meals you want to cook and the importance of portability to you. If a few burgers are enough and you would like to carry the grill, the smaller portable gas grill models are the right choice. But if you want an outdoor kitchen that will be useful for every weekend of grilling, the bigger sizes are more suitable. You can choose the ones that have enough space for up to 20 burgers, or the biggest ones which will accommodate even more than 20 pieces or even more.

A Bit About Camp Chef

How to Cook the Perfect Steak on a Camp Chef pellet Grill | Cast Iron Reverse Seared Ribeye

Camp Chef began out of a need to make high-quality, portable and powerful outdoor cooking equipment with campers in mind. Their simple and durable designs were really popular so they started to expand their product line to eventually include pellet grills.

Today, Camp Chef dont just make portable pellet grills. In fact, most of their pellet smoker range is focused on at-home barbecue.

Quality and affordability are still at the forefront of their philosophy as theyve established themselves as one of the major players in the pellet grill market.

Where are Camp Chef grills made?

Camp Chefs pellet grills are designed and tested in Utah but manufactured in China just like most other companies these days.

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Pitts & Spitts Maverick 1250 Pellet Grill

As opposed to the Maverick 850 above, this $2,200USD pellet grill has a vast amount of smoking space. This is more smoker than grill, but no one should be surprised when talking about a cooker from Pitts & Spitts. Aside from the 1,250 square inches of cooking space, this is basically the same as its smaller, $1,750 cousin. You get Pitts & Spitts own controller and their superior welded construction. This is a serious smoker for those who want to make the pellet compromise.

This model is also available in an all stainless steel version for $4,000.

Runner Up: Camp Chef 24

The 24-inch Woodwind Pellet Grill, just like the previous models, has a stainless steel stylish body and comes with wheels for portability. Compared to others, it offers 40% extra chamber space and comes with the option for 20, 24, and 36-inch pellet grills.

Besides this, you can even select either direct flame or indirect flame with just a twist of your knob, allowing you to reach temperatures ranging from 160 to 650°F. The grill comes with four built-in meat probes to measure the temperature of your meat accurately and displays it on its digital LED.

Most importantly, this grill can be connected to the Camp Chef app on your phone via the Wi-Fi and PID controller. It allows you to monitor, set alert notifications, control, and alter the smoke settings according to your needs. Such that, you can choose a number from one to 10 to select the degree of smoke you want in your chamber.

Apart from this, the grill offers easy clean-up by installing a removable cup right below the grill. It collects all the ash with a pull of one knob, allowing you to dispose of it before cooking a new batch of steak or burgers. Furthermore, the grill offers a convenient bottom and side shelf for storing utensils.


  • Bottom and side shelf for storage
  • Remote smoke control through Wi-Fi
  • Easy ash clean-up
  • No automatic start-up from the app

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Smokepro Bbq Sear Box

Most pellet smokers arent good at searing. Unfortunately, Slide and Grill is one of them. However, Camp Chef offers the SmokePro BBQ Sear Box, an optional LP gas sear burner, that solves the problem. It can be added onto current Camp Chef SmokePro Pellet Grills by removing the right side shelf and using the existing hardware to mount the sear burner.

Now, this baby gets HOT! The 16,000 BTU burner ranges from a low of 480°F to a high of 900°F, which is fantastic for reverse seared steaks. Cook the steaks low and slow in the smoker at 225°F until the meat probe registers an internal temp of about 110°F, then slap them onto the sear box to sear and finish. Flip like youve never flipped before! And dont walk away because it wont be there long before a beautiful brown crust forms and the meats internal temp climbs to the delicious Chefs Temp medium-rare range of 130° to 135°F. Of course, if you already have a grill that hits high searing temps, this option that runs a couple hundred bucks isnt strictly necessary. But if you dont,

The Benefits Of Using A Pellet Smoker

Camp Chef SmokePro SGX Wood Pellet Grill

As listed below, pellet smoker can be a life-changing investment for you. Read on to find how they make your cooking game strong, and your life much more comfortable.

  • The versatility of the grill allows you to smoke, grill, BBQ, roast, bake and even braise on the same grill. By investing in a pellet smoker, you will not have to purchase other appliances like a griddle.
  • Pellet grills rival some of the best gas grills when it comes to quick preheating. They barely take a maximum of 15 minutes to reach the desired temperature.
  • Since these grills work on natural wood pellets, you can choose different woods like hickory, applewood, or maple, to add different flavors to your dish.
  • The set-it and forget-it pellet grill includes built-in meat probes for measuring the temperature, thereby, eliminating the need for wireless meat thermometers.
  • Convection currents from the fan spread heat evenly around the chamber, allowing you to add a large quantity of meat on the grate.
  • The grills offer precise temperature control, helping you adjust the heat within three to five-degree increments.
  • They are incredibly fuel-efficient, using very few pellets than charcoal for the same cooking time.

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Are All Imported Grills Bad

Does this mean all imported grills are bad? Notnecessarily. But as mentioned earlier, they are not held to the same standardsthat American-made grills are held to. You can feel the quality difference.

BBQ Depot does sell some imported brandsincluding Summerset and Blaze.This is because these brands have shown product support. It may take months andmonths for parts, but eventually those parts become available. With that being said, there are definitely quality issues as well asmanufacturing choices that can end up turning into a headache for the consumer.For example, these grills use flame thrower valves. If you need to replaceyour ignition electrode, you will have to replace the entire valve. Thiscreates a large expense for an inexpensive part. Since the electrode is builtinto the valve, there is not a replacement for it.

There is much that could be said about eachindividual brand that imports their grills. Since a large part of our businessinvolves service and selling replacement parts, we are frequently put in thedifficult position of explaining to customers why there is no product supportfor their grills.

Because of this, we have had to make thedifficult choice of not displaying imported grills in our showroom. When wedisplay a grill and a customer purchases that grill, they hold us accountablefor the quality of the product. Due to the many inconsistencies, we had noalternative but to display products we can stand behind, like our American-madegrills.

What Is Your Cast Iron Conditioner Made Out Of

100% natural plant product that will not go rancid. Pal, coconut, sunflower seed, Vitamin E, citric acid. The Cast Iron Conditioner is liquid in warmer/hot climates and solid in colder temperaturesboth are normal. Some of the natural oils used to make this conditioner have a melting point of 76 degrees. If it is solid, put the conditioner in a glass of warm/hot water and it will soften enough to be able to squeeze for use.

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Best Pellet Grill For Truckers/campers Traeger Grills Ranger Pellet Grill

Of course, you expected another grill from Traeger on this list. Traeger is known for making grills that we all love, and the Traeger Grills Ranger pellet grill is no less. It comes with a lot of features that we look for in the best Pellet grills.

Lets begin with the digital Arc Controller that allows you to adjust the temperature, offering an increment of five degrees. Then, there is a Keep Warm mode that keeps your food hot, tender, and juicy, no matter when you eat.

Furthermore, there is advanced grilling logic for precise temperature control. Another feature called the Meat Probe helps you in checking the temperature without lifting the lid. There is also a cooking timer that reminds you to check or sauce the food.

What makes this grill a good option for campers is its portability. The Ranger also comes with a baffled lid with latches for a longer lifetime and safe transportation. You will find it extremely easy to clean this grill grates as they are coated in porcelain.

The pellet grill comes with a compact design, specifically to meet the needs of people who want to travel with this grill. The dimensions of this cooking guru are 20 x 13 x 21 inches. The weight is 60 pounds. With the grilling capacity of 184 sq inches, you can grill six burgers or ten hotdogs at a time.


  • Meat Probe for checking the temperature with lifting the lid
  • Easy to clean
  • For small to medium gatherings
  • Requires electricity

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