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  • Wood-pellet grills give you the flavor of food cooked over hardwood while allowing for good temperature control. Pit Boss pellets have more of a reputation for turning to unusable sawdust, but overall people dont have a problem with them, and they are cheaper than Traeger pellets.

    Pit Boss 700 Classic Vs Traeger Pro 22

    The Pit Boss 700 is a Walmart exclusive grill that can also be found on Amazon at times and is one of the popular grills in the Pit Boss lineup.; The Traeger Pro 22 is extremely similar in size and function to the 700 Classic.

    Here are the important details about the two grills:

    5 Years 3 Years

    The Pit Boss has a better warranty, higher top temperature, more cooking surface, a larger hopper and is about $200 less expensive than the Traeger.

    The smoke exhaust design is an interesting difference between these grills.; On the Traeger the smoke comes up from the burn pot and goes out the top of the smoker through the smokestack.; On the Pit Boss the smoke comes up from the burn pot, goes up to the lid and then has to come back down across the meat before it can exit out the back of the smoker.

    The vent design on the Pit Boss 700 Classic is the same design that Traeger uses on its higher end grills like the Ironwood and Timberline.; Traeger says that the rear exhaust design provides better smoke flavor and improved convection cooking.

    Let me also go on a rant about the size of the pellet hopper.;

    Traeger sells their wood pellets in 20 pound bags.; 20 pound bags are pretty much the industry standard. So please.why in the world does Traeger make a grill with an 18 pound hopper?; By design they want you to end up with a bag that is almost empty that you have to roll up and stash away to make sure the last two pounds of pellets dont get wet.

    Pit Boss Grill Brand Growth

    Because of the right price-quality ratio, many users have purchased Pit Boss grill. There is also the Pit Boss Nation community, where people who love these grills can interact, share their recipes, tips and receive offers.

    All these steps were observed by their main competitor, Traegers, especially after Dansons hired their members, Joe and Brian Traeger. Joe Traeger has contributed to the outdoor pellet grill’s innovation, which uses wood pellets as fuel from an automated hopper. Dansons have made this step to develop new pellet grilling products for Pit Boss pellet grill and promote the brand.

    This case resulted in several lawsuits against Pit Boss, which has ended in 2020. Jeremy Andrus, CEO of Traeger Grills, stated that the settlement is a significant step forward in the effort to protect the Traeger brand. Traeger family members have rights to earn a living, he said,; but to respect the contracts and not use Traeger’s name, barn, or likenesses to confuse consumers.

    Grilling, broiling, barbecuing – whatever you want to call it – is an art, not just a matter of building a pyre and throwing on a piece of meat as a sacrifice to the gods of the stomach.

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    Pit Boss Grills 440 Deluxe Wood Pellet Grill

    Heres another one from pit boss- 440 Deluxe Wood Pellet Grill. The main difference between this and the FB700 are the cooking space and little additions.

    This unit comes with several features that are only identical to the deluxe family. For example, the beautiful black copper and black finish makes this unit more aesthetically pleasing.

    Quick features

    • Cooking space of 440 square inches
    • Digital control burn system
    • Porcelain-coated Stainless steel material
    • 5lb hopper capacity

    This unit lets you do more than grilling. You can also barbeque, braise, roast, bake, sear, and Char-grill. Thats one of the features that I love about Pit Boss.

    Cooking space

    The 440 square inches of total cooking space can conveniently feed a family of 4-5 hungry people.

    However, the main grilling area is 340 square inches, while the additional removable cooking rack takes the remaining 100 square inches.

    Pit boss added a bottle opener to the pellet grill.

    Set and forget cooking style

    Do you hate to babysit your grill? This unit from Put boss has got your back. Simply add pellets to the hopper, choose your desired temperature, and the grill will take it over from there. Its a unique feature that works perfectly for low and slow cooks.

    Digital temp control system

    The temperature control feature of the Pit Boss Grills 440 Deluxe is digital. You can control the temperature, adjust the burn length, and select what kind of cooking you want to do.


    Convection system

    Pit Boss 72820 Deluxe

    Pit Boss Pellet Grill and Smoker Review

    The heavy, 16-gauge steel construct and copper-finished lid make this model one of the most luxurious pellet grills on our list. With 820 square inches of grilling space and a temperature range of 180 to 500 degrees, it could be an excellent fit for larger families. Theres even a built-in bottle opener, since we all know that grilling can be a social event as much as a cooking technique. The chimney has a cool L-shaped design, and the cart-style design features two wheels and an efficient grease bucket.

    Like the 700FB and the Classic 700, the 72820 Deluxe features a flame broiler for searing and a dial-in digital control panel with an LED readout screen. This grill gives slow-cooked foods a delectable smoky flavor, and a built-in meat probe allows you to see when the ingredients have reached their desired temperature. While it isnt as effective at low temperatures as it is at grilling, it does get the job done eventually. Wed recommend this grill to anyone who needs a minimum of 800 square inches of grilling space, and who would appreciate the raft of cosmetic features that it offers.



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    Overall Pit Boss Vs Traeger Winner

    Choosing a winner between Pit Boss vs Traeger feels like splitting hairs.; At the end of the day, both brands are great and youd be doing well to add one to your outdoor cooking set up.

    If I;had to pick a winner though, Id give the nod to Traeger.; Pit Boss presents a slightly more affordable line of grills, however, I think the overall quality of Traegers are just a little bit better across the board.

    If money is less of a consideration for you, I think the best overall grill between the two brands is the Traeger Ironwood 885.; Its an all around hoss of a grill, but its just on the more expensive side of things.

    Tailgater Wood Pellet Grill

    Pellet grilling and smoking on the go? Its possible! If wanting to smoke while tailgating, RVing, or camping are your thing, youll enjoy having the option to bring this portable grill with you.

    The collapsing legs allow it to either stand at full height or nice and short for easy use on the back of a truck. Be warned, though its built for portability, but it still weighs close to 90 pounds!

    You get most of the features on this little grill that come standard on the big guys from Pit Boss, including the option to connect up to two meat probes to the digital thermostat.

    Most importantly, you get the sear zone in the middle of the heat deflector.

    You do, however, give up the cast iron grates in favor of steel.

    Plus, the hopper is a tiny 5-pounder, so if youre planning a long smoke, be ready with extra pellets.

    This unit is best suited to flame broiling steaks and burgers, with the option to add some smoke to chicken wings, a small rack of ribs, or the catch of the day.


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    Cooking On The Louisiana Grills Black Label

    TheBlack Label grills from Louisiana falls right in line with what you would expect from pellet grills these days. Its very easy to use. Fill with pellets, hit the on button, set your temp, and away you go!

    You can also change the desired temperature from the display panel or the app at any time. Start-up and shutdown are very predictable and mostly autonomous.

    Pit Boss 700fb Grill Features

    How To make Carne Asada | Pit Boss Pellet Grill | Man Kitchen Recipes

    Solely Woodchips

    It only uses all-natural wood pellets for fuel, means no charcoal, no gas, neither propane can be used as fuel. Pit Boss Pellets are 100% American hardwood. 100% All Natural. No fillers. No adders. No spray scents or adhesives. Its built to last and created to offer you the best. Its Digital Control Center provides you complete control from 170 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit

    Innovative Grill

    With Pit Boss 700FBs versatility, you can saute, stir-fry, cook breakfast, cook your dinner in just a few minutes. Sear and broil steaks, just like your favorite steak house. You can even convection bake anything that you would normally bake in your oven. Smoke your holiday turkey, and can even help you produce that competition quality barbecue. This grill is just the perfect all in one grill you need.

    Built to Last and for Convenience

    Its very easy to operate. Simply load your woodchips, set the control to your desired temperature, within 10 min the grill automatically lights the pellets, and the grill will maintain the set temperature all throughout the cooking period. Its that easy.

    Furthermore, the grills heat shield and exhaust system allow it to reach a temperature of 600° Fahrenheit. It is designed so you cook your sausages, vegetables and other food that you might want to cook together with your meat on the lower grill.

    • 700 sq. in. total cooking surface.
    • Porcelain coated cast iron grids.
    • Digitally controlled burn system.
    • Fueled by 100% natural wood pellets.

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    Q: Is Pit Boss Owned By Traeger

    A: Pit Boss and Traeger are two completely separate companies. Pit Boss is owned by the parent company Dansons Inc. which owns numerous brands such as Pit Boss, Louisiana Grills, Country Smokers and A-Maze-N Smoking Products to name a few. Today Traeger is currently owned by Private Equity Firm Trilantic Capital Partners and is managed by CEO Jeremy Andrus.

    Pit Boss 700fb 700 Sq Inch Pellet Grill


    The Pit Boss 700FB square inch pellet grill spoils you with an expansive cooking surface that is sure to satisfy all of your cooking needs. Designed with an innovative flame broiler you can cook your steaks and burgers to the standard that you would expect to receive in your favorite steakhouse. As you are left in complete control throughout the cooking process you can grill your meats at your desired temperature.

    Constructed using porcelain-coated cast iron grids, this is a durable pellet grill that is likely to see you through many uses without any significant deterioration to the quality.

    Fueled by using 100% natural wood pellets, this is a natural source that isnt reliant upon gas, propane, or charcoal, designed to reach your chosen temperature with immediacy.

    Impressively, these wood pellets have been sourced from America so you can be confident in the root of your fuel.

    Featuring a digitally controlled burn system, this grill is easy to operate leaving you in complete control when reaching your chosen temperature which ranges from 170 Fahrenheit to 600 Fahrenheit.



    • Unfortunately, this grill begins to struggle with maintaining its temperature after a few uses.


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    Pit Boss Pit Boss Platinum Lockhart Grill

    This wood pellet grill and smoker is both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled and according to Marks, its the most versatile pellet grill available. He appreciates the 2,137 square inches of cooking space with 719 square inches for grilling and smoking, plus an additional cabinet with 1,418 square inches of smoking space. It also comes with six sausage hooks and two meat probes with the ability to control up to four at one time.

    I really love the pot access that allows you to brush out the pot and remove the ash that is a huge timesaver as well as a significant safety feature, he said. This pellet grill with all of the combined features, technology, sheer size, best in class warranty and a price tag of $750 make it my choice for best pellet grill overall.

    Pit Boss 820fb Grill Features

    Pit Boss 700FB Pellet Grill Review  Complete 2020 Guide

    Oven Temperature Control

    The Pit Boss Grill 820FBs oven temperature control thermometer allows you to have a precise temperature. It has a Dial-In Temperature Control with LED read-out for your convenience. ;This means that you can rely on uniform heat to make your grilling into perfection. And the use of a 100% hardwood pellets instead of charcoal or propane allows you to enjoy the amazing wood flavor with a simple use of the oven temperature control.

    Perfect Size

    It has over 800 sq inches of grilling space, and the temperature ranges from 180 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. With its versatility, you have all the reasons to cook out every meal. ;Inviting friends and family for supper has never been so fun and exciting with this grill. Smoke, grill, sear, saute, stir-fry, roast and bake anything as what you usually do in your indoor kitchen.

    Built to Last

    Its very easy to clean. It is a 20lbs hopper capacity with 100% hardwood pellets. Its engineered with heavy duty steel and solid legs making it durable and long lasting. The grills cooking surface is porcelain-coated, cast-iron main grid. Plus it has two large easy rolling wheels that allow you to move the grill easily from one place to another. It is not difficult to assemble at all. With the help of the guides and instruction manual, youll have your Pit Boss 820FB Pellet Grill standing in no much of a time.

    Ease of Use

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    Pit Boss 700fb Grill Cons

    • Not smokeable, you need to add a smoke tube to achieve that smokey flavor
    • Costly for fuel, as it only uses wood pellets
    • Only for small gatherings

    Just like the 700FB, This Pit Boss Grill 820FB also gives you premium quality cooked food in your own backyard. Cook your food the natural way with 100% hardwood wood pellets and get that competition quality barbecue that everybody is after. This grill eliminates the hassle of the common grill so you can cook like a pro. It has a revolutionary way of grilling that youll surely love.

    Make Sure To Get Rid Of The Membrane When Smoking Ribs

    You need to remove the paper-thin membrane at the rib sides as this will help ensure your ribs are tender and your guests can eat them easily. Smoking will make the membrane extremely rubbery.

    It is very simple to take off the membrane. It involves making a slit at the rib rack end, making sure that you hold a paper towel then pulling the membrane gently off the support.

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    Pit Boss Pellet Grill Reviews

    This post may contain affiliate links.

    when I started on my research for the Pit Boss pellet grill reviews I soon found out that they offer more pellet grills than I expected to find.

    Not only sells Pit Boss on their own website but they have several lines of pellet grills that are only available at Lowes. Walmart and even the Tractor Supply Company.

    Pit Boss Classic 700 Sq Inch Wood Fired Pellet Grill And Smoker

    Pit Boss Pellet Smoker/Grill How To Make Smash Burgers Using A Pellet Grill


    Choose from smoking, grilling, baking, roasting, braising, or bbq-ing using this multifunctional Pit Boss classic pellet grill and smoker. Constructed using high-temperature powder-coated steel you can cook a range of foods at varying temperatures.

    The cooking temperature ranges from 180-500 degrees Fahrenheit with a digital control board and an LED display that allows you to see the current temperature that your foods are cooking at.

    Designed with porcelain-coated wire cooking grids this a durable wood fired pellet grill that is going to last for a considerably long time without breaking or becoming easily damaged. Made with an innovative flame broiler, you can cook your foods directly.


    • Using this grill to cook a range of meats creates some tasty results that are bound to satisfy your taste buds.
    • Easy to operate and use, this grill is even convenient for beginners who are new to this cooking set up.
    • Constructed with durability as a priority, this grill is going to last a long time without deteriorating in quality.
    • The clearly visible digital LED displays the current cooking temperature of your foods and puts you in control of the cooking.
    • The inclusion of two rotary wheels accounts for efficient maneuverability and transportation.


    • Unfortunately, some grills feature defective temperature indicators which may result in the display of the incorrect temperature of your grill.


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    Pit Boss Austin Xl Pellet Grill

    If you are looking for maximum cooking surface area at an affordable price, the Pit Boss Austin XL is an extremely popular grill that features just over 1,000 square inches of cooking surface area to work with.

    It also has a 31 pound hopper capacity, which is a definite upgrade from most other pellet grills in their catalogue.

    The Austin XL also comes kitted with a built-in probe meat thermometer that will display the internal temperature of your food on your control panel while it cooks.

    Similar to the classic 700, the Austin also comes with the flame broiler feature that allows you to convert your pellet grill to a direct heat cooking set up.

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