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How To Clean A Gas Grill

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While gas grills dont require the level of cleaning required of charcoal grills after each use, they should be thoroughly cleaned at the beginning and end of each grilling season in order to keep them in top grilling condition. These steps can be followed using either natural gas or propane-powered grills.

After each use:

  • Cleaning grill grates is easier with a long-handled stiff-wire brush. If you dont have a brush, ball up some aluminum foil and hold with long-handled tongs.
  • Use a rag or folded paper towels to apply vegetable oil to the clean grill grates. This will help prevent rust and food build-up.
  • Clean the inside of the grilling lid using mild dish soap and a steel brush.
  • Remove the heat deflectors located over the burners and wash with dish soap and water. Dry with a rag.

Before and after each grilling season:

What Is The Best Cleaner For Stainless Steel Grills

The Kona Grill Cleaner is a heavy duty degreaser and stainless steel cleaner that works like a charm. The fast acting formula cuts tough grease and baked-on food in no time. Instead of dripping off of the grill, it clings to the surface to break down difficult stains. This grill cleaner is all purpose, so you can use it on the inside, outside, wheels, grates pretty much anywhere!

Here are a couple of other cleaners that work great on stainless steel grills:

What Kind Of Grill Brush Is Safe

The safest grill brush is one that you can use on a hot grilling surface safely.

Some grill brushes warn against heat, meaning that there is a higher risk of getting burnt.

It also means that the material isnt resilient enough to handle hot temperatures, making it degrade fast.

Also, make sure that the materials used are food-grade.

For example, food-grade stainless steel bristles are a common choice. For the head, metal or food-grade plastic helps ensure that the bristles stay in place.

You can also use one made from brass.

You should check the bristles if they are thick enough and spring back into place. Youll also notice that they have even cuts and are firmly set.

If its easy to pull the bristles off the brush, then its likely unsafe.

Quality is more important than the price when it comes to buying the best grill brush.

You can find really cheap grill brushes, but they may not be the safest for you and your family.

You should always replace the brush head if you notice any damage.

Some indications that you need a replacement include:

  • Bent bristles
  • Brush starting to accumulate debris

Do note that many people have had bad experiences with metal bristles.

  • There is a risk of the metal bristles falling off and contaminating food.
  • It can lead to trips to the emergency room if a metal bristle gets stuck somewhere in your body.
  • The best practice is to check the food thoroughly before consumption.

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What Can I Use To Degrease A Grill

Citrusafe BBQ Grill Cleaner cuts through tough grease and baked-on food on the inside or outside of your grill. You can use it on many types of surfaces from your grill grates and oven to microwaves and refrigerators. This non-toxic cleaner cuts grease in just minutes. Take a look at a couple of other great cleaners to cut grease on your grill:

Grillaholics Pro Brass Grill Brush



A gentler alternative to stainless steel, the brass Grillaholics Pro Brass Grill Brush wont scratch delicate ceramic or porcelain surfaces. Though you might need to put a little more arm power into your scrubbing, its sturdy 18-inch handle with excellent grip points stands up to the extra muscle. Because of its softer brass bristles, its better suited for use on regularly cleaned grills . A lifetime warranty allows you to replace it at any time in case you do end up using it for an extra dirty job.

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Best Brass Wire: Grillaholics Essentials Brass Grill Brush

  • Softer bristles are gentle on grates

  • Cleans efficiently with minimal pressure

  • Easily cleans between grates

  • Bristles aren’t as durable

  • Harder to clean

Brass is a softer material than stainless steel, so a brass wire brush like this one from Grillaholics Essentials is ideal for grates that can be damaged from hard scraping. The brush is 18 inches long with a 5-1/2 inch brush head, and its wires are made from stainless brass. In our testing, we found the brush worked just as well dry as it did when dipped in water, and it managed to remove the majority of food and grease from dirty grates with just a few passes and minimal pressure.

This grill brush has densely packed bristles that make it easy to clean the top and sides of grill grates, no matter the spacing between them, but we noticed the brass bristles are thinner and softer than stainless steel ones, meaning they likely won’t last as long. Additionally, it’s a little tricky to clean since the bristles are so close togetherin the end, we decided the best way to get gunk out was to rub it together with another grill brush.

Dimensions: 18 x 3 inches | Weight: 14.4 ounces | Brush Material: Stainless brass | Warranty: Lifetime

Runner Up Grillaholics Bristle Free Grill Brush

This brush from Grillaholics has a similar design to the Kona brush, plus an additional scraper on the brush head to dislodge extra tough grit.

The bristle free design does require more elbow grease than traditional wire brushes that we have tried, even when cleaning a hot grill and dipping the brush in water as the instructions recommend.

If you have any concern about stray bristles getting in your food, this brush is a good option.

Grillaholics also make bristled versions, such as this stainless steel wire grill brush if you prefer.

What we like:

  • Scraper head Bristle free brushes can struggle to get a deep clean, so its nice addition to have the scraper attached to losen the grit before the brush finishes the job.
  • 18 Inch handle The long handle gives you good leverage and lets you keep a distance from a hot grill surface.

What we dont like:

  • Struggles with grooves Unlike some of the best grill brushes, this one can struggle to clean the gunk out of grooves and other hard to reach areas although the scraper on the head does help.

While the manufacturer claims this brush will work on porcelain and cast iron grill grates, weve heard some people have had an issue using this brush with those materials.

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Best For Gas Grill: Easy

Ultimate BBQ GRILL Cleaning TOOL and review! WOW!!!

Gas grills are a favorite option among outdoor chefs. However, they can tend to carry a lot of buildup. Easy-Off holds true to its name, as it is famously tough on grease and burnt residue. It dissolves the gunk you dont want, leaving you with the easy job of simply wiping everything off afterwards. You dont even need a grill brush! Just spray, let it sit, and wipe.

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Best Budget: Weber 12

  • Short sides get in between grates

  • Short handle

  • Bristles are spaced far apart

A simple brush that wont break your budget, this still does a great job on your grill grates. The single wide brush fits neatly between grates, to get stubborn food stuck to the sides, or tip it to use the corners to get into tight spots. A hanging loop lets you hang this on a convenient hook, so you can keep it close to the grill when you need it. The brushes are made from stainless steel, so they wont rust or corrode. When cooking is done, this is easy to rinse clean.

Bristle Material: Stainless steel | Dimensions: 7 x 12 inches

  • Expensive

  • Only compatible with lidded grills

Great for serious grillers and barbecue enthusiasts, this robot does the work for you, so you dont need to end the evening by scraping a messy grill. Just put it on the grill, press the button, and let it go to work. It can operate on either a hot or cold grill, as long as youre not cooking it while it cleans.

This operates on rechargeable batteries, and it turns itself off automatically when it senses that the grill is cleantypically 10-20 minutes. If you want to check the amount of time it has been cleaning, it has an LCD screen that shows the elapsed time, and an audible alert lets you know when cleaning is done.

Bristle Material: Nylon | Dimensions: 7 x 12 inches

  • Built-in water reservoir for steam cleaning

  • Ergonomic handle

  • Brush heads are dishwasher safe

  • Expensive

Designed To Clean These Premium Grills And Many More

If you own any of these grills, why would you ever clean it with just a cheap wire brush?

GrillFloss will work on these premium grill brands or any BBQ with stainless steel round grill grates.

GrillFloss cleans FireMagic grills, Lynx grills, Viking grills, DCS grills, Weber Summit series grills, Weber Genesis series grills, Barbeques Galore grills, Jenn-Air grills, Napoleon grills, Ducane grills, Dynasty grills, Alfresco grills, RCS grills, Lion Premium grills, PGS grills, Nexgrill grills, Alturi grills, Kenmore Elite grills, Luxor grills, Blaze grills, Bull grills, Beef Eater grills, Twin Eagles grills, KitchenAid grills, American Outdoor grills, Summerset Professional grills, MHP Outdoor grills, Turbo grills by Barbeques Galore, Turbo Elite grills by Barbeques Galore, Grand Turbo grills by Barbecues Galore and other branded grills with stainless steel round grill grates.

Over 500,000 sold and used by grill lovers world wide.

Upgrade your BBQ game and change how you clean your grill today.

If GrillFloss fails to out perform your old brush in 90 days, we will refund you 100% of your money back AND send you a grill brush absolutely FREE!

Sleek and utilitarian.

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Kona Safe/clean Grill Brush

Whats better than one grill brush? Three, of course. Konas clever design features a trio of brushes at the head to give you the best possible clean. Crafted from hardwearing stainless steel, its said to be 125 percent more rigid than a conventional brush and will last five times longer. The brush doesnt actually have any bristles, instead, it uses looped steel to clean. That means you dont have to worry about any dangerous metal bristles falling out and contaminating your food. The brush is fitted with a nice long handle to keep your hand away from the heat while you clean and is safe to use on all types of grills.


Cave Tools Grill Scraper

Best Rated in Grill Cleaning &  Maintenance Tools &  Helpful ...

Scrape food and grease off grills of all kinds quickly and safely with the Cave Tools Grill Scraper. Bonus points for the comfortable leather handle and integrated bottle opener.

This grill scraper is so much more effective than the wire brushes, one Amazon buyer writes. It has notches of various sizes and shapes that allow quick and complete cleaning off the grate. The instructions suggest a lighter touch for porcelain grates, and they worked well on mine.

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Carbona 2 In 1 Oven Rack And Grill Cleaner

Its never a good idea to fire up an oven with dirty racks inside! With the Carbona 2 in 1 Oven Rack and Grill Cleaner, you can quickly clean them without spending hours scrubbing away at your grill.

This cleaner is effective on a variety of surfaces. It works great on stainless steel & enamel cookware and appliances.

The Carbona 2-1 Oven Rack and BBQ Cleaner check it out!

Great for use on stainless steel and enamel surfaces Not for use on aluminum, plastic or lacquer finish surfaces
Comes with a bag to soak oven racks Not for use on the outside of a grill

Cuisinart Grill Cleaning Brush

If youre looking for a straightforward, hardworking grill brush with a low price tag, check out the Cuisinart Grill Cleaning Brush. The compact brush head is lined in row after row stainless steel bristles and topped in a stainless steel scraper, all on a slightly angled handle designed for efficient cleaning.

Im super happy so far with this purchase, one Amazon reviewer writes. After dozens of uses, it looks relatively new, and it cleans wells. The bristles have bent slightly here and there, but not drastically like most of my other grill brushes. No rusting or signs of heavy wear and tear.

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Carbona 320 Carbona 2

Cleaning the grill is often a rather messy and tedious experience. Fortunately, the Carbona 320 Carbona 2-In 1 Oven Rack and Barbeque Cleaner makes this process easy and mess-free. Simply pour a little of the product onto the grill, wait for a while, and then rise it off.

The product comes complete with a special cleaning bag and a pair of disposable gloves. This helps to eliminate mess and saves your hands from becoming sticky. As an added bonus, this special cleaner is suitable for both stainless steel and enamel.

But, theres a catch

In order to remove tough grease and stains from the grill, it may be necessary to soak it. It can take up to eight hours for the Carbona 320 Carbona 2-In 1 Cleaner to work. However, this is a small price to pay to receive a sparkling clean grill.

In terms of ease of use, Carbona 320 Carbona 2-In 1 Oven Rack and Barbeque Cleaner works great. Tough jobs may require a little extra time. However, users will be saved effort as the cleaner does all the work.

Our rating:

  • It is necessary to soak the grill.
  • A little scrubbing may be required.
  • Can take time to soak away tough grease.

Best Grill Brush: Grillart

The BEST and SAFEST Way to Clean Your Grill Grates

Heres a wonderful brush that will do the trick real quick. The secret to this brush is from the looped wires that present no danger to your guests or your grill. It does have a secret of its own and you need to stick to that rule. It works with water to help steam off the grill gunk. Have any bucket handy to clean your grill while its nice and hot.

Add some lemon juice to break down acids faster while you give a scrub down between grilled dishes. It can even reach into narrow slots that other tools may find hard getting into. Its a safer alternative to wire brushes but still uses looped wire to clean-off cooked food particles.

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Best And Worst Grill Brushes

CR’s experts put 10 cleaning tools to the test. Some easily remove burned-on gunkand some don’t.

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Grilling is a messy business. The mix of open flames and sugary barbecue sauce is a recipe for cooking grates covered in gunk. And since grates are often heavy and difficult to clean in a sink, your best bet is an effective grill brush. In the course of rating dozens of new grills this year, Consumer Reports also tested and rated 10 grill-cleaning tools to see which ones stood up to the task.

“We found most grill brushes tend to work best when grates are warm or hot,” says a CR test engineer, Larry Ciufo. “But some of the brushes have short or straight handles, which can leave your hands exposed to hot surfaces, and those with nylon bristles should only be used on a cool grill.”

To test brushes, we cooked skin-on chicken breasts, coated in sweet barbecue sauce, on a Weber Genesis grill. We placed coated cast-iron grates on one side of the grill and stainless steel on the other. After the chicken was thoroughly cooked, our testers used each of the grill brushes to swipe back and forth for 25 strokes on each type of grate, noting how clean they were by the end. We performed the test on cool grates, warm grates at 200° F, and hot grates that reached 350° F.

How To Clean A Flat Top Grill

Flat top grills are more commonly used in commercial spaces, but they can be a great addition to your backyard setup. They dont have regular grill grates, so use a different method to clean them.

  • Start cleaning the surface while the burner is still hot.
  • Spray a cleaning solution along the top and let it sit for about 1-minute. You can dish soap, a degreaser or a homemade baking soda mixture.
  • Use a grill brush to scrub away any stuck-on food and debris.
  • Wipe it down with a dry cloth and repeat the process as needed.

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Grillinator Bbq Grill Brush

The Grillinator is quite possibly the best brush you can buy. It ticks all of the boxes a great brush needs, and it even adds more to it.

The Grillinator is 18 inches long total. Out of this, the handle takes up 14 inches. That is more than enough to ensure that you wont burn yourself while cleaning your grill.

The head has quite an interesting and unique design, that cleans 50% faster than other ones. Its also important to mention that the head is replaceable. You dont have to buy an entirely new brush every time they wore out, you just need to order a replacement head.

Speaking of wearing out, the bristles are incredibly tough, and they last for a long time. The Grillinator even has a bottle opener on the other end of it, in case you feel like cracking open a cold one. It also functions as a hanger, of course.

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