Burgers On The Traeger Grill

Tips On How To Cook Hamburgers On Traeger

How to Grill Burgers | Traeger Staples
  • If you want to cook the hamburgers on the grill instead of in the smoker, preheat the grill to medium-high heat and cook for 8-10 minutes per side.
  • You can also add cheese, bacon, or other toppings to your hamburgers.
  • If the patties are not cooked through after 8 minutes per side, cook them for a few more minutes until they are.
  • Make sure to let the hamburgers rest for a few minutes after cooking so that they stay juicy.

Grill The Burgers On Your Traeger At 375f

Turn on your Traeger and set the temperature to 375F.

This is going to be a hot and fast cook so the choice of wood pellets is not that important.

Let the grill preheat for 15 minutes and then add the still frozen burgers to the grill.

Close the lid and let the burgers grill for 10 minutes, flip and let them grill another 10 minutes or until they reach an internal temperature of 165F.

How To Dress The Burgers

I like to keep things in the Trager family as much as possible so right before the burgers come off the grill I baste them with some Traeger Texas Spicy BBQ Sauce.

The Traeger sauce has a nice balance of heat to overall flavor and works great with beef. If you dont want to use this sauce then another great option is Head Country Hot.

After the burger has been sauced I top it with a slice of classic American Cheese and close the lid for a minute to let the cheese melt.

The burger then comes off the grill and goes onto a toasted bun with mayonnaise and kosher pickle slices. You could swap of the pickles with jalapenos if you wanted the burger to have some more kick. Other nice additions with be lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions.

Of course, bacon would always be a welcome addition!

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Inspired By Our Recent Trip

Having recently traveled to Mexico, we tried out the gordo burger at our resort, which was another twist on this theme. They served the sandwich with gloves because it was so sloppy and we decided that our burger needed to be a fork-and-knife kind of creation.

We used prepared enchilada sauce to soak the buns for this sandwich, which added a new level of flavor. And for spicy elements, we added chopped green chilis, sweet and spicy pickled jalapenos and some homemade guacamole.

The burger was drizzled in crema and sprinkled with cotija cheese. And it had some lettuce, for good measure!

These Smoked Burgers Are Awesome

Traeger OG Smash Burger Recipe

This method of smoking the burgers low and slow yields extra juicy burgers because of the gentle heating.

And serious BBQ lovers will appreciate the beautiful pink smoke ring on the outside of these burgers.

Whats even more tempting about smoked burgers is that youll actually have a lot of free time on your hands while you wait for them to smoke. So grab a beer and go enjoy the cookout.

You can literally set these burgs on the grill, pop the thermometer in and go watch a movie.

But the best thing about these patties is the FLAVOUR! In full unaltered honesty, these smoked burgers were so good, that I may never grill a burger again.

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How To Cook Burgers On Pellet Grill

If you want your burgers to be the star of the show, you should be cooking them on a pellet grill. The flavor benefits are totally worth it, because youll get a bolder, smokier taste that perfectly accents the natural, meaty goodness of your well-selected ground chuck.

When you cook a burger with a pellet grill, its just going to taste better. Logistically, pellets are also a simpler choice because they burn slow and hot, giving you great temperature control and consistency. A simple start-up also gets you grilling faster, while the convection heating process eliminates any flare ups as well as the need to babysit the grill.

So, what grill temperature should be set for burgers?

You can grill your burgers at 450 degrees Fahrenheit or High setting on your grill.

What grill temperature should be set for smoked burgers?

225 degrees Fahrenheit until the patties have reached an internal temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit which will take about 25-30 minutes. Then, take the patties out, preheat your grill to 450 degrees Fahrenheit or High, then place the patties back in to sear and grill to your desired doneness .

Ingredients Youll Need For These Ultimate Traeger Smoked Burgers

Lets talk about the key ingredients for these smoked burgers. Sides, toppings and condiments will be mentioned later in the post:

Burger Buns: The bun deserves just as much respect as the meat. Have you ever been to a restaurant that serves a burger with a stale bun? Horrible! If youre going to spend the time to make a delicious smoked burger, then dont ruin it with a mediocre bun. You dont have to go all out and make epic fresh-baked burger buns, just make sure you buy something soft and fresh. Plain white fluffy buns are good, Brioche is better and fluffy Japanese milk buns are my personal favourite.

THE MEAT: The meat of the burger is like the engine of a car without it, youre not going anywhere. It should be pure 100% beef and ideally be from tougher cuts of meat like brisket, shank or chuck which are more flavourful. There must also be a good amount of beef fat in these burgers because fat is flavour. If youre using supermarket meat then avoid the light or low-fat ground beef. The perfect ratio for burgers is about 20% beef fat to 80% meat.

Brown Sugar: I dont normally add anything other than salt to my burgers but with smoked burgers, a little brown sugar helps to brown the crust or bark. This is especially important because I dont sear these burgers after and the sugar helps them caramelize nicely on the outside.

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Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Grill With Sear Box

One of the chief complaints with pellet grills is that you cant sear a steak as well as you could on a charcoal or gas grill. The Woodwind with Sear Box model from Camp Chef can serve as both a smoker and a searing grill. Use the wood pellet grill for easy temperature control and consistent results. When we tested the cast iron grate, it produced beautiful sear marks, and the grates can reach temperatures up to 900F. We loved this pick’s ash-removal system, which made it easier than most to clean since ash is deposited into an easy-to-remove cup under the smoke box. The 24-pound hopper capacity is a good size for most slow-cooking jobs, and it features a viewing window so you can see how many pellets are left without opening the lid.

Dimensions: 30″ x 42″ x 49″ Grilling area: 800 sq. in. Hopper capacity: 22 pounds

Best Pellet Grill for Charring

What About The Traeger Candied Bacon

How To Cook Hamburgers On a Traeger without Flipping Them

A bacon cheeseburger is classic. A candied bacon smoked cheeseburger is less classic, but I like to dream of a brighter future where it is.

I wanted to make a spin on Traeger candied bacon that you could throw on the grill alongside your smoked burgers. The original recipe calls for an hour at 300ºF, but I found that the 80-90 minutes your burgers will be on the grill at 225ºF is just right for a lower temperature.

Youll see a note in the recipe card about how the lower temperature wont make super crispy bacon. I think the candied exterior and slightly softer bacon makes for great eating with the thicker burgers, but you can always crank the temperature up at the end to make crispier candied bacon. Just keep an eye on it to avoid burning. Theres also a note for making regular smoked bacon in case you dont like the idea of sweet smoked bacon burger.

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Traeger Burger Recipe Is Perfect For Backyard Bbq Enthusiasts

If youre looking for a grill that can do it all, look no further than a Traeger. Traegers are perfect for backyard BBQ enthusiasts because they can be used to smoke, roast, bake and grill all sorts of food. So whether youre looking to make the perfect burger or trying out a new recipe, Traegers has you covered.

Smoked Meatloaf Burgers On The Traeger Grill

This Smoked Meatloaf Burgers On The Traeger Grill, recipe combines comfort food with nostalgia.

Ever since I was ski-slumming in the late 90’s the everything bagel has held a sweet spot in my heart.

Back then, the bagel shop was one of the few options available on the way to the mountain which was also my place of work.

These days, I seldom make an early morning or even mid-day bagel run. So when I get my hands on some fresh-baked bagels, I want to pay respect to those fond memories from a time gone by.

I often get asked to make meatloaf at home.

Growing up, meatloaf to me was something I never understood and quite gross.

When I started taking outdoor cooking more seriously, it made sense that it was time to see if I could make meatloaf more edible than I’d remembered.

Boy am I glad I took a chance on trying it again.

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How Long To Smoke Burgers On A Traeger At 275 F

It usually takes about an hour to smoke a thawed or fresh burger if you are thinking of smoking it.

But in the case of Traeger grills, you can put the burger on the grill for about 30 to 45 minutes for one and a half patty.

Wait till the burger reaches 130 degrees Fahrenheit internal temperature.

You can begin by placing the burgers on the grill at a temperature of 275 degrees with the high smoke.

After about 25-30 minutes you remove the burgers from the grill.

Then you can increase the temperature of the grill to the highest setting.

When it reaches the temperature, you can again put the burger inside the grill which will take you an extra 8 more minutes.

The time may vary depending on the patty thickness.

Do You Preheat Traeger With Lid Open Or Closed


Whether you preheat your Traeger with the lid open or closed is a personal preference. Some people say that preheating with the lid open produces a better flavor, while others find that it dries out the wood chips too quickly. I usually preheat mine with the lid closed so that the wood chips stay moist.

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How Long To Cook A Burger

When youre ready to sear your patties and with the grill set to the highest setting, the cook time for the perfect burger is about eight minutes or four minutes per side.

When it comes to flipping the burgers, only flip once in the middle of the cook. After your patties hit the grill, leave them alone. Resist the urge to squish the burger with a spatula. Youll just be pushing out all that precious, delicious juice.

Cook about two minutes per side for rare, three minutes for medium rare, four minutes for medium, and five minutes for well done.

How To Cook Burgers On A Traeger Fact Revealed

There is nothing quite like the taste of a chargrilled burger, cooked to perfection on a traeger. In this blog post, we will show you how to cook burgers on a traeger, so that you can get that perfect chargrilled flavor, every time. We will also give you some tips on how to make the perfect burger. So, whether you are a beginner or an experienced traeger chef, read on for some essential tips on cooking burgers on a traeger.

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What Is A Traeger

A traeger is a type of pellet grill that uses wood pellets as its main source of heat. The pellets are fed into a firebox, where they are burned, and the resulting heat is then used to cook the food. This makes the traeger a very versatile grill, as it can be used to cook a wide variety of foods, including burgers, steaks, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

What Are The Benefits Of Cooking Burgers On A Traeger

How To Smoke Burgers On A Traeger – Ace Hardware

There are a few benefits to cooking burgers on a traeger:

Traegers are known for their even, consistent heat, which means that your burgers will be cooked evenly throughout.

Traegers use wood pellets as fuel, which gives your food a delicious smoky flavor.

Traegers are versatile grills, meaning that they can be used to cook a variety of foods, including burgers, chicken, fish, and vegetables.

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What Is A Torta

A traditional Mexican torta is built on a soft roll and filled with a variety of meats and cheeses. Most tortas are slathered in refried beans, hot sauce and mayo and tomato, sliced onion and avocado are loaded in too. I think what sets a great torta apart is the amazing bread and the tasty variety of fillings. When I have the chance, I always opt for one that has breaded pork loin, steak and cheese. Super delicious.

When we were thinking about how to create a torta-inspired burger, we decided that some distinct elements of a torta had to be included in our burger creation. That included a great bun, creamy refried beans, avocado and something spicy.

Why Cooking Torta Burgers On The Traeger Works

I love cooking everything on the Traeger from burgers and steaks to cakes and casseroles, the Traeger is the perfect outdoor cooking vessel. The wood-fired heat is strong and consistent, lacks hot spots like other grills may have, and the wood pellet fuel provides a little touch of wood-fired flavor that imbues what you cook.

For burgers, I like to use my Traeger Ranger grill, which is small and mighty. With the built-in cast iron griddle and the small overall size, the Ranger gets very hot, very quickly. Its the perfect tool for hot and fast cooks like searing the burger for our Torta Burgers.

We also used the cast iron griddle to toast the buns, which makes it possible to do nearly this entire burger on the Traeger. Pretty perfect for a summer evening and a great meal.

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Burger Seasoning Vs Salt And Pepper

Plenty of burger enthusiasts say salt and black pepper are all your burger needs, and I agree when it comes to making smash burgers or thin patties. But these smoked burgers call for behemoth 6 oz patties. Salt and pepper do a great job, especially in combination with the smoke, but you might find the center a little bland.

So I think a quick burger seasoning goes a long way. The recipe calls for a blend of brown sugar, salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder, and chili powder. Feel free to use a pre-mixed burger seasoning or some form of beef dry rub if you have a favorite.

Just be sure not to over mix your ground beef. I like to sprinkle the seasoning over both sides and kind of stack and fold the ground beef on itself to mix. You get a surprisingly even distribution. Then its as simple as dividing the meat into fourths and forming patties.

If you have pastry rings or some type of straight sided silicone mold, you can use that to form the signature straight sides of a smoked hamburger. If you dont have anything with a straight side, you can just use your hands to press the sides reasonably flat as you spread the patties out.

Youre looking for a burger patty thats slightly larger than the bun youre using. Though Ill mention if youre using some type of jumbo or mini buns, and your patty size fits that, your cook time may vary due to the difference in thickness.

Resting Time For Hamburgers


It is important to let the hamburgers rest for a few minutes after cooking so that they stay juicy. If you are in a hurry, you can place them in a foil-lined container and let them rest for 5-10 minutes.

This will help to keep them warm and moist. The resting phase of hamburgers is a crucial step in retaining the juices in the meat. If you skip this step, your hamburgers may turn out dry and tough.

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What Side Dishes Go Well With Burgers

When we are grilling for dinner there are usually many opinions for sides. My favorite for stuffed burgers?

My Panko Onion Rings because what goes better with a burger than onion rings?

Not an onion ring fan? Then my Loaded Oven Potatoes are for you. These are full of bacon, cheese and spices, and they are easy to make while grilling the burgers and are a family favorite.

If you are more of a classic side fan and you have a Blackstone, try our Blackstone Frozen French Fries! If you have an air fryer, our Air Fryer Fries are excellent and homemade.

Another thing I really love is my Dilly Tuna Pasta Salad, and is always a favorite when I bring that salad to a potluck. Even the kids like this tuna.

Need vegetables with this? Try my Traeger Grilled Prosciutto Asparagus.

If you are like me and love bacon on or in your burger, then try my Traeger Bacon. It is delicious and so flavorful, you may need to make extra for your breakfast tomorrow. It also is perfect with my Chorizo Breakfast Tacos.

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