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What Is The Best Way To Season A Burger

How to Grill the Best Burgers | You Can Cook That |

A well-seasoned burger is always a welcome dish at an outdoor party. The best way to season your burger is to add some essential ingredients to your ground beef before forming a burger patty.

To achieve this, you need a blend of ingredients such as pepper, onions, garlic powder, and some other seasons and take the following step process

  • Gather all ingredients and mix well in a bowl.
  • Keep mixing until you observe a uniform mixture.
  • Take a few tablespoons of spice mixture and continually sprinkle over the Ground beef as you grill.

Note: Ensure the pepper is neatly blended in a powdery form and avoid sprinkling excess spice!

How To Prepare Your Grill

From my experience, the best grilled hamburger is achieved through two avenues, smoke and indirect heat. You may be asking, what is indirect heat? Indirect heat is when there is no heat directly below the food you are preparing. This is the easiest way to prevent over cooking the burger. The best way Ive found to do this is to pile the lit charcoal on two sides of the grill, leaving the middle of the grill open. This will allow the hamburgers to slowly cook and absorb the smoke while grilling.

Next, its time to make some smoke. To do this, you will add a chunk of wood to the top of your lit charcoal. I prefer using wood chunks over wood chips because they make a better smoke and smoke for a longer amount of time. Your local grocery store or home center should have a variety of wood chunks for you to choose from. Ive found that hickory pairs perfectly with a grilled hamburger.

  • Should the grill vent be open or closed? This will vary depending on the grill to get the right temperature. The more open the vent, the more oxygen will get to the coals resulting in a hotter fire.
  • Do you need to soak your wood chunks or chips? There isnt any reason to soak wood chunks. However, if you are going to use chips I recommend letting them soak for about 30 minutes.

How To Know Your Burgers Are Done

Everyone likes their burgers are done a bit differently, but there is something to keep in mind when grilling your burgers. Bacteria which lives on the surface of meat, like steak, is cooked or seared and in doing so the bacteria dies. Hamburger takes that surface bacteria and grinds it up in all together so that the bacteria is throughout the meat. It is recommended that ground beef is cooked till the internal temperature reaches 160 degrees. Killing the bacteria throughout making it the safest temperature to eat. Those are the recommendations that should be followed especially for children and elderly as they are more susceptible to foodborne illness.

Hamburger Doneness

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Make Sure To Use The Correct Temperature

The temperature and heat you put into the patty can decide whether it will break or not.

The patty should be slightly bouncy yet firm when you touch it. Remember that it will be very hot, so only tap the patty to see if its bouncy or not. Each side of the burger usually needs about 3-4 minutes of cooking on each side to get a medium-cooked burger.

Leave it on the grill slightly longer or slightly shorter if you prefer but remember that overcooking the patty can make it too firm. You should always start cooking the burger on high heat, then after the recommended 3-4 minutes on each side, turn the heat to low.

Do not cook the burgers on low heat the entire time. Cooking on low heat is not really cooking the meat, but rather just thawing it. This will pull out most of the moisture and cause the patty to start crumbling before its done cooking. It will also make a huge mess once you put it on the bun and try to start eating it.

What Is The Best Wood Pellet For Cooking Burgers

Learn how to make the best grilled burgers. Its all about ...

The Pellet Grill is the perfect choice for cooking an intuitive burger. This owes to the fact that Pellets burn hotter and slower than the usual wood chips ensuring consistency in heat flow.

The other advantage of cooking burgers with pellets lies in the production of less waste or ash.

Now when it comes to picking the best wood pellet for cooking burgers, you do need to consider the seasoning being used. You see, it is the right pellet that delivers consistent heat and infuses to generate a pleasant aroma from a seasoned burger. There are two types of wood pellets best suited for cooking burgers.

Mesquite Pellets:

The Mesquite Pellets is the type that impacts a hearty and bold flavor profile to any BBQ. Such flavor comes in a steak-like quality. This pellet pairs well with beef, pork, and seafood.

Hickory Pellets:

The Hickory Pellets give a strong woodsy flavor that only goes well with burgers already seasoned with garlic and other assortments. It goes well with cheese, beef, and pork.

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How To Serve Grilled Burgers

I usually serve them on cloud bread, although sometimes we just skip the bread and use a knife and a fork. 90-second bread is also good, and easier to make than cloud bread.

As for side dishes, they’re great with fries. I like to serve them with jicama fries or with zucchini fries.

And if you happen to have some sauteed onions , they make a great topping for burgers.

What You Need For The Best Beef Burgers

Grilled burgers are the perfect picnic or large gathering food. Skip the frozen burgers and make your own for the best tasting!

  • 80/20 Ground Beef: Make sure your beef is cold and not at room temperature.
  • Garlic cloves: Freshly minced will give the best flavor.
  • Minced onion: Dried minced onion will give tons of flavor without the bulk.
  • Worcestershire sauce: This is a must in homemade burgers, it adds the best umami flavor.
  • BBQ sauce: Gives a bit of sweet, a bit of tang and heat all in one.
  • Salt and Pepper: Add to taste:
  • Buns: Because homemade burgers deserve the best Homemade buns!

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Best Grilled Hamburger Recipe Ever

I live in a house with four boys, so needless to say, big, juicy grilled hamburgers are a staple in our meal rotation. We’ve tried many versions over the years, but my taste-testers always agree — this simple combination of ground beef, onion and seasoning yields the best grilled hamburger recipe ever! You don’t need fillers like breadcrumbs or egg…just let the flavor of the meat shine!

How To Make Juicy Burgers On The Grill

How To Grill The Perfect Burger – FlavCity with Bobby

Of course, nothing beats smoky, juicy burgers on the grill. The process for how to make juicy burgers on the grill is very similar to stovetop burgers.

Prepare the meat like above while you heat up the grill. Once its hot, add the burgers and close the lid. Resist the urge to open it too often!

Flip the burgers after about 4 or 5 minutes. The signs are the same clear or brownish juices. After flipping, cook for a few more minutes. The time will vary depending on thickness and how much you want them done. More on that below!

Just like stovetop burgers, the tips below will apply to making juicy burgers on the grill, too.

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How To Make The Best No Fuss Hamburger Less Is More

We love a good burger. So, we spent a few days and did a little research to figure out our favorite way to make the best hamburgers. There are no rules to making burgers. There are many approaches out there for how to make the best burger most of what we mention below can be used across them all.

It may sound crazy, but quality meat, salt, and pepper is all we add to our simple burger recipe.

Weve tried adding extras olive oil, cream, mustard, and grated onion to name a few. While we liked some, none were as good as simply seasoned burger patties cooked in a little butter. Just in case youre wondering what the extras did, heres a quick summary:

Olive oil didnt really add much and the texture went a little funny, they became a little grainy. Cream made the meat tender. We both really liked it, but not enough to specifically buy a whole carton of cream for a tablespoon . We loved the flavor of the mustard we used Dijon and the onion was too strong for us.

So, even though we did like a few of the additions, in the end we came full circle and simple won. Think about a great steak its most likely only been seasoned with salt and pepper. For us, hamburgers are the same.

Can You Use The Camp Chef Pellet Grill For Cooking A Burger

Yes, the camp Chef Pellet grill is suitable for cooking burgers. Although this specific pellet grill is found to be popular among chefs who smoke beef cuts like steak, it is ideal for a burger too.

The Camp Chef pellet grill offers the best hands-on precision when it comes to temperature control. Many of its models feature a PID digital temperature controller allowing you to keep your burger cooked at the appropriate temperature.

The best part is that this pellet grill comes with a patented ash cleanout management system to reduce efforts in cleaning. Cooking a burger with this pellet grill comes in the following easy steps

  • Power up the Camp Chef pellet grill and set it to a temperature of 400oF to pre-heat the grills grate.
  • Place the prepared burger patty on the grate to heat up.
  • Leave the burger patty to cook for 30 minutes once cooked, flip to the other side to ensure evenness.
  • Place the bread in the grill to heat for 4-5 minutes.
  • Then place the patty with the bread and enjoy a great-tasting burger meal.

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Tips On Making The Best Blue Cheese Burgers

  • For juicy burgers, use 80:20 ground beef . Lean ground beef will give you dry burgers.
  • Use your favorite blue cheese here. Nothing fancy required save those for the cheese board. Pre-crumbled blue cheese will work in this recipe, but since it does not melt as well as blue cheese you crumble yourself, it’s not preferable.
  • Prep the patties up to a day in advance and refrigerate them, covered tightly in plastic wrap, if you’d like to work ahead.
  • Check out How to Grill the Best Burgers for more tips on attaining burger nirvana.

Using A Charcoal Vs Gas Grill

The Best Juicy Burger Recipe on the Stove Top or Grill ...

The charcoal vs gas grill debate is long and storied, and they both have their pros and cons. Gas grills heat up more quickly, and its easier to control the heat by turning a knob. On the downside, they tend to have hot spots, so youll need to move the burgers around the grill to make sure they all cook evenly. A charcoal grill can infuse more smoky flavor into your burgers, but it takes longer to heat up and learning how to adjust the vents to increase or decrease the heat is a process.

In the end, any type of grill will make a delicious burger, so use the one youre most comfortable with.

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How To Grind Burger In A Meat Grinder

This part is fairly straightforward and it was easy to grind this for our sirloin burger. First, you need a meat grinder! Buy a half pound of sirloin steak. Fat is ok in our sirloin, but we want to avoid the silver skin. Avoid it when purchasing the cut of steak and we will want to cut any out that is in the steak itself. Also, buy about .75 to a pound of boned short ribs. We will want equal parts sirloin and short ribs. Once the short ribs are deboned, we should be pretty close to .5 pounds. When deboning the ribs, keep all the chunky, good fat. This is going to be what gets our burger up to 80/20 to 70/30.

If you want to know fairly accurately the fat percentage of your burger, just separate the fat from the beef and weigh them separately. There will still be a little bit of fat in the beef, but you will be very close.

Cut all of your cleaned meat into about 2 inch chunks and send it through the grinder. If you are unsure on what size of the attachment to use, I would err on the side of large. Once sent through the grinder, feel to ensure it is the right consistency. If the burger feels like it needs to be ground some more, send it through again! If it feels too much like mush, you messed up. Can’t take that back.

A Couple Of Tips And Tricks To Make These Bbq Burgers :

  • Remove ground meat, or patties at least 15-20 minutes before ready to grill.
  • Never press down on a burger with your spatula. Its tempting, but dont do it. It causes the good juices to squeeze out and causes your burger to be dry.
  • Use a medium flame. Its better to do them low and slow to retain the moisture and not dry out your burgers.
  • Never overflip. You should only need to flip the burger once. A rule of thumb for medium heat and about 1/4 lb. burger, is to cook the first side for about 4 minutes before flipping . Once flipped the remaining side should need roughly that same amount of time until the internal temperature is at least 135 degrees F.

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The Best Hamburger Patties

What makes this absolutely the Best Hamburger Patty Recipe?

These burgers offer a rich and meaty taste, with a punch of zesty herbs that can be customized with your preferred flavors. A few simple key ingredients help to consistently create juicy hamburger patties, no matter which cooking method you prefer.

And while youll love the terrific savoriness of these homemade hamburgers on their own, they are excellent for loading with your favorite toppings to create truly one helluva great burger. This is sure to be your go-to recipe for easy burger patties from scratch!

Tips On How To Cook Perfect Hamburgers On A Grill

How to make Great Hamburgers on the Grill

October 7, 2020·

Whats more American than grilling hamburgers? Hamburgers and hot dogs are the whole reason they put grills in public parks, in my opinion. Burgers and hot dogs are the whole reason we show up to the stadium 6 hours before the game . We discussed hot dogs the other day, so I wanted to step back and talk about how to grill hamburgers the right way.

The experience level to tell you how long to grill burgers should be your ultimate goal. You see, hamburgers may seem easy to make, but I have choked down far too many dried out and burnt disks of beef than I care to remember. People are so afraid to undercook burgers that they err on the overdone side and thats a sure way to ruin that burger. Its time we did something about it, its time we take a stand, its time for me to stop complaining about it and start educating the masses! So lets get down to it and talk about best practices for grilling hamburgers.

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Ingredients For Juicy Grilled Hamburgers

  • Ground beef
  • Pepper

Step 1: Combine

In a large bowl, use your fingers or a fork to gently combine the ground beef, diced onion, Worcestershire sauce, salt and pepper.

Step 2: Divide

Portion the meat into 6 equal segments.

Step 3: Chill

Use cupped hands to gently toss one portion of meat into the shape of a loose ball. Flatten into a 1-inch patty, pressing a small dimple in the middle. This small indentation will prevent the burgers from puffing up during grilling. Repeat with remaining beef to shape 5 more patties.

Place the patties on a tray that has been lined with wax paper or parchment paper. Cover loosely with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour.

Step 4: Grill Burgers

Grill the hamburgers on a propane gas grill or indoor grill pan over high heat for about 3-4 minutes per side .

What Is Chuck Knows Beef

Chuck Knows Beef is a great resource from Beef. Its Whats for Dinner on all things beef. It is powered by Google Artificial Intelligence and can provide answers to your beef questions instantly and provide dinner inspiration if you arent sure what to cook with that ground beef in your refrigerator.

You can access it online at, on Google Home or Amazon Echo .

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Should I Use A Burger Press

I love using a burger press to form patties because they really do help the burgers cook perfectly and evenly every time.

In addition, youre not pushing down on the meat squashing everything together by hand and I definitely find that leads to a juicer, more evenly cooked burger.

You can get a great burger without the press, for sure.

But can you get the Best BBQ Burgers EVER?

Honestly a burger press is not just good for burgers though they are good for tuna, crab and salmon patties as well.

There are a lot of different things you can do with them.

The perfect shaped patty simply helps them cook up better and more evenly.

You will wind up with a flavorful, juicy gem every time. Just look how perfect those are!

I was able to adjust the press for a 1/4 to 1/2 thick patties, which is nice depending on what I am making.

Plus, I love the idea of buying ground beef in bulk, and making up a big bunch of patties and then freezing them.

This makes it all the easier to do that and then much easier to store them in the freezer.

Ready to make some of your own?

This is as easy as a gourmet burger recipe can get.

Very little prep for a huge burst of flavor in every bite!

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