How Do You Clean Stainless Steel Grill Grates

How To Clean Bbq Grates

Weber Grills – Cleaning Your Stainless Steel Grates

The best way to clean stainless steel BBQ grates is to clean them after each use. Give your stainless steel cooking grids a scrub with your stainless steel grill brush, or our bristle free grill brush. Doing this while the grill is still hot will mean you dont have to do it when you go to cook next time, and goes a long way to ensuring your stainless steel cooking grates remain looking like new.

A Better Way To Clean Grill Grates

When it comes to making sure my entire grill is ready for the next cooking session, I dont turn to the brush any longer.

Youve probably heard of placing a sheet of foil on the grates, turning up the heat and burning the grease off. While burning the grease off this way does work, its pretty time consuming and requires you to rinse and then dry the grates after.

People have recommended that I cut an onion in half and use that to clean my grates. While it does work, it seems like a perfectly good waste of a great onion that I could otherwise enjoy as food.

A friend of mine cleans his grill with a potato. I didnt say we were good friends, because lets be honest, thats next level strange. Potatoes are for fries and for smoking twiceloaded with bacon, not for scraping buildup off a grill. I enjoy my potatoes covered in cheese, not charred bits of not great eats.

For us here at The Barbecue Lab, we have a different and easier way of cleaning our grates that only takes a quick few minutes.

We use the same material that is utilized almost every cook to wrap and protect meat. A humble ball of foil.

Cleaning The Grill Grate

The most obvious part of any grill to clean is the grate. Most barbecues, grills, and smokers have removable grates to facilitate cleaning. Its important to know what material the grate is made from before tackling cleaning. Stainless steel grates can be damaged by using the wrong techniques, while cast iron can simply be ruined by neglect.

A good rule of thumb: if the grill grate is shiny when clean, its probably stainless. If the grate is heavy and solid, its probably cast iron. Numerous other types of steel are also used, and these can be identified by two features: no shiny surface and welds attaching the supports to the grill grate. Less common these days are grill grates made from porcelain-coated steel. Regardless, type has a specific process for cleaning that must be done correctly.

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Best Ways To Clean Stainless Steel Grill Grates

Based on the severity of the problem, there are various methods and techniques to clean stainless steel grill grates. Whether your grill grates need mild cleaning or harsh treatment, weve got you covered.

In the following, weve discussed the safest techniques to clean your stainless steel grill grates.

Grill Cleaning Tips That Actually Work

How To Clean Grill Grates

An onion. Readily available, all-natural, a half of an onion can be used to clean the grill while it is still reasonably hot. Use a long fork and use the onion as you would a scrub brush to whisk away debris and bits of cooked-on food. Please discard the onion when youre finished.

Also, a potato cut in half and dipped in a saucer of baking soda makes a great disposable scrubber from the pantry. When it gets soiled, simply slice off the dirty part and keep going. Please throw away the potato after you have finished cleaning with it.

An old kitchen sponge is excellent for keeping your grill tidy. Sprinkle some baking soda on a wet sponge and wipe away the grease and grime.

Aluminum foil can help clean stainless steel grills. Line the grill surfaces with sheets of aluminum foil and turn on the heat. Close the lid and let it bake for ten or fifteen minutes. Remove foil and crumple it into a ball and use it to clean up after dinner messes.

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Have The Friends Arrived However The Grill Is Not Clear

Within the occasion that your grill nonetheless doesnt look nice, and also you dont have time to wash it, simply copy Emeril Lagasses strategy:

Wrap fish fillets, sliced veggies, and other quick-cooking items inside foil packets with bundles of fresh herbs and throw them directly on the grill the steam will release the herbs perfume and flavor anything contained inside the pouch.

Im certain nobody will discover.

Have you learnt every other methods for cleansing chrome steel grill grates? Tell us within the feedback under.

Do You Need To Season Stainless Steel Grill Grates

Unlike cast iron, you dont have to season your stainless steel grill grates often. As long as you keep moisture out of your grill, your stainless steel grates will be fine.

You can do so by always keeping a cover on your grill when not in use, especially if you live in a humid place. Also make sure to dry the grates completely before putting them back to the grill. Last but not least, remember not to use any abrasive or harsh cleaners such as steel wool or bleach to clean them.

Other than that, the one thing to keep in mind that you should oil your food but not your grates before cooking. There are two reasons for that.

Firstly, the oil wont stay on the surface of the grates, it will fall down to the fire below. Secondly, even if the oil stays on the surface, the heat from cooking will eventually burn it all off.

Oiling your food will prevent them from sticking to the grates and make them easier for you to clean and care for later on.

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How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Grill Grates & Keep Them Looking Like New

If you love your grill as much as I do, you want to keep it looking as pretty as possible. Keeping your grill clean serves another purpose, other than looking great, it ensures that your Napoleon barbecue is in top working order and remains that way for its entire life. Its easy to take care of the outside of the grill, just follow the instructions found in our article What is Stainless Steel & How to Care For It. However, since your cooking grids bear the brunt of barbecue life, you want to know how to clean them, and how to get your stainless steel grill grates looking like new again.

Weber Grill Cleaner Spray

How to Clean a Stainless Steel Grill Grate

Weber, the manufacturers of some of the worlds most respected grills, offers their Grill Cleaner Spray as the ultimate grill-cleaning product. In conjunction with one of the aforementioned pieces of hardware, the resultant combination will provide a formidable cleaning combination suited to tackle even the toughest grill grime.

This non-toxic, citrus-derived spray cleaner will eliminate the need for extra fuel use for cleaning stainless steel grill grates with heat, as it can be used on a cool grill grate.

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Clean With Aluminum Foil And Baking Soda

  • Make a paste of 1 ½ cup ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda and ½ cup water in a small bowl. It should be a thick liquid consistency that sticks to the grill grates.
  • Using a brush or sponge, cover the grill grates with the baking soda paste and let sit for a few minutes.
  • Tear off a sizable piece of aluminum foil and crumple into a ball.
  • Scrub the baking-soda covered grate wires with the aluminum foil ball, working up and down each wire and across the grate.
  • Rinse the grate with water and return to the grill.

How Do I Clean My Grill With Lemon And Salt

A: To clean your grill, you can use lemon and salt. First, cut a lemon in half and rub the juice on the grates of your grill. Then sprinkle some salt on top of the grill before turning it on to let it sit for 10 minutes. After that, wipe down with a paper towel and rinse off any leftover residue with water.

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Stainless Steel Goes The Distance

With so many options for grill grates available, it can be hard to make a choice. In this instance, let history make the call for you. The overwhelming majority of professional grill grates are made of stainless steel. If that system works for the pros, it will work for you! Once you select your personal favorite stainless steel grill grate, use the above products to maintain the quality and efficiency of your high quality grilling equipment. Do you have porcelain coated cast iron grill grates instead? Find out how to clean those.

Caring For Your Stainless Steel Grill Grates

How To Clean Your Stainless Steel Grill Grates &  Keep Them ...

Keeping your grates clean and free from food will prevent them from pitting.

While some people recommend to wipe oil on the grill, it can lead to faster build up. Instead, oil your food. It accomplishes the goal of preventing the food from sticking and uses less oil.

Cleaning your grill after each use will make the job of keeping your grates clean easier. Andfood just tastes better on a clean grill.

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How To Clean Grill Grates With Ammonia

You can use ammonia to clean the grill grates. But it would be best if you took some precautions while cleaning because it is a chemical and can cause any injuries due to the fumes.

Things you need

  • Rubber band or a thread


  • Put on the rubber gloves to prevent any injury caused due to the fumes.
  • Pour ammonia into a large glass or a plastic container.
  • Now put some towels or cloths into the ammonia solution to saturate them.
  • Now take the cloths and squeeze the ammonia out of the cloths. Do not squeeze it completely dry. There should be some wetness on the cloth.
  • Now put the ammonia-filled clothes into a garbage bag.
  • Now put the grill you need to clean inside the garbage bag.
  • Seal the garbage bag with a rubber band or a thread.
  • Leave the garbage bag along with the grill and ammonia-filled clothes for twenty-four hours.
  • After twenty-four hours, remove the grill from the garbage bag. Make sure to open the bag away from your face as the ammonia fumes may cause severe damage to the lungs.
  • Take a clean cloth and rinse off all the debris.
  • Now clean the grill thoroughly with water using a garden hose.


Kona Bristle Free Barbecue Grill Brush

For those unconvinced by any wires, but still looking for an effective tool to clean their stainless steel, look no further than the Kona Bristle Free Barbecue Grill Brush. A sturdy steel wire design facilitates deep cleaning of stainless steel and other grill grates, without risking unwanted deposits of metal wires in your food. It has 3 tightly wound brushes made of dense coils of tightly wound steel that deliver a powerful cleaning of even the most obstinate gunk and grime.

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How To Clean Your Grill

Have you ever been to a friends house for dinner and had your meal served on a dirty plate? It doesnt matter how amazing the smell or appearance, the quality of the ingredients, or the skill the meal took to make anyone eating off a dirty plate is going to question just how clean the food actually is.

Guess what? When your grill is coated in drippings from chicken, beef, pork, and everything else you cook, those little bits of leftover gunk get into the next thing you put on the grill. Even a rigorous scrubbing with a steel bristle brush isnt going to get that grill clean. When you want to make truly fantastic meals, dont skip the basics clean your grill correctly and make better tasting, healthier, and clean meals for your family and friends.

Nd Method Soak Scrub And Rinse

How To Clean Gas Grill Grates


  • Synthetic rubber pad


First of all, this method requires a plastic tub to host stainless steel grill grates in water. You can remove excess oil, dirt, and carbon from the grates through the following steps:

  • Pour some hot water into the tub. Keep the water shallow, dont fill the tub as doing so will require more detergent to remove the grease.
  • Put the grates in the tub. Make sure you completely submerge the grates in the water.
  • Put about a cup of dishwasher liquid detergent into the water. Stir well until it starts to bubble.
  • Put half a cup of baking soda into the water and stir until it forms plenty of foam.
  • Drop the stainless steel grill grates into the tub and leave them there for at least two hours.
  • Scrub the grates with a synthetic scrub pad. Avoid using metal scrapers as they can pit the grates.
  • Remove the grates from the tub and clean them with fresh water. Now youre done.
  • Theres an alternative method that involves soaking, scrubbing, and rinsing off the grates. In this method, instead of using dishwasher liquid detergent, you can use vinegar and baking soda. You can mix the two cleaning agents at once and wait for the foam to form.

    • Pros of this Method

    This method is useful for cleaning large, defiant food materials and grease on gas grill grates. Its particularly suitable for clearing fat residues because baking soda and detergents can dissolve and remove oils.

    • Cons of this Method

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    A Painless Way To Clean Stainless

    Its safe to clean your grill when its cool to the touch. For regular cleaning, Weber and Char-Broil, both big sellers of gas grills, suggest using a dedicated stainless steel cleaner. But Char-Broil agrees with other manufacturers that you can also use a mild liquid dish detergent mixed with warm water. Avoid harsh cleaners such as bleach.

    Use a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. Paper towels can be rough and scratch the surface. And never use steel-wool pads or steel brushes, which can permanently damage the finish.

    Go with the grain of the stainless finish, which is usually from side to side rather than up and down. Wiping against the grain can scratch the surface.

    Rinse with clean water if youre using soapy water.

    Dry with a clean soft cloth to prevent water stains that can occur from air-drying.

    As for polishing your stainless grill, several manufacturers recommend against polishing the lid or other parts that get really hot. While not all polishes will discolor with heat application, many leave a film that can, says Kyla Camick, a spokeswoman for Napoleon. But she says its okay to use it on cooler parts of the grill. Using outdoor stainless polishes on components such as the side shelves, doors, and control panel will help ward off surface discoloration and corrosion, she adds.

    Cleaning With Vinegar And Foil

    Vinegar will disintegrate the burned food and clean your grill racks gently. Foil may be a highly efficient way to remove dirt from the surface without damaging it.

    • Allow the grill on your barbeque to cool before cleaning with vinegar.
    • Within the spray container, combine 2 cups vinegar and 2 cups water.
    • Spray the grill with a solution of water and vinegar, coating both the top and bottom.
    • Allow about 10 minutes for the solution to sink into the racks.
    • Aluminum foil should be folded in a thicker manner to prevent it from tearing.
    • Prior to cleaning the grill, spray the foil with a vinegar solution.
    • Utilize the foil to scrub the grill racks.

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    What Not To Do To Your Stainless Steel Grill

    The first and most crucial grill cleaning tip is DO not using any harmful chemicals to clean. The two common cleaning solutions that people mistakenly reach for are bleach and oven cleaner.Both contain sodium hypochlorite and sodium hydroxide. These will damage stainless steel, and its important to note that theyre toxic. Which means that you shouldnt use them to any clean cooking surface that comes in contact with food.So, what should you use? There are cheaper and safer non-toxic options out there that will leave your steel grill shiny and clean.

    How Do You Get Rust Off Grill Grates With Baking Soda

    How To Clean Grill Grates â The Ultimate Guide On Grill ...

    A: To remove rust from grill grates, you should first clean them with a wire brush to remove any loose rust particles. Then, mix baking soda and water in equal parts until the mixture is thick enough to coat the grates. Allow it to sit for about 20 minutes or so before scrubbing it off with a steel wool pad.

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    How To Clean Stainless Steel Grill Grates After Cooking

    Cleaning stainless steel grates right after youve finished grilling is the easiest thing to do. Its because food particles are easy to remove from a hot surface. When the grates cool down, residual food hardens and sticks to the surface.

    To clean stainless steel grates after grilling, you dont need to take them out of the grill. After youve finished cooking, just take the food out and scrub the grates with your favorite grill brush.

    For defiant residue and deep stains, pour some vinegar onto the side of a towel and scrub the grate surface using the towel. Vinegar is also an excellent disinfectant, meaning that itll clear any germs or bacteria feeding on carbonized food.

    Remember that some bacteria can withstand high temperatures. Hence, moderate grilling cant kill their colonies.

    The bottom surface of the grates is hard to reach, so you can use a U-shaped stainless steel scraper to clean it also.

    After youve finished cleaning the grates, close the lid and let the grill cool down.

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