What’s So Special About The Green Egg Grill

What Makes The Big Green Egg So Special

Why the Big Green Egg is Awesome

In 2019, we brought the Big Green Egg into all of our stores. We stocked our shelves with Big Green products and added Big Green logos and signs all around our grill sections. We raved about what we said called the ultimate game changer on how to cook food outdoors. But what exactly makes the Big Green Egg so special? Well, Im glad you asked.

Will Big Green Egg Crack In Cold Weather

Theres nothing to worry about. You CAN cook in your Big Green Egg all year long, no matter how cold it gets outside, without fear of a crack. The Big Green Egg will take a little longer than normal to stabilize temperature, since the Egg needs to warm up, but once its warm you can cook as you normally would.

How Does It Perform

The vents on a kamado grill allow you to regulate the amount of airflow inside the unit.

Overall, we had no complaints about the Eggs ability to cook everything we threw at it. The Large model had an 18-inch grill space that was large enough to fit a dozen burgers, up to six chickens , a few whole pork shoulders, or a large turkey. Our burgers had perfect grill marks, the chicken drumsticks were infused with a deeply smoky flavor, and our pulled pork turned out super juicy and tender.

Temperature control was one of our favorite features of the Egg. By sliding the lower vent closed, we were able to get the temps as low as 150°F without worrying about extinguishing the coals. Opening up the vent ignited the coal bed, burning them red-hot and building to temperatures as hot as 700°F.

Our model featured a rEGGulator top vent cap that opened all the way, letting in more air than most charcoal grills allow. Fully opened, it helped us achieve maximum airflow to boost the temps, and it trapped all that tasty smoke inside when we slid it halfway or almost all the way closed. Both vents were cool to the touch, even while cooking over high heat.

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Big Green Egg: 2021 Big Green Egg Reviewed

When people first see a Big Green Egg, they are always intrigued as it can be hard to understand what it does. Is the Big Green Egg a smoker? How is it different from a regular charcoal grill? Is it fun to use? Often the question arises: I already have a gas grill – is it worth investing in a Big Green Egg, too?

Big Green Egg has created a cult following over the years. They are the most well known Kamado ceramic grill maker on the market and for good reason. The green egg grill cookers are made of the highest quality materials, can be used all year round and the community they have created inspires bbqers around the world. Big Green Egg users are always eager to talk about their experiences with their Egg, share recipes, tips and most importantly, their food. When you buy a Big Green Egg you are buying into a lifestyle.

At Designer Appliances, we are big enthusiasts of Big Green Egg and wanted to share why we feel this way about this Kamado style grill and smoker. In fact, many of our staff own an Egg and are firmly attached to the quality of how our barbecue and smoked foods turn out. If you are around any of our stores over the weekends, you will often see us preparing staff lunch on a Big Green Egg. You’re always welcome to join us!

Can I Use Regular Charcoal In A Big Green Egg

What Makes the Big Green Egg Grill so Special

Yes, you can use regular charcoal in a Big Green Egg. However, please make sure not to use lighter fluid or charcoal dipped in quick lighting solutions. We recommend the Big Green Egg organic lump charcoal, which costs around $19.99 for a large bag. The lump charcoal is healthier, burns cleanly, and achieves the desired temperature faster than most other fuel types.

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Big Green Egg Grill: Are They Worth The Money

Even to a novice barbecue enthusiast, somegrill names have the advantage of being universally recognizable. This isespecially true for the iconic ceramic, or kamado, style grill the BigGreen Egg. The BGE garnered attention as the first of its kind in the states.

Not every product thats first to the markethas the luxury of becoming so synonymous with its brand, yet the Big Green Eggremains known to this day.

In spite of nearly fifty years since itsorigination, the Big Green Egg still remains one of the most accessible kamadogrills, and one of the most durable. While many grills appeal to either novicesor accomplished backyard veterans, the Big Green Egg is a fantastic choice forboth.

So, what makes the Big Green Egg so enticing and expensive?

What’s So Special About The Big Green Egg

Ceramic earthenware cooking dates back to ancient times. Fast forward to modern days, and entertaining and inspired cooking has never been easier than from our Big Green Egg grill. The company has developed accessories based on suggestions made by the Egghead community as they continue to swap tales and share secrets. We love the all-season versatility of smoking our Thanksgiving turkey during a November snowfall, smoking wings for Superbowl or grilling a brisket for Passover on a chilly morning.

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Big Green Egg Accessories For Steak Lovers

Cast Iron Cooking Grates

While the stainless steel grates included with the Big Green Egg are incredibly durable, upgrade to the cast iron cooking grates when you want steak house quality food. The Cast Iron grates get very hot, retain their heat and give you restaurant style sear marks on your steaks and chops.

Plancha Griddle

The plancha griddle is also made out of cast iron and provides a great cooking surface for searing meats, vegetables and seafood.

Ceramic Cookers

For chicken and turkey, these ceramic cookers are awesome! They infuse your meat with so much flavor and moisture. Fill the ceramic cooker with your favorite liquid , herbs and spices, then sit your poultry directly on the ceramic cooker and roast until done. When you carve the meat, it will fall right off the bone.

Instant Read Thermometer

Want to make sure your steak is done to your desired temperature? The Instant Read Thermometer is the tool for you. Insert the thermometer into your meat to check on the temperature. No guess work on when your meat is done with the Big Green Egg thermometer.

Automatic Temperature Control DigiQ BBQ Guru

The temperature control allows you to monitor the temperature of your Egg. This comes in very handy if you are doing a long, slow smoke and you want to get a good night’s sleep. The Temperature control will keep your Egg at the right temperature when you can not be there to monitor it.

Kamado Joe Classic Iii


At $1,678, the Kamado Joe Classic III may have a steep price, but it delivers plenty for the money. That means lots of kamado grilling accessories that don’t come standard with other grills, including the Big Green Egg Kamado. This kamado grill and smoker performs well too. In our slow-and-low barbecue grill test, we adjust grills to 225 F and let go of the controls to see what happens. In this trial, the Kamado Joe Classic III demonstrated excellent temperature control.

The grill got a little hot in the first 30 minutes but then settled down at the 1-hour mark. From there, this ceramic grill coasted on cruise control, parking the needle between 253 F and 219 F for almost 3 hours. Only the Big Green Egg turned in a tighter temperature curve, humming along for hours within the smoking sweet spot.

One feature that really sets the Classic III apart is something called the SloRoller. Billed as a “hyperbolic smoke chamber” by Kamado Joe, it’s an hourglass-shaped metal contraption that sits over the fire. The apparatus functions as both a heat deflector and a convection aid. Essentially it stops radiant heat generated by the coals from striking food sitting above . This prevents the meat from drying out during long cooking times. According to Kamado Joe, it also encourages air circulation within the cooking chamber.

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Everything You Need To Know About Big Green Egg Grills

Are you an Egghead?

A lot of weird things came out of the ’70s, but none of the questionable cultural phenomena still have as much traction as the Big Green Egg. No, it’s not a fashion statement, nor is it something you and your partner can only do behind closed doors; it’s a grill. And if you fancy yourself a barbecue connoisseur, you need to know more about it.

How Are The Accessories

Take your pick from cast-iron cooking grates, side tables, custom cooking islands, covers, pizza stones, grill racks, woks, and more.

We only tested a few EGGcessories, but there are hundreds to choose from. Take your pick from cast-iron cooking grates, side tables, custom cooking islands, covers, pizza stones, grill racks, woks, and more. Big Green Egg also has its own brand of oak and hickory lump charcoal and charcoal starters. They even sell a wireless temperature control unit that allows you to set the grills temperature from your smartphone. All of these items come at a price, and customizing your Egg can add up pretty quickly.

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So Freakin Easy To Use

Big Green Eggs Lump Charcoal is made from oak and hickory to enhance flavor. Lighting is easy, so you can get to cooking within minutes! The patented airflow system and temperature gauge allow for precise control over your heat which guarantees flawless sears and crunchy crusts! And to clean all you have to do is wipe your baby down the ceramic is weather resistant in the extreme and inside the cooking grid is stainless steel, both heavy-duty and low-maintenance!;

Kamado Joe Which Kamado Is Best

sold Green Egg, for Pellet Smoker / Grill Opinions ...

To help you make an educated decision we have done a full break down going through the brand history, grill lineup and features.

Weve added links below if you want to get the latest price.

One thing to note is that Big Green Egg is not sold online, and is only available at select retailers, while Kamado Joe can be bought online from BBQGuys.com and a range of other stores.

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How The Big Green Egg Became A Phenomenon

The outdoor grill barely quivers, without billowing any eye-watering smoke signals, and it provides the only dash of deep color on this otherwise monochrome gray deck. To someone who hasnât watched a cooking show or attended an upper-middle-class dinner party during the past decade, it would look distinctly foreignâeither prehistoric or futuristic, as if it holds the fetus of a brontosaurus or thrums like some ominous extraterrestrial pod from science fiction. In any case, the Big Green Egg is about to hatch something wondrous.

âSee, most grills would have smoke all over the place at this point,â says chef Kevin Rathbun, demonstrating the cooker he uses at his Morningside home. âWith a low heat, you can walk away from it for hours, all night even, but at this high heatâabout 700 degreesâyou really need to burp the egg to let air in slowly. Itâs demanding oxygen to breathe.â He gently lifts the 40-pound domed lid, which releases a small plume of smoke and reveals a sizzling 30-ounce porterhouse steak. Itâs exquisitely charred in eight minutes, and then Rathbun slings a mammoth curl of lobster tail on the grill, along with some lightly seasoned yu choy greens.

âSee how tender and juicy everything is?â he says. âThe tight seal and the sheer thickness of the ceramic material is the best at retaining moisture, so your food never dries out.â

Eggfests & EggheadsThe fraternity of BGE lovers is deep and wide.

The Only Outdoor Cooker You Will Ever Need Or Want

The Big Green Egg is the highest quality, most versatile and simplest-to-use outdoor cooker on the market, offering more cooking options than all other conventional cookers combined. From appetizers to entrees to desserts, the Big Green Egg will exceed all of your expectations for culinary perfection.

Big Green Egg Now At Ace

Versatile Cooking with the Big Green Egg

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Pellet Grills Vs Kamado Grills

Looking at Traeger and Big Green Egg grills will never be an apples to apples comparison. Because both grills were created with a different fuel source in mind, their designs and purposes have more differences than similarities. Lets examine each type of grill more closely, so we can better understand how they might fit into your grilling plans.

Why Is The Egg So Big And Green

How To Set Up Your Big Green Egg

The Eggs original material base, clay, cracked under high heat, so in an effort to make it all-enduring the army vet got hold of a NASA developed ceramic material able to withstand temperatures of;up to about 500°C. And so the Big Green Egg we know it today emerged.;A ceramic oven, available in only one colour, army green, which is to the cooking world what the Incredible Hulk is to Marvel fans. A true avenger.

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Big Green Egg Product Magazine

For every food lover the Big Green Egg is the holy grail. And the more often you use it, the happier you will be about all the possibilities, the results and the reactions. Do you want to raise the bar even higher, create more cooking surface or make things easier for yourself? Then go to town with our huge collection of accessories. Download now our new Big Green Egg product magazine.

Read more

Big Green Egg Product Magazine

Whether you are looking for the essentials or want to push your limits with the latest accessories. In the Big Green Egg product magazine you will find everything you can get for your Big Green Egg. Download the magazine or pick it up at a Big Green Egg point of sale near you.

Visit our Fan Shop!

The real EGG fan will always stand out due to his passion for food and because he prefers to spend his time in front of his Big Green Egg. Then again, his hoodie and socks may be a dead giveaway. You can find these and other original gift tips in our Fan Shop.

There’s An Eggfest Nearly Every Weekend

EGGfests are annual, regional festivals thrown all over the country even Alaska’s got one. Typically, you’ll find cook-offs, tasting booths, and discounted merch. Big Green Egg keeps a running list on its official site. As of the time we published this article, there were events planned through November.

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Is Green Egg Grill Worth The Money

1- Versatility in what you can accomplish When you buy a Big Green Egg, you are not just buying a grill or a smoker. If you want to sear a thick-cut-steak like a pro, you can get the Big Green Egg up to 750 degrees and do that as well. The Big Green also holds heat and surround cooks better than any pizza oven.

You may ask, Is a Kamado grill worth it?

Undoubtedly, ceramic grills are the best kamado grills in terms of temperature control, durability and versatility. Their downside is high prices, although they are worth that kind of money because its definitely an investment for years to come.

Features Face To Face

How to Make the Most of the Big Green Egg? â Behd Is Food

For the purposes of comparing the two brands, weve chosen two grills of a similar size and with similar functions, in this case, the Big Green Egg Large and Kamado Joe Classic III.

Well be comparing their warranty, build quality, the accessories they come with, and the customer support and community engagement associated with each brand.

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Is The Big Green Egg Grill Worth It

CR put this $1,000 kamado cooker to the test to see how it stacks up against less expensive competitors

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We arent here to judge the cultural phenomenon that has formed around the Big Green Egg since its 1970s debut. Lets just say that this ceramic beast of a charcoal grill and smoker has hatched numerous copycat cookers and die-hard devotees who call themselves Eggheads.

We can, however, evaluate its performance and help you answer the question: Does anyone really need to drop $1,000 on the Big Green Egg? Especially when competitive kamado grills can be had for as little as $300, not to mention that some great gas grillsas well as the top-rated charcoal grills from our testsstart around $100.

But the Big Green Egg was never trying to supplant gas and charcoal grills and, frankly, its design has little in common with traditional grills.

Rather than adjusting gas burners or arranging charcoal briquettes as you would in a conventional charcoal grill to concentrate heat, you fill a kamado grill’s lower hemisphere to capacity with lump hardwood charcoal. Once the coals are going, the design starts to make sense: Cast-ceramic walls an inch thick and a heavy lid with a heatproof gasket team up to trap heat. That allows you to use the dampers to precisely control the temperature.

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