How Much Are Charcoal Grills At Walmart

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Best Overall: Weber Spirit E

  • Narrow warming rack

Weber has been producing grills for generations, so its no surprise theyre popular among home cooks. This two-burner grill has a total of 450 square inches of cooking space, which includes the 90 square inches on the warming rack that is the perfect place for warming burger buns or keeping cooked foods ready for serving. The Weber Spirit II produces 26,500 BTUs of heat per hour, so it can sear steaks with ease.

The smaller footprint doesnt take as much space on the deck or patio, and to get just a little more extra storage space, the left side table folds down so its out of the way when its not in use. The grates are porcelain-enameled cast iron, so they produce fantastic grill marks and are easy to clean when cooking is done. The open cart offers storage space within easy reach while the six tool hooks keep forks, spatulas, and cleaning brushes at hand. Two large wheels make this easy to move, whether its across the deck or to a new spot in the yard.

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The Kamado Joe Natural Lump Charcoal Is Great For Ceramic Grills Because It Produces So Little Ash

Pros: Large lumps, burns hot, low ash

Cons: Somewhat pricey

Kamado Joe, based in China, makes well regarded and affordable ceramic grills and other grilling accessories. The highly-rated, 100% natural Kamado Joe charcoal is sourced from three dense hardwoods in Argentina. Apparently, the wood is so hard it is called an “ax breaker” by the locals. The wood is then roasted in traditional outdoor ovens.

It produces little ash, which ensures excellent airflow, thus keeping your charcoal lit for long cooking sessions at high heat. The large lump pieces are consistently sized, ensuring an even burn.

A growing number of serious barbecue fanatics are eschewing both gas and charcoal grills and turning to a third option ceramic grills. Basically modern versions of the Indian and Chinese ovens and urns that were used thousands of years ago, ceramic grills allow food to retain its moisture while being cooked at a high temperature. You can vary the temperature, from 225°F to more than 750°F, so a ceramic grill can double as an oven or even a smoker. Many of them look like giant eggs. All ceramic grills require lump charcoal, though.

Weber’s Natural Hardwood Briquettes Are Made From 100% Hardwood So You Won’t Introduce Any Foul

Americana Swinger Charcoal Grill with Side Table

Pros: Burns hot, burns fast, large size

Cons: Expensive

Since 1952, Weber has been one of the country’s preeminent producers of both gas and charcoal grills, as well as grilling accessories. So when Weber introduced its very first charcoal in 2017, the barbecue world buzzed with excitement.

The briquettes are sold in a durable, 20-pound, weather-protected, and re-sealable bag. The hardwood of these all-natural briquettes is ground and pressed to create a super dense structure free of binders and chemicals. The most notable thing about these briquettes is their large size. The bigger your briquettes are, the fewer you’ll need to use while grilling. This ensures consistent heat, prolongs grilling time, and is cost-effective.

If you don’t like additives in your charcoal, Weber’s Briquettes are a great choice for your grill. Just know that these are pricier than your average charcoal.

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How To Shop For The Best Charcoal Grills

The experts we consulted recommended keep these aspects in mind while considering which charcoal grill to make officially yours:

  • Look at the lid. According to McManus, you absolutely want a charcoal grill that comes with a lid as you greatly limit what you can make without one. Also look for ones that leave plenty of room underneath for cooking taller foods when closed, like a 14-pound turkey.
  • Check out the airflow. When it comes to controlling the temperature of a charcoal grill, its all about the air inflow and outflow from bottom and top dampers, explained Lilly. The more airflow, the hotter the fire. You also need to restrict the airflow to reduce the cooking temperature as needed. Check the metal joints and seals to make sure they are flush with no cracks, he said. Its impossible to control the grill temperature when air and smoke are free-flowing through all of the crevasses. The tighter the seals, the more temperature control you have when cooking.
  • Look for adjustable vents. In addition to making sure that the vents seal, you also want to ensure the vents are adjustable on the lid and base, McManus added. They give YOU absolute control over the heat of the fire: More air getting in equals a hotter fire less air getting in gives you a cooler fire that will cook slower, which is good for low, slow barbecuing like ribs and brisket.
  • Kingsford’s Original Charcoal Briquettes Are A Backyard Grilling Classic Because They’re Cheap Effective And Available Everywhere

    Pros: Affordable, grills well, classic briquette style, widely available

    Cons: Lots of ash, additives, fast-burning

    Kingsford’s Original Briquettes are probably what your dad and mine have used for every backyard barbeque he’s ever held. Kingsford is classic grilling charcoal that you can buy just about anywhere for a reasonable price.

    The charcoal is sold in packs of two 18-lb. bags for cheaper than some of the other picks on our list. That much charcoal should keep you grilling for most of the summer. Although Kingsford’s charcoal isn’t fancy or innovative like some of our other picks, it’s made from natural ingredients and real wood.

    Each briquette has the company’s Sure Fire Grooves for quick, easy lighting, and Kingsford says you’ll be ready to cook in about 15 minutes. The briquettes do create a lot of ash and burn much more quickly than some of our other higher-quality picks. But if you want that signature charcoal-grilled taste and don’t want to fiddle around with the fancy stuff, Kingsford has been satisfying backyard grillers for generations. Malarie Gokey

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    Why Trust The Spruce Eats

    Donna Currie is a cookbook author as well as a writer and product tester for The Spruce Eats. She stays up to date on all the latest grills and gadgets, and she’s personally tested several different kinds of grills.

    This article was updated by Camryn Rabideau, a freelance writer and product tester for The Spruce Eats. She’s written close to a dozen pieces on all styles of grills and done firsthand testing of smokers and grills featured in her articles.

    New Items Worth Buying At Costco This Month

    Expert grill 17′.5″ charcoal grill $20 from Walmart

    New year, new Costco items! Maybe you were given a Costco card this Christmas and want to put it to good use. Or, youre a Costco OG and already know all the benefits of being a member. Either way, GOBankingRates parsed through the newest items to hit the Costco shelves to see what you need to have in 2022.

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    Charcoal Grill Features To Shop

    A charcoal grill is similar to a gas grill in that its typically used for direct grilling, where food is cooked directly over high heat, explained Robbie Shoults, co-owner of Bear Creek Smokehouse. The main difference is the heat source: A gas grill uses several gas burners, while a charcoal grill is powered by charcoal. But that doesnt mean all charcoal grills are built the same there are many other standout features to keep in mind while comparing different models:

    How Do You Start A Charcoal Grill

    There are several ways to light a charcoal grill, but the best option is to use a chimney starter. All you do is place crumpled newspaper in the bottom of the tool with charcoal on top, and after you light the bottom, your charcoal will be ready to add to the grill in around 10 minutes.

    Another option is to use an electric charcoal lighter, which you put on the grill along with charcoal to bring the coals up to temperature.

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    Pros Of Charcoal Grilling

    Ultra high heat: other than commercial salamander burners , no grill type will reach the heat levels charcoal and wood-fired grills will. Expect maximum temperatures over 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit, reaching up to 1,250 depending on your setup.

    Versatility: It gets hotter than hell, but it works just as well for low-and-slow cooks. When airflow is handled well and the fire is tended evenly, charcoal grills can hold steady temperature for days.

    Fuel Variety: unlike gas or electric , charcoal grills can cook with affordable Kingsford coals, more premium lump coal, binchotan or even coconut shells.

    Best Kamado: Kamado Joe Classic I 18 Inch Charcoal Grill

    Americana Walkabout Charcoal Grill
    • Expensive

    • Small cooking area

    Kamado grills have a unique design, with a heavy ceramic body that retains heat, offering an oven-like environment thats great for roasting, grilling, smoking, searing, and more.

    This popular grill from Kamado Joe burns lump charcoal, which adds smoky flavor to your food, and it has 245 square inches of cooking space on two tiers, allowing you to cook certain foods closer to the heat. The charcoal grill can achieve temperatures anywhere from 225 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to smoke foods low and slow or give them an amazing sear, and the cast iron top vent provides precise airflow management.

    When you’re done cooking, the kamado grill has a slide-out ash drawer that makes cleaning up quick and easy.

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    The Best Charcoal For Grilling In 2021 According To Experts

    Select is editorially independent. Our editors selected these deals and items because we think you will enjoy them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

    As temperatures start to rise, many people are dusting off their patio furniture and getting ready for grill season. And now that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says its safe to gather outside in small groups without a mask , you can safely invite friends and family over for a barbecue and enjoy good food and great company. However, before you can host the ultimate BBQ, you need to know how to make the most of your grill. In addition to having the right grilling accessories, chefs with charcoal grills also need to make sure theyre using the right charcoal for their needs and equipment.

    What Are The Main Types Of Bbqs

    • Natural gas: A natural gas grill connects to your homes existing natural gas line. If youre already using natural gas , setup is relatively simple.
    • Propane: Propane BBQs are fuelled by gas from a portable tank. Tanks usually provide around 25 hours of grilling time before needing to be replaced.
    • Charcoal: Using charcoal briquettes or lumps as fuel, charcoal grills are the most affordable style of BBQ. It can take some trial and error to learn how to use them, but enthusiasts say the smoky flavour cant be beat.
    • Electric: Electric grills are great if you live in a building or area that doesnt allow gas or charcoal BBQs. For this option, all you need is a nearby electrical outlet.
    • Wood pellet: If youre looking for the ease of electric plus rich, smoky flavour, a wood pellet option is it. Powered by electricity, wood-pellet burning grills allow you to experiment with different varieties of wood for different flavours.
    • Kamado: Fueled by charcoal, kamado grills serve as BBQs and smokers. Their elongated bodies allow for excellent heat circulation for barbequing at high temperatures and for smoking low and slow.

    Need more info on what to look for in a BBQ? Check out our guide on how to choose the BBQ thats right for you.

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    How Do I Choose A Bbq That Will Last

    Expert 24 inch Charcoal grill from Walmart

    Grills can be made of numerous materials, which makes choosing one a tad confusing. Budget is often going to dictate what you get, says Foster. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.

    • When you go ultra-affordable: You could end up with low-quality steel, cast-aluminum, wire grates, plastic and heat-resistant paint that will eventually chip off with exposure to the outdoors.
    • When you invest more: Youll get heavy stainless steel, cast iron, ceramic and porcelain coating.

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    Best Overall Charcoal Grill

    • Extremely versatile with cooking methods
    • Size an issue if grilling for a crowd
    • Built-in thermometer isn’t accurate enough to use

    When you talk about charcoal grilling, you start with Webers kettle. The brand continues to represent the ideal mix of performance and price. Its customary porcelain-enameled steel body is sturdy enough to lock heat in and light enough to tow around without throwing out your back. Its construction is such that moving parts, screws and levers are kept to a bare minimum, which means it lasts much, much longer than other grills under $200.

    This is the slightly suped-up version of the classic Weber kettle, and if you’re going to be charcoal grilling often, the one you want. The biggest difference between the original and the premium versions is the latter’s ash catch, which makes cleanup significantly quicker and more tidy. Another bonus of investing in Weber kettles is the vast collection of aftermarket accessories you can get for one.

    Using the grill, the ovoid shape shape is immediately useful. Using a rectangular grill, the edges of the grill are usually off-limits to most food, because when you close the angled lid it brushes up against the food, and the edges are typically cooler. The Weber’s dome lid doesn’t have these issues. The shape also allows you to get creative with your coal placement and with what you’re cooking. Consider the snake charcoal placement method for low-and-slow smoking, or a more traditional two-zone setup.

    How Do You Use A Charcoal Grill

    Cooking on a charcoal grill is a bit more complicated than using a gas-powered model. First, you’ll need to measure out an appropriate amount of charcoal briquettesthis will depend on the size of your grill, what you’re cooking, and how hot you want the grill to get. Next, you have to light the charcoal using a chimney starter or other tool.

    From here, you’ll want to clean and oil your cooking grates and preheat them for several minutes before placing food on the grill. As you cook your food, control the grill’s temperature by using the upper and lower vents. For the hottest fire possible, you’ll want to open both vents all the way, or for a lower temperature, close the upper vent to a half or quarter.

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    Weber Connect Smart Grilling Hub

    You dont have to have the budget for a smart grill in order to enjoy the benefits of one, according to McManus. She recommended skipping the smart grill and instead investing in a smart thermometer to track temperatures from your phone instead of needing to stay nearby or open the grill lid. Thi is important when you’re grill-roasting or doing low temperature, slow barbecue, she said. Every time you open the lid to check the food you let out all the heat, so it’s good to monitor the temperature from afar and these also ensure that you don’t overcook the food.

    This Smart Grilling Hub does just that with the ability to set your desired level of doneness, remote wifi access and food readiness countdown as well as flip and serve notifications.

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    The Best Charcoal Grills

    Beyond BTUs, max temperatures and fuel cost, the fundamental difference between charcoal grills and its competitors is convenience. Charcoal grills are inconvenient in every way that a gas, pellet or electric grill is not. This is the fundamental appeal. In the same way many driving enthusiast prefer manuals to automatics, there is carnal satisfaction in direct control, higher failure rates and sky-high potential. Yes, charcoal grills can do things the others cant, but its the no handlebars process that makes great. From the most iconic backyard toy of the 20th century to something called a Yoder Smoker, these are the best you can buy right now.

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