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How Much Are Diamond Cut Grillz

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For Diamond Cut Grillz, we charge an additional $150 on top of the standard price of our grillz. For example, we charge $895 for a Bottom 6 Grillz in 10K and $150 for the diamond dust, so the subtotal would be $1045.

For Grillz options that have less teeth involved we charge an additional $75 to add the Diamond Cut feature.

What Are Diamond Dust Grillz

Diamond Dust Grillz are standard solid gold grillz with a finishing option which is done by hand. We follow the same steps needed to make solid gold grillz, then instead of the grillz having a high-polished finished, we use a high-powered tool to give the surface of the grillz a “sandy” diamond dust finish. Diamond dust grillz look really nice in the sunlight and we notice a good amount of our clients like them to have a different look on their teeth.

What Are Diamond Cut Grillz

Diamond Cut Grillz, similar to Diamond Dust Grillz, are standard solid gold grillz that have a finishing options. The way we make Diamond Cut Grillz is by following the same process that we use to make solid gold grillz, then we use a high-powered drill to make diagonal slashes across the surface of the tooth that gives the surface of the tooth a whole new feel, design, and texture.

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How Much Are Grillz With Diamonds

As previously mentioned, the cost of diamond grillz is a combination of the price of the diamonds, the price of the gold, the labor cost associated with making the grillz, and the labor cost associated with setting every single diamonds. At Luxe Grillz, our single tooth diamond options start at $925 per tooth in a brilliant-cut natural SI G-Color stone option.

What sets us apart at Luxe Grillz is that we only use genuine, natural diamonds for all of our diamond teeth sets. We refuse to use low-quality stones, lab-made stones, or any CZs. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality and adding as many diamonds as possible to each tooth so we can give you the industry-leading shine.

Other manufacturers have been known to offer diamond grillz for much cheaper, but that is because they are using low-quality diamonds or lab-made stones.

Another thing to look for is to see how the diamonds are set on each tooth. We use smaller diamonds and put as many stones as possible in a well thought-out pattern so there is as little gold as possible in every tooth. We make sure that each tooth is absolutely FLOODED with diamonds.

How Much Are Diamond Dust Grillz

How Much Does Grill Cleaning Cost

For Diamond Dust Grillz, we charge an additional $150 on top of the standard price of our grillz. For example, we charge $745 for a Bottom 6 Grillz in 10K and $150 for the diamond dust, so the subtotal would be $895.

For Grillz options that have less teeth involved we charge an additional $75 to add the Diamond Dust feature.

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How Much Are Si Diamond Grillz

SI diamonds are our top-selling diamond option. This is definitely the more affordable route to go if you are looking for diamond grillz, and you will still be receiving an amazing high-quality set of diamond teeth.

SI diamonds have a bad stigma to them because most jewelers and celebrities are singing praises about VVS diamond pieces and talking bad about SI and VS diamonds when in reality, all of their pieces are made using high quality SI diamonds or lab-made diamonds and they do not know or are spitting lies. Having worked with a number of “famous” people, most of them only care about having that shine and do not want to pay for the high quality VVS diamonds and you should not feel the need to either.

We use high-quality, natural G-Color SI diamonds for all of our SI diamond grillz and we have never received a single complaint. Our single tooth SI diamond grillz options start at $925 and we sell Bottom 8 Diamonds Grillz iced out with SI diamonds for $6,545.

How Much Are Diamond Teeth

The price for real diamond grillz made using natural stones depends on the quality of the diamonds that are being used in your iced out set of teeth.

The simple break down of the price of a set of diamond teeth is the sum of the cost of the diamonds, the cost of the gold, the labor to manufacture, polish and finish the gold grill and the labor to set all of the diamonds.

Unfortunately, a lot of the jewelry industry is dominated with people who are “flexing” that they have flawless VVS diamond grillz when in reality their jewelry and grillz are made using SI diamonds, man-made lab-grown diamonds, or Cubic Zirconia stones.

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Since the diamonds used to make diamond teeth are so small, it is not that easy for the untrained eye to tell the difference, but you do not want to think you are purchasing authentic natural diamonds, and find out later that your jeweler ripped you off by using low quality or fake stones.

To get an idea of how much it costs to actually manufacture diamond grillz, check out the chart below for a break down of the market price for all of the diamond grillz options we offer:

Diamond Clarity

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How Much Are Vvs Diamond Grillz

The price of VVS natural diamond grillz is much more expensive than grillz made using SI or VS+ diamonds. This is because VVS diamonds are extremely rare, especially in the size stones that we use for our grillz. For example, 1 carat of VVS diamonds in a brilliant D-Color will cost $1,600. While 1 carat of VS+ Diamonds in a nice G-Color will cost about $630.

With that being said, our single teeth VVS Diamond Grillz options start at $2,235 and our Bottom 8 in VVS Diamonds is $16,445. While that may seem like a lot of money for diamond grillz, consider that in 8 teeth, we will be using around 7 carats to fully flood your grillz.

A big flaw in the jewelry industry is that jewelers will lie about the quality of diamonds they are using in their clients’ pieces. The fact of the matter is that if jewelers used VVS diamonds, then most people would not be able to afford the jewelry. In addition, if we use nice colored VS+ diamonds to ice out your grillz, you would not be able to notice the difference between that and a VVS set of teeth unless you put the diamonds under a high-powered microscope.

From a diamond dealers perspective, it is much more profitable for them to sell a larger VVS diamond than it is to cut it down into smaller stones. We can only use these smaller stones in order to fully flood out our grillz, and finding actual VVS diamonds in the size we need is doable, but the stones are very rare and expensive.

How To Make Diamond Grillz

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To make diamond grillz, we follow these steps:

  • Take a mold of your teeth
  • Pour liquid cement into your mold
  • Do a waxing on your cement teeth resembling the grillz
  • Have the wax casted and turned into a gold.
  • We have you come back to try on the gold version of the grill
  • Once we see the grill fits properly, we will hand-set every stone
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    Our Diamond Grillz Process

    At Luxe Grillz, our diamond grillz process works a little bit differently than other companies. For starters, we only use the highest-quality natural stones during our manufacturing process.

    We start by taking a mold of your teeth. At this time, we will also take full payment . After we take your mold, we will pour a liquid cement into your mold, making a cement replica of your teeth which we will use to base your diamond grillz on. We will then do a hand-made wax version of your grillz on top of your cement teeth, which will be casted by our in-house team of gold casters. After that, we will work on the gold grillz to make sure fitment is on point and nothing is stabbing you in the gum or lip.

    We will have you come by our Luxe Grillz headquarters located at 640 S Hill St, Suite 865B Los Angeles, CA 90014 to try on the solid gold version of your grillz to make sure fitment is 100% on point. After we make sure the grillz fits exactly how you want it, we will bring the gold grillz to our trusted diamond setters to allow them to start mapping out where all of the diamonds will be placed to fit as many diamonds on every tooth as possible, providing you with the highest quality set of diamond teeth money can buy.

    How Much Are Vs+ Diamonds

    We actually recommend to all of our customers interested in VVS diamond grillz that they consider going with the VS clarity option. The reason is that the difference between our VS+ diamonds and our VVS diamonds is only noticeable if you take the diamonds to a lab and look at the stones under a high-powered microscope. There is no difference to the naked eye.

    With that being said, we still offer VVS diamond grillz for customers who are adamant about going that route, however the price reflects that we are using natural VVS diamonds. We also offer a written Certificate of Authenticity guaranteeing all of our diamond quality meeting the specifics of your order.

    Our single tooth VS+ Diamond Grillz options start at $1,265 for single tooth options and our Top 8 Diamond Grillz in VS+ stones starts at $9,125. We use about .85 Total Diamond Carat Weight in every single tooth.

    Check out the video below of a Top 6 Diamond Grillz set we made using VS1 diamonds:

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    How Much Is Diamond Grillz Per Tooth

    Our diamond single tooth grillz options vary depending on the quality of stone you would like for us to use. We use about .85 carats per tooth, and strategically hand-set every diamond to assure you the best look possible. We use smaller stones to make sure that we provide you with the industry-leading quality. Here are our cost for single diamond teeth:

    Diamond Quality

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