How Old Is My Weber Grill

Meet The New Weber Genesis Ii Lineup

How To Restore And Clean a 22 Year Old Weber Charcoal Grill / If I Can Do It, So Can You! Awesome!!!

It is not easy to wrap your head around the Weber Genesis II lineup. As an example, the company refers to each gas grill with a letter number combination as well as in all numerical fashion . So, don’t be alarmed if you see the model number in any of these formats. At the end of this article we will give you a quick cheat sheet of the current models and their respective prices.

Let’s breakdown the Weber Genesis 2 products:

Pro Tip! Weber Genesis gas grill support two different fuel types. Liquid Propane or Natural Gas . Please make sure you purchase the correct grill type as the company does not offer conversion between the fuel types. LP > gas that comes in a cyclinder that you see in gas stations NG > the gas that the city provides to your home

Weber Genesis II Entry Models

Weber Genesis II entry models feature either an open storage are or a closed one. The baseline features are 3 burners with each 13,000 BTU cooking power. 513 sq. in. surface is large enough for 15-20 hamburgers.

As you move up within the entry models you will get color options in copper and blue . The E-335 61016001 features both a 9,000 BTU Seared Burner as well as 12,000 BTU Side Burner which eliminates the need to run indoors.

The grates are porcelain enamel. The Genesis gas grills support both in Liquid Propane or Natural Gas fuel format. Just make sure the ultimate SKU you select matches the fuel type of your home.

Weber Genesis Grill with UpgradesWeber Genesis II Stainless Steel Gas Grills

Scott Zoellner Sandwich Il

Date Code: C

Searching Craigslist one day, Scott says, I came across this beautiful C code 18.5 WSM. Its in great shape with just a little rust on the legs and missing the access door knob. It was being sold as part of a pre-estate sale by a great guy. He sold it to me for $30. Needless to say Im very happy with the find and the condition.

How To Season A Weber Grill

Seasoning your Weber grill has nothing to do with how you season your eggplant or steak for grilling purposes. In the latter seasoning, you are adding flavor to the raw food but when you need to season your grill you are not adding any flavor to it. This process is all about coating the cast iron grates with oil. After that, you have to heat them for rustproof rendering and creating an almost nonstick surface.

Doing this is inevitable because it will prevent the food from sticking to the grates and you wont have to deal with that burnt flavor either. Based on the type of grill that you own, you might only need to season it before the first time of use and occasionally later on. If you own Weber then you might not need to season the grill at all.

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The Barbecue That Started It All And Frankly The Most Iconic Barbecue On The Planet Is The Original Weber Kettle

Born from a buoy back in 1952, the kettle has evolved over the years but always stayed true to its roots, to provide the most incredible cooking and flavour experience.

In Australia, there are hundreds of thousands of Weber kettles. Some new, some old, some which have been collected to simply be displayed or kept safe! Weber kettles are used for such a variety of purposes we couldnt possibly list them all, but no matter how you use your kettle, the fact you have one makes you a part of the Weber family. In 1986 over 80,000 Weber Kettles were sold in Australia alone.

Some kettles however were not bought by their owners! They may be passed on from older generations, or bought as gifts so that others can share incredible flavour experiences with friends and family. Our question to you is, do you know how old your kettle actually is?

Every kettle barbecue since 1979 weve produced comes stamped with a unique identifier. In more recent times, since 2013, its a leading two letter designation followed by a series of numbers .

Weber Grill Get Into Bypass Mode

Restoring a Vintage Weber Grill

If you plenty of fuel and clean burners but the heat and wildfires still are not right, then your grill maybe has gone into a big problem called bypass mode. This mostly happens when the transformer that aluminum contrivance at the end of the gas hose that screws into the tank, then you should detach the gas leakage. Most of the time you open the propane container valve. The transformer compares the difference strength between gas in the container and the gas in the hose preeminent to the burners. When the preeminent equalize both incidental side, the transformer grant gas to flow independently to grill when you open one of the burner dominion knobs. To get rid of this nasty problem you can reset the regulator.

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How Can I Tell How Old My Weber Grill Is


This is answered comprehensively here. Herein, what year was my Weber grill made?

If your grill was made from 1979 to 2014, the top vent on the lid will have one of these serial numbers which is a one or two lettered date code listed below. Beginning in 2013, a serial number was added just above the two-letter date code.

Also, do Weber grills have a lifetime warranty? One of the perks of owning a Weber grill is our best-in-class warranty program. All current generation Spirit II, Genesis II, Genesis II LX, and Summit Gas series models purchased after 10/1/17 feature full 10 year warranties on all components, excluding normal wear and tear.

Similarly, it is asked, when did Weber stop using wood handles?

Where are Weber gas grills made?

Weber grills have been made in the United States since 1952, when George Stephen built his kettle grill from a buoy at Weber Brothers Metal Works in Mount Prospect, Ill. All but one of latest models are still manufactured in Palatine, Ill.

Revisiting The Classic Weber Kettle Grill

Note: This is NOT a sponsored article. We have no connection with Weber Grill. This is just a heartfelt article from a middle-aged dude waxing nostalgic about childhood summer cookouts where a Weber Kettle Grill took center stage.

Its summertime, and that means cookouts.

When it comes to BBQ-ing around here, Ive been using a gas grill during the 10 years Ive lived in my house. Its super convenient. Just turn the knob and light the grill. Bam. Fire.

Creating a three-zone fire on my gas grill is incredibly easy. A few twists of the knobs, and I can have a high-heat zone, medium-heat zone, and low-heat zone at the ready.

Yet, while I love the convenience of cooking with a gas grill, it does lack a certain charm that I associated with outdoor cooking growing up. Like a lot of American kids, my family had a charcoal-fueled Weber Kettle Grill in the backyard. With its black, porcelain-enameled lid and bowl, this iconic, spherical cooking device was a fixture of my suburban childhood. And getting that baby lit and going was like an ancestral ritual.


After enjoying the sound of a newly birthed charcoal fire, wed stand around the grill and watch the flame slowly get smaller and smaller, and the charcoal get whiter and whiter.

At a certain moment, Dad would decide that the charcoal was ready for cooking. On would go the grate, and an assortment of burger patties, hot dogs, and sausages were laid upon this culinary altar.

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Matthew La Rou The Netherlands

Date Code: C

I found one here in The Netherlands and it looks like the real deal, says Matthew. With super orange peel enamel! You can see the orange peel effect in the reflection on the lid in the second photo. Many people find this orange peel effect a desirable characteristic of older Weber grills.

The Story Of The Weber Grill Begins With A Buoy

Restoring an old Weber Grill – Uncleaned for 10 years

When metalworker George Stephen, Sr. put two halves of a buoy together, he didnt know he was making a charcoal grill that would stand the test of time

Labor Day often means suns out, buns out. Hamburger buns, that is. These days, many of the grills rolled out onto patios across America look more like spaceships than cooking devices. They cater to the technophile, sporting built-in thermometers and light-up knobs. But despite all the high-tech grilling gear, at least one classic has survived: the Weber kettle grill.

The Weber name is inextricably tied to backyard barbecues, but that wasnt always the case. The domed charcoal grill, which many foodies swear gives the best flavor, traces its roots back to Weber Brothers Metal Works. Founded in 1887, the Chicago company produced a range of metal products, from hinges to wagons.

In the 1950s, George Stephen, Sr. worked in sales at Weber Brothers Metal Works, which his father ran at the time. He had an inventive mind always tinkering with metal and springs and gadgets, says Mike Kempster, chief marketing officer at Weber-Stephen Products, the current name for the company, which changed in 1958 when Stephen took over. He often worked on fabricating and selling innovative products, including mailboxes and fireplace equipment. But nothing really stuck, says Kempster.

The How of Covered Barbecue Cooking.

So in 1952, fed up with ruined meals, Stephen set out to make a better grill.

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The Virtual Weber Gas Grill

Locating the model and serial number of your Weber gas grill can be tricky, especially on older grills that have been out in the weather for years. You may need your model and serial number when registering a gas grill with Weber Customer Service or when trying to order replacement parts from Weber.

On current and recent grills, the model and serial number are printed on a sticker inside the storage cabinet. Sometimes its horizontal, like in this Weber Summit S-670:

And the model and serial number are here:

Sometimes its vertical and part of a collection of stickers, like in this Weber Genesis S-310:

And the model and serial number are here:

On an old grill like the first generation Weber Genesis 2, the model and serial number are on a tiny sticker on the frame on the right side of the control panel:

L3 is the model number and the six digits are the serial number:

Unfortunately, on some models Weber places the model/serial number sticker on the exterior back panel or frame of the grill, where exposure to weather can cause it to fade or peel off. Most recently they did this on the 2017 Genesis II E-310:

And heres the model and serial number:

How To Identify Your Weber Grill Model Step By Step Guide

Weber Grills is anAmerican grill manufacturing company that offers charcoal, gas, and electricgrills. They market their grills and grill accessories as by grillers, forgrillers, bringing a legacy of grilling experience and top-quality metal workby founder George Stephen.

As one of the worlds top grill manufacturers, its no surprise that there are a lot of Weber grills inbackyards across the US and beyond. In fact, Weber offers a wide range ofstyles, models, features, and accessories.

Through the years, as models get updated with new features and technology, it can be difficult for consumers to know exactly whichmodel they have. This mostly becomes an issue when it comes to repairs.

Forexample, it may be necessary to identify your Weber grill by model number inorder to acquire parts. If you dont have the original manual, you may not knowwhere to find it.

Do you have a Weber grill? Need to knowwhat type of Weber grill you have?Read on as we walk you through how to find your grill type and model number.

There are predominantly three Weber Gas Grill Series on the market. And now there is a redesigned Genesis II.

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Bill Nipe Birchwood Wi Model 1880

Date Code: C

I was attending an estate auction when I came across a box which appeared to have a small charcoal grill in it. Upon further inspection, I noticed it was a Weber smoker.

I was sure someone was gonna outbid me, but I won at $18. When I got home, I removed the smoker from the box and found out that it had never been used. I did not know much about the art of smoking or about these smokers until I stumbled across your site.

Well, I have been smoking this little guy every weekend since and the whole family loves the meals this thing turns out. This smoker has been a blast to use along with your site, and it will be smoking for a long time to come.

How Old Is My Weber Grill

hubdadesign: How Old Is My Weber Gas Grill

Weber grills are iconic right from the beginning in 1952. They started with the original kettle grill. Years after, the brand produced some high-quality products that continue to perform for a long time. The brand became a household name, and no matter which neighborhood you are in, you will see a Weber branded grill just around the corner.

And its not limited to the US. The brand has expanded its roots to other countries as well, across the globe and it has truly become a force to reckon with in the world of barbecue. Thus, it is all due to the high-quality materials that the company uses in making these grills.

You might have been using a grill as a part of your household when your grandparents were in charge of your kitchen. And as a result, you might end up thinking how old is my Weber grill?

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Burners And Warming Trays

Many Weber gas grills feature side burners, which you can use for whipping a sauce or grilling vegetables while you prepare meat in the main cooking area. Some models have two burners while others have up to six. Once again, consider how many people you usually cook for to determine the number of burners youll need.

Some Weber gas grills also have warming trays to keep cooked food warm while you finish grilling.

Seasoning Your Old Weber Grill

If you have been using your Weber grill for a while now or any other branded grill that doesnt feature that coating of porcelain enamel then you will have to season it before you use it for the first time. You also need to reseason it right after you store it for a season. For instance, if it is a gas grill then you might have to reseason it as we have just mentioned unless otherwise advised in the user manual. Similar is the case with charcoal grills too.

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St John Restaurants Ocean Grill At Cruz Bay St John Usvi

The serial number is made up of one or two letters that can be found on the lid damper, as well as a bar code that contains five or six numbers that can be found under the control panel. The owners handbook may be found in the top right-hand corner of the page. There was a bar code behind the stainless steel charbin lid on earlier versions.

What’s New In The Weber Genesis Ii Series

Restoring a Weber Grill – Genesis 1000

Weber puts countless hours and resources into providing the most advanced, user-centric and functional updates for each new update in the Weber line of products. This is a result of their lifetime of commitment to producing gas grills that are both affordable and high-quality in all respects. Here are a few of the most significant changes in the newest line of the iconic Genesis 2 grill series:

  • Improved Grilling System
  • New Size Options
  • Wifi Connectivity for App Enhanced Grilling
  • Weber Genesis II SE Series

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How Do I Know My Weber Grill Model

If your grill was made from 1979 to 2014, the top vent on the lid will have one of these serial numbers which is a one or two lettered date code listed below. Beginning in 2013, a serial number was added just above the two letter date code.

Secondly, do Weber grills have a lifetime warranty? One of the perks of owning a Weber grill is our best-in-class warranty program. All current generation Spirit II, Genesis II, Genesis II LX, and Summit Gas series models purchased after 10/1/17 feature full 10 year warranties on all components, excluding normal wear and tear.

Considering this, what year is my Weber gas grill?

Webers model year runs from October 1 to September 30. For example, a grill with date code DE is part of the 2009 model year and may have been manufactured anytime between 10/1/2008 and 9/30/2009.

Where are Weber gas grills manufactured?

Weber grills have been made in the United States since 1952, when George Stephen built his kettle grill from a buoy at Weber Brothers Metal Works in Mount Prospect, Ill. All but one of latest models are still manufactured in Palatine, Ill.

Still Cant Find Your Model/serial Number

If you still cant find the model/serial number sticker on your grill, you may be able to review our collection of Weber Product Catalogs to determine an approximate model year or range of years. Its for reasons like this that you should always register your grill online or by phone with Weber Customer Service after purchase.

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John Wells Overland Park Ks

Date Code: C

I had to laugh when I saw the note about the C club on New Years Day 2005. I was smoking a turkey and realized when loading the charcoal, that I need a new charcoal grate. Its FINALLY giving out. I was checking your website and saw the thing about the letters stamped into the vents.

This has been one great smoker, consistent and easy to use! I cant remember where I got it or what I paid for it, but Ill buy another for surewhen this one cant be used anymore!

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