How To Cook Lobster Tails On The Grill

The Best Way To Cook Lobster Tail On Grill Like A Pro

Grilled Lobster Tail Recipe with Garlic Butter (2018)

You love the tasty grilled lobster tail at the five-star restaurant and plan to cook this dish at home? Are there any secret recipes for this dish? Is it hard to prepare and cook?

We will answer all of your concerns in this post, along with a detailed cooking guideline. Wait no more! Read on to discover the best way to cook lobster tail on grill!

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Tips For The Best Cooked Lobster:

  • Making it ahead: To help save time, butterfly your lobster tails the day of. Too early will discolor the lobster meat.
  • Types of Lobster: Any type of lobster works well. If you prefer spiny lobster that is great too. Just be careful!
  • Butterflying the lobster: If you cut through your meat, it will be okay. Sometimes this will help ensure it is cooked more evenly anyways. You will want to avoid cutting through the bottom shell though.
  • Meat thermometer: Try your best not to overcook the lobster tails. This will help by using a meat thermometer.
  • How long to broil your lobster tail: It is best to broil your lobster tail for about one minute per ounce of lobster tail.
  • Oven settings: Move your oven rack down to the middle setting if you are cooking a large or oversized lobster tail.
  • Female Lobster: It is fun to see a slightly pink lobster meat once it is cooked. This only tells you that it is a female lobster.
  • Can you make lobster tails ahead of time? It is best to enjoy the lobster tail right when it is done broiling. Lobster meat becomes tougher when reheating it.
  • Serving your lobster tail: Serve with lemon wedges and fresh parsley for garnishing the lobster tails.

What You Need To Make Perfect Lobster Tail:

Everything is right in your pantry and ready to go. All you need to do is purchase your lobster! This recipe is simple to make and comes together so quickly. It takes less than 20 minutes from preparing to broiling them. I love how simple it is and yet it is decadent and beautiful on a plate. Enjoy this seafood recipe with your loved one or family this Valentines Day!

  • Lobster Tails
  • Parsley

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Grilling Frozen Lobster Tails At Home

Memorial Day marks grilling seasons opening day here in the Northeast. Whats better than dogs and burgers on the grill? You guessed itMaine lobster!

One of the best things to kick off the grilling season is to learn how to grill lobster tails at home. Because summer and lobster go hand in hand or should we, say claw in claw.

In this quick grilling guide, well show you

  • The fundamentalcant skip thesesteps of grilling lobsters
  • The 4 most common lobster grilling FAQs
  • Lobster grilling recipes we live by

And more! Take the plunge and discover how deliciously simple it is to grill lobster tails at home.

Grilling lobster tails is a snap. The beauty of grilling lobster tails is that they are more convenient than working with pinching and snapping crustaceans. Grilling lobster takes about the same prep time as the conventional boiling and steaming methods, but it can take the tail in a whole new direction. The grill will imbue the smoky flavors of the coals and any marinades or butters. Barbecue lobster has a nice charred, somewhat smoky flavor that is difficult to match.

To Clean Your Grill: Turn the heat up to high, close the grill and in 10 minutes turn off the grill and scrape clean.

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Grilled Lobster Tails

This grilled lobster tail recipe has a lot in common with my favorite broiled lobster tails, and is the perfect alternative for warm weather. No need to be intimidated by grilling lobster its actually very easy! Ill walk you through the whole process so that youll know exactly how to grill lobster tails, from butterflying them to seasoning to the right technique once they are on the grill.

If you want to take this grilled lobster up a notch, turn it into surf and turf! Add a side of New York strip steak, a reverse sear steak, perfect filet mignon, or even steak bites.

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Grilled Lobster Tails With Orange Mustard & Dill

  • 10m prep

Create a gourmet meal in minutes with these juicy lobster tails.

  • 4 green frozen lobster tails, thawed
  • 60g butter, melted
  • 1 orange, rind finely grated, juiced
  • 1 tsp wholegrain mustard
  • 2 tsp chopped fresh dill
  • Select all ingredients
  • Use kitchen scissors to cut down lengthways either side of each lobster

    Unsure of the quantity needed?

    OK, Got It green frozen lobster tails, thawed) tail on the underside and then gently pull away the soft, flexible shell. This will expose the meat, which will remain in the body shell.

  • Step 3 Combine the butter butter, melted), orange rind , 2 tablespoons of the orange juice, mustard and dill in a small bowl or jug and mix well.
  • Step 4 Place the lobster tails, shell-side up, onto the lined tray. Place under preheated grill and cook for 4 minutes or until the shells turn orange. Turn the lobster tails over, brush well with the butter mixture and cook for a further 3 to 4 minutes, brushing liberally with the butter mixture frequently or until the flesh is no longer translucent.

Serve Up A Casual Grilled Lobster Dinner

Place your lobsters on a large platter and serve with plenty of butter and lemon wedges. You can pre-crack the claws with the chef knife. For a casual affair cover table with the local newspaper and lay some shell crackers and seafood forks on the table so your guests can dig in.


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Grilling The Lobster Tails

How to Grill Lobster Tails
  • 1Place the lobster skewers cut side down on the grill. Open the lid of the preheated grill, and place the lobster tails cut side down against the grate. Space the lobsters evenly from one another in the center of the grill for the most even cooking.XResearch source
  • Lobster tails placed towards the edges may take longer to cook than those placed in the center of the grill.
  • Space the tails a minimum of 3 inches apart for the mot even heat.
  • 2Close the lid and check the lobster tails after 5 minutes. Flip the tails if the shells are bright red. If your tails are not bright red yet, check that your grill is on medium-high heat and cook them until the shells are red, checking at 1-minute intervals.XResearch source
  • 3Flip the lobster tails and grill for another 4 minutes. Turn the tails over on the grill, and spoon a tablespoon of the herbed butter over the cut meat of each lobster tail. Close the lid of the grill and cook the lobster tails on this side for 4 minutes.XResearch source
  • 4Check the lobster for doneness by observing its color. After 4 minutes, open the lid of the grill. The lobster meat should be opaque and white. If its still translucent at all, double check the temperature of your grill and continue cooking until the meat is white and opaque, checking at 1-minute intervals.
    • 8 tablespoons of butter
    • Kitchen shears

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    Grilling Lobster Tails: Perfect For Holidays And Special Occasions

    Plenty of people choose turkey, ham and even gorgeous pork roasts or racks of lamb as the main entree for special festivities. While those are all fine to cook and share, we encourage you to surprise your hungry guests with some grilled lobster tails.

    Our video talks in depth about how to grill lobster tails evenly.

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    Buying And Thawing Lobster Tails

    Frozen lobster tails can be from clawed or clawless lobsters. There are a couple of ways to tell which ones are being sold. Check the package or ask the fishmonger for the region the lobster was caught in. If it doesnt say, take a look at the color: Maine lobster tails are generally dark green-brown with hints of red. Spiny lobsters are lighter in color, with a range of relatively pale yellows and browns, and some have distinctive spots. Maine lobster tails are prized for their sweet flavor and are more expensive than spiny lobster tails, which dont cook up as sweet. Both are fine choices for grilling, but if I had to pick one over the other, Id go with Maine lobster tails.

    Because lobsters must be cooked or frozen immediately after theyre killed, raw lobster tails are always sold frozen. Instead of removing the tails from whole fresh lobster, I find it easier to buy frozen lobster tails since theyre usually processed and flash frozen soon after theyre caught. I usually buy one6- to 8-ounce lobster tail per person, although you can always go smaller or larger depending on what else youre serving or what your store carries.

    The best way to defrost lobster tails safely and evenly is to put them on a plate or baking sheet in a single layer in the refrigerator and let them thaw for about 24 hours. This keeps them at a safe temperature and thaws them more evenly than leaving them out at room-temperature or thawing them under cold running water.

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    How To Butterfly Lobster Tails For Grilling

    The first step in any grilled lobster recipe is to prep the lobster. You can butterfly lobster tails for grilling by bringing the flesh over the shell the same way you would for broiled lobster tails, but below Ill show you a different, slightly easier method.

    • Cut the lobster shell. Cut down the center of the shell lengthwise, starting from the end opposite the tail fins and going down the the tail, but do not cut the tail.

    TIP: Cut the top shell only. You want to cut the top shell and some of the flesh, but not all the way through the bottom shell.

    • Cut. Use a knife to cut lengthwise along the center ridge, but again dont cut through the bottom shell.
    • Flatten. Use your hands to pry open the tail and then press with your palm to flatten, so that it opens up.
    • Skewer. Run the skewer lengthwise through the center of the flesh. This helps to prevent the lobster tail from curling up on the grill.

    TIP: Soak your skewers in water first, so they dont start a fire on the grill. Simply place them in a shallow pan filled with water for 30-60 minutes and weigh down with a bowl to keep them submerged.

    How To Broil Lobster Tails

    Grilled Lobster Tails

    Be careful when broiling lobster tails. This cooking method is a little trickier than other methods since the high heat of the broiler can dry out your tails in no time. Another option is to bake tails and finish them in the broiler for just a couple minutes to get a golden brown finish.

  • Preheat the broiler while preparing the tails.
  • Split or piggyback tails and place on a cookie sheet or broiler pan with the shell side down.
  • Brush meat with butter or olive oil, salt, and pepper or your favorite marinade. You will want to keep a baste around to add during the cooking process.
  • Broil 4-5 inches from heat for a little less than a minute per ounce . Baste tails halfway through cooking. If your broiling large tails, broil farther away from the heat source by lowering the oven rack. Keep an eye on them!
  • For an additional touch, garnish with Ritz crackers and add parsley and a dash of paprika for color.
  • Broiled Lobster Tails Recipes:

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    How Can You Tell If Lobster Is Cooked

    Cooked lobster is slightly firm to the touch and nontransparent. The meat will be white and can be easily separated by two forks.

    If the meat is soft to the touch or still transparent, it needs more time on the grill.

    Lobsters turn red when you cook them, but the pigment itself does not tell you whether the meat is perfectly cooked.

    Whats The Stuff Inside The Lobster Tail

    It is always important to make sure that the lobster tail has been properly cleaned, regardless of the method of cooking. Remove the long, thin vein that runs down the center of the tail . This is the lobsters digestive tract. Although it wont hurt if eaten, it does not taste good.

    Another common finding within your lobster tail can be roe near the top of the tail. Make sure to clean thoroughly. Get to know more about the parts of a lobster.

    Pro Tip: Is your tail red or pinkish in color? There is no difference in the taste or quality of the meat. It is simply a tail from a female lobster.

    • Remove the Tail Meat, Whole

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    How To Cook Lobster:

    I cant stress enough on how simple this lobster tail recipe is. Lobster tails can be intimidating when starring at them in a case at a grocery store but I am here to tell you they are easy and make a holiday or dinner turn into an extra special night. Most ingredients you already have at home even!

    After preparing your lobster tails, you will make a butter garlic herb that will be brushed over each of the meat sticking out. I cant tell you how delicious this is! It is the best part and what makes this lobster meat turn to a golden yellow when baking. It truly just melts in your mouth leaving you speechless.

  • Get Prepare: Preheat the oven to broil or 500 degrees. Start by preparing the lobster. Using kitchen shears butterfly the tail by cutting down the center. Loosen the meat and pull the lobster meat upward. Salt and pepper the meat and set on a baking sheet.
  • Whisk together the garlic herb butter: In a small bowl whisk together the melted butter, garlic, paprika, thyme, rosemary, and parsley. Spread evenly on each one.
  • Broil: Broil the lobster for about 8-10 minutes or until the meat is opaque and lightly brown on the top. Serve with melted butter if desired.
  • What Sides Should I Serve With Lobster Tails

    How to Cook Lobster Tails on the Grill | #NationalLobsterDay2020

    Some popular sides that go well with lobster tails are actually more meat. Lobster goes well with steak, shrimp, or other seafood dishes like clambakes.

    Check out how we do surf and turf in the north east.

    If youre looking for the lobster tail to be the main dish, vegetable sides like mashed potatoes or grilled asparagus make for a great side dish and recipes are easy to find. If you want to boost your presentation, lay the lobster on a bed of lemon rice. We dont recommend grilling the rice.

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    How To Remove The Lobster Tail Meat Whole

    Removing the tail meat raw in one whole piece is a delicious way to prep for butter poaching or gentle steaming.

  • Turn the lobster tail on its back, with the softer under-shell up.
  • With kitchen shears, starting from the big end to the fan-tail, cut a slit on each side of the back of the tail so the entire back membrane piece can be peeled back.
  • Pull the middle of the underside membrane back like a band-aid.
  • Pull back and crack both sides of the shell and carefully remove the tail in one whole piece. See our tips for how to crack and eat lobster.
  • It can be intimidating to cook Lobster tails on your own but they are really easy to make. Heres our tips on the various ways you can cook your lobster and how long you should cook for.

    How Long To Grill Lobster Tail

    It takes 10-12 minutes to grill lobster tail. Begin by placing the lobster tails cut side down on the grill grates and cook for 6 minutes. Next, flip them and grill for another 4-6 minutes aiming for the internal temperature to reach 145 degrees F.

    Keep in mind, this time can vary slightly depending on the size of your tails and the exact temperature of your grill.

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    How Long To Broil Lobster:

    I love to broil lobster tails because it is quick and easy plus you still have that beautiful coloring over the meat. It is easy to over cook lobster tails so you will want to be paying close attention to them as they are being broiled. It is best to broil the lobster tails for about one minute per ounce and having the lobster tail about 4 to 5 inches from the heat on the top rack in the oven. The lobster will turn a beautiful opaque in color with a white center. It is best to use a meat thermometer to make sure it doesnt overcook. The center of the lobster will reach 145*F for best results.

    How To Prepare Lobster Tails

    Grilled Lobster Tails Recipe

    First, you need to prepare your lobster tails by cutting them down in the center. With sharp kitchen shears or a chefs knife, youll butterfly the tails from the base to the tail, cutting through the hard shell. If you cut deep enough, you can open the shell and butterfly the lobster meat at the same time.

    This process exposes the meat, but youll want to go the extra step of pulling the lobster upwards to expose it even more. Loosening the meat allows it to cook evenly and absorb the smokey flavor youre looking for.

    When you pull the meat away from the shell, be sure to leave it attached at the base of the tail.

    If you didnt cut deep enough the first time, you might need to cut another slit in your lobster meat to butterfly it at this point.

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