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How To Make Grilled Cheese In A Toaster

How to Make the Perfect Grilled Cheese | You Can Cook That |
  • 1Turn your toaster on its side so you can slide bread in horizontally. The cheese wont melt on your bread if the toasters still upright while you cook it. Carefully tilt your toaster on its side so the slots face horizontally rather than vertically. That way, the cheese will melt on top of the bread without falling off.XResearch source
  • If you cant turn your toaster sideways, you can purchase toaster bags online to make your sandwich while the toasters still upright.
  • 2Put slices of bread with 1 slice of cheese each into the slots on your toaster. Set a piece of cheese on each of your bread slices before you put them in the toaster. Carefully slide the bread and cheese sideways into the slots of the toaster. Make sure the cheese doesnt fall off the bread when you insert it.XResearch source
  • Dont use bread thats too thick since it may not fit in your toaster.
  • American cheese will melt the best in your toaster, but you can use any type of cheese.
  • Warning: Check that the cheese doesnt hang over the sides of the bread slices since it could drip inside your toaster and create a fire hazard.

  • 3Toast the bread and cheese for 3-4 minutes before unplugging your toaster. Set your toaster to cook for about 5 minutes and pull the lever down to start toasting your sandwich. After 3-4 minutes, unplug your toaster so it doesnt pop, or else it may shoot your bread onto your counter and make a mess.XResearch source
  • Keep any leftovers sealed in the fridge for up to a week.
  • For Memorable Grilled Cheese Good Cheese Matters

    The first big tip? I dont recommend Velveeta. Those sandwiches of my childhood stood out in my memory as the ne plus ultra of grilled cheeses, until I replicated one as an adult and found it impossibly insipid.

    Oooozy melted cheese is our goal. Hard cheeses like parmesan dont get very oozy when they melt, and soft cheeses like ricotta are too high in moisture. What cheeses work best? Melting cheeses, of course. Such as:

    • Swiss
    • Havarti
    • Fontina

    A cheese thats too flavor-packed can overwhelm the sandwich. My cheesemaker friend, who has weekly Grilled Cheese Thursdays at her creamerys tasting room, handles this by blending a few cheeses together for grilled cheese: about 30 percent something exceptional and expensive to 70 percent workaday .

    Real talk: I make utterly satisfactory grilled cheese sandwiches with mass-market orange cheddar. Ultimately, if you are hungry, the cheese you happen to have in the fridge is plenty good enough.

    Can You Make A Grilled Cheese On The Grill

    Grilling a grilled cheese sandwich is a great idea if youre camping or if you want to keep your kitchen cool in the summer. Its also a great way to make grilled cheese sandwiches for a crowd because you can fit more sandwiches on a typical grill than you can in a skillet .

    Whatever your reason for grilling a grilled cheese, its totally doable and the result is a gooey sandwich with a toasty crust and subtle smoky flavor. Lets get to it.

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    The Open Face Technique

    For years, I assembled the sandwich and then grilled it. But recently I came across a new technique I like a lot better. Lets call it: Open-face grilling.

    Open-face grilling allows the cheese to melt more thoroughly. The tradeoff is you can only make one sandwich at a time. But if its perfection you want, this is your method.

    • Put both slices of bread in the skillet butter-side-down
    • Arrange half the cheese over each slice. Once its halfway melted, invert one slice onto the other.
    • Press down lightly with a spatula .
    • Finish grilling as needed until the cheese is melted and both sides of the bread are golden brown.

    Open-face grilling makes it easy to insert accouterments like tomato slices or chutney midway through grilling. The partially melted cheese bonds to the filling and keeps it from sliding around.

    If you prefer a technique that allows you to grill two sandwiches at once, our very own Elise Bauer has a splendid tutorial on her assembly method.

    Tips For The Perfect Grilled Cheese Made On A Griddle

    How to Make Grilled Cheese

    I have compiled some tips to make this experience a little easier. These tips will help you keep some pointers in mind when making a yummy grilled cheese.

  • Use Sliced Cheese
  • There are various kinds of cheese available in the market, and it can get a bit confusing. The safest is to reach for your trusty sliced cheese, and you can top one on another and use as much cheese as you desire.

    With the sliced cheese, you can use grated cheese and also your favorite topping to go with it. Choose the kind of cheese which will go with the topping you like.

  • The Cheese Amount Should Be Right
  • One important thing to keep in mind is to use just enough cheese to cover the whole bread, or you will be left will a whole lot of cleaning due to the overflowing of cheese. So the best for the purpose is opting for cheese slices.

  • Keep the Temperature at a Constant Level
  • The right amount of heat is crucial for a golden brown grilled cheese that makes your mouth water instantly. Keep the griddle at a constant heat of about 275 Degree F and get the perfect crisp.

    At a higher temperature, the bread will get burned, and the outcome would be less than enjoyable.

  • Do Not Press the Bread
  • Do not press on the bread even if you want to as it will flatten the bread and cheese might flow out unless you like a flattened sandwich.

    Also, flipping the sandwich every 5 minutes is required for even cooking and brown sides.


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    How To Make A Grilled Cheese On The Grill

    Get a grill ready for direct grilling over medium heat.

    Get out two slices of bread. Spread one side of each with softened butter or mayonnaise. . Flip the bread slices over. Put a couple of cheese slices onto one slice of bread. Invert the other bread onto it so that it is butter-side-up.

    Transfer the sandwich to the preheated grill. Cook for 2-3 minutes, until grill marks appear. Shift the sandwich around, moving it 90 degrees. Cook for another minute or two, to get those lovely hash marks.

    Flip the sandwich over and repeat on the second side, cooking for 2-3 minutes to get the initial grill marks and then turning the sandwich 90 degrees to create hashmarks.

    Rules For A Perfect Grilled Cheese Every Time

    There are two types of grilled cheeses in this world. First, theres the kind you make when you come home at 3 A.M. after a bit too much to drink, when all rules fly out the window and pretty much anything tastes deliciousincluding burnt bread surrounding unmelted cheese.

    And then theres the grilled cheese you should be making at all other times: perfectly golden-brown bread, melty cheese, supreme satisfaction. To get this sort of sandwich, the rules are strict but justified. Because when it comes to something so simple, theres not a ton of wiggle room between perfect sandwich creation and sub-par, time-of-desperation snack.

    This is where we come in. Look no further for the rules of perfect grilled cheese.

    Two things can happen if you rush the grilled-cheese-making process. In one scenario, you quite literally take the sandwich off the of the pan before the bread reaches a deep golden-brown. You may be hungry and tired, but accept that it takes a bit of time to get optimally toasted bread. Were also not that sorry, because it doesnt take too much time .

    But more often, you toast the bread before the cheese melts. This happens when your heat is too high and your pan is too hot: Before the inside gets gooey, the outside blackens.

    Heres the right way to do it: Start in a cold pan . This allows for the pan to heat up slowly, ensuring that the heat is evenly distributed as the cheese gently but surely melts and the bread develops the ideal crunch and color.

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    Broil For 30 Seconds On Each Side Or Until The Bread Begins To Turn Golden Brown And Crispy

    How to cook grilled cheese in the oven. I used potato bread for a more unique flavor and margarine instead of butter for less saturated fat. When the timer goes off, flip it and put it in for 3 more minutes at 370f degrees. Place the other piece of bread on top.

    How to make a grilled cheese in the oven. Preheat oven to 450 degrees. Keeping your oven mitts on, open the toaster oven and remove the baking sheet.

    Oven grilled cheese sandwiches make cooking grilled cheese easy. Put your bread butter side down and spread cheese on it, then top with second slice butter side up. Finally, bake in the oven to really melt the cheese.

    Use a spatula to flip the sandwich over so that the other side can get crispy and browned. I start by adjusting the toaster ovens cooking rack to the bottom position aka the area closest to the heat. Place the sandwich on the baking sheet and put it in the oven.

    Next, place your baking pan on. Spread butter or light mayo on the outside of your bread. Remove the preheated pan and put the bread in.

    After that, remove the grilled cheese from the air fryer,. Remove the hot sheet pan from the oven and carefully place it on top of the sandwiches, rimmed edges up. 1 · 20 minutes · grilled cheese and tomato soup is warm comfort food, and a mainstay during the cold snow laden winter that i hope we are finally coming out of around these parts.

    DIY Oven Grilled Cheese Recipe Grilled cheese in oven

    Grilled Cheese In The Oven Unsophisticook

    A Perfect Cheese For Grilling

    Grilled Cheese Sandwich

    When halloumi cheese is being made, the curds are typically cooked at high heat for at least an hour, but often more. This gives the cheese a rubbery, semi-firm texture that “squeaks” between the teeth and a higher-than-normal melting point which means it softens when heated but doesn’t melt entirely.

    For this reason, halloumi is a cheese that can be grilled or pan-fried because it will hold its shape. In fact, the cheese isn’t really meant to be eaten cold, as the texture and flavor are more enjoyable if the cheese is heated in some way.

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    Oven Grilled Cheese Ingredients

    • Bread For a classic grilled option, choose a super fresh sandwich bread, or our favorite homemade Artisan Bread. Any bread will work, experiment to find your favorite!
    • Cheese You can choose any cheese youd like, but try American cheese, cheddar, gouda or gruyere.
    • Butter softened for spreading. I prefer salted butter for our grilled cheese sandwiches.

    How To Make Grilled Cheese In The Oven

    There are actually a few different ways to make grilled cheese in the oven using a sheet pan.

    Anyhow, one method calls for using two half sheet pans, with the second pan placed on top of the sandwiches to speed up the cooking time. Give it a try if you like, but I didnt find this method to be very effective.

    The grilled cheese sandwiches I made using this technique were unevenly browned and took about the same amount of time to cook. Plus, I was left with additional equipment to clean up and you know how much I haattteeee doing dishes.

    The oven-baked grilled cheese method I use only dirties a single half sheet pan for 6 sandwiches. For each sandwich, simply spread the outsides of two pieces of bread with softened butter, layer with the desired number of slices of cheese on the inside, and place them on the baking sheet. Bake at 450 degrees for about 10 minutes, flipping the sandwiches halfway through cooking.

    TIP: Are you ready for me to really blow your mind? Pick up one of these XL baking sheets, and you can actually make TWELVE sandwiches at once!!!

    Voila! Pull out your big batch of hot and melty grilled cheese sandwiches and serve with your favorite soup.



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    What Temperature Should You Cook Grilled Cheese At

    When it comes to perfecting grilled cheese, slow is the way to go. Lets look at some different cooking methods and the temperature youll need to use to achieve the best results.

    • Stovetop Heat the pan over medium-low heat when cooking on the stove.
    • Electric griddle The ideal temperature for making grilled cheese on an electric griddle is 275 degrees Fahrenheit.
    • Oven If youre making grilled cheese sandwiches for a crowd, try the oven! Preheat oven to 450 degrees, cook for 5 minutes, flip and bake for an additional 5 minutes.
    • Panini press Set the panini press to medium heat for deliciously crispy bread.

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    Grilled Cheddar Cheese With Bacon Sandwich

    Great Grilled Cheese


    • 6 slices of pork bacon
    • 4 slices rye sandwich bread
    • 8 thin slices of cheddar cheese
    • Some of the bacon drippings

    Total time: 20 minPrep time: 10 min Cook time: 10 min Serves: 2 people


    1. Preheat your grill to high for 5 minutes with the top closed. Make sure the drip tray is in place. Have paper towels ready for the cooked bacon.

    2. Place the bacon slices in a single layer on the grill. Close the lid and grill for 7 minutes. Check the bacon and continue to grill if necessary until it is crisp. Remove the cooked bacon to the paper towels.

    3. Place 2 slices of cheese on each of 2 slices of bread. Break the bacon in half and place 6 halves on each sandwich. Place 2 more slices of cheese on top of the bacon. Add the second slice of bread.

    4. Brush a bit of the bacon drippings on the tops of the sandwiches. Place the assembled sandwiches on the grill with the greased face on the bottom grill plate. Brush the top of the sandwiches with a little more bacon fat. Close the lid. Cook for up to 3 minutes until golden brown with light grill marks and the cheese has melted.

    5. Cut the sandwiches in half and serve with hot tomato soup that you can dunk the sandwiches in.

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    How To Make The Perfect Air Fryer Grilled Cheese

    April 21, 2020 by grilledcheesesocial

    As a grilled cheese expert, I can assure you that making an air fryer grilled cheese just might be the perfect way to cook this classic comfort food. The bread gets crispy, the cheese gets perfect melty, and it’s almost impossible to burn it. I highly recommend using this method because it’s essentially fail-proof!

    Before I begin, I should start by asking if you realized that this grilled cheese blog will turn 10 years old next month?! How wild is that!?

    What started as a hobby in grad school is now my full time job! It’s so wild to think that I’ve won two Food Network shows and even wrote a cookbook because of my love for lactose.

    What’s even more exciting is discovering that an air fryer is maybe the most perfect way to cook a grilled cheese!

    It’s so easy that it’s almost fail-proof!

    Once you build the sandwich, put it in the air fryer basket and set the temp and timer, you don’t even have to think twice!

    The bread comes out perfectly crispy, the cheese is the perfect melting temperature, and the cleanup is painless.

    Trust me, after making a grilled cheese in here, you’ll probably never go back to the old pan or panini press method!

    Making More Than One Grilled Cheese At A Time

    For me, its easier to use a 10-inch skillet and grill just one or two sandwiches at once. Unless you have an amazing stovetop with giant burners, its difficult to have even heat distribution across a very large skillet, leaving your sandwiches with pale patches.

    Need to make a bunch of grilled cheese sandwiches all at once? Try it in the oven:

  • Put bread slices butter/mayo-side-down on a sheet pan, place cheese over each bread slice, and bake in a preheated 425°F oven until the cheese is bubbly.
  • Then close the sandwiches and bake until toasty, about 5 minutes longer.
  • The sandwiches wont be quite the same, being baked rather than grilled, but theyll all be ready to serve at once.

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    Recipe: Cast Iron Skillet Grilled Cheese

    Prep TimeCook TimeTotal Time

    Heat your cast iron skillet over medium high heat. Melt a big pat of butter while its heating up. Swirl the butter in the pan to coat it evenly. Use an oven mitt so you dont burn your hand on the skillet handle. Have a heavy plate, lid or a fry pan ready so you can place it over your grilled cheese as it cooks.

    Coat each piece of bread with a thin layer of mayonnaise. Top each slice with cheese & then make a sandwich. Place the sandwich in the hot pan. Let the first side cook until golden brown. Flip & do the same to the other side.

    Add more butter to the pan & swirl it around. Flip sandwich again. Now you need to watch things carefully, its easy to burn your sandwich. Place the lid or another pan over the top of your sandwich & watch the cheese start to melt. Flip a number of times, covering & watching the bread carefully, adding more butter as grilled cheese absorbs it.

    Remove from pan when the bread is crispy & browned and the cheese is completely melted. Serve immediately.

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