How To Make An Argentinian Grill

Easy Argentinean Empanada Recipe

Make an Argentinian Grill – or Parrilla

Throughout South America, youll find empanadas of every sort. Empanadas area mong the most popular snack food and lunch-on-the-go meals in Argentina. Family recipes are often passed down from generation to generation.

Most empanadas purchased in restaurants and snack bars are fried. But most locals who cook them themselves prefer them baked. There are countless fillings for Argentinean empanada as well. Many enjoy vegetarian, chicken, beef, or a combination of different fillings.

My kids are absolutely bonkers for chicken empanadas. So, Ive put together this Argentinean chicken empanada recipe based on one of their favorite lunchtime snacks.


Argentinian Grilling Is A Day Long Affair

The Argentine asado or Argentinian barbecue is a detailed and lengthy affair. We are not talking about the experience at a restaurant where your waiter brings your food.

What we are talking about is the traditional Argentinian grilling experience with locals in their homes.

If you visit Argentina and get an invitation to an asado, do not miss the opportunity.

The asado is such an important part of the culture that the local TV hosts wont say if it will rain or shine on Sunday. Instead, they will tell you if youll be able to eat an asado outdoors or not.

Eating at the asado typically starts between 2:00 pm 3:00 pm and guests can remain seated well past 6:00 pm eating several rounds of dishes.

At our first Argentinian asado in the pampas, we enjoyed a very laid back atmosphere and slow eating pace.

Our Argentinian barbecue experience that day included chicken and pork, brought out in waves.

Fresh green salads and potatoes were constantly passed around. The food was washed down with a never ending supply of beer and Malbec wines for the adults.

Desserts was another long drawn out affair. We enjoyed different types of sweets, including variations of the famous dulce de leche.

All of this was accompanied with coffee and yerbamate, a traditional drink. The night ended past midnight with folklore music and traditional dances.

Plan for nothing else on your grilling days. Simply kick back, enjoy good food, good company and be fully present in the moment.

How To Build A Santa Maria Grill

If you are one of the rare breeds of people who dont mind getting their hands dirty and are looking to build your own grill, a Santa Maria Grill is a good choice. One of the things that stop most of us from doing this is a lack of information and skills. Doing it without a good guide will often feel like shooting in the dark.

This article will pull you out of that darkness. You should have your grill good to go in no time. Before you delve into it, let us start with the basics.

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What Makes An Urban Asado Argentine

Each Urban Asado grill is completely handcrafted in St. Augustine, FL, using high quality, American stainless steel, fully welded to provide superior strength for a lifetime of enjoyment. Here are some of the unique elements of our Argentine style grills:

An angled grill surface constructed of V-grates that channel and collect juices in the drip pan to use for basting & to create sauces. This also helps reduce flare-ups.

The ability to easily raise and lower the cooking surface as needed to reach the desired temperature. This also allows you to have complete access to the coal bed below which is a great place to roast vegetables. Having access to multiple heat zones is one of the many benefits of our grills.

A Brasero to provide a continuous source of glowing hot embers for grilling. The brasero also prevents the burn-off period from fresh wood or charcoal affecting the flavor of your food.

A drip pan to add your favorite spices & cooking oils to blend with the meat juices to create a delicious baste. Whether you are grilling thick ribeyes or hamburgers, building sauces in the drip pan is an easy way to introduce more flavors & style to any meal.

Dancing flames, crackling coals, and intoxicating aromas exclusive to a wood fire.

Authentic Chimichurri From Uruguay & Argentina Is The Best Accompaniment To Any Barbecued Or Grilled Meats

Pin on Argentine Asado Parrilla Grills UK

Most recipe sites will swear that their Chimichurri is the best, most authentic chimichurri, and use words like genuine,real deal, or whatever words they can use to move up in Google search results. The truth is, there are so many variations in the world of Chimichurri, that its now difficult to say which is the closest to the most authentic recipe there is.

Wait. What is Chimichurri you may be asking? Chimichurri is a loose oil-based condiment used to accompany barbecued meats or churrasco.

How can I be so sure that THIS chimichurri is an authentic recipe? Simple. I asked my dad who is Uruguayan born and raised for the first 40 something years of his life, and one of the best cooks I know. He is sharing HIS recipe for chimichurri that he grew up with and that I grew up with for you. A version from way back in his time of 1935 and you cant get any more authentic than that!

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Alejo Frugonis Salsa Criolla

An Argentinian native turned Texan, Alejo Frugoni loves to combine his favorite American and Argentinian flavors with open fire cooking techniques. His energetic videos have garnered a large following on social media. Alejo also recently launched his own line of dried chimichurri .


  • 1/3 cup of red wine vinegar
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Deseed a nice fresh tomato and let the liquid drain in a sieve for a minute.
  • Then finely dice the tomato, onion, and bell pepper. You can use just green pepper, but combining red, green, yellow and orange bell peppers will make for an attractive looking salsa criolla when spooned on to the plate.
  • In a large mason jar, layer in the tomato, onion, and pepper, and season with salt and pepper. The mason jar gives you an attractive service dish.
  • Pour the oil and vinegar over the diced vegetables, and stir aggressively to combine.
  • Serve or refrigerate for later.
  • Editors’ Recommendations

    Skip The Rubs And Trust The Simplicity Of Salmuera

    I noticed something right away about Zacks grilling style: there were no extras! No rubs, no sauces, just the salmuera basted all over everything.

    This salt water is a genius concept. It lets the true flavors of the meats and vegetables come forward, all the while developing a crusty exterior and yielding a juicy, beautiful and flavorful interior.

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    What Is An Argentina Grill

    Can Our Engineers Make a Parrilla In 5 Hours? (Argentinian Grill) || Build Challenge ||

    The Argentina grills, also known by these three names gaucho grills, parrillas, and asados, come from the Argentinian way or tradition of grilling meat over an open fire.

    They are often used for high heat or low and slow cooking in a backyard or home outdoor kitchen.

    This grill consists of a pan on the bottom to hold charcoal or wood. There is a moveable stainless steel grilling grate that sits on top for wood-fired cooking.

    The exterior chamber is often made of brick to hold heat. The brasero, or firebox, is the metal box that holds the coals.

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    Choose Your Preferred Grill

    Argentinians take their barbequing very seriously, and everyone has their preferred setup.

    The basic varieties, however, include a parrilla hotplate, which features v-shaped grooves that drain the fat away from the coals, and a chulengo, which is essentially a 44-gallon drum cut in half. However, Smoje believes the lack of apparatus should not be a limitation.

    Morcilla // Blood Sausage

    The Lowdown: I can think of at least a dozen Argentines whose first solid food was morcilla. Every morcilla is made differently, but most of the savory versions are seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, onion, cinnamon, and paprika, while the morcilla vasca or dulce can be made with cloves, raisins, and nuts. Since the morcilla is precooked in natural casings, its placed on the grill only to warm through. To serve: Eat it plain or spread on bread like a pâté sandwich .

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    Don’t Cook Over Flames

    Compared to charcoal briquettes, it can be tougher to get a wood fire burning, but don’t rush to throw meat on the grill right away once you do. Let the wood burn until the flames die down, and it ashes over before you start cooking. The idea will be to push the hot wood coals to one side or the other as needed to even out temperatures and cook using indirect heat.

    How Does A Santa Maria Grill Work

    Pin on BBQ stuff

    Most Santa Maria grills come in a rectangular shape. They have 2-3 layers on the inside. A two-layer system would have a layer for the firewood and another one for the meat. The three-layered variety has an additional layer that is used as a fat collection tray, which would also double as an ashtray. This often makes the cleanup process a little bit easier.

    It can either be 3 or 4 sided. A 4 sided Santa Maria grill requires the grid to remain lifted as the fire is set and allowed to settle. Once settled, the handle is turned to place the meat above the heat at the required distance. The 3 sided version allows you to move the firewood around while the grid is lowered.

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    Traditional Parrilla Grills For Authentic Asados

    Every Argentinian household has a parrilla built-into their backyard or patio. Our friends at Ñuke have long been making hand-made parrillas in Argentina, and recently started distributing here in the US as the custom catches on stateside.

    With larger cuts of meat needing to cook low-and-slow, a traditional asado grill needs a separate heavy-duty brazier-style fire starter basket where wood is burnt to hot embers before they are slid onto heat refractory bricks under the grill. If you want to make your asado as traditional as possible, managing the char-level is also key as Argentinians prefer less of a sear than we do here in the US. To accommodate this style Ñukes newest grill, the Ñuke Puma, features the traditional control wheel to raise and lower the grill grate allowing asadores to cook from 4 to 23 from the coals. If you prefer a nice char on your beef, just crank that grate down right above the coals.

    The Puma is a Santa Maria-style grill, also outfitted with V-shaped grill grates traditional in Argentinian real-fire cooking to channel fat away from the fire avoiding flare-ups, and allow you to collect drippings for basting. To really maximize the unique flavor the Argentinian style brings, these grill enhancements are key.

    Easy Argentinean Chimichurri Sauce Recipe

    You cant travel in Argentina without experiencing Chimichurri sauce. This flavorful salsa is found everywhere and Argentineans seemingly add it as a topping to almost every dish.

    Chimichurri is made of chopped fresh parsley, oregano, garlic, olive oil, vinegar, and red pepper flakes. It can be be spicy or mild depending on where youre tasting it. And often, youll find different types of chimichurri to fit the tastes of the diner.

    Chimichurri is easy to make, and an absolute must for complimenting any Argentinean recipes that youre planning on making. Its similar to pesto and is often used as both a marinade and a topping.

    So to get started, here is my favorite easy Argentinean Chimichurri recipe.


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    How To Make Authentic Argentine Asado

    In case you want to grill your steak as Argentinians do, follow these simple steps:

  • Start your fire. Make a stack of dry wood sitting on top of a heap of lump charcoal. Light the fire. Use a ball of paper underneath the wood to help with this process or add a few pinecones. Don’t use the lighter fluid. When the flames and smoke of your initial fire have relented , you will have a pile of smoldering charcoal.
  • Keep the hottest coals aside to avoid fat dripping and flares of smoke, which spoil the meat’s flavor. The temperature is right when you hear a gentle but constant sizzling.
  • Put the meat on the grill. Cook low and slow until the desired doneness. It normally takes about 40 minutes to 2 hours to cook an asado, so dont worry about overcooking the meat.
  • Argentinians dont like to rush, so they take their time to cook and prepare the food and, more importantly, enjoy each others company.

    For many Argentinians, the ritual gathering is just as if not more important than the food itself.

    How To Use Provoleta

    Argentinian Chimichurri Sauce | How To Make | Wills Grill Shack

    In addition to grilling, you can use Provoleta or provolone in cooking in grated form, in pasta, or in gratin dishes. Its also amazing to use in fritters that are usually served as a starter.

    When cut into cubes, you can use Provoleta to prepare grilled cheese sandwiches, croque-monsieur, or mixed salads of all kinds.

    Moreover, you can use it to garnish pizzas, bruschettas, or hot sandwiches .

    You can also enjoy Provoleta as thin sticks, served with a bit of olive oil, fleur de sel, pepper, and dry or fresh herbs.

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    Invest In Serious Cutlery

    At Casa de Uco, my Game of Thronessize rib eye arrives on a carving board with a channel for catching the pooling blood. Alongside, theres a cute copper pan of crunchy golden potatoes that yield to an unbelievably creamy interior. But what Im really crushing on is the glossy KDS steak knife.

    Chef Juan Ignacio Perez Daldi explains that the custom knives are forged right here in Mendoza, at a family workshop in the foothills of the Andes Mountains. The razor-sharp blade makes a clean slice in my steak, not the jagged tear of a serrated knife, plus its long enough to slide through meat without having to saw back and forth. The riveted handles are fabricated from ebony or local materials, like quebrachothe same variety of hardwood often used to fuel the regions asados.

    Salchicha Parrillera // Argentine Barbecue Hot Dog

    The Lowdown: A close relative to the chorizo, the salchicha parrillera is pretty much the same as the chorizo except its longer, thinner, and comes coiled. To serve: Smother in chimichurri and/or salsa criolla.


    After hours of grill smoke and a parade of entrails and sausages, the main event commences. The golden rule suggests calculating one pound of meat per person, which may seem like a lot, but makes sense considering the average Argentine consumes about 190 pounds of meat per year.

    Larger cuts are put on the grill first, as these big hunks can take hours to cook on low heat thinner and smaller steaks come later. The meat is rarely marinated, just sprinkled with coarse sal parrillera either right before, or once it hits the grill. When larger pieces of meat are prepared a la cruz, standing up on an iron cross, they are often doused in a salmuera, a brine of hot water, coarse salt, and herbs.

    When each cut reaches the optimal level of doneness , it is carved and distributed as ready. Its not uncommon for the grill master to simply serve the cuts on a communal wooden board, so each eater can grab what they want with their hands or forks.

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    Variety Of Gaucho Grills

    These grills are not inexpensive and tend towards the luxury market. You can spend over $20,000 for some units, but those provide a wide range of convenience features and very heavy construction. Models can be found at just over $1,000, but are simple steel construction and will require a good deal of maintenance to keep them alive and working. Gaucho grills are not for everyone, but they offer some amazing versatility and serious grilling capabilities.

    Most of these units are available as a standalone grill or as an insert.

    Grill Slow At Low Temperatures

    Pin on Asado grill

    Argentine grilling means that the meat is cooked long and slow. In Argentina, the asador typically cooks a variety of cuts of meat over long periods of time for large groups.

    With meat that is lean from the grass fed cows, one would expect it to dry out. But instead, what is surprising is that the meat is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

    The asador moves the hot coal under the meat and adjusts the grill to regulate the temperatures for maximum juiciness.

    This cooking technique on lower heat for long periods, transforms even the leanest of grass-fed meat into tender and delicious beauties.

    The wait is long and the aromas can be painfully delicious.

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    Here Are My Favorite Argentinean Recipes To Make At Home

    One of the greatest things about travel is that the memories stay with you long after the journey ends. But if you find yourself longing to experience a destination, and another trip isnt on the horizon, you can always whip up an incredible meal and live the trip all over again through your taste buds. My family absolutely fell in love with Argentina. The people, the wildlife, and the landscapes thoroughly mesmerized us. And although I know another trip back to the country will be in the cards, in the meantime, I can throw together one of these Argentinean dishes. I can then sit back while the flood of memories rushes through me.

    So warm up the oven and grab the apron. These 5 fantastic Argentinean recipes will take you back to beautiful Argentina.

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