How To Turn On Bull Grill

Not Just For Rotisserie

Turn your Bull BBQ Grill into a Pizza Oven

Thats right, the rear burner isnt just for rotisserizing a meal. You can use it in a similar fashion as when you use the top element in an oven. The excellent convective heat you get in your Napoleon Gas Grill will help heat food, while the direct infrared heat will produce a beautiful caramelized char on top. Though not for every dish, this technique is handy when youre reheating pulled pork and beef.

With all of these great tips, you should be ready and raring to go and make a delicious meal on your grill while using your rear burner. We have loads of great recipes for inspiration. What will you cook first? Leave a comment on one of our social sites like Facebook or Instagram with the hashtag #RearBurner and #NapoleonGrill and show us what you made.

Breaking In A New Bbq Grill

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A BBQ grill naturally extends your living area to include the patio and yard.

While the BBQ quickly becomes a magnet for get-togethers with family and friends there are a couple of things you should do before you use the grill for the first time. Take a few precautions to make sure your grill is properly broken in and that your guests are safe. Heres what to do:

Read the Manual

Read the manual to make sure all the safety rules are followed and the equipment is properly put together. Place your grill in an open area with good ventilation and no overhanging structures or nearby plants. It should also be away from high traffic areas where children or animals might accidentally come into contact with it.

Perform a Leak Test

A leak test is an important safety test to perform before using the grill for the first time and again at the beginning of each season or after moving the grill. With all the control knobs in the off position, turn the valve at the gas or propane tank to the on position. Spray or brush a solution of soapy water onto the valves, tank, regulator, and hoses. Watch for expanding bubbles as you go. Growing bubbles mean that you have a leak. Turn off the gas and tighten connections or replace leaking parts before using the grill. Once you have fixed all the leaks and performed another leak test to ensure that the gas lines are tight, the grill is safe to use. Never use a grill with even a small leak.

Seasoning the Grill

Using the Grill

How To Convert Your Gas Grill Into A Smoker

Start by identifying your heat sources, and get your grill setup for a little indirect cooking. When cooking low and slow , avoid directly exposing your meat to the heat source. Thats called grilling! Check out our post, The Difference Between Grilling and Barbecue for more information on the temperature differences between direct and indirect heat cooking. Or check out our BBQ 101 series to learn more about smoker types and how theyre used.

Setting up your cooker so your meat is not in the direct path of the heat source will allow heat to circulate around the meat, which results in cooking by convection. Heat is transferred to the food by a fluid in this case, air, and conduction carries the surface heat through to the center of the cut.

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Close The Lid Of The Grill Or Smoker

The first thing you need to do is to remove the rack. Then, close the lid, any vents, or draft doors with your heatproof mitts. This method will prevent oxygen from reaching the coal and creating flames. A grill with the charcoal itself can stay hot for 24 to 48 hours.

Keep the lid and vents closed until the grill is cool to touch. It is quite challenging to detect if the coal is still burning or not. Also, always keep an eye on the grill whenever people or animals are getting close to it. Once the flames are out, use a damp towel to cool down the cooking grate.

The Meat On The Spit Goes ’round & ’round

Bull BBQ Brahma 5

8. Have a screwdriver or butter knife to tighten the stop bushing in the right place when you place the spit onto the grill. Your grill is hot and it can be a challenge to do with heat resistant gloves, and definitely is not recommended to do barehanded.

9. You can use the rear burner and rotisserie in a similar fashion as your oven to cook meals. Either start things up high, around 425°F for a 15-minute sear, then turn the burner to medium-low, around 275°F to 325°F, for the remainder of the cook. Conversely, you could just start at 275°F and if necessary sear the meat using high heat when its nearly cooked around 10°F from finished temperature. The second method is very similar to the reverse sear method of barbecue cooking.

10. Unless otherwise instructed in your recipe, keep the lid on your grill closed as much as possible throughout the cook. This will keep the temperature inside your grill even.

11. In this case, instead of using a wireless thermometer, it is recommended to use an instant-read digital probe thermometer or a pocket thermometer to read the temperature of your meal. Remember to turn off the rotisserie motor before checking the temperature and be careful not to touch the spit rod inside the meat.

12. If youre saucing your meal, apply the sauce in the last 20 to 30 minutes to avoid burning any of the sugars in the sauce. Caramelization is delicious, but burnt sugar is not.

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Bull Gas Grill Manuals

The user manual is always included with every model that you will buy. In this manual, there is important information about the assemblage, and cleaning, safety instructions, light system, rotisserie cooking, etc. Before starting the grilling, read the user manual. If you dont have one or want to read more information now, go to this online Bull gas grill user manual.

Remove The Charcoal Briquettes And Ashes

This method is an option if you want to clean your cooking grill. But, if youre going to reuse the charcoal, you may do so. You only need to relight the fire in the grill whenever you want to cook again and pour new charcoal as needed.

You can extinguish the fire by using a non-combustible gas such as nitrogen or carbon dioxide and keep it doused until all coals are below ignition temperature.

On the other hand, you can remove the briquettes using long-handled tongs. Put them on a large aluminum foil before disposing of it in a metal trash bin or a metal carrier. Do not use plastic bags because it will immediately melt the plastic. Be cautious of transferring the wrapped charcoal in the aluminum it is always safer to wear your heatproof oven mitts and tongs while doing so. It prevents burns.

Another alternative is to dip each briquette into a bucket of water. Place a bucket of water beside the grill. Then, using the long-handle thongs submerge the briquettes in the bucket of water.

Close the lid again to prevent embers from being blown out and causing a fire. Scoop the ashes and put them on a separate metal container. Moreover, if the briquettes are not sufficiently cooled down, they will continue to burn but will eventually turn to ashes.

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Set Up Your Gas Grill For A Two

Establish hot and cool zones by turning on the burners. For example, if your propane grill is equipped with four burners, turn on burners one and two, or three and four . This will create a single heat source allowing you to place your meat on the cooler area of the grill.

If your propane cooker only has three burners, turn the burner closest to the left on high, and set the middle burner to medium, or low depending on the target temperature youre trying to achieve. Leave the remaining burner off. Again, this will create a cool zone allowing you to land the meat over the burner thats been left in the off position.

How Do You Ignite A Bull Grill

Bull BBQ Grill Tutorial

4.6/5How do you light the backburner?

  • Make sure the gas is on.
  • Turn the knob slowly but stop before the ignition snaps, when you stop, hold the knob for 7-10 seconds.
  • After doing so proceed turning the knob to complete the snap.
  • Once you hear the snap the gas will be ignited.
  • Thereof, how do you use a bull grill?

    With BBQ Grill control knobs in OFF position, turn on the Gas supply. 2. Light any burner by pushing its control knob in fully and slowly turning it about 1/4 turn to the left until a click is heard. The 3 to 4 second duration should provide enough gas to light the burner.

    Furthermore, are Bull grills any good? They make a well built, good cooking grill at a good price point, and they have become a popular centerpiece for many outdoor kitchens across the country. While not all Bull gas grills are same, their Angus, Brahma, and Diablo models stand above their other models in terms of features and quality components.

    Beside this, how do you light a gas grill if electronic ignitor is broken?

    Steps to Manually Light Your Gas Grill

  • Open the lid of your grill and find the lighting hole on the side of the grill.
  • Once you see that, place a match in the curled end of the holder.
  • Turn on the gas burner closest to the hole.
  • After the first burner is lit, turn on adjacent burners to cross-light them.
  • Where are Bull BBQ made?

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    Easy Diy Gas Grill Repairs If The Burner Won’t Light

    So what do you do when you’ve planned for the big backyard BBQ for weeks just to discover the burners on your gas grill won’t light? The neighbors are all coming, and the office crowdeven the in-laws will be there. You’ve decided on the menu and bought all the food. Don’t panic! You might be able to figure out the problem, get your part from Sears PartsDirect and fix it yourself.

    Our DIY gas grill repair section has troubleshooting tips and common questions that can help you find the problem, and our easy-to-follow repair guides make fixing the problem a snap.

    Bull Angus Gas Grills

    This is one model from the many Bull gas grills available and has infrared burner with a total of 60,000 BTU cooking power. It has five Sure-Lite gas valves with five push to turn knobs and comes with a heavy-duty thermometer installed in it to keep you informed about the changes in temperature.

    In addition, it comes with an outstanding cooking space precisely, it has a total of 600 square inches of cooking area with stainless steel grates. Also, this model of Bull gas grills has following features to offer:

    It has a stainless steel warming rack of 210 square inches with a full size dip tray.The rotisserie model is stainless steel while the rod and spit are chrome plated.The regulator and hose are included in the LP models.Brahma Bull Gas GrillsThis model has a stainless steel built with five burners totaling 75000 BTUs of cooking power. It has six heavy-duty push to turn knobs with as many as six gas valves. Coupled with a welded dual lined roll top, this sleek looking grill comes with generous cooking area.

    It also offers a total of 760 square inches of cooking area with 226 square inches of stainless steel warming rack. And not to forget, you can also find a stainless steel rotisserie motor with chrome plated spit and rod. Whats more, this particular model comes with a full sized stainless steel drip tray with full-length stainless steel handles.

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    Bull Lonestar Select 30

    This Lonestar Select grill by Bull is another excellent choice that will make your grilling experience much more fun and reliable. It has four stainless steel welded bar burners. They offer 15,000 BTU for a total of 60,000 BTU in total cooking power.

    The warming rack is 210 square inches, and the grill offers 600 square inches of cooking space for a total of 810 inches of space. This grill also has the Piezo electronic ignition. This makes lighting up the grill easy with four heavy-duty push turn knobs.

    All the cooking grates are stainless steel, and the hood is double-walled. These features make the grill very durable. The grill has two internal lights and a thermometer. This allows you to cook at any time of the day and helps you cook your meat perfectly each time you use the grill. This propane gas grill also has a hose and a regulator.

    This grill is of amazing quality because it offers even heat distribution, a full stainless-steel construction, and a very reliable ignition system. It makes a great addition to your outdoor area by giving you a good-sized grill that is perfect for your next party or family holiday event.

    Bull 30 Angus Elite Drop In Unit W/ Lights

    Bull Brahma 38

    Exclusive high-end built-in grill from the Bull Elite Series.

    The Angus Elite 4-burner Drop-in Gas Grill Head is the grill youve been dreaming of. With three cast stainless steel bar burners, searing zone burner, red LED control lights, an infrared back burner, rotisserie kit, and removable warming rack this grill has all of the extras you need and want. Featuring a cool-to-the-touch insulated hood with internal temperature reading thermostat and Bull BBQs upgraded black nickel handle and knobs for easy grip, this grill wont disappoint. Also, all Bull BBQ Grills come standard with 304 cooking grade stainless steel and are CSA Certified.

    • 304, 16 Gauge Stainless Steel Construction
    • 3 Cast Stainless Steel Bar Burners
    • Red LED control lights
    • Black Nickel handle and control knobs
    • Solid Stainless Steel Spit for Rotisserie System
    • Heavy Duty Hexagon Stainless Steel Grates
    • Searing Zone Burner, up to 1,500 degrees of cooking power
    • Piezo Igniters on each valve
    • Interior Twin Lighting system
    • Cutout Dimensions 31 x 20 ½ x 10
    • Cooking Surface 810 Square Inches

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    Bull Steer Premium 25

    The Bull Steer Premium grill is more affordable than others on this list and is a great option if you want a grill for your outdoor kitchen area that is small. It is also a better choice for patios or outdoor living areas that are not as big as other homes.

    Many homeowners that have smaller outdoor spaces are hesitant to buy grills because they think they need a large grill to have a high-quality barbecue. With the Bull Steer Premium, you get all the same grilling features in a small and compact space.

    This grill has 3 burners. It is made of 14-gauge 304 stainless steel just like the larger Bull grills. The hood is dual lined which keeps all your flavors locked in while you cook and grill meat for your neighbors and family members. It also keeps the hood from being discolored.

    The grill has a grease tray which allows you to clean up much easier. Each of the burners offers 15,000 BTU for a total of 45,000 BTU. The grill comes with a built-in warming rack to keep your food hot until ready to be eaten. Keep your food warm until all your guests are ready to enjoy your culinary skills.

    The knobs are made of durable zinc allowing you to adjust the flames as needed. This smaller grill still has the Piezo ignition system which offers reliable ignition every single time you go to power up your grill.

    This grill offers a powerful punch with all the features you may need to entertain or just cook a nice meal for your family.

    How To Mount Off

    Off-road lights are useful for driving at night on trails, in wooded areas or in other places that are poorly lit. Off-road lights enhance visibility in such challenging driving conditions. They can be mounted either or the roof of the vehicle or, more commonly, to the front of the vehicle, in-between the standard-issue lights. Bull bars provide an ideal mounting for off-road lights. Their installation is simply a matter of wiring the lights to the car.

    Step 1

    Mount the off-road lights on the pre-drilled holes provided on the bull bars. If there are no pre-drilled holes, drill holes where you would like to position the lights. Use the supplied bolts to bolt the base of the light to the bull bar.

    Step 2

    Mount the switch in the cab, at a location convenient to you. Run a wire from a 12-volt power source in the dashboard, such as the ignition. Run a wire through a grommet in the firewall to the relay in the engine compartment. Attach the ground wire from the relay to a part of the chassis.

    Step 3

    Run a heavy gauge wire from the from the relay out to the lights. Split it into two leads at the lights. Be sure that the wire is rated to carry both lights, as it will handle the current for both. Run a ground wire from the lights and attach it to the chassis of the truck.

    Run a heavy wire with a 30 amp in-line fuse from the positive terminal of the car battery to the relay.


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    Best Gas Grills Bases On Prices

    The prices of products can help the prospective buyers in narrowing down their choices, limiting to financial disposition. Also, a comparison between price and features helps you choose a better model of Bull gas grills. Lets take a look at those top rated gas grills that we consider value for money:

    Prep Food Before Grilling

    Turn your Bull BBQ Grill into a Pizza Oven

    Once your grill is ready to go, it’s time to set up your food. It’s helpful to have all of your meats and veggies prepped before you get to the grill, rather than doing it as you cook. Slice vegetables, make burger patties and marinate chicken inside, then bring them outside. Casserole dishes are great for transport, since their high sides stop food from sliding off.

    If you’re bringing food out from your kitchen, don’t forget a clean plate to put the finished product on, as well as clean tongs. It’s important not to use a utensil to remove or serve cooked meat if you’ve used it with raw meat.

    Don’t forget any other grill accessories you might want nearby, like corn cob holders or a meat thermometer. Be sure to keep paper towels within reach for any unexpected messes. If your grill has a side burner, a trivet for holding hot saucepans will come in handy.

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