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If You Want To Smoke As Well Pit Boss Memphis Lp Gas & Charcoal Grill

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If you are looking for a single, do-it-all grill and smoker, the Memphis from Pit Boss will cover all your bases.

This grill ticks the box as a gas/charcoal combo, while also upping the stakes with electric smoker capabilities for good measure!

Pit Boss is more known for their range of affordable pellet smokers and flat top grill, but with the Memphis they offer a 4-in-1 cooking solution.

Total cooking area is an insane 2,167 square inches, made up of:

  • Grill cooking area 1,327 sq in
  • Electric smoker 840 sq in

Thanks to some adjustable vents you can fill either the gas or charcoal chamber with smoke for offset smoking or even cold smoking.

What we like:

  • Covers all your bases Great to be able to grill with propane or charcoal. Even if you dont expect to use the smoker its nice to have on hand if you ever need it.

What we dont like:

  • Difficult to put together This is a large, complex grill with a lot of parts so be prepared to spend some time putting it together
  • Some issues with quality control Hard to tell if this is due to assembly errors or poor quality control from Pit Boss but plenty of customers have complained about parts not lining up, bad seals and inconsistent temperature.

Its hard to say if the quality control issues only affected a few people, and if they were due to manufacturer fault or simply people putting the grill together wrong.

Make sure you watch an assembly video before you try and put this grill together, and give yourself plenty of time.

Your Quick Grilling Guide: Comparing Gas Vs Kamado Grills

BOWLING GREEN, KY– With the weather slowly warming up across the country, more people will venture outside and indulge in the longstanding American tradition of barbecuing food on the grill. Whether youre a greenhorn or an enthusiast looking for a new grill, this quick guide comparing gas grills and traditional kamado grills will help you choose the best BBQ grill for all your summer barbecuing needs.

Classic Series Ceramic Kamado Grill Features

  • Construction: Heavy duty ceramic exterior body and fire bowl
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grate: 302 square inch stainless steel flip grate with handles for ease of adding charcoal and smoking wood chunks*
  • Grill/Smoker Fuel Type: Charcoal lump charcoal always recommended
  • Thermometer: Easy-to-read thermometer with cooking temperature zones
  • Bottom Draft Vent: Calibrated stainless steel slider with safety spark screen
  • Top Draft Vent: Calibrated cast iron draft vent with Bakelite tab
  • Side Shelves: Wood-Sculpted Thermoplastic Drop Down Side Shelves with Accessory Hooks
  • Wheels: 4 high quality 3-inch swivel casters, 2 locking casters
  • Cooking Space: 18 7/8 diameter grate*
  • Assembled Depth : 28.8 in
  • Assembled Height : 47.0 in
  • Assembled Width : 22.5 in
  • Weight: 196 lbs
  • Assembly Required: 15-20 minutes
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Limited lifetime for all ceramic parts, five years for all metal parts, three years for thermoplastic handle and side shelves, one year for temperature gauge and gaskets. This Warranty is not transferable to subsequent owners.

*Features, specifications, and parts may vary by retailer

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Best Kamado Grills Of 2022

Heres a product overview of the 11 Top Kamado Grills well be looking at here.

  • Size of Cooking Area: 18 diameter circle
  • Price: $$$

The Kamado Joe Classic II is pretty much THE grill you need to consider whether you are a kamado grilling novice or an expert. No matter who youre talking to, Kamado Joe is considered one of the best makers of kamado grills, and the Classic II is their most popular model right now.

There are many reasons why it stands out as the top contender:

Theres a whole lot to love about the Classic II. Its a serious grill that isnt cheap, but a quality-built kamado grill is NOT cheap if youre careful with it, it will be an investment that youll be passing on to the next generation. If you need more convincing, check out the raving reviews on Amazon .

Best Charcoals For Kamado Grill For 2022

Vision Grills Kamado Char

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When it comes to firing up your Green Egg grill, you will need fuel that works well without producing too much ash. The two main choices are briquettes and lump charcoal. Briquettes made of wood dust, shards of wood, and some filter items to allow air to flow through, but these produce a lot of ash.

While briquettes are the much sought-after solution, several grilling enthusiasts prefer lump charcoal that is made by burning hardwood pieces in an airtight environment to remove impurities and moisture. The result is pure charcoal that responds really well to oxygen and makes controlled heating much easier.

So, if you are in the market looking for the best charcoal for the Kamado grill, you will need to choose between these two. To make it easier, we have studied the Internet and shortlisted some of the best products based on their performance and customer reviews.

Read on to find the complete review of the brands handpicked by our team after careful analysis and comparison. If you dont have the time to read until the end, we recommend that you go with our editors pick, Jealous Devil Hardwood Lump Charcoal , for its pure flavor, superior burn, and restaurant-like quality.

Product Names

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A Sizable Grill That Can Serve All Your Friends And Family


Cooking surface: 760 square inches | Burners: 4 | BTUs: 48,000 | Grate: Stainless steel

This is the grill you get when you realize outdoor cooking is no longer a mere hobby for you, but indeed a way of life. With six burners, a rotisserie function, an infrared side burner capable of creating heat up to 1,800 degree Fahrenheit and a mighty 900 square inches of cooking space, it has everything you need for all your grilling needs. For the record, you can buy this configured for a liquid propane hookup, but when you go with hard-lined natural gas, you never have to worry about your fuel source again. And despite the fact that this grill is technically able to wheel about, its large enough that the better move is to pick your spot and then attach a gas pipe.

Broil King 911470 Keg 5000 Charcoal Barbecue Grill

  • Company: Broil King
  • Size of Cooking Area: 280 + 200 = 480 sq. inches
  • Price: $$$

Next we have another steel body entry this one a big, impressive kamado grill that should get the attention of those of you who want to be able to have a great kamado for your backyard patio, but also one that is designed to be PORTABLE and this one is. It comes with a wheeled base that is trailer hitch adaptable and the side shelves are easy to remove its perfect for tailgating or bringing along for a great day out!

Here are more reasons why people love the Keg:

  • You can cook for a huge crowd with this grill as it has a secondary cooking space, not just the primary grill grate. Because of the shape and science behind kamado grills, the heat and moisture are even throughout the grill. This means you can actually use both spaces for cooking a total of 480 sq. inches!
  • The Keg has a pull out ash try that makes cleaning out your grill after a long cook easy to do, and Broil Kings Root Draft damper system that works to give you precise temperature and airflow.
  • Being made of steel, you dont have to worry about the grill cracking or being damaged during shipment. Steel also heats up somewhat quicker than ceramic, , so if getting your grill to temperature quickly is important for you, the Keg is reported to be really quick that way.
  • It comes with a handy multi-tool thats designed specifically for the Keg itll help you with safe maneuvering the grill grates and charcoal.

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Vision Grills Classic P Series Kamado Charcoal Grill

  • Company: Vision Grills
  • Size: 87 sq. inches
  • Price: $

If you like idea of a kamado grill but arent ready to make the investment in a full size cooker, take a look at this entry by Vision Grills. It is a more economical, smaller grill, a ceramic kamado that has good reviews across multiple sites.

Here are some of the features youll like:

  • The materials are all high quality: its made from a heavy duty ceramic with a glossy charcoal grey finish , and stainless steel cooking grates.
  • The size makes it portable although ceramic is heavy and fragile, you can move this grill as desired without too much trouble. It even has metal feet so you can cook on a standard picnic table!
  • You get the side shelves built onto the grill so theres space for your grilling accessories near your food.
  • It has a unique effortless electric starter port, so you dont have to play with matches or a lighter to get the coals started.
  • The heavy lid has a handy spring assist that helps you open it slowly and smoothly.
  • The two chimney on the top and the draft door on the bottom both adjust easily so you can get the exact temperature that you want inside the grill.
  • Its really easy to assemble this grill, and it comes with all of the tools required to do so! Customers report that you can be cooking within 20 minutes if you want to, after the shipment has arrived!

Kamadojoe Kj23rhc Grill Blaze Red

The New Char-Griller® AKORN® Auto-Kamado Charcoal Grill | Char-Griller

Right off the bat, we have a popular choice among grill enthusiasts. This KamadoJoe grill is made entirely out of ceramics. The body is mounted on a wheeled stand, but it is not that easy to transport around due to the amount of ceramics used in the build. However, the dome is easy to use, with an airlift hinge that reduces its weight. This particular model is premade with dual heat zones installed. This will enable you to cook at different temperatures at the same time, utilizing the cool zone for smoking and cooking, and the hot zone for searing and quick roasting.


  • The sturdy and solid ceramic body helps in temperature retention and even distribution inside the grill
  • Dual zone heating system doubles the possibilities of the kamado grill, depending on your requirements
  • Additional table surfaces are provided for you to store spices and cookware needed during the food preparation process


  • Because of the high-quality ceramics, this model weighs 188 pounds
  • The ash compartment is somewhat smaller than the average in this class, so you will maybe have to do one or two extra disposals.


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Vision Grills Ceramic Kamado


WHY WE LIKE IT: A push-button electric ignition, huge total cooking area, dual calibrated vents for precise control, and a heavy-duty build make it a great performer for large meals.


  • On the bulkier side

The Vision Grills Kamado Pro Ceramic Charcoal Grill is a ceramic kamado-style large grill designed to replicate wood oven cooking, offering baking functionality in addition to professional-grade grilling, searing, and other standard charcoal grill functions. A huge 604 square inches of cooking space on 2-tiered stainless steel slip grates allow for mixing and matching food types and distance from hot coals for creating an exceptional variety of meals for large groups. Advanced features include dual calibrated air vents for precise temperature control, an electric push-button starter for easy, quick, reliable startup, a cast-iron calibrated top vent, two solid-surface drop-down shelves, and a durable full-length vinyl cover for protection when not in use. Compare Vision Grills vs Kamado Joe to see just how good each of these grills are.

Kamado Joe Bj24nrhc Big Joe Ii Stand

  • Company: Kamado Joe
  • Cooking Space: 24 diameter circle
  • Price: $$$$

If you like to entertain or cook for a crowd, youll love this next grill, again by Kamado Joe. This time were looking at their BIG model, Big Joe II Stand Alone. Its a huge, heavy beast of a kamado, with a reputation as being pretty fantastic, holding temperatures from 225°F 750°F.

Here are some features youll love:

If youre interested in adding this grill to your outdoor cooking area, remember that its an incredibly heavy grill that will require some strong friends to help you lift into place. Buying online lets you get it delivered to your house, which saves you moving it more than necessary, but do think carefully about where you will be putting it as its over 360lbs or consider purchasing the specially designed stand to go with it.

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B& b Oak Lump Charcoal

If you are looking for good quality lump charcoal that burns cleaner, longer, and hotter than most, then check out B& Bs Oak Lump Charcoal. This is 100% natural Texas-style charcoal, often considered the experts choice for outdoor cooking and barbequing.

In the last 50 years, B& B Oak Lump Charcoal has gained immense popularity as a favorite among chefs across the nation. It contains no extra additives or fillers, and it is also environmentally friendly.

The charcoal bag is full of nicely sized coals that burn hot and get to high temperatures quickly. They also help in maintaining a high temperature for an extended period of time for a perfect pizza night.

Product features and specifications

  • Environmentally friendly

Users/Customer reviews

Those who have used this lump charcoal are happy with the size and performance of the product, which is better than other average products in the market. Users have also mentioned that it helps in giving a rich flavor to the food without overpowering the taste in any way. A few customers have warned that they have found some rocks in the bag, too.

B& B Oak Lump Charcoal is some of the best lump charcoal with less dust and larger chunks of charcoal. Although the charcoal has a slightly stronger flavor, it doesnt overpower the aroma or taste of the food. Overall, we think that this product offers you a nice price to performance ratio.

Tips To Consider Before Choosing The Best Kamado Grill

Vision Grills Kamado Char

Examine many manufacturers and evaluate dimensions, extra features, and equipment before deciding on a kamado grill. Consider what you want to prepare the most frequently and pick the best kamado for those meals. Here are some factors to look at.

  • Many kamados include extras such as dining chairs and roasting pits, while others buy them individually. You wont need these additional functionalities if you cook hamburgers and smoked meats. In such a scenario, choose a simple kamado grill with fewer frills and whistles to store money.
  • Think about how many individuals you usually barbecue. Probably buy a 600-square-inch Grill if you exclusively use the barbecue for public gatherings. If youre grilling for two persons, an Akorn Jr. could be the right length.
  • If you have a big backyard or balcony with enough space, a more extensive version may be preferable. If you only have a tiny terrace, a lesser version such as the 18-in. Duluth Forge or Kamado Joes 13-1/2-in. Jr. version could be a better fit.

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Blaze Freestanding Kamado Grill


WHY WE LIKE IT: A unique lightweight but highly durable aluminum construction with the exceptional heat retention and weatherproof seal of ceramic units and added mobility at an exceptional value for its performance.


  • 304 gauge steel grates and hinges
  • 4 heavy caster wheels on heavy-duty steel legs
  • 400 square inch cooking space


  • Surface hotter than ceramic models during use

The Blaze Freestanding Kamado Grill is a high-performance kamado-style grill with an unusual lightweight aluminum build. It features a 1 thick cast aluminum body, 304 stainless steel grill grates, 304 stainless steel hinges, and stainless steel legs with heavy-duty caster wheels for plenty of mobility. Its fairly generous 400 square inch cooking area is height-adjustable, allowing for varying amounts of food and charcoal depending on your needs.

An Affordable Model Thats Perfect For New Grillmasters


Cooking surface: 300 square inches | Burners: 2 | BTUs: 30,000 | Grate: Porcelain-coated wire

If you arent quite sure gas grilling is for you, this is a perfect choice for a starter grill. Its compact, basic and easy to use, and most important of all, its very affordable. The grill has a 240-square-inch primary cooking surface, plus a 150-square-inch upper rack. Its twin burners put out a combined 25,000 BTUs. None of the stats here are going to bowl over a BBQ pit master, but for the price this grill punches above its weight.

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Advantages Of Kamado Grills

1.1. Taste

We would be mad if we didnt put the best advantage on the first spot. Of course, we are talking about taste. Yes, if you invest a bit of time into learning how to properly use a kamado grill, the payoff is gigantic. The food you smoke or cook on the kamado will have that professional steak-house taste, or even better.

1.2. Versatility

Following up is the sole versatility of this type of grill. From just smoking a piece of meat to outright pizza baking. With the highly-durable body and a vent temperature control system, you will be able to cover a huge variety of temperatures.

1.3. Durability

With high thermal capabilities comes a well-built body. Kamado grills are made to last for decades. They are sturdy and solid and weigh quite a lot. This is, however, a much-needed feature because you are working with coal and everything needs to be solidly in its place.

1.4. Efficiency

Fuel and heat efficiency is the strongest suits of a kamado grill. Because of the ideal body shape, perfectly picked heat-retaining materials, and the cover on top, you will save a lot on coal. Standard backyard grills often eat a lot of coal, with you constantly adding more coal to keep the fire burning. Kamado grills use all of the generated heat with utmost efficiency, thus saving you time and money.

1.5. Low Flare-up

1.6. Heat Consistency

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