Grilled Vegetables In The Oven

Whats Old Bay And Whats A Substitute For It

How to Grill Vegetables in an Oven

These roasted vegetables have a hint of Old Bay seasoning to make them irresistibly tasty! But what is it? Old Bay is an American seasoning blend thats often used to season seafood: famously in shrimp boils like our Classic Shrimp Boil or Sheet Pan Shrimp Boil. The main ingredients in Old Bay are paprika, celery salt, black pepper, and crushed red pepper flakes. You can find Old Bay in your grocery store in the spices aisle, or buy Old Bay online.

Whats a substitute for Old Bay? If you cant find it, for the 2 teaspoons specified in this recipe, use 1 teaspoon paprika and ¾ teaspoon kosher salt. Throw in a few pinches of celery seed if you have it: it adds that classic celery flavor.

Best Vegetables To Grill

The smoky char of the flame on vegetables is just sublime. And really, are there vegetables that aren’t good for grilling? It seems you can grill nearly any vegetable–from corn on the cob to lettuce and green beans. When choosing which vegetables to grill, it’s a good idea to consider a variety of colors and textures. Some of my favorite grilled vegetables are what I’m using in this recipe: eggplant, squash or zucchini, bell peppers, and asparagus. These are all easy to prep and you can throw them directly on the grill, no need for grilling baskets.

Tomatoes? Many people do not think about grilling juicy items like tomatoes, but I absolutely love them! I was first introduced to grilled tomatoes at a local Persian restaurant. They would grill them until super soft and nicely charred, then hit them up with a drizzle of awesome extra virgin olive oil and a generous sprinkle of sumac. I do this often now during tomato season.

Is Roasting Vegetables Healthy

Here at Clean Green Simple, we are all about delicious flavor with an added dose of healthfulness. But roasted veggies are one place where the flavor aspect may overshadow the health potential Maybe.

According to CNN Health, roasting vegetables is hit or miss in terms of health benefits. This is because the nutrient capacity of some vegetables decreases with added heat while the nutrients in others become more readily available after some time spent in the oven.

One study covered in the above article cited artichokes, asparagus, broccoli, celery, eggplant, green beans, onions, and spinach as vegetables that kept their antioxidant capacity after roasting.

Of course, heat and nutrient capacity arent the only players here. Roasting vegetables requires adding a decent dose of oil and spices to the mix, as well. How much oil and salt you use can greatly impact the net health benefit of the dish.

So, lets just say that roasting vegetables has the potential to make them more nutritious but does add more calories and sodium to your plate than steaming veggies does. But it also adds plenty of extra flavor, which easily makes it worth the indulgence.

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These Roasted Vegetables Are Super Easy To Make Mixed Vegetables Are Tossed In An Herbed Mustard Sauce Then Roasted Until Perfectly Tender And Charred

These roasted vegetables are made in a sheet pan, and make a perfect side dish for any healthy meal!

I dont know about you, but Im big on meal planning. Each week I sit down and plan out our dinners for the upcoming week, as well as what recipes Ill be making and testing for The Chunky Chef then I make my grocery list from there. Sounds super organized right? Totally not lol.

For some reason, I have no problem coming up with the main dishes, but I always seem to either totally forget the sides, or stick to the same old steamed green beans. Major bummer!

Usually my kiddos will only eat their veggies if theyre covered in cheese, or practically dripping with butter but that doesnt do anyone any good. So Ive started roasting more and more vegetables, and they are DELICIOUS that way!

These oven roasted vegetables are loaded with amazing tangy and savory flavors. When combined with the natural sweetness from the butternut squash and cauliflower, its a flavor powerhouse!!

How To Make Easy Oven Roasted Vegetables

The best, healthy, quick and easy oven roasted vegetables recipe ...

Welcome to Roasting Vegetables 101! Class is in session, and were giving you all the information necessary for perfect roasted vegetables every time. You dont need to follow this recipe step by step . We want to give you the information you need to look in your fridge, find all the veggies you can, and know how to roast them to crisped, savory perfection. Roasting vegetables is a great way to encourage picky eaters to try new things, since their flavor and texture is so much better than limp steamed veggies!

This recipe could not be any easier. All you have to do is chop up the veggies, and toss them in olive oil and your favorite spices.

Then, roast them in the oven. When you do, make sure they are in a single layer. You might have to use 3-4 regular large baking sheets. We used 2 extra-large baking sheets to make all of our veggies in the recipe.

We roasted the vegetables at 400 degrees F for 45 minutes. This long roasting time frees you up to make the rest of your dinner while they bake.

That’s really all it takes!

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What To Serve Roasted Vegetables With

These Italian-style roasted veggies are the perfect side dish next to almost any meaty dish. I often serve them next to my Italian baked chicken, Garlic Dijon Chicken, or even next to Boneless Lamb, Roast Turkey Breast, or even Slow Roasted Salmon.

But don’t discount these gorgeous vegetables as a light vegetarian main with farro risotto, or on top of lemon rice or even quinoa!

What Are The Best Vegetables For Shish Kabobs

The options for what veggies to skewer and grill are plenty. Aim for a variety of color and for veggies that will hold their shape well. Some of my favorites for kabobs are: bell peppers , zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms, onions , and tomatoes . I’ve also tried grilled brussels sprouts on skewers and loved them!

If you want to add a little sweetness to your vegetable skewers, you can include grapes, ripe figs, or pineapple. I just kept things simple and went for savory Mediterranean-style vegetable kabobs.

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What You’ll Need For This Recipe

These seasoned vegetable skewers are made with fresh vegetables and a handful of seasonings. Quick, easy and flavorful!

  • Yellow squash or zucchini – You can use whichever you have on hand or prefer.
  • Baby bella mushrooms – These mushrooms are perfectly sized for sliding on a skewer and stay firm when grilled.
  • Grape tomatoes – You can also use cherry tomatoes, which are a good size and can also be left whole to slide on your skewers.
  • Brussels sprouts – Brussels sprouts add a crunch and pop of green to the skewers. It helps to microwave them for a couple minutes before skewering.
  • Onion – You can use any type of onion, but I like red onion for its sweet flavor.
  • Garlic – Freshly minced garlic for the marinade.
  • Seasoning – A combination of fresh parsley, salt, dried oregano and, for heat, Aleppo pepper or red pepper flakes.
  • Olive oil – Olive oil helps the seasonings stick to the vegetables and helps them char up nicely on the grill. Try Private Reserve Greek EVOO or another olive oil from our collection!
  • Lemon juice – Freshly squeezed lemon juice adds a pop of bright, fresh flavor to the kabobs.

Vegetable Skewers For An Easy Side Dish

Grilled (or Oven Roast) Garden Veggies! Zucchini, Red Pepper, & Onion

Vegetables are a huge part of my lifestyle year-round, but as we head into the warm summer months, we have so many more options to enjoy! I’m game for anything from ratatouille to roasted vegetables, but as it’s getting quite warm out, I can’t help but throw my veggies on the grill. Not only does it avoid heating up the kitchen, but it adds so much flavor!

Depending on what vegetables I pick up from the farmer’s market, it’s either my grilled vegetables platter or something like today’s marinated vegetable kabobs.

The simple but flavorful Mediterranean-style marinade, combined with the appropriate heat from your grill, will create amazingly delicious kabobs. While you don’t want to burn these, they should be slightly charred in a few places before you remove them from the grill. I love to add some freshly made romesco sauce for dipping the veggies as well.

Before we get to the recipe, let me cover a few basics that may be helpful to new cooks.

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The Secret To The Best Roasted Veggies

The only thing you really need to know before roasting a mixture of vegetables is which ones cook fast and which ones need more time.

To make vegetables that roast evenly, cut them into different sizes depending on how fast they cook. Cut harder vegetables into smaller pieces. This includes things like butternut squash or acorn squash. Cut softer vegetables – like zucchini – into small pieces because they cook faster.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to refer to this vegetable roasting chart. It lists the ideal baking times for the most popular types of vegetables.

Grilled Corn On The Cob

“I used this recipe for my cookout during the 4th of July weekend…Cooked them on the grill for about 30 minutes, and had some of the most delicious grilled corn I’d ever prepared,” says reviewer PMGILL. This simple method for grilling corn on the cob uses butter and salt and pepper for a simple, buttery result.

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The Best Oven Roasted Vegetables

Deliciously seasoned roasted vegetables made quickly and effortlessly. Oven Roasted Vegetables are a quick and easy 20 minute side-dish that is also healthy, tasty, and great served alongside meat, fish, or rice.

Also, this is a perfect meal-prep dish. I save lots of time by roasting several large sheet pans of veggies on a Sunday night, and then simply reheat them right before lunch or dinner for the rest of the week.

This awesome veggie treat has been my go-to side dish lately because I cant pass up a Farmers Market if my life depended on it. I see a veggie/fruit/pumpkin Stand, and I STOP! I just hop on out of the car, take everything theyve got on display, and continue on my journey.

I live in Indiana, friends. Farmers Markets last a whole, what, like, 3 months around here?! SO, I just take full advantage.

How I Make Roasted Vegetables

Best 25+ Grilled vegetables oven ideas on Pinterest

To make roasted vegetables, I separate the onion and from rest of the vegetables because onions take less time in the oven.

  • Toss red onion with olive oil, salt and pepper in a separate bowl to the other vegetables, then set aside. We will add these onto the tray 30 minutes into the roasting time

  • Remaining vegetables Place the remaining vegetables in a separate bowl with the smashed garlic, thyme sprigs and hand torn sage . Toss it all with the oil, salt and pepper.

    You will be surprised how much herb and garlic flavour is imparted to the roast vegetables using whole herbs/garlic instead of minced which you might be used to. As noted above, this works better because minced garlic/herbs just burns. Nobody wants bitter little bits of garlic littered throughout their sweet roasted vegetables but everyone wants THIS .

  • Oven 30 minutes Spread the vegetables on a large roasting tray and roast for 30 minutes at 200°C/390°F . If you want to reduce clean up, line the tray with paper. But its not essential because we are using sufficient oil so the vegetables will not stick.

  • Add red onion After 30 minutes, add red onion then give everything a quick toss.

  • Sprinkle with parsley if desired, then serve immediately!

  • I dont think you need me to tell you what to serve roasted vegetables with.

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    Pan Roasted Vegetables With Sauce

    No room in the oven, but you want to make a delicious, easy side dish? Here’s one of my favorites! Pan Roasted Vegetables! Only 15 minutes to make and I know you’ll love them!

    When we were kids Mom used to fry zucchini all the time and I’ve always loved it pan-fried. I’ve updated Mom’s recipe by adding more delicious vegetables. Pan roasting the vegetables adds more flavor to an easy side dish!

    What’s even better about this recipe is you toss all the vegetables in the skillet and only stir them three times during the cooking process!

    What? Yup, only three times because that’s how you get beautiful caramelization.

    What To Serve With Oven Roasted Vegetables



    Id love to hear about your experience in the comments below!

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    • Dont miss the Every Night Roasted Vegetable Guide in my cookbook. It has more of my favorite creative seasoning blends and ways to use roasted vegetables.

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    Why Are My Roasted Vegetables Soggy

    There are several reasons why your roasted vegetables may be turning out soggy:

    • The oven temperature was too low. In most cases, you want your oven at 400° or 425°F.
    • The pan was too crowded. If everything is crammed together on the sheet pan, your vegetables will steam instead of caramelizing. Give your vegetables enough space to breathe, which may mean using two sheet pans.
    • There was too much oil. One or two tablespoons of oil is typically enough to coat your veggies.

    In addition to these potential missteps, avoid other oven-roasted vegetable mistakes, too.

    Easy Grilled Vegetables Mediterranean

    Grilled Vegetables in 3 Ways | Grilled Vegetables recipe | Grilled Vegetables -Tawa,Air fryer,Oven

    This easy grilled vegetable recipe starts with selecting vegetables with a variety of colors and textures–eggplant, bell peppers, squash, asparagus, and tomatoes. The vegetables are given a quick toss in extra virgin olive oil and just a simple dash of salt before grilling over medium-high heat But I do a couple things that I think take these grilled vegetables to a new level of awesome:

    1. For best presentation, do not chop or dice the vegetables, instead, do as I have here and leave what you can whole or slice up in large pieces. Baby bell peppers, asparagus and Campari tomatoes will do just fine left whole. Slice the eggplant lengthwise and simply halve the squash to allow more surface for those beautiful grill marks.

    2. As soon as we have all the veggies removed from the grill, I like to hit them up with flavor. First, a large pinch of earthy za’atar and another of tangy sumac. Then, a zesty dressing with extra virgin olive oil, lemon and lots of garlic. And the finishing touch, fresh herbs and a little crumbled feta!

    You can play with flavoring however you like. I highly recommend the combination of za’atar and sumac, but you can also try more of an Italian twist with some dried oregano or thyme.

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    Ingredients For Oven Roasted Vegetables

    • Vegetables Red potatoes, carrots, red onion, butternut squash, brussels sprouts. You can choose any vegetables you want, as long as they have roughly the same cooking time. Sometimes I like to add bell pepper or green beans, too, but add them about halfway through because they dont take as long.
    • Lemons both zested and juiced.
    • Seasoning Fresh rosemary, garlic, kosher salt, and black pepper. Feel free to throw more fresh herbs in there, like thyme, oregano, or parsley. Dried herbs are perfectly fine, too, like Italian seasoning blend. Just use about half of the fresh amount.

    What Goes Well With Marinated Grilled Vegetables

    Tender, hearty grilled vegetables are the perfect side dish for servings with simple and delicious proteins that can also be cooked on the grill. Try this recipe in a kebab style with skewers along with this 4-Ingredient Magic Grilled Chicken Breasts and Grilled Pork Tenderloin recipes.

    You can also enjoy marinated veggies by themselves with a bright and flavorful sauce, like our Creamy Chimichurri Sauce recipe or Aji Verde .

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    Should You Marinate Vegetables Before Grilling No Marinade After

    My big tip in this recipe that makes all the difference for the BEST GRILLED VEGGIES of your life is to because hot vegetables absorb flavour so much better than raw vegetables!

    In fact, marinating raw vegetables is not really that effective at all. While some vegetables, like mushrooms and eggplants, will absorb oil and vinegars, they do not absorb flavour very well and they sweat when in contact with salt, making them less juicy and floppy not ideal for BBQing!

    But other vegetables like capsicums/bell peppers and zucchini, theres really no benefit to marinating them when raw.

    Oven instead? Stove?

    100% YES! In fact, this recipe is pretty much my regular end-of-week fridge clean out recipe and I usually roast rather than grill the vegetables, simply for convenience.

    You could even cook it on the stove just takes a lot of batches!

    But theres no denying it the extra flavour you get from the char and the grease of a BBQ makes it tastier!

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