What Is The Best Gas Barbecue Grill

Best Compact: Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Gas Grill With Versastand

How to Choose the Best Gas Grill | BBQGuys.com Buying Guide
  • Transitions from tabletop to ground use

  • Nice grill lines

Not a lot of space for your grill? Then the Cuisinart Petit Gourmet Portable Gas Grill, which can be used freestanding or as a tabletop model thanks to its VersaStand, is perfect for your needs. The whole unit is only around 16 x 32-inches, but it has a 145-square-inch grilling surface and a 5,500-BTU burner that lets you cook for four to six people at a time.

This gas grill runs on liquid propane, and the whole unit weighs just 17 pounds, making it a good choice to bring camping or tailgating. It includes a twist-start electronic ignition and a temperature gauge, but what makes this grill unique is its telescoping stand, which sets up and breaks down in seconds. You cant beat the compact size and versatility of this gas grill, and reviewers say its sturdy, easy to use, and the perfect size for a small group of people.

Dimensions: 28 x 17.5 x 32.5 inches | TotalCooking Area: 145 square inches | BTUs: 5,500

“The burgers and chicken thighs had beautiful grill lines, and the veggies were perfectly charred on the outside. Thanks to the porcelain-coated grill grates, the food came right off without any sticking .” Lindsay Boyers, Product Tester

Natural Gas > Liquid Propane

There is nothing wrong with liquid propane gas grills, or the gas grills that run off refillable tanks most grillers are familiar with. But, if you have a natural gas line available, you should use it. And it’s why we say natural gas is better than propane.

“If you move into a new home with an outdoor natural gas line on the deck, the main reason not to use natural gas would be that you don’t have a natural gas grill,” Max Good, director of equipment reviews at AmazingRibs.com, says.

Why? Mostly the convenience of not needing to refill a propane tank and the cheapness of natural gas as a fuel. Natural gas versions of popular gas grills are marginally more expensive than propane-fueled counterparts, but not problematically so. There’s virtually no difference in cooking performance.

Why Are Natural Gas Grills More Expensive

Most natural gas grills end up being $50-100 more expensive than a similar propane grill without any additional features. The reason for this is relatively simple.

In order to connect to a household natural gas supply, most natural gas grills come with a longer gas hose and a quick-disconnect system.

The longer gas pipe and the brass quick-disconnect connect fittings are what add that little extra bump of cost to your natural gas grill.

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Best Gas Charcoal Combo Grills For Juiciest Meat Flavor In 2022

If you cant decide between a gas and charcoal grill, or if you think you need both, getting the best combo grills gas charcoal helps you get the best of both worlds.


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A charcoal grill is great at retaining flavors while a gas grill gives you a juicy patty. The choice between these two grills is about your personal preference but if you love grilling, you know that there are times when charcoal or a gas grill is more ideal for what you want to achieve. You can eliminate having to deal with this problem if you have a combo grill.

Gas charcoal combo grills arent cheap so if you want to buy one, make sure it is something that is worth your money. So heres our guide to help you choose the best gas charcoal combo grill.

Other Gas Grills We Tested

Top 3 gas charcoal smoker combo grills of 2018

Napoleon is known for its high-end gas grills and grill inserts for outdoor kitchens, but the Canadian brand also offers a handful of comparatively lower-priced options, including the Napoleon Rogue XT 425 SIB, a powerful three-burner gas grill with an additional sear burner. Theres nothing we didnt like about this grill , and in multiple rounds of testing, it consistently produced even heat and beautiful grill marks.

Before testing, we wondered if the infrared side burner would put the Rogue over the top. Its a bonus cooking surface the brand claims will sear meat just like a steakhouse and a feature other grills in the same price range dont offer. We did find that meat seared on the Rogues Sizzle Zone looked like something that might hit a table at Peter Luger. But the Weber Genesiss Sear Zone also produced perfectly seared meat and with fewer flare-ups than the Sizzle Zone.

While the Rogue is a sleek, sturdy grill that wed be thrilled to have at home, its not quite as substantial as the Genesis, and like many of the other grills we tested, the Rogue had some performance issues in high winds.

Theres a lot to love about the new Char-Broil Cruise, starting with the Cruise Control Technology, which uses a built-in sensor and dual-burner system to set and maintain precise cooking temperatures like an oven. This grill also has plenty of power thanks to the Amplifire infrared cooking system we liked so much in the compact Char-Broil.

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How Do You Clean A Gas Grill

The grates on a gas grill should be cleaned after every use. After you take the food off the grill, turn all the burners up to the highest heat level for about 10 minutes. This will turn any drippings to ash . Then, use a stiff brush or a scraper to scrub the charred drippings off the grates before turning the grill off.

Many grills also come with a grease collection tray under the grill, which needs to be cleaned out occasionally. The instruction manuals that come with grills typically have detailed instructions on how their model should be cleaned.

How To Choose The Right Built In Gas Grills

The great thing about built-in grills is theyre fairly simple to shop for. The only thing you really care about is the grill itself everything else you might normally associate with a grill is going to be a part of the kitchen surface youve set aside instead. No need to take into account the wheels, added worktop, or worry about the weight and other appliances you have in your outdoor kitchen.

You just pay attention to the core elements:

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Bull Outdoor Outlaw Grill Head Model #26039

Bull Outdoors Outlaw is one of the best outdoor grills. It is made for those who need heat and they want it now.

This natural gas grill provides an outstanding 60,000 BTUs per hour. BTUs are a measurement of total heat output made by grills.

I can assure you that 60,000 is a number you wont find often associated with a burner. This range of heat will help provide the best temperature for whatever youre grilling.

In my experience, higher heat output is better. This is because you can reduce the total amount of heat down to the ideal temperature, but it provides more flexibility in being able to be hotter. Great sears and delicious steaks will be a strong bonus with this grill.

It also includes a warming rack and generous space of 810 square-inches of cooking surface. More surface, more foods on the grill, less time until eating. Its a great feature to have.


  • 810 square-inches of cooking surface
  • Sleek design


  • Doesnt include many user-friendly features such as side panels or lighting controls that other high-end natural gas grills provide

Where Should I Keep My Gas Grill

How to Choose The Best Gas Grill 2019 | BBQGuys.com Grill Buying Guide

While gas grills are pretty hardy and can be left outside, you’ll want to buy a cover for your grill to protect it from the elements. Cast iron elements in particular are prone to rusting if exposed to rain or snow.

If you live somewhere with regular inclement weather, you may want to move your grill into a basement or shed for the winter. Just remember that propane tanks should always be stored outside.

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Best Grills In : Gas Charcoal And Pellet Compared

Genesis II S-335 Smart Grill
Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill 22-inch
Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill
Deluxe Four Burner Gas Grill
Gourmet CD1824E 23-inch Charcoal BBQ Grill
36″ Griddle Cooking Station with Accessory Side Shelf
Patio Bistro Tru-Infrared Electric Grill

The best grills will cook up succulent, seared meals that will have crisp and tasty results. Be it throwing on some steaks or rustling up a grilled feast for the family to enjoy, the best grill should be powerful, reliable and easy to use. It also needs to suit your cooking needs, lifestyle and budget. But with so many different types of grill available, it can often be tricky to know which one is right for you.

Before you buy, there are some things to consider first. Do you want a gas, electric or pellet grill? What different features does it offer? Finally, what is the price? The best grills can cost from as little as $100 to over $1,000, so you need to factor in your budget.

To help you decide, weve rounded up a selection of the best grills to suit every backyard and budget.

Weber 47510001 Spirit E310 Gas Grill

  • Company: Weber
  • Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars
  • Price: $

This grill, developed by Weber in 2013, has been popular for multiple years running 2017, 2018, 2019, and will likely be just as great in 2020! Its a perfect size grill for a small family or couple!

This isnt an overly fancy natural gas grill, but it does have everything you need to cook great tasting, juicy food! In standard Weber style, it is built from high quality stainless steel and black painted steel, and has a clean, sleek look thatll be a great addition to your backyard patio!

It also comes with the following features that we think make this grill a fantastic buy for your buck:

  • Porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates cast iron seasons well, retains heat, and clean very easily!
  • The cooking area at 424 sq inches is big enough to cook a small turkey or do meats and veggies at the same time!
  • SS flavorizer bars, that capture the grease drippings and turn them into smoke that infuses your meat with flavor AND keeps your grill clean!
  • Integrated utensil hooks on the sides of the stainless steel prep tables, so you can keep the tops clean and organized while youre grilling
  • A front-mounted control panel and built in thermometer that gives you more control over your cooking
  • A flexible 10 gas hose so you can connect to your gas line easily

For a grill under $500, you cant top this Weber Spirit E310! We think its a great choice for anyone who wants a good quality, long lasting, budget friendly grill!

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Most Versatile: Coleman Roadtrip 285 Portable Stand

Cant decide between a freestanding or tabletop grill? Not sure if you want a grill, griddle, or combo? Luckily, with the Coleman Roadtrip 285 Stand-Up Propane Grill, you dont have to choose. This versatile portable grill has a large number of features, allowing it to be used in a wide variety of situations.

The Roadtrip Grill has 285 square inches of cooking space on its porcelain-coated cast iron grates, which sit over three burners that you can control separately. The grill produces up to 20,000 BTU per hour, and you can buy interchangeable cooktops that allow you to swap out the grill grates for griddles or stove grates. This handy portable grill also has two sliding side tables, an InstaStart ignition, and a built-in thermometer, but the best part is arguably its quick-fold design, which folds flat, allowing you to tow it behind you on its wheels.

Dimensions: 30.25 x 19.19 x 16.13 inches | TotalCooking Area: 285square inches | BTUs: 20,000

Heat Up The Grill After Cleaning

Aussie 205 Stainless Steel Tabletop Gas Grill Review

After giving the grill a thorough cleaning, you will want to run the heat on a gas grill for at least 10 minutes to burn off any residue that remains from the cleaning process.

For a charcoal grill, you will want to allow the lit briquettes to thoroughly heat the interior of the grill before adding the food the next time you use it. In other words, wait a few minutes longer than normal after the briquettes heat up before placing food on the grates.

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Best Budget Model: Char

No one ever said you have to spend hundreds to be happy with your BBQ grill. Char-Griller’s E3072 proves it. This model brings 40,800 BTU of power over a generous 438 square inches of cooking space, not counting a 12,000-BTU side burner.

What we noticed most in testing this grill is how quickly it got up to temperature compared with other models. It held that heat well, too. Unfortunately, that became a hindrance in our testing. Burgers and chickens were too charred on the outside, thanks to the hot cast-iron cooking grate. If you do purchase this model, keep that in mind and start out with less heat. Ribs were better, perhaps owing to the two smokestacks designed for even low and slow cooking.

There’s no storage cabinet on this model. The propane tank sits behind a decorative front panel. That’s an aesthetically pleasing compromise, but reaching through the side bars and around the panel to open and close the tank was frustratingly difficult. Despite those annoyances, this barbecue grill offers plenty of practicality and power for a very reasonable price.

Monument Grills 77352 Grill: Best Gas Grill For The Money

Reasons to avoid

The Monument Grills 77352 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill is a very capable, large and usable grill with a whole lot of features at a reasonable price. Theres an eight year warranty, which suggests this stainless steel grill has longevity built in. Six burners and a truly spacious grilling area mean you won’t be short of burger room, and theres a separate side burner for handling side dishes.

The Monument Grills 77352 Grill is festooned with luxury touches, such as the LED-lit controls and lid-mounted thermometer, as well as electronic ignition. Theres even a rotisserie unit bundled in the box, and while you dont need to use it all the time, its extra handy if theres a chicken in your future. It is on the small side, though.

At the price, the Monument Grills 77352 6 Burner Propane Gas Grill is more expensive than some, but we dont think youll find this kind of space and power anywhere else for this money, particularly presented in this way. Easily one of the best gas grills you can buy right now.

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Buyers Guide: How To Choose The Best Combo Grill

British Thermal Unit

The BTU indicates the total heat output as well as the fuel consumption of a grill burner, more like the heat power of the grill. The higher the BTU is, the hotter your grill can get.

When checking the BTU of a combo grill, its important to note that the higher the BTU is, the more it will consume fuel. But the advantage there is that high BTUs allow for quick heating and quick cooking.

The ideal BTU for a gas grill is between 75 and 100 BTUs per square inch. At this rate, the grill is at its optimum efficiency.

Overall Quality

If you want your gas charcoal combo grill to last for many years, get one with the excellent overall quality. For this feature, you need to consider both the manufacturers claims and customer reviews.

Some brands already carry a good reputation when it comes to producing reliable gas charcoal combo grills, so buying from them generally puts you on the safe side. However, it is still important to check what the grill is made up of.

Keep an eye for a charcoal gas grill combo that is made of heavy-duty metal, particularly stainless steel. Also, check if the grill plates are porcelain-covered because they are extremely durable and help prevent food from sticking to the surface.

Moreover, check also for some quality-related concerns in the reviews. From there, you can get an idea of the construction quality the grill has.

Cooking Space


Temperature Control



How Many Btus Should A Gas Grill Have

$300 Nexgrill vs. $1080 Weber: Which is the Best Propane Grill?

A general rule of thumb is that a gas grill should produce 80 to 100 BTUs per square inch of cooking area. By that math, a 200-square-inch grill should produce between 16,000 and 20,000 BTUs per hour. However, don’t base your decision on BTUs aloneyou’ll also want to look at the grill’s max temperature, as well as the quality of its build, both of which will affect its performance.

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The Best Natural Gas Grills In 2022

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Sick of running out of propane in the middle of cooking dinner? Switching to a natural gas grill is not only more convenient, but it can also save you money on running costs.

Theres a lot of natural gas options out there, from budget to luxury. Youll also need to decide if you want to go for a built in or cart style grill.

For most people looking for a cart style grill we recommend the Genesis II E-435 Natural Gas Grill thanks to its build quality, size and performance at a reasonable price.

If you are planning your ultimate outdoor kitchen and want a built-in grill you cant go wrong with the Saber 670 40-Inch Natural Gas Grill.

In this guide well breakdown all best natural gas grills on the market and the critical information you need to know about choosing and running a natural gas grill.

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