What Is Weber Gs4 Grilling System

Spirit Vs Genesis Styling Differences

What is GS4?

Here is a look at the housing around the lid thermometer. Personally I like the look of the Spirit.

Here is a look at the burner knobs. Again, I like the Spirit better.

Lets look at the lid handles. The Genesis wins this round with the stainless handle.

Although the Weber badge is identical on both grills the riveted chrome band on the Genesis is a beautiful design design element missing on the Spirit.

How Do You Fix A Grill That Wont Get Hot

Reset the regulator by turning off the burners on your gas grill. Turn off the propane tank and disconnect the hose from the tank. With your gas grill lid open, turn the burner knobs to high for about two minutes, and then turn them off again. Reconnect the hose to your propane tank and slowly turn on the gas.

Weber Spirit Vs Genesis: 2022 Model Year Winners And Losers

June 15, 2020 By David

I originally wrote this article about Weber Spirit vs Genesis back in 2017 and have had to update it every year since due to the amount of changes Weber makes in these two product lines.

The biggest change for 2021 is that Weber is discontinuing the Spirit II Series grills and reverting back to the previous generational Spirit design. This creates some serious value disconnects that are worth exploring.

There are 15 different grill models that sport either a Spirit or Genesis badge. The important thing to know about these two product lines is that they are BOTH excellent. The trick is striking the right balance between how much you want to spend and the features you value.I will walk you through the two product lines and show you where the sweet spots are.

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Which Should You Buy

The real question for most people isnt what is different between the grills but rather which grill is the best one to buy. That answer is going to depend on how much you want to spend and how big of a grill you want.

Out of the 15 different options the four that I recommend are given below.

  • Weber Spirit E 210
  • Weber Genesis SE 330
  • Weber Genesis S 435

Lets look at each of these grills in a little more detail to see which one is right for you.

Original Kettle Charcoal Grills

What is the GS4 High Performance Grilling System?

Webers roots go back to George Stephens original, kettle-shaped design, so theyve kept the Original Kettle series going strong as a modern version of the grill that started it all back in 1952. Coming in 18, 22, and 26 sizes, Original Kettle charcoal grills are affordable, durable options for the charcoal-grilling lover. Thanks to an aluminum ash catcher, rust-resistant damper, plated steel cooking grates, a porcelain-enameled bowl and lid, and one-touch cleaning system, Original Kettle grills are built to both out-perform and outlast other traditional models.

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Should You Buy The Spirit Or Genesis

So, which grill line is for you: the Spirit or the Genesis?

That greatly depends on your overall budget and how many people you are planning to feed during your next cookout.

The Spirit line is more affordable and its models are generally smaller, making them easier to store. The Genesis line is packed with the latest features from Weber and has grills that are usually larger, allowing you to cook for more people, for slightly higher prices.

I hope this guide helped you answer your questions about the Spirit and Genesis, and youre now ready to decide.

Why Buy A Weber Spirit Series Grill

Weber Spirit Series BBQ Grills

Weber is more durable than any other brand at this price range. Over the years, we have tried every other brand.

The unit is designed and manufactured with stainless steel, hard plastic, and the base is painted.

The starting price is reasonable at $379. When you compare the construction, it should last three times longer than comparable or lower-priced grills.

Let’s decipher how to buy one.

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Weber Genesis Ii Se 330

The Genesis II SE 330 is a beautiful beast of a grill. Functionally this grill is almost identical to the Spirit SP 335 and comes with three primary burners, a Sear Station and a side burner.

The Genesis II SE 330 is an upgrade over the Spirit by primarily by offering:

  • 20% more grilling area
  • 9mm stainless steel rod cooking grate
  • 10 year warranty on all components including the grate, flavorizer bars and ignition.
  • Wide variety of color options

The Genesis II SE 330 costs several hundred dollars more than the comparably equipped but slight smaller Spirit SP 335. Is it worth the extra money? To me, the value that the Genesis II SE 330 brings is in its beauty. I spend more time looking at my grills than cooking on them and these new Genesis grills are stunning.

Personally I would save a few bucks and stick with the Spirit but I would not blame anybody who bought one of these instead.

Weber Genesis II SE 330 Warranty and Specs

  • Primary Grilling Area: 513 square inches
  • Warming Rack: 156 square inches
  • Primary Burners: Three burners rated for a combined 39,000 BTU/hr
  • Sear Station Burner: Single burner rated for 9,000 BTU/hr
  • Side Burner: Single burner rated for 12,000 BTU/hr
  • Cooking Grate: 9mm stainless steel rods
  • Warranty: 10 years for all components

Weber Spirit Series Grill Problems

Weber Genesis II GS4 BBQ Grilling System Buy it in Spain

Weber Spirit Series Grill Sear Grates

Although Spirit does have a sear zone, it’s just another row of burners. It will cook faster, but if you want those char marks on your food, it’s not in the design.

You cannot smoke or add flavor to a spirit, but there aren’t any other grills with smoking capabilities at this price.

The Weber Spirit series grills are a smaller grill. If you have a large family or like to entertain, then a four-burner Genesis II may be a better option.

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Introducing The New Spirit Ii Series

Here at Weber, were constantly looking for ways to innovate and design the best performing, highest quality grills we can come up with, and for 2018 weve launched a new line of models known as the Spirit II series.

They come packed with lots of great features, an awesome warranty, and most importantly, they are great to grill on. Check out our recipe for – perfect on the new Spirit II griddle!

Here are some of the highlights of the Spirit II series.

#1) 10 year warranty on all parts Every new Spirit II model features a top-to-bottom, 10 year warranty on all of the components of the grill, excluding normal wear and tear. The warranty is subject to additional terms and conditions. You can look over the full warranty terms in the manual found here. To see all of our current warranties, clickhere.

#2) GS4 Technology – Our GS4 system, which stands for Grilling System 4 , consists of our Infinity ignition system, stainless steel burners, porcelain enameled Flavorizer bars, and grease management system. These parts all work in concert to make sure the grill lights the first time, every time, that it provides even heat, reduces flare ups, adds some extra flavor to your food, and that all the drippings and grease from grilling are directed into the drip pan for easy removal.

#3) Colors! Spirit II propane models are available in red, black, sapphire and ivory.

The Weber Spirit Series

The Weber Spirit II Series of gas grills offers tremendous value for the entry-level grill consumer. They are available in open cart and closed cart designs. The lineup was expanded in 2020 to include models with sear stations and side burners, so if you want more features in your grill but don’t have the space for a larger model, that’s another reason to check out the Spirit II series.

The Weber Spirit Series of gas grills is ideal for…

  • An affordable first grill

  • Households that don’t require a lot of grilling capacity

  • Small decks or outdoor spaces that need a compact grill

Learn About The Weber GS4 System In Our Video!

Base 2-Burner Model: Spirit II E-210

The E-210 features two stainless steel burners with 26,500 BTUs of total output. It is available in LP gas at $419 in black. It has 360 square inches of primary cooking space plus a removable warming rack. It features Webers revolutionary GS4 technology and is Weber iGrill capable. The iGrill is an optional grilling accessory add-on allowing you to monitor the internal temperature of your meat from your smartphone.

Design Features:

  • Two side tables, left folds down

  • Stainless steel burners

  • Dimensions – Lid Open 57″H x 48″W x 26″D

  • Dimensions – Lid Closed 44.5″H x 48″W x 27″D

Base 3-Burner Models: Spirit II E-310 & S-315

Design Features:

3-Burner Models with Sear Station & Side Burner: E-330 & SP-335

Design features:

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Weber Gas Grill Warranty

This is where things get quite different from the two model lines. The Spirit grill line offers a 10-year limited warranty while the Genesis II offers a 10-year full warranty. Here is a breakdown of the differences.

Weber Spirit Warranty Overview

  • Cookbox 10 years, no rust through/burn through
  • Burner tubes 10 years, no rust through/burn through
  • Stainless steel cooking grates, flavorizer bars, porcelain-enameled cast iron grates 5 years, no rust through/burn through
  • Lid 10 years, no rust through/burn through
  • Remaining Parts/Items 2 years

Weber Genesis Warranty Overview

  • All Parts 10 Years

Its obvious that the Genesis II warranty offering is far superior when compared to the Spirit line. If you want a guarantee to have a grill last a minimum of 10 years, go with the Genesis II.

Check out their warranty page for more information.

Weber Natural Gas Grills

weber Genesis II E
  • Weber 49010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill$569.00

    With the spacious cooking area You can sear steaks on one side while grilling an appetizer on the other, & The convenient open-cart allows you to keep your tools & equipment within reach. Armed with the strong GS4 grilling system & grill 3 compatible

  • Weber 67006001 Genesis II S-435 4-Burner Natural Gas Grill$1299.00

    A grill that has it all. A powerful grilling engine, impressive features, and an outstanding 10 year warranty to back it up. The immense space and sear station will execute as many steaks as you need to perfection, while the side burner sautés veggies.

  • Weber 66015001 Genesis II E-315 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill$829.00

    This is the new standard in Weber gas grills. The Genesis II E-315 is equipped with premium features that set it apart from an ordinary grill. The porcelain-enameled, castiron cooking grates retain even heat and are easy to clean.

  • Weber 66006001 Genesis II S-335 3-Burner Natural Gas Grill$1079.00

    The Genesis II e-335 is equipped with the power & features you need for amazing food – all backed by a 10 year warranty. The GS4 high performance grilling system sets the standard in the world of gas grilling and lands Weber in a class of its own.

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How Do You Light A Match On Weber Genesis

Natural Gas Grills Open the grill lid. Make sure all the burner control knobs are turned off. Turn the gas supply valve on. Put the match in the match stick holder and strike the match to light it. For current Genesis and Summit models, ignite the remaining burners the same way going from left to right.

Easily Fixed What Is Weber Grills Gs4 System

Weber makes grill schematics as well as substitute parts easily readily available. This makes them very easy to repair at a wide variety of service centres or to get parts as well as fix them yourself, without having to deliver the grill anywhere.

This additionally implies that you might have the ability to discover an older model Weber at a yard sale as well as rehab it with repairs, to bring it back to life.

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Stainless Steel Burners Efficiency

Spirit E-210 has two stainless steel burners which collectively output 26,500 BTUs of heat. These main burners connect from front to back and are covered by porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars.

The grease is funneled away from the burners by the flavorizer bars. It flows down the grease management system and collects in a disposable grease tray.

With an individual burner heat output of 13,250 BTUs, the grill produces a searing temperature of over 500F and an ambient temperature of 400F. These burners thoughtful placement also ensures an even heat distribution.

Why Are Weber Grills So Expensive

Genesis II GS4 Grilling System

Weber grills grew out of Weber Bros. Metal Functions, a family organization began in 1893. In 1952, co-owner George Stephen Sr had been cooking with a brazier in your home and used some old sheet metal to build the initial Weber grill and bring it to market. What Is Weber Grills Gs4 System

Until then, exterior cooking was commonly done over an open fire or in a brick oven, as well as this was the first grill of its kind, developed for improved efficiency and consistency when food preparation outdoors. The item became so preferred that Stephen soon led the newly created Weber Bbq department.

In the late 50s, Stephen bought out the Weber Bros. manufacturing facility, renamed the business Weber-Stephen Products, and devoted the new service to bbqs and grills, establishing new products, new methods, and also brand-new methods to cook outdoors.

Weber continued to be a family members company till 2010, when BDT Funding Allies obtained a bulk risk in the company.

There are a few aspects that establish Weber grills besides various other, less expensive grills. One of the most crucial features are:

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Weber Spirit Vs Weber Spirit Ii Series Bbq Grills

Three years ago, they changed their internal components on the Spirit II with Weber’s GS4 Grilling System for better ignition and grease management.

Weber added the GS4 Grilling System into all the Genesis II models but only the two least expensive Spirits.

The Spirit has the finished cabinet, whereas the Spirit II does not.

The newer Spirit II is cheaper by $50 at $379 and $479 for the three-burner versus $429 and $529 for the older series.

But what does it mean when you compare both internally?

Let’s take a look.

Weber GS4 First-Strike Ignition System

The Spirit II has a first strike infinity ignition system versus a still effective crossover system in the regular Spirit series.

Weber Genesis Ii Se310 Gas Grill

Weber Genesis II SE-310 LP Gas Grill has 37,500 BTU, GS4 Grilling System includes 3 high performance stainless steel burners, Infinity Electronic ignition, grease management system, and stainless steel flavorizer bars and cooking grates. Primary cooking area 513 Sq. In. and Tuck-Away warming rack adds an additional 156 Sq. In. for a total cooking area of 669 Sq. In.

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What Are The Differences Between These Weber Grills

There are a lot of subtle differences between the two product lines but the major differences are summarized below.

  • Spirit grills are smaller than Genesis grills.
  • Genesis grills have a longer warranty than Spirit grills.
  • Spirit grills are less expensive than Genesis grills.
  • Genesis grills have GS4 High Performance components and Spirit grills do not.
  • Genesis grills are available in more colors than Spirit grills.
  • Spirit grill have either 2 or 3 burners while Genesis grills have either 3 or 4 burners.

Weber Gs4 Grilling System

What is the Weber GS4 grilling system?

Weber GS4 Grilling System With High Performance Ignition

Three years ago, Weber changed their internal components with their new “GS4” grilling system.

Weber’s GS4 grilling system includes improvements to the ignition system, burners, grease management system, and their Flavorizer bars, along with the additional accessory, the iGrill app.

However, Weber only added the GS4 grilling system to the Genesis II series and the Spirit II series. Oddly enough, Weber did not include the new GS4 system for their best models like their brand-new Smart grill.

Besides the ignition system, Weber added a second row of bars on the Spirit II series models to decrease flare-ups. Weber also centered the grease collection so it flows more evenly.

The older series has only one row of bars with the grease collection on the side. It uses an older but still effective crossover ignition design.

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What Is Weber Grill

Grill With Weber Grills and Lowes. It all started with a drive to cook a better steak and continues today with a grill coveted by barbecue enthusiasts all over the country. The Weber gas grill is a classic that has evolved to include the Weber Genesis grill, a series including the Weber Genesis Silver with three burners and built-in thermometer.

Changes To The Burner Tubes

Weber developed rectangular, tapered burner tubes that are meant to even out the flame pattern across the whole tube.

With traditional cylindrical burner tubes the gas pressure decreased towards the back of the tube as gas was consumed in the front of the tube. This meant that the flame could be a little weaker at the back than at the front which would result in uneven heating.

The taper on the new design should increase the gas pressure towards the back of the tube since there is less volume for the gas to occupy. The new burner looks cool and I am sure that the engineers geeked out over getting the taper just right.

I am not convinced that the burner tubes are a meaningful upgrade. Genesis grills have always heated pretty evenly so this is, at best, a marginal upgrade.

I have also read some user reports that the new design requires more maintenance. On the old burner tubes the gas ports were on the side of the tubes while the new rectangular burners have the gas ports on top.

It looks like dripping grease/crud from the grill has an easier time getting into and clogging up the top mounted burner ports. The Flavorizer bars protect the burners from most of the grease but some still gets through. You might need to clean the burner tubes more often with this design.

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