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Wrapping Up Traeger Vs Green Mountain

ULTIMATE Green Mountain Grills GMG Custom Grill Grates and Slide Out Second Shelf!

Pellet grills are here to stay, that is a fact. So when you decide to join the precision and versatility of the pellet grilling revolution, Traeger and Green Mountain are both amazing options for manufacturers. Both have some great features on their grills, and both give you the ability to control your cooking like never before with their wifi interfaces and companion apps. Remember to consider what you need from the grill first, then consider what you want from your grill, and you will have a pretty good idea of where to start shopping.

A To Z List Of The Best Bbq Wood Pellets

A pellet grill/smoker is only as good as the BBQ pellets you put into it. The type/quality of the BBQ wood pellets you use will impact temperature performance and smoke flavour. There are many pellet flavours including Apple, Hickory, Mapel, Oak and Walnut to name but a few. However, some brands are hardwood blended pellets whereas others are 100% single wood species.

In this article, I provide details on over 20 brands of BBQ wood pellets, their range of flavours, whether they are 100% single wood species or hardwood blended pellets, their typical price and where they are available. I also provide tips on how to get the best deal when buying BBQ wood pellets and how to test pellet quality. Finally, I discuss the new kid on the block, charcoal pellets and their special attributes compared to all other hardwood BBQ pellets.

Does Green Mountain Grills Utilize Misleading Marketing

Daniel Boone, Davy Crockett and Jim Bowiewhat do these three grills from GMG have in common? All of them were made in China. However, you see the historical American figures, hear of it as an American company and think that they must make their grills in the United States. You would be completely mistaken. Since they started the company in 2006, they have always made their grills in China.

This is one of the reasons that we find it important to understand the difference between an American company and an American made company. American made companies support manufacturing in the United States and do a lot more for our economy. In some cases, American made may even come from a foreign company like Honda or Toyota.

On the other hand, an American company pays taxes to the U.S., which does help our country, but it doesnt prop us up as much as companies that support manufacturing jobs in the U.S.

We find Green Mountain Grills potentially deceitfulalthough, well let you decide whether they did this intentionally or notbecause it almost looks like they try to fool well-intentioned customers into thinking of their products as American made with a loose association from naming it after historical American figures. There was no reason that they had to name their grills like this other than to potentially mislead consumers.

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Introduction To Green Mountain Grills

Green Mountain Grills started producing pellet grills in 2008. The venture started from a love of pellet grilling/smoking but also a disappointment of the feature set and temperature control of pellet grills available at that time.

It is true that previous generation pellet grills from several manufacturers and even some pellet grills on sale today have quite wide temperature swings. My article discussing the Gen 1 vs Gen 2 Traeger Pro Series being an example. An area where Green Mountain Grills have set themself apart is the use of PID technology in all their controllers, on all their grills.

If you dont know what PID is and why its important, dont worry, Ill discuss that below. There are different sizes and specifications of Green Mountain Grills on offer. In terms of sizes from smallest to largest, its the Davy Crockett , followed by the Daniel Boone , Jim Bowie and the trailer-mounted commercial unit the Big Pig Trailer Rig. However, first I need to discuss the differences between the Choice and Prime versions of Green Mountain Grills.

What Makes Green Mountain Grills Unique

GMG Daniel Boone Prime Plus 12V Pellet Grill Black  Great Outdoors BBQ Co

The most unique aspect of these grills is obviously the fact that they use wood pellets instead of charcoal or gasoline. Their pellets are made up of 1005 kiln dried sawdust that they state never touches the floor. They are held together with the natural lignins in the wood, and they do have several different kinds of pellets for sale as well. The Premium Gold Blend ones are oak based and much larger than the standard sized pellets.

The benefits to using these instead of charcoal or gas include very little ash after youre done grilling, high BTU content for long burns, and a nice, natural hardwood smoky taste in your food.

Another aspect that is pretty special is their Smart Control. Now that technology is a huge part of everything we do, having a grill connected to your phone is now a possibility. Green Mountain Grills has a mobile app, allowing you to adjust the temperature and stay connected to your cooking food even if you walk away for a few minutes. With the app you are able to set timers, control both the grill and food temperatures, create different cooking profiles, and even receive alerts about your grill. You are also given the option to connect to your wifi at home to do this or use server mode to access your grill while on the go.

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What Is Green Mountain Grills

Green Mountain Grills is a company that began about ten years ago. The founder of the business had a competitors grill at his house and decided that he could make some improvements for an even better product. Thus, Green Mountain Grills was born.

They, of course, specialize in pellet grills. This simply means that instead of using charcoal or gas, they use pellets to fuel the grill and cook your meat.

This company offers high quality grills, pellets, dry rubs, and sauces both online and at thousands of brick-and-mortar stores across the United States. Their website also offers a plethora of delicious recipes, and a very helpful blog with information and tips for barbecuing.

Green Mountain Pellet Grills Product Range

Green Mountain Pellet Grills are currently available in three main ranges, namely the Trek, Ledge, and Peak.

The Trek is Green Mountains most affordable option in the range and is suitable for making a small grill that will serve a small family.

With an affordable price point of $399, Green Mountains Trek is an excellent portable option with great versatility.

Standard features include a digital WiFi controller as well as a meat probe and a thermal sensor.

Next in the range is the Ledge grill range at a starting price of $899. This larger grill features 458 sq. in. of grilling space, making it less portable than the Trek but far more capable of grilling larger amounts of food.

At the top of the range is the Peak Prime Grill coming in at $1099 with 658 sq. in. of grilling space.

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Is It A Smoker Or A Grill

Manufacturers advertise this appliance as both a smoker and a grill. Why because these grills are versatile can do it both. Depending on the brand, a model of a good pellet grill meets most of the characteristics of alarge offset smoker, including indirect fire cooking and low-temperature cooking.

But if you want to grill some burgers, these grills can also reach high temperatures to grill burgers, and some even sear a steak.

Some manufacturers offer specialized pellet smoker options explicitly built for meat smoking and typically operate at lower temperatures but cannot grill burgers or steaks.

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Traeger Grills Pro Series 780 Wood Pellet Grill And Smoker

Green Mountain Grills GMG Trek Review – Texas Star Grill Shop

The Traeger Pro Series 780 wood pellet grill and smoker is the best-selling pellet grill in the world, with a brand-new controller that uses WiFIRE technology for even better results. The D2 drivetrain ensures faster heat up times and improved smoke quality, while the WiFIRE app lets you monitor and adjust your grill from anywhere. Whether youre a beginner or an experienced griller, the Traeger Pro Series 780 will let you create amazing dishes infused with wood-fired flavor.


  • Youll be able to cook anything, anywhere.
  • Its easy to clean up and get back on the road.
  • Grill any type of meat you want, from searing a steak to cooking ribs.
  • The BBQ taste is unbeatable.


  • Heavy grill, but you get good food. App is helpful for cooking with this particular grill.

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How Did Green Mountain Pellet Grills Come About

The original pellet grill was produced by a company called Traeger, and they held the patent for a number of years.

As soon as this patent had run its course, several similar pellet grills came onto the market. It was around this time in 2006 that Jason Baker started his company, Green Mountain Pellet Grills.

Jason Baker understood the limitations of the pellet grills that were on the market at the time, and he had a specific vision for how he wanted to improve upon them.

He wanted to break into the market by addressing all of the issues he had with what was available at the time.

After a few years of hard work at perfecting his own ideal version of a pellet grill, his company began to grow significantly.

Today, Green Mountain produces a range of high-quality pellet grills as well as accessories and relevant cooking accompaniments such as sauces, dry rubs, and grills.

Despite the exceptional quality of their products, Green Mountains offerings all come in at an extremely affordable price point.

Gmg Davy Crockett Smallest/portable Pellet Grill

Ive previously written about the Davy Crockett in my post on the best portable pellet grills. It really is an impressive little unit with features that many larger pellet grills today still lack even though this grill was first launched way back in 2014. Providing just under 220 square inches of cooking space, this is not the grill to cook a banquet for a large family.

However, thats not what its designed for. Its primarily intended for tailgating, camping/hunting trips and loading into the back of a truck/RV. Its important to remember though, while the Davy Crockett is a very small pellet grill its also a highly capable grill and smoker.

The original 2014 promotional video for the Davy Crockett. Demonstrating features such as PID temperature control and WiFi still not found on many larger/more expensive pellet grills today

All pellet grills require a source of power to operate the auger and combustion fan etc. Therefore, when making a portable pellet grill you are more often than not going to want to run the grill from DC power, directly from your cars/trucks/RVs 12V battery. However, other portable power options are available.

You can also run the Davey Crocket at home from an AC inverter. However, in most instances when out and about you will just run the unit directly from a source of 12V DC power. Other portable units such as the Traeger Scout and Ranger pellet grills run on AC power, and require an inverter to run on DC power when out and about.

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Davy Crockett Pellet Grill Review Final Thoughts

Ill begin by saying that I really enjoy cooking on the Davy Crockett pellet grill. During the past three months, its performed exactly as advertised on all points. Things Id like to see changed at some point are a little nit-picky and include a front shelf option of some kind and some rubberized foot pads of some sort to go on the metal legs when the unit is in stand up mode. One other thing I noticed is that while the spring/coil feet that sit at the bottom of each of the Davy Crockett pellet grill corners provide adequate support, they do tend to shift on you if the unit gets bumped laterally at all. This was actually most noticeable while the unit was in transit in the back on my SUV while en route to the Lakeland Pigs Fly South KCBS event to cook with Team Unknown BBQ.

As a value buy, I give the Davy Crockett pellet grill two sauce-covered thumbs up. At just under $400 retail, youre hard pressed to find a better value out there with the versatility and cooking ability this little guy offers.

I hope this post is of value to you. If so, please do consider sharing it with others you feel might enjoy reading it! You can use the buttons provided at the top of the post to do so!

Newcomer Budget Brand Z Grills

Best Portable Pellet Grill for RVing 2020

If you want the best value for money Z Grills is a tempting option.

They havent been selling grills to the public for long, but theyve actually been around for a long time producing grills for other companies.

Weve even heard rumours they used to manufacturer grills for Traeger!

The most popular model they sell is the Z Grills 700E which was updated in 2019 to improve the temperature controller.

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Pellet Grills Made In The Usa

Below Ive put together a collection of pellet grills Im currently aware of which are still made in the USA. However, as noted with the example of Traeger and Grilla Grills above, circumstances can change. Hence, whether all the pellet grill brands below will continue to be made in the USA in the future is obviously an unknown. If you click the brand name below the page will jump to that particular section.

Other Great American Companies Making Their Grills Overseas

It is important to remind you that a good pellet grill is the one that cooks well and works best for you and your budget. There are hundreds of brands, and the truth is the majority build their grills overseas. This is not necessarily a bad thing. There are excellent brands like Trager and Pit Boss who have been offering customers high-quality, affordable products for years. Most of the grills in the list above serve a very small niche of consumers, including die-hard enthusiasts, competitors, and commercial users.

The leading brands or household brands might outsource their manufacturing, but they also can mass-produce affordable products for the masses, including the BBQ backyard warrior.

Here is a list of other American companies that make excellent wood pellet grills, but some aspects of manufacturing are done overseas.

Trager is the original pellet grill and the brand that started it all. Traeger grills were originally built in the US. However, after a few changes and company changes, the decision was made to manufacture the grills over still. Still, you can expect exceptional quality and invention from a Trager. Their grills are packed with convenient features and advanced technology, making them the leading most popular brand of pellet grills.

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Who Invented The Pellet Grill And Where Did The Pellet Smokers Come From

Joe Traeger first invented pellet grills in the mid-1980s, who also patented his design. Trager is the original pellet grill and the first pellet grill available to consumers. Joe Traeger started his company making pellet stoves and then used all his knowledge to develop the pellet grill will know today.

In 2006 when Traegers pellet grill patent expired, other grill manufacturers jumped into the market and produced their own pellet grill brands and models.

In the early days, most pellet smokers had simple controllers with few settings, and the technology was simple. Digital thermostatic controllers dictate pellet-feed commands based on heat sensors inside the cooking chamber.

Some pellet controllers, referred to as PID controllers, also feature integrated meat probes for checking the internal temperature and helping monitor the cooking process.

These grills have come a long way, and new technology can be found in new models. Wireless remote operation, monitoring, and integration with mobile devices are common in new wireless pellet grills and smokers.

Now you can monitor both cooking and meat temps right from your phone and cook great meals while enjoying friends and family.

Monument Grills Octagonal Column Wood Pellet Grill Outdoor Smoker Sturdy

GMG Trek Pellet Grill Features

Looking for a grill thats both unique and functional? Look no further than the Monument Grills Octagonal Column Wood Pellet Grill Outdoor Smoker. This grill features an octagonal column oven design that helps to insulate heat and conserve energy, while its sturdy construction ensures years of reliable use. With 530 square inches of cooking area, two adjustable chrome-plated cooking racks, and precision temperature control, this grill is perfect for anyone who wants to smoke their favorite meats outdoors. And thanks to its chimneyless design, you can be sure that the smoke will circulate inside properly, guaranteeing that your food comes out tasting great every time.


  • Cook more types of food at once.
  • Monitor the temperature of your meat to ensure its cooked to perfection.
  • Enjoy a variety of delicious dishes with friends and family, all while using one appliance.
  • Spend less time cooking, so you can spend more time with those who matter most in your life.


  • The pellets stick to the sides and create a hole, but with use this should get better.

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How Much More Expensive Are American Made Wood Pellet Grills

We would like to address the unspoken elephant in the room because we know that you wonder how much an American made pellet grill costs in comparison to one from GMG or Traeger. A Weber wood pellet grill sells for $1,000 on the lower end.

What we love about MAK GRILLS comes from how they named their grills using the general system. You could buy a One-Star General, Two-Star General, or Three-Star General. The One-Star General starts at around $2,200 and rises from there.

Unfortunately, we found the American made grills had almost zero presence on Amazon with the exception of Weber. We believe this may have to do with the higher cost of buying an American made grill, which makes it harder to compete in that environment. Understandably, not everyone can afford even $1,000 for a wood pellet grill, which is why they may turn to cheaper alternatives.

If you want an American made pellet grill, we salute you for going the extra mile to support American industry.

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