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What Can I Cook In It

Gas Grill Outdoor Kitchen Mont Alpi Fully Assembled!

You can cook anything that you want to cook in the Mont Alpi 3-in-1 pizza oven grill.

It has accessories that you can change to create the perfect environment for your recipe.

I have cooked many foods in this pizza oven grill, such as pizzas, steaks, burgers, waffles, and eggs.

The accessories come in really helpful when cooking any of the recipes I have in mind.

The cooking grid is 20 inches long, which means that it has enough space for multiple steaks and burgers.

It is really useful when I have gatherings at home with a small group of people.

The cooking grid is just enough for about eight people, so I do not recommend using it at big parties or gatherings. It is also perfect for a good meal with your family when you have the time to cook.

Mont Alpi 805 Outdoor Bbq Island

This grill from Mont Alpi is highly-rated and is a premium grill that wont let you down. You will notice its labeled as a BBQ island and an island is what it really is.

This massive grill measures 47 x 20 x 93. It is stainless steel and looks sleek and nice out in the open. The control knobs have blue LED lighting that makes them stand out against the stainless steel. There are also halogen lights on the cooking surface so you can always see what you are doing.

The side surfaces are faux granite. They are beautiful and well-made. These wont wear down easily or quickly. The grill is sizable and measures 43 x 20 x 47. The remaining dimensions are allotted to the side units. The left unit has a burner incorporated.

This grill operates with 115,000 BTUs. It has an electric ignition. This has all of the special features you want in a grill of its stature, from drawers and storage to extensive space and everything in between. The cooking area is not defined.


  • Includes blue LED lights to pop
  • Include caster wheels so you can move the grill around as needed
  • Can be turned into a built-in option


  • Does not include the rotisserie kit but is compatible

Overall, what we like about this grill is that it is simple and functional. It is one of the most highly-rated grills on the market. Its powerful and has plenty of cooking space and work space. Its also nice that you can remove the casters and make this a built-in grill if you want to.

What Are The Best Propane Grills

If the propane grill isnt built-in, you can take the smaller designs with you easily when youre on the go. Looking for the perfect afternoon picnic at the park? Your dream can become a reality with a small propane grill. The BTU also matters in a propane grill. As mentioned for vegetarians, if youre looking at mostly vegetables or pescatarians who eat fish, you wont need a grill with a very high BTU. How many burners would you like your new grill to have? These are all questions that contribute to the best propane grill.

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Fire Magic Echelon Diamond Series E660s

Lets start with what we have determined is the best high end grill overall on the market. This gas grill from Fire Magic is well deserving of a spot in our countdown. Its smaller than the first grill we shared but it packs a lot of power in the package and is still plenty large to get things done. This one is more mobile-friendly with the size and design.

The cooking space on this grill measures 1,080 square inches, giving you lots of room to work with. The side tables are very nice as well to give you an extra burner and lots of working space so you can comfortably work and move things as needed for the grill.

This grill offers 96,000 BTU for the cooking space, which is outstanding. Its known for its power and might. This grill looks great with its quality stainless steel materials. It has a high-torque motor, three burners, a charcoal/smoker basket, a rotisserie spit, and even comes with meat forks.

The shelves fold down for storage purposes. The digital thermometer covers four zones and you have hot surface ignition as well. The halogen lights are very nice for seeing what you are doing and this grill is made in the USA. Its a stand out model that also comes in a built-in series.



  • The customer support isnt always the best

Mabi400 32 Stainless Steel Built In Gas Grill W/ Led Lights By Mont Alpi

Mont Alpi 400 Model MABi400

It’s not often that you come across a grill that is as packed with features to take you to grilling heaven than the 32 inch MABI400 from Mont Alpi.There is seriously a lot going on in this grill that compares to other grills that are double the price!

In this deal you are gonna get 4 heavy duty 304 Stainless steel burners making even the most beginner chefs able to craft professional meals.

Your going to love the ceramic infrared back burner which great for when you cook a large roast or use the heavy duty rotisserie kit that is included.

Mont Alpi haven’t stopped there though! This grill also includes halogen lights in the cooking area that are just great for cooking in the evening or darker hours and it also has stylish LED lights on the control knobs.

The Mont Alpi is the only grill to feature the all-new “Heat Wave” Double Layer Sear plates . These innovative plates help to reduce grease flare-ups, retains heat and encourages smoke, smells, and flavors that are essential from your bbq.

All stainless steel structure on the Mont Alpi Built-In is Marine Grade 304, so it is a very heavy duty and weather resistant Grill and stands up to whatever the elements may be.

If you are looking for a killer, mid sized built-in gas grill for a modest price then you’re in the right place. Buy this awesome grill online today and we will ship it direct to your door fast and FREE of charge!

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Heat Power And Grilling Surface Comparison

Both of the grills produce a total of 115 000 BTUs of cooking power and both of them feature 6 main stainless steel burners as well as Infrared rotisserie rear burners. Weber Summit Grill takes the lead here with its Sear Station, Side Burner and most importantly Smoker Burner.

In terms of cooking surface, Weber Summit takes another point with its 769 square inches of total cooking surface, compared to Mont Alpis 684 square inches of total cooking surface.

Size And Power Output

All of the models included in this guide can blast out enough flames to get really hot in just about 10 minutes.

However, its also important to keep in mind the size of the crowd you need to feed and how controllable the grill you buy is. Some premium grills are quite large, meaning they may be overkill for a couple.

What are BTUs and Heat Flux?

BTU is often used to measure the heating power of gas burners or a whole grill. It is very useful for comparing individual burners, but when we are looking at grills it doesnt really give you a clear image of how hot a grill can get.

Different grills with the same BTU output can have a huge variation in how fast they heat up and what is the maximum temperature that they will reach.

Heat flux measures the ratio of BTUs to the size of the grilling surface and thus, is often considered better for describing the heating capability of a grill.

Think about the grill size and make sure that you can still accurately control the grill temperature with the available burners if you dont often use that much space.

A larger grill with four or five burners can easily be used with only one or two burners lit. A large grill with two or three burners is likely to waste a lot of fuel and be underutilized by small groups.

About the Author

Hi, Im Joonas!

As soon as I learned to walk, I started to assist my dad and uncles with grilling and smoking. I always loved helping them and later took over the role of the grill master in my family.

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What Can Be Improved And Final Thoughts

The whole pizza oven grill was lightweight, and it was only made easier to carry with the handles.

However, I noticed that the hinges were a little loose or shaky.

Even after I tightened them, the hinges were still shaking, making me feel like they would drop.

It has not so far, but I suggest using a bag when carrying it for more security.

The dome or the top lid of the Mont Alpi 3-in-1 was also pretty simple, making it difficult to retain heat.

I just hoped it was double-walled so that it could have more heat.

I also advise not putting your hand on the lid as it absorbs so much heat, and without the proper insulation, you can burn your hand if you are not careful.

Overall, it is a decent buy in the given price range and you can go for it. However, if you just want a pizza oven then you can get the Ooni Fyra or the Ooni Koda in the same given price range.

Do let us know if you have had any experiences with this pizza oven in the comments below!

If you like the post do share it on social media!

Lynx Sedona Propane Gas Grill L600ps

Mont Alpi – 3 in 1 Grill

We couldnt finish up our reviews without covering the Lynx Sedona L600PS gas grill. This is a 36-inch gas grill so its another compact option but its pretty great and full of features.

This grill has three stainless steel burners and the power is controllable to your needs. The levels can reach up to 69,000 BTUs. This grill offers 891 square inches of cooking space so it is a pretty great setup if you dont want something huge and it has plenty of power for its size.

The Sedona heats evenly and consistently. It uses heated briquettes, which helps to make the heat consistent and reduce the likelihood of hot or cold spots in problem areas on the grill. The grill has seamless welds and is made with heavy-duty materials that will hold up for you.

The grill is super easy to use and lights with direct spark ignition. You can use the grill in any weather, it even has battery backup. There is a halogen light so you can see what youre doing and the controls are blue-lit as well to add a little visual appeal.


  • 891 square inches of cooking space


  • No extra features like side burners or rotisserie settings

We like this grill because it is simple and yet effective. Its a nice grill with high-quality materials and its built to last. It gives you all of the reliability you need with a high end grill but doesnt have as many special features as some of the options out there.

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Other Factors To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Gas Barbecue

Are materials important?

There are several materials used for a gas barbecue that need to be carefully evaluated, as some of them will come into contact with the foods to be cooked. In contrast, others will affect the robustness of the structure of your appliance. It will be necessary to ensure that the materials used for grids and plates are safe and easy to clean, as well as adapted to cooking itself, for example in the case of a dish made of non-stick material or natural stone. Ideally, stainless steel would be preferred not only for the cooking grill but also for the structure itself since it is an easy-to-clean, robust and durable material. The wooden models, for example, are certainly lighter and more manageable than steel models. Still, if left in the garden exposed to the weather or used intensively, they may not be the ideal choice from longevity.

The materials that make up the outside of the gas barbecue cooking area are also worth considering: some models are entirely steel, while others only include inserts in that alloy and, although cheaper, have less resistance to shocks, scratches and external agents.

Is the brand valuable?

Among the brands now most popular in the production of free-install or recessed gas barbecues are Camping Gaz and Broil Master, followed by companies that produce even cheaper models such as Sochef.

Is the price important?

All About Temperature And Control

Despite having a small cooking grid and only one burner, the Mont Alpi 3-in-1 is still a powerful pizza oven grill.

It can get up to a maximum temperature of 540 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once you connect the gas tank to it, you can preheat it within 5 minutes to reach its maximum temperature.

That way, you do not have to wait for too long to cook your food.

Since it has a single burner, it made it easy for me to control the temperature.

The knob easily controls the burner, so adjusting the temperature will be easy for you.

It also has a temperature gauge on its dome so you can easily track the temperature.

Adjust according to the needed heat for cooking your recipe, and you will be good to go.

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Blaze Professional 34 3 Burner Built

This robust built-in grill is an industry leader in thickness and durability. They are more economical and efficient without using as much gas as other models for ideal temperatures. Thanks to their solid innovative technology that utilizes the exact mix of fuel and oxygen.

This solid model comes with quality cast stainless steel H burners with an included rotisserie kit available for that mouth-watering rotisserie chicken you crave. You no longer have to experience waiting to serve everyone at the party with the illuminated control knobs and a cooking surface with an available 630 square inches of total cooking space! Get the perfect grilled taste with no flare-ups and cleanup is easy as pie with removable baffles plus the drip tray.

Legal Disclaimers And Warnings

Mont Alpi 4

Product packaging, owners manuals, installation instructions, and/or operating instructions may include more information than what is shown on our website. The content on our site is intended to be used for reference purposes only. Please fully read all included manuals and documentation before installing or using this product. WARNING for California residents: this product may contain chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects, cancer, or other reproductive harm.

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Mont Alpi 3 In 1 Pizza Oven Grill Review

September 30, 2021 by Shrey

Month Alpi 3 in 1 Pizza Oven and grill combo is a highly reviewed product on amazon.

In this Mont Alpi 3 in 1 Pizza Oven Grill Review, I will break down the features of the pizza oven which would give you a clear picture of whether it is worth the money or not.

I was pleasantly pleased with this model and it is refreshing to know that this pizza oven and grill combo does its job pretty well.

Pizza ovens need to get up to high temperatures to cook the pizza quickly and make the bottom crust crispy along with being chewy where it meets the cheese and toppings.

That is easy if you only focus on that factor instead of the flames it produces.

However, if you also want a grill to come with it, you will need direct heat to cook your food.

The Mont Alpi 3-in-1 pizza oven grill gives you the perfect combination of the two appliances.

It goes perfectly with cooking pizza, barbecue, and even waffles on a griddle. It has so many options for cooking, so you do not run out of recipes to try without changing the cooking tool.

It is gas-powered and is also portable, which means that you can bring it anywhere you want.

I love to bring this pizza oven on camping trips and tailgating trips to cook food on the road.

While it can be improved on some parts, I am overall satisfied with the performance the Mont Alpi 3-in-1 pizza oven grill puts out and it is very reliable for any type of occasion.

  • What Can Be Improved and Final Thoughts
  • Collection: Mont Alpi Peak Performance

    With more than 30 years of experience in the grilling industry, Mont Alpi has everything you need to become the ultimate outdoor Grill Master. Mont Alpi prioritizes quality and aesthetics to help you create a stylish outdoor entertainment space. Mont Alpis BBQ islands are highly customizable, and they are compatible with additional modules that allow you to keep your space up to date.

    Shop & discover our wide selection of the latest high-quality residential and household appliances found exclusively online here at Bison Kitchens! FAST & FREE SHIPPING available in the USA – order yours today!

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    Natural Or Propane Gas

    Many models we offer provide the luxury of both natural and propane gas options. It begs the question, which is better? Since the built-in grill will be a permanent fixture and connected to your home, if the rest of your house runs on natural gas and there are already existing natural gas lines, that would be easiest for you.

    You pay for your natural gas usage at the end of every month or every other month just like water and electricity. Natural gas is convenient and allows you to bbq and grill for as long as you want without worrying about running out of gas .So how does propane gas work? They’re more for people without access to a natural gas line. You’d have to purchase heavy propane tanks at your local store.

    You would also need to refuel it on your own making it a bit more inconvenient. If youre wondering about the results, they’re about the same. The units are also priced pretty evenly, so you arent really losing much if your house doesnt run on natural gas.

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