How To Bbq Ribs On Gas Grill

Can I Cook Baby Back Ribs In The Oven

How to Cook Ribs on a Gas Grill

Yes! Heres how to cook our Smithfield baby back ribs in the oven:

  • Season the ribs all over with rib dry rub, cover well, and refrigerate overnight.
  • Preheat oven to 325°F. Allow the ribs to come to room temperature, then lay them bone-side down on a wire rack. Fit the wire rack on a baking tray lined with foil.
  • Add to the oven and bake for approximately 1 hour. After 1 hour, brush with BBQ sauce and continue cooking for 15 minutes. When the ribs reach 195°F to 200°F, they are ready to enjoy.
  • Gas Grill Ribs Cooking Instructions

  • Prep the ribs by removing the menbrane of the back side of the ribs and trim any bone fragments or excess fat. Brush about 2 tbsp of mustard on each rack then season liberally with dry rub.
  • Once the Grill is up to temperature Place the ribs on the grill grates on the oppisite side of the water pan over indirect heat. Smoke the ribs for 1 hour before sliding the water pan over, remove the grill grate and replace the foil pouch with a fresh one. Replace the foil pouch once an hour with a fresh one.
  • The ribs will smoke for 3 hours before you will mop with a 50/50 blend of apple juice and apple cider vinegar. You can add a few teaspoons of liquid smoke to add a little extra smoke flavor. After the 4th foil pouch has burned off its time to wrap the ribs in foil.
  • Add a few tbsp of butter to each rack before wrapping in foil and cooking for about 90 minutes. Unwrap the ribs and brush with bbq sauce and cook for 20-30 minutes to let the bbq sauce set. Slice and serve the ribs and no one will know you smoked these baby back ribs on a gas grill.
  • Unwrap the ribs and brush with bbq sauce and cook for 20-30 minutes to let the bbq sauce set. Slice and serve the ribs and no one will know you smoked these baby back ribs on a gas grill.
  • How To Cook Baby Back Ribs On The Grill

    Follow these tips for cooking ribs on the grill, and you will have perfect, fall-off-the-bone ribs every time.

    • There are many different thoughts on this, but I have made this recipe thousands of times and have never removed the membrane from the ribs. You simply do not need to do this when grilling BBQ baby back ribs.
    • Rub both sides of the ribs very well with the rib dry rub. Its called a rub for a reason so rub rub rub and pat pat pat it down!
    • Youre going to be cooking baby back ribs on the gas grill for an hour on low, so make sure you have propane in your tank.
    • Only baste with BBQ sauce in the last 15 to 20 minutes of grilling, or the sugar in the sauce will burn.
    • Let your grilled baby back ribs rest for at least 15 minutes before cutting them. If you skip this step, the ribs will lose their juiciness and become dry.

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    How Can I Support Family Farms

    When you pick up some pork ribs at Walmart or Kroger you are more than likely buying pork that was raised in Iowa by a family that has been doing it for generations. How cool is that?! Plus, I think it is super important, as a consumer, to know where my food is coming from and how it is being raised. It’s comforting to know that families, who care about us and their animals, are producing this food that I am enjoying.

    This Is How To Cook Ribs On Gas Grill In Foil


    One thing that a family always agree on is that the food is good. At every family cookout, ribs are always a perfect go-to. That is why knowing how to cook ribs on a gas grill in foil is absolutely necessary.

    When it comes to grilling ribs, having the perfect rub and barbecue sauce is not enough. It is also ideal for you to ensure that your cooking time is right so that your ribs are all tender and juicy, which basically is what makes it delicious.

    Cooking ribs on a gas grill are actually not that complicated, but it can be quite confusing sometimes most especially with the timing. There might also be times when you feel worried about your ribs getting dry, but if you follow this step-by-step guide, you will surely nail it every single time.

    What are you waiting for? Get the perfect ribs, make it nice and ready then lets get grilling.

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    The Best Type Of Grill For St Louis Style Ribs

    Now that you know what St. Louis style ribs are, its time to figure out the right type of grill to use.

    The best type of grill to use for St. Louis style ribs is a gas grill with a rotisserie attachment. This allows the ribs to cook evenly and gives you the ability to cook more than one rack at a time.

    Use an oven or outdoor grill if you dont have access to a gas grill with a rotisserie attachment. To get the authentic St. Louis style, make sure the heat from your oven or outdoor grill is under 300 degrees Fahrenheit and that there is plenty of room on the grate for air circulation around each rack of ribs.

    Another option is an indoor electric stovetop cooking method, which would be similar to what you might expect from barbecuing in your backyard or on a park bench! The main difference between this method and the others is that it takes longer to cook using this method because it cooks from below, not above, as most methods do.

    How To Tell When Ribs Are Done

    Unlike other types of meat, you cant use a meat thermometer to know when ribs are done. The meat tends to be too thin, and where it is thick enough to allow you to take a reading, its not a fair reflection of the state of the meat elsewhere across the ribs.

    Luckily there are 3 easy ways you can use to tell when ribs are done:

  • Use a toothpick. Stick a toothpick between any two bones along the rack. The pick should be able to enter without any resistance
  • Cut into the thickest part of the meat and look for pink juice. If there isnt any then you are good to go
  • Cut the end bone off the rack and taste for doneness
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    Amazing Grilled Baby Back Ribs With Sweet And Spicy Rub

    In Sponsorship with Smithfield®.

    Our Grilled Baby Back Ribs with Sweet and Spicy Rub will change your grilling game forever! This is the juiciest, most delicious pork rib recipe, thats fall-off-the-bone tender with barbecue sauce and a homemade dry rub.

    I believe grilling with family and friends is one of lifes simple pleasures I love easy recipes on the grill when entertaining! BBQ baby back ribs is one of my absolute favorite grilling recipes.

    My family makes this recipe at least once a month and I am talking year-round. After all, thats one of the perks of living in Florida: Its always grilling season!

    And let me tell you, thats my favorite part about living in Florida. Its easy to feel like a superstar behind the grill. There is nothing like the feeling of grilling up a dish that has everyone saying WOW!

    My secret to getting everyone excited about what Im cooking starts with the ingredients which means picking the perfect fresh pork ribs! Smithfield® Fresh Pork Ribs are my choice.

    Pork ribs on the grill smell so incredible your neighbors will come knocking at your door hoping for a dinner invitation. Pick them up at your local Walmart and GRILL ON!

    What You Will Need To Get Started To Cook Country Style Ribs On A Gas Grill

    How to BBQ Ribs at Home on Your Gas Grill!

    Things get simpler when you organize them before starting. So is with cooking ribs. Following are the things that you should arrange before starting the grill:

  • Fresh ribs that you can find at any local butcher shop. Its recommended to look for fresh ribs, but frozen ribs are also good.
  • A meat tenderizer so the optimum preparation of the ribs
  • An instant thermometer to measure the internal temperature of ribs while grilling
  • An aluminum foil to minimize the heat loss and cooking the ribs swiftly
  • Knife obviously to cut the meat slices.
  • Sauces of your choice to give the desired taste to the ribs
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    Grilling Beef Ribs Recipe On A Gas Grill

    No talk of Americas love affair with barbecue would be complete without mentioning ribs. Economical, flavorful, and tender when cooked properly, this finger food is one of the mainstays of casual and steakhouse cuisine. So how do you go about grilling beef ribs on a gas grill? Its not that difficult, as long as you dont make this one mistake that can ruin everything

    However, the art of barbecuing ribs to butter-soft perfection eludes many. Personal war stories abound extolling the virtues of pre-cooking ribs before tossing them on the grill. I used to bake mine for an hour, slather them with barbecue sauce, and awkwardly arrange them on my backyard grill in a haphazard fashion. They turned out chewy and flavorless.

    What if we told you cooking juicy melt-in-your-mouth ribs is not only easy but fun? Grilling beef ribs on a gas grill is an especially user-friendly way to prepare a succulent and delicious meal.

    Start Grilling The Ribs

    Load up the smoker of your choice, place it in direct heat above the flame, and start preheating the grill.

    Remember, low and slow is the name of the game, so aim for 225 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit . Youll likely only need one burner.

    Set the ribs on the indirect heat side of the grill for about 30 minutes. Flip them around and cook for another 30 minutes.

    The purpose is to begin caramelizing the rub, start rendering the fat, break down the connective tissues, and allow the meat to get a good dose of that smokey flavor. However, dont go too long since theres plenty of time left in the cooking process.

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    How To Smoke Ribs When You Only Have A Gas Grill

    If you want the best bbq rubs possible, youll always get the best results cooking on a dedicated smoker.

    But if all your have available is a propane grill, you can still turn out very good ribs.

    The most important step for getting a gas grill ready for smoking is using a two-zone cooking setup.

    Our guide on smoking on a gas grill will walk you through the intricacies of the setup, but the basic idea is that you create a hot zone on one side and a cool zone on the other where your food will sit.

    This prevents direct heat from grilling your ribs.

    Once the grill is good to go, you could really follow any of our pork rib recipes.

    Well be using a rack of baby back ribs with a 3-2-1 cooking method which is the most forgiving way to cook fall-off-the-bone ribs.

    I recommend a 12 tube smoker. These tubes give off a solid 5 6 hours of steady smoke and can be used with any wood pellets of your choice.

    This hexagon tube stays put and wont roll around your grill top once the pellets start burning off, and theyre super easy to cleanout.

    If you cant get your hands on a smoke tube you can wrap some wood chips in aluminum foil and poke a few holes.

    Grill Ribs Over Charcoal

    This Is How To Cook Ribs On Gas Grill In Foil

    Set up for indirect cooking. Start your charcoal and allow it to turn white before proceeding.

    If you have a thermometer, monitor for 350 degrees F.. Use a water pan if you wish.

    Cook over direct heat, use the indirect side if your coals begin to get too hot and char the ribs too quickly.

    Optional: Use a pellet tube and wood flavor pellets to create additional amazing flavors!

    I have one and I LOVE IT!

    PS: Its easiest to light with one of these!

    Follow the instructions for Gas Grilling below to complete your ribs.

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    Season The Ribs And Put On The Grill

    With the temperature steady and smoke rolling, its time to season the ribs with a dry rub. I used Christie Vanovers Pork Rub collaboration with Spiceology. The larger granules sit on the meats surface longer, integrating with the fat and smoke as it slowly renders into the meat throughout the cook.

    Season both sides of the ribs, being sure to pat into the meat with your free hand. Once liberally coated with dry rub, place the rack, bone side down on the cool zone of the grill. The one opposite the lit burners and smoking tube.

    Once the ribs are on, its a straight-forward 3-2-1 cook: three hours unwrapped, two hours wrapped in foil, one hour unwrapped.

    Rub The Seasoning Into Your Meat

    Next, you will need to have your seasoning or dry rub ready. This is important if you want your ribs to have that rich depth of flavor.

    The choice of the rub is up to you. You can use a combination of herbs and spices to achieve the flavor you want. Some of the common ingredients include paprika, garlic and onion powder, brown sugar, and more.

    What is important is that you really rub them onto your meat. You need to season both sides of your meat to ensure that the flavor is really there.

    If you want to shorten the cook time, start the ribs in the pressure cooker. You can read more about how to do that in this Crockpot Express Ribsrecipe post.

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    The Best Pork Ribs On A Gas Grill

    My favorite meat ever will always be pork. Always. From ham, pork chops, pulled pork to delicious pork ribs like this recipe I am sharing today. I grew up near pig farms so it’s always been a familiar and comforting food to me. However, I had no idea, until recently that one-third of all the pork raised in the U.S. comes from Iowa! I have a good pork farming friend in Iowa. She has taught me a lot about how her modern family farm works.

    Why Slow Cooking Ribs On A Gas Grill Is The Way To Go

    Setup for Grilling Ribs on a Gas Grill

    Cooking ribs is quite the event. Theyre a big chunk of meat, full of flavor but also contain lots of fat and connective tissues.

    With the wrong cooking method, they can come out tough and chewy an epic disappointment. But when theyre good, theyre unbelievably good.

    So whats required to get them right?

    The answer is time and careful preparation. This isnt a dish where you can take shortcuts. You cant move them to direct heat to hasten their progress. All of the connective tissues in the ribs need time to break down during the cooking process.

    Its also important to realize that while ribs are commonly associated with grilling, throwing them on the grill isnt the simplest way to get the best results.

    The beauty of cooking ribs is all of the flavors that can be captured and turned into a delicious sauce and glaze. There should never be a need for a bottle of sugary sauce when you cook your baby back ribs from scratch.

    But to do this, youve got to fully embrace low and slow indirect cooking methods. In technical terms, the best way to cook ribs is via braising, not grilling. High-temperature direct heat is not your friend with ribs.

    With that in mind, charcoal doesnt make much sense.

    These ribs are going to bubble away for hours. Do you want to be tinkering with keeping your coals at just the right temperature for that long?

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    Add The Smoke With A Pellet Tube

    Once the grill temperature is holding steady in the cooking range, its time to add the smoking element.

    Fill the tube smoker with the pellets of your choice. I like a combination of hardwood and fruitwood pellets or a premade competition blend.

    Light the pellets at the open end with a torch or fire starter and let them burn at full flame for about five minutes.

    After five minutes, blow out the live flame and put the smoker tube on the hot side of the grill. This is the side with the burners lit.

    You should have a steady stream of rolling smoke emanating from the tube. It should last roughly six hours. Enough smoke for this recipe.

    How To Grill Ribs

    At last, youre ready to throw those ribs on the grill. Believe it or not, this is actually the simplest part. Because your ribs are already fully cooked, tender, and flavorful, all youre really doing is a reverse sear to get some color and roasty-toasty flavor. This is also when you coat your ribs in a BBQ sauce, which will caramelize and become sticky on the grill.

    You can use a gas or charcoal grill for this.

  • Preheat your grill. If your ribs are coated in sweet barbecue sauce, preheat the grill to medium. Otherwise, you can grill them over a hotter grill but you need to pay close attention to them so they wont burn.
  • Place your rack of rib, individual ribs or sections on a preheated grill over direct heat and brush on your BBQ sauce evenly in one layer. For individual ribs, it may be easier to toss them in barbecue sauce before placing on the grill.
  • Once you see an appealing brown color on them with some dark spots and the barbecue sauce thickens and gets sticky around the edges, they are ready and you can remove them from the grill. Thats all thats to it!
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