Where Can I Find My Weber Grill Model Number

What Makes An Ep Special Edition Weber Grill

Find the Model Number on Your Grill

EP was a Special Edition offered through Alliance Dealers. These grills have Stainless Cooking Grids and Stainless Flavorizer Bars. If you cant identify your 3 burner grill based on the features above, you can further narrow down your model based on whether you have a wooden or plastic shelf, or by the quantity and size of your flavorizer bars.

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Best Overall Gas: Weber Spirit Ii E

  • Even heating surface and few flare-ups

  • Compatible with Webers iGrill 3

  • Easy-to-read fuel scale

  • Grease management system makes it easy to clean

  • Price tag is steep for three burners

  • No side burner

If youre looking for a well-built gas grill to sizzle your steaks and serve up perfectly charred hamburgers, the Weber Spirit II E-310 is our top pick for a gas grill.

The Weber Spirit II E-310 offers three burners with an output of 30,000 BTUs per hour, and it features the brands GS4 grilling system, which includes improved ignition, porcelain-enameled Flavorizer bars, and an efficient grease management system. The grill has 529 square inches of cooking space across its enameled cast iron cooking grates, providing plenty of room for all your burgers, steaks, and veggies, and there are tables on each side of the grill area, one of which can be folded down.

This grills open cart design provides additional storage space for your favorite tools, and it has integrated hooks on the side tables, as well. The grill is available in several colors, and it has an easy-to-read fuel gauge next to the propane tank to let you know how much fuel you have remaining. Our tester said its performance, advanced design features, and warranty make this worth the splurge.

Dimensions: 45.5 x 52 x 24 inches | TotalCooking Area: 529 square inches | Type: gas

Meet The New Weber Genesis Ii Lineup

It is not easy to wrap your head around the Weber Genesis II lineup. As an example, the company refers to each gas grill with a letter number combination as well as in all numerical fashion . So, don’t be alarmed if you see the model number in any of these formats. At the end of this article we will give you a quick cheat sheet of the current models and their respective prices.

Let’s breakdown the Weber Genesis 2 products:

Pro Tip! Weber Genesis gas grill support two different fuel types. Liquid Propane or Natural Gas . Please make sure you purchase the correct grill type as the company does not offer conversion between the fuel types. LP > gas that comes in a cyclinder that you see in gas stations NG > the gas that the city provides to your home

Weber Genesis II Entry Models

Weber Genesis II entry models feature either an open storage are or a closed one. The baseline features are 3 burners with each 13,000 BTU cooking power. 513 sq. in. surface is large enough for 15-20 hamburgers.

As you move up within the entry models you will get color options in copper and blue . The E-335 61016001 features both a 9,000 BTU Seared Burner as well as 12,000 BTU Side Burner which eliminates the need to run indoors.

The grates are porcelain enamel. The Genesis gas grills support both in Liquid Propane or Natural Gas fuel format. Just make sure the ultimate SKU you select matches the fuel type of your home.

Weber Genesis Grill with UpgradesWeber Genesis II Stainless Steel Gas Grills

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Craig Smith Chattanooga Tn

Date Code: C

I was talking at work about building a drum smoker and a girl I work with overheard me. She said her husband had an old smoker that doesnt get used at all and offered to call him to see if it was something he wanted to get rid of. Turned out that he was, and this smoker has the date code of C.

Thanks for putting a website like this up and thanks for all the info to use my new to me old Smokey Mountain.

Reasons To Register Your Grill

Where is my serial number?  Weber
  • Having your grill registered means all your warranty information will be visible to you on your Weber ID account on Weber.com. This makes ordering replacement parts, troubleshooting, filing a warranty claim, or providing model specific cooking information an easy and uncomplicated process. Weâve made hundreds of models of grills, and some of them have very similar names, but different features and model specific parts. By having your grill registered, a schematic and parts list specific to your model can be referenced, to make sure that any parts being ordered are all made exactly for your model.
  • Your registration stays in our system forever, so that means years from now if you decide you want to order a new part for your grill you can reach out to us and we will be able to look up your registration right up and help you out very quickly.
  • If youâre having trouble registering your grill, please click here.

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    Weber Spirit Vs Genesis Whats The Big Difference

    The Spirit and Genesis are the two most popular gas grill lines that Weber

    The Spirit II line is Weber s entry-level range of gas grills designed for people who prioritize value for money over extra features.

    The Genesis is made for grilling enthusiasts who are willing to pay more for higher quality and extra functionality.

    The Genesis lineup has been upgraded in Spring of 2022 with what Weber claim is their biggest gas grilling innovation in 15 years.

    Well get into whats new and see if that claim stacks up in a little bit.

    The new models are just called Genesis, while the previous generated that was updated in 2019 goes by Genesis II. Weber could have made things easy for us and gone with the obvious Genesis III but that would have been too logical.

    So dont be confused if you see a new Genesis and think that the Genesis II is better.

    To keep things confusing the most up-to-date Spirit lineup still goes by Spirit II!

    At the time of writing, you can still buy the older Genesis models at a discount, so if you arent impressed with the new features its a good chance to get a great grill at a discounted price.

    Key differences between Spirit and Genesis grills:

    Both ranges include a smart grill or SX option as well.

    The Genesis and Spirit share the same 10-year warranty on the burner tubes, cooking grates, and flavorizer bars, while the Genesis offers 12 years on the cook box and lid.

    Jim Pfefferle Pewaukee Wi

    Date Code: C

    I rescued this bad boy from the back porch of my sisters place, where it had gathered dust since my fathers passing five years ago. Before looking, I was pretty confident it would be a C model, since my Dad was always trying out new grills and loved Weber products. I now consider this WSM a family heirloom.

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    Are Weber Grills Really That Much Better

    After five days of cooking burgers, barbecue, and chicken on seven top-rated grillsand weeks of researching the dozens availableweve decided that the Weber Spirit II E-310 is our pick as the best gas grill for most people. No grill matches its combination of exceptional performance, usability, durability, and value.

    John Wells Overland Park Ks

    Where to Find Your Grill’s Model and Serial Number | Onward Manufacturing

    Date Code: C

    I had to laugh when I saw the note about the C club on New Years Day 2005. I was smoking a turkey and realized when loading the charcoal, that I need a new charcoal grate. Its FINALLY giving out. I was checking your website and saw the thing about the letters stamped into the vents.

    This has been one great smoker, consistent and easy to use! I cant remember where I got it or what I paid for it, but Ill buy another for surewhen this one cant be used anymore!

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    The Complete Buying Guide To Weber Grills: Every Model Explained

    From the Smokey Joe to the brand-new Genesis II, heres everything you need to know about Weber, Americas favorite grill makers.

    Welcome to Brand Breakdown, a series of comprehensive yet easy-to-digest guides to your favorite companies, with insights and information you wont find on the average About page.

    It was the early 1950s, the brazier grill was king and George Stephen was not impressed. Braziers lacked lids, leaving food exposed to rain and flooding the coalbed with oxygen, creating uncontrollably hot fires. According to Smithsonian Magazine, Stephen, a salesman for Weber Brothers Metal Works, was filling out orders for buoys from the Coast Guard and Chicago Yacht Club when it hit him he needed a lid. He cut a buoy into two half-spheres, added legs and punched holes in the top and bottom for airflow. The Weber Kettle was born.

    Webers original kettle remains its most popular grill today, but in the 60-plus years since its invention, the company has expanded. The Weber name is stamped on propane gas grills, smokers, electric grills and portable grills. There are sub-products under each category, each at different price points, and all with different features. Heres everything you need to know about the most famous name in grilling.

    Clay Houser Topeka Ks

    Date Code: C

    I was looking at Big Green Eggs online, but I was appalled at their price and weight, so I was searching for a better alternative when I came across The Virtual Weber Bullet. The site convinced me that a WSM was what I needed, so I started searching Craigslist and found one for sale about 60 miles away in Kansas City. The pictures looked great, and when I got there the next day I found a well-used but wonderfully maintained WSM, so I paid the man and took it home!

    The previous owner was a BBQ enthusiast and hed already changed to a Brinkmann water pan and installed a Tel-Tru thermometer, so I was ready to go as soon as I got home and I havent slowed down since. It was a huge surprise to find out that this WSM left the factory two years before I was born and it still cooks like a dream!

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    Why Trust The Spruce Eats

    Erica Puisis is a writer and interior design expert who has been writing about all things home and lifestyle for The Spruce since 2017.

    This article was updated by Camryn Rabideau, a freelance writer and product tester for The Spruce Eats. Shes written close to a dozen pieces on all styles of grills and done firsthand testing of smokers and grills featured in her articles.

    How Do I Identify My Weber Grill Model

    How Do I Find Replacement Parts For My Grill?

    How do I know, all in all, which kind of Weber grill I have? How do I know its model, etc? A great question. We will answer it here.

    First of all, this is great information to not only find out but to also write down and keep somewhere handy for whenever you might need to replace any part on the grill, order the exact same grill , or anything else. Now, conveniently, Weber.com offers its own serial number tool which buyers can use at any time it exists just to help the customers lifetime Weber grill experience go a whole lot more smoothly and pleasantly, all in all. It seems they really have thought of everything. A Weber grill can sometimes be a pricy product, so the idea is for it to last and for the buyer to have every single little thing they need along the way, including, in this case, the actual model information.

    Once you have found the serial number on the grill, you can just plug it into the serial number tool online, and bada bing! It will tell you what model of Weber grill that you have. Is that not genius? It seems Weber is also on top of things in terms of tracking every single type of model they have ever made, along with its respective serial number, just to save you and me a little bit of hassle. Thank you, Weber.

    Make sure that the grill is nice and presentable, and you can at least distinguish what size and color it is. If you have a measuring tape, measure it and record the dimensions. Then tell them to the representative who is helping you.

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    Get Your Grill Working With Weber Bbq Grill Replacement Parts

    When you’re grilling outside, you want to make sure you have access to the Weber parts that you need. Whether you need parts to improve the look of your grill or to fix an issue, eBay provides you with plenty of options. You can find new and used parts to ensure your grill has what it needs.

    Common replacement parts for a Weber grill

    A number of affordable Weber spare parts are available, allowing you to make replacements as needed. Some parts will need to be replaced more frequently than others based on how well you maintain your grill.

    • Grate: This is the metal piece that goes over the heat source where you do all of your cooking.
    • Igniter: This is the piece responsible for igniting the gas.
    • Gas regulator and hose: These parts connect to the gas tank to help the flow of gas up to the igniter.
    • Flavor bar: These are tent-shaped parts that go above the heat source.
    • Knob: Various knobs control the temperature of the grill.

    How to shop for Weber parts

    When you’re shopping for Weber BBQ parts, it’s important to know what it is that you need. There are a few specifics that you should know when you begin looking for parts on eBay. This will make it easier for you to get the right parts.

    The benefits of buying new condition partsHow do Weber BBQ spare parts vary based on model?Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Weber.

    How Do I Register My Traeger Grill

    The process to register your Traeger grill is actually very easy and takes just few minutes online.

    Here are the basic registration steps for you.

    Step 1:

    Check out the following link to save your time from searching and visit straight to the site.

    Accept cookies and close message option and sign up for trending news as well, if you want.

    Step 2:

    Fill in the important details in the form such as your First Name, Last Name, Email ID, House Address, City Name, State Name and Postal Code.

    Now, select the particular Grill Model you have purchased and enter the UUID correctly.

    Finally, put in the date of purchase and put a tick in the options box if you want weekly updates regarding the recipes and firmware updates.

    Step 3:

    When you fill up all the information properly, then click on the Register option.

    After that the screen will refresh saying that Your Grill is now Registered.

    Note: The screen interface wont change unless and until you have provided the required credentials correctly.

    The 3 Year warranty is issued and now you can freely personalize your Traeger Grill.

    Take a look at this video to quickly learn about the whole registration process of your Traeger grill.

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    Matthew La Rou The Netherlands

    Date Code: C

    I found one here in The Netherlands and it looks like the real deal, says Matthew. With super orange peel enamel! You can see the orange peel effect in the reflection on the lid in the second photo. Many people find this orange peel effect a desirable characteristic of older Weber grills.

    Cleaning The Outside Of Your Grill

    Where to find the model number on your gas grill.

    The outside of your grill may include stainless steel, porcelain-enameled, and plastic surfaces. Weber recommends the following methods based on the surface type.


    Clean stainless steel using a non-toxic, non-abrasive stainless steel cleaner or polish designed for use on outdoor products and grills. Use a microfiber cloth to clean in the direction of the grain of the stainless steel. Do not use paper towels.

    Note: Do not risk scratching your stainless steel with abrasive pastes.Pastes do not clean or polish. They will change the color of the metal byremoving the top chromium oxide film coating.


    Clean painted, porcelain-enameled and plastic components with Weber Enamel Cleaner and a soft cloth. After wiping down the surfaces, rinse and dry thoroughly.


    If your grill is subject to a particularly harsh environment, you will want to clean the external surfaces more often. Acid rain, swimming pool chemicals, and salt water can cause surface rusting to appear. Wipe down the outside of your grill with warm soapy water. Follow up with a rinse and thorough drying. Additionally, you may want to apply a stainless steel cleaner weekly to prevent surface rust.

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    Weber Genesis Grill Warranty

    Weber is known to have the best warranty in the industry for its grilling products. Genesis II and II LX series are not an exception to this. Weber provides and amazing 10 year warranty for the heart of their grills . Furthermore, the porcelain enamel grates and flavorizer bars of the II series are warrantied for 5 years. On stainless steel versions of grates and flavorizer bars on II SE and II LX series you will get the 10 year warranty.

    What Is Webers Model Year

    The code schemes described below represent a grills model year, not a calendar year. Webers model year runs from . For example, a grill with date code DE is part of the 2009 model year and may have been manufactured anytime between 10/1/2008 and 9/30/2009. Its also possible that for any given model year, a few remaining vent dampers from the previous model year were carried forward and used-up after the start of a new model year.

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