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Grill Updating And Repair Is Easy

Grill: Best Weber Grills (Buying Guide)

Buying grill parts to update and fix your grill can get it back to good working order quickly and easily. Things to note are when a gas grill is working properly the flame is evenly distributed through its burners, the flame itself is blue with yellow tips NOT orange. With all burners on high there should be even heat across the total cooking surface. Be sure the heat plates are properly installed above the burners to prevent flare ups that burn food quickly. The stainless steel flavor shields catch drippings from foods so they can be burned off by the heat of the grill.

SAFETY FIRST: Always make sure that you have TURNED OFF all gas flowing to your grill from a gas line or propane tank before doing any work on your grill. Visually check the burners for clogged gas holes. You can easily see this issue by observing how the grill burns. Each burner on your grill is going to have a dedicated control valve. The gas valve consists of several brass components that are specifically designed to regulate the flow of gas to your burner.

  • Our tech is ready to help all BBQ Repairs questions.
  • Cant find the right parts? Call now we want to help.
  • Get pricing and availability on all Grill fixing parts.

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Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

  • Holds up to 13 burgers made with a Weber burger press Built-in lid thermometer.
  • One-Touch cleaning system with high-capacity ash catcher provides hassle-free ash cleanup
  • Porcelain-enameled lid and bowl retain heat, and wont rust or peel
  • Use the lid hook to avoid placing the lid on the ground while grilling
  • Cooking grate is hinged for easily adding charcoal while grilling
  • 3D interactive assembly instructions for this product are available through the free BILT app.

How Hot Should My Propane Grill Get

Typically, all propane or gas grills can reach a maximum temperature of 500- 550 degrees Fahrenheit. To heat up to this temperature quickly, you can turn the dial on your grill as high as possible and close the lid.

If you want your grill to go to an even high temperature, you can place a layer of lava rocks on your grates and turn it on. Keep the lid of your grill closed till it reaches the maximum temperature, and it can probably reach a maximum temperature of around 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Embrace The Elementsbarbecue Covers

Embrace the pouring rain, freezing snow and scorching sun, knowing that whatever the weather, your barbecue is covered.

  • Compare Premium Barbecue Cover 7134Premium Barbecue CoverBuilt for Genesis II/EX/LX 300 and Genesis 300 series£ 136.49incl. VAT
  • Compare Premium Barbecue Cover 7183Premium Barbecue CoverBuilt for Spirit II 300 series, Spirit/Spirit EPX 300 series, Spirit EO-210 and Spirit 200 series £ 110.24

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How Can I Tell How Much Gas Is In My Weber Grill

Weber Grills Performer Premium Charcoal Grill

Use the side burner to create an outdoor kitchen at your grill. Simmer BBQ sauce or sauté veggies while the main course grills under the lid. The LED display is a quick, easy way to see how much gas is in the tank. Control knobs that light up with a push of a button for optimal control while night-time grilling.

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Weber 7204 Igrill 3 Grill Thermometer

  • The Weber iGrill 3 is your answer to perfectly grilled food, every time, and mounts directly into your Genesis II or Spirit II gas grill.
  • Four probe capacity GRILL TEMPERATURE ALERTS
  • Meat probes are heat resistant up to 716?F Measures -22?F to 572?F
  • iGrill 3 is ONLY compatible with Weber Genesis II, Genesis II LX, and Spirit II gas barbecue gas grills and permanently mounts to the side table.
  • 250-hour battery life .
  • Preset temperatures, temperature monitoring, and many other features offered in Weber iGrill app
  • 3D interactive assembly instructions for this product are available through the free BILT app.

Older Models Getting Phased Out

The brands put strict control over price, and the retailers have to follow this no matter what. But that doesnt mean that it curtains for your hopes of Weber discount deals. If the company is redesigning its previous models, then the older models will be on sale.

It is because the retailers will phase out the older models to make room for the new one. So that is one point for you to note down. Just keep checking the news and go through different retailers when the time is right.

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How Do I Find Replacement Parts For My Grill

Many of our longtime Weber fans have grills that are 15, 20 even 30 years old and they are still going strong. Over the years various parts on these grills might need to be replaced and we are often asked if there are still replacement parts available. As a general rule, we do our best to keep replacement parts in stock up to 10 years after a grill has been discontinued but often times we carry parts for even longer than that. For example we still carry grates and Flavorizer bars for some of the original 1985 Genesis grills.

Most of the replacement parts on our website are for wear and tear or more commonly replaced items such as grates, Flavorizer bars or igniter kits. If there is something you cant find for your grill there is a good chance that we might have it available through our call center. They can be reached at 1-800-446-1071 and are open every day.

We encourage you to have the serial number on your grill available when calling. The serial number clearly identifies which model you have and will allow us to know exactly which parts are correct for your specific grill. Click here to learn how to find the serial number on your grill.

So if you cant find what you are looking for on Weber.com pick up that phone and give us a call. We are ready and waiting to help get your grill up and running again or back into shape!

Now The Question Becomes Which Grill To Get

Introducing The SmokeFire Pellet Grill | Weber Grills

Well, there are a few options of grills, and depending on what exactly you want to be able to do on your grill determines which type of grill you should get.

Some brands make better smokers, other brands make better electric grills, while others still are targeted for the best all-around use possible, giving you several grilling options in one convenient grill.

Today we will focus on the latter. With that in mind, it is my opinion, which Weber grills are your best option.

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Propane Gas Tank For Grill

A gas grill propane tank provides the gas for the gas grills. You can buy most propane tanks for grills at your local or chain hardware or grocery stores. Once you used up all of the gas and the tank is empty, you have two option you can either refill the tank yourself or exchange it for a full replacement tank at a local retailer.

This is not a real gas grill part, but it is a part you have to have if you want your grill to work. You cant start a fire without the fuel so make sure that you always have a spare propane gas tank for grill so you can grill your meal at any time.

It is hard to tell which type or even brand for this situation is the best. It actually depends on a lot of things so if you have one propane tank for the grill you are satisfied with, I strongly recommend you to stick to it and use only that one.

Gas Grill Ignitor

Today, most gas grills come with electric instastart ignitiors that turn the grill on within seconds. You dont have to use matches or lighters, you simply have to push the button on the gas grill ignitor. If you lose the ignitor, you have to find the gas grill ignitor replacement so you can start the grill in peace. Most gas grill ignitor parts are made universal so you can replace only the component that broke like spark generator, button ignitor etc.

Gas Grill Heat Plates

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Why Are Weber Grills Worth The Money Where To Buy Weber Gas Grills

A Weber barbeque grill CAN be worth it if you purchase the ideal one. Before we dive into the right and wrong Weber grill to acquire however, allows talk about the core issues.

If you are asking the question around are they worth it then possibilities are that you have not made use of a Weber prior to. Does this sound like you:

  • You purchased an economical grill at a Big Box shop
  • You never actually found out to grasp your grill skills
  • Barbecuing was even more of a troubling experience than pure joy
  • You got disgusted with your grill, tossed the rust container away and also now need a new one

The two main factors that I think Weber grills are worth the cash are:

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A Grill Cover With Textures And Hues That Add A Touch Of Class

Our Grill Covers reflect your style and taste. They are 100% waterproof and highly durable. Smartly made, these grill covers come in a range of fabric textures and tones to add a touch of class. With over 10 colors available, you can choose the one that goes best with your décor and aesthetic. The 3 varieties of fabrics on offer are sure to address the prevailing climate conditions from mild to, moderate to extreme in your area. To add longevity to your appliance, you need a form-fitting, custom grill cover, capable of fitting any brand, size, or grill shape.

Officially The Largest Weber Bbq World Store In The Uk

Home, Garden &  More...: Top Best Weber Grills BBQs Under $60

Here at Riverside, we are proud to boast the largest Weber® BBQ showroom in the UK with every Weber® barbecue, accessory and official Weber® branded product on show and in every available colour too allowing you to make a truly informed choice and ensure you get what is right for you.

In addition, we have a comprehensive collection of Weber® spares for both current and discontinued Weber® models allowing you to keep your cherished family barbecue grilling perfect food forever!

Our in-store specialists know every Weber® BBQ product almost as well as Weber® do themselves, so if your question can’t be answered by looking through the informative pages of our website then our team of experts are always at hand, be it at the end of a phone or in our 7-days-a-week showroom to offer assistance.

We fully understand and appreciate that be it gas, charcoal – or even electric! – choosing the right Weber® BBQ to suit your needs is important. With this in mind, we host regular demo days and masterclasses at our purpose-built BBQ School throughout the year to give you the opportunity to see the barbecues in action and to compare sizes, features and even fuel types and to teach you BBQ techniques to help you get the most out of your grill.

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Best Overall Charcoal: Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

  • Tried-and-true cooker makes amazing food

  • A cost-conscious option

  • Ash catcher makes cleanup a breeze

  • Charcoal fuel takes more effort than gas or pellets

  • Small to medium cooking space

  • Wheels are small

The Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill is a classic option for anyone who loves grilling with charcoal, and you cant beat the reasonable price for such a well-made product.

This kettle grill has a 22-inch diameter, and it can hold up to 13 burgers at a time on its 363 square inches of cooking space. The lid and bowl of the grill are porcelain-enameled for superior heat retention, and the lid has a built-in thermometer and aluminum dampers. When cooking, the grate has a hinged design that makes it quick and easy to add more charcoal, and the angled lid hook allows you to conveniently hang the lid on the side of the grill, saving you from having to place it on the ground.

Another feature that makes the Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill great is its one-touch cleaning system, which sweeps ash into a removable high-capacity container for easy disposal. The grill also has integrated hooks on its outer handles, as well as durable wheels for better mobility.

Dimensions: 39.5 x 22.5 x 27 inches | TotalCooking Area: 363square inches | Type: charcoal

Maintaining a consistent temperature is crucial, and the Weber does this better than any other in its price range.Nicholas McClelland, Product Tester

Ignition Systems And Burner Tubes

The Genesis 300 series grills made in the first year of production, 2007, have minor differences in the ignition systems and burner tubes than the grills made in 2008-2010.

You can tell if your Genesis 310 or 320 was made in 2007 by the ignition assembly. Grills made in 2007 have a METAL box covering the sparking electrode. Here is what a 2007 ignition system looks like.

If the electrode housing on your grill looks like what is pictured above then it was made in 2007. Here are the proper links to the correct burner tubes and ignition kit .

The Genesis grills made between 2008-2010 have a white ceramic housing for the sparking electrode. Here is what a 2008-2010 ignition system looks like.

If the electrode housing on your grill looks like what is pictured above then it was made between 2008 and 2010. Here are the proper links to the correct burner tubes and ignition kit .

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Buying Guide For Best Weber Grills

When summer rolls around, theres nothing like a delicious barbecued meal. But to make top-notch burgers, hot dogs, steaks, and other barbecued food, you need a first-class grill and when it comes to home grills, there are few brands more respected than Weber.

If youre in the market for a Weber grill, the shopping process can get overwhelming in a hurry. Thats because Weber offers so many models that choosing the right one for your yard can be a challenge. Not only do you have to choose the proper type of grill but you also have to determine the right size, fuel, grate, and others features to make sure that you can prepare your familys favorite menus as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Here at BestReviews, our goal is help you make sense of your shopping choices. We work with industry experts to identify the most important features for the products were evaluating, and we then test out some of the top items to see firsthand how well they work. And because we buy our own products, you can trust that our recommendations are always completely unbiased.

When youre ready to buy a Weber grill, check out our top five recommendations in the product list above. For general advice on how to choose a Weber grill, our shopping guide has plenty of helpful tips.

Simple Steps For How To Identify Your Weber Gas Grill

Should you buy a Weber Smart Grill? [ Review ]

If you do not know your model or series of your Weber grill, you can always collect some information by either measuring the grill parts or by identifying certaincharacteristics of your grill.

Here are some things to look for in order to identify thetype of Weber grill you have:

1. Locate your Serial Number

There will be an information sticker on your Weber grill that will have your model and serial number

Weber serial number location :

All Weber Grills have the serial number located on the owners manual. If you should not have your manual, follow these guidelines below. Also you can email us a picture of your grill and we can figure it out.

Cant find it? Here are thepossible placements of the serial number on your grill .

Your serial number will begin with 2 letters and 5 or 6 numbers following:

Spirit 2007-2017

  • Before 2013 On the bottom panel
  • After 2013 Also on the manifold.

Spirit II

  • Inside face of the left side panel and on the manifold.

Genesis 1-5

  • Inside of the tank panel or under the control panel.

Genesis 1000-5500, Spirit & Platinum

  • Under of the control panel

Genesis Silver, Gold, Platinum

  • Right side of control panel.

Genesis Silver, Gold, Platinum SWE

  • Inside of tank panel.
  • Located on the right side panel next to the drip tray.

Genesis II / Genesis II LX

  • Rear Frame and manifold
  • Outside of the right louvered panel and on manifold.

Summit 2007-2017

  • Toward the bottom of inside the cabinet on the Left side panel.

Summit 2007-2008 Built-Ins

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Weber Gas Grill Cover Offers Protection From Elements

Maintain your grills lustre with our sophisticated, elegant looking sturdy covers. Made with premium PVC coated polyester material, the fabric boasts of high durability standards with high-tensile strength to tackle harsh weather conditions like storm, snow, rain, sleet and harsh sun. They are 100% waterproof, UV, tear and abrasion resistant.

The covers feel and look like vinyl. With a brilliant combination of elegance and protection, our covers will prolong the lifespan and charm of your grill for seasons to come.

Weber Genesis Silver Gold And Platinum Parts

The Silver, Gold and Platinum were all three burner grills with side mounted burner controls. Differences in the styling between these grills involved stainless steel components, extended side tables, side burners, etc.

Despite the differences in trim, these grills had the same grill box dimensions and all share the same replacement parts.

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