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Natural gas vs propane grills

Propane appliances are not a problem, but the tanks are. Any propane cylinder or tank should be considered a potential hazard and not stored inside. People often make exceptions for the small ~14 oz cylinders used for torches and portable stoves. Hardware stores will stock those small cylinders inside the store.

Grill Choice: Natural Gas Vs Propane

Natural Or Propane Gas Grill: Know Which Is The Better Choice

By Linda Henry

If you are looking for gas grills, the first thing you should bear in mind is the specific type or model thats going to meet your needs. You need to determine whether you like a propane-powered grill or a natural gas grill. So what are the basic things that you should know about these two grilling appliances so that you can properly choose between the two of them? The most important thing to consider is the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two types.

For a natural gas grill, one of the utmost advantages that you can enjoy from choosing this is its affordable cost. Everyone wants to save money but be sure that you choose a model thats made with durable material so you wont end up with regrets later on. Aside from cheap prices, these types of grills are also cost-efficient because of the type of fuel that they use. In addition, natural gas has cleaner burn leftovers compared to propane-powered models.

A propane-powered grill on the other hand is more expensive. However, if you really love cooking outdoors, then this type is good for you. This is because this type of grill will allow you to have a gas supply thats extended to your backyard area through the help of a licensed gas fitter.

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First Things First: Do You Have A Natural Gas Outlet Available

If so, you barely need to read any further. Natural gas is cheaper, and more convenient once its been set up. You may want to get a dual-powered grill, but you definitely should get one that works with natural gas.

I imagine anyone reading this probably doesnt have an outlet, though. So lets get into the real deciders:

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I Also Asked Can You Convert Natural Gas To Propane

Some devices can be converted, others are designed only to burn natural gas. While it is possible to safely upgrade an appliance or stove, switching to propane as a fuel source requires some modifications to the appliance, including replacing parts with a conversion kit. Sometimes switching to propane is a better option.

Giantex Propane Tabletop Gas Grill

Propane Grill Vs Natural Gas Grill  Which is Better 2021?

Thisis the next model of propane gas grill made by the brand Giantex. This grill has 2 stainless steel burners and a total of 20,000 BTUs of cooking power. This grill is made of 403 stainless steel which makes it durable and resistant to different weather conditions. Each of the burners on this grill can be adjusted independently and it is able to reach high-temperature sin a very short amount of time.

There are also foldable legs with this grill that help to store this grill in smaller spaces or even use it as a tabletop gas grill after you detach the legs. The lid on this grill is lockable which makes it very convenient for transport, and ideal for a camping trip or a picnic in nature. This grill is CSA standard approved. When you purchase this grill it needs to be assembled. The overall dimensions of this grill are 22 x 18 x 15 .

The small gas grill comes with a built-in thermometer for easy and precise temperature monitoring. Because it is made of stainless steel it is long-lasting, but also easy to clean. This grill weighs 30 lbs and uses liquid propane as its fuel. It also has two push-and-turn ignition burners which allow for quick and easy start-ups every time. This grill has a cooking area 20.5 x 13 in dimensions.


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Why Natural Gas Is So Cheap

Natural gas prices are a function of market supply and demand. Increases in natural gas supply generally result in lower natural gas prices, and decreases in supply tend to lead to higher prices. Increases in demand generally lead to higher prices, and decreases in demand tend to lead to lower prices.

Is Natural Gas Or Propane Better For Grilling

  • Why is propane bad for the environment?
  • Propane grills require propane gas, which actually contains more energy than its natural alternative. Because of this, propane gas provides a serious amount of power and heats up rather quicklywhich results in a much more efficient barbecue and grilling process.

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    A Closer Look At Specs

    Comparing these gas grills isn’t all apples to apples. With different grill sizes, cooking grates and BTU levels, a difference in performance is expected in each individual outdoor gas grill. Still, there are some observations to be made.

    One thing our test data highlights is how quickly a grill can cook on its own medium or high setting. That doesn’t mean each grill is set to the same preheated temperature. It simply means we turned the knobs to what each grill indicated was medium heat.

    The chart below compares each grill’s average cooking time for chicken and burgers over three identical tests. We run the clock until the last burger reaches 145F and the lowest chicken breast reaches 165F.

    What Is A Liquid Propane Grill

    Napoleon Rogue gas grill vs Weber Genesis E-310 (Which one is better?)

    A liquid propane grill is fueled by small, replaceable tanks that sit beside or inside your grill. These tanks can usually be found at grill suppliers, hardware stores, or even gas stations, and are easy to attach and detach. This grill requires no permanent gas line to be attached to your home or other source, saving you start-up money and sparing your backyard from being dug up. But you will need a hose and regulator to hook up the tanks.

    As for the fuel itself, liquid propane has twice the energy of natural gas and it burns more efficiently by that same factor, which is good. But it is also more expensive in most places, and youll always have to keep in mind how much propane your tank has remaining, so you dont run out at the wrong time during barbecue season.

    Here are a couple of prime examples of liquid propane grills

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    What Is A Propane Gas Grill

    A propane grill differs slightly to a natural gas grill in that it uses liquefied gas stored in portable canisters or cylinders to fuel itself, rather than being connected to a gas line.

    Propane gas is a refined and processed by-product of natural gas and petroleum refining.

    Initially refined in gas form, it is then compressed into a transportable liquid and commonly used as a fuel for many things.

    Most of our avid readers will recognize it as the liquid-gas of choice for most grill masters and their chosen gas grill. The reason being it has a very low boiling point, which means it vaporizes as soon as it is released from the gas bottle container.

    Propane burns cleaner than coal or gasoline and has a low carbon emission rate similar to natural gas, so is often chosen over traditional fuels such as coal or diesel fuel.

    For a look at some of the top models available, please check out our guide to the best propane gas grills.

    Are Natural Gas Grills Safe

    Regardless of your fuel source, be sure to follow these grill safety tips from the National Fire Protection Association: Only grill outdoorsdont move the grill into the garage or on the porch when it rains. Never leave a hot grill unattended. Turn off the supply of gas to the grill when its not in use.

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    Which One Is Better: Natural Gas Or Propane Grill

    Propane or natural gas, which one will it be? Honestly, it all depends on preference and circumstance.

    The main difference between both grills is the gas they use, whether they use more energy like natural gas, or they offer more portability like propane. Both grills have their pros and cons.

    Think of it this way, if you already have a natural gas line hooked up to your house and youre not really bothered about going the distance, natural gas will be a less expensive and convenient process.

    If you like to travel with your grill and you prefer energy efficiency above all, consider choosing propane.


    Difference #: The Cost

    Dual Fuel Combination Charcoal/Gas Grill

    Price Difference Between These Two Types of Grills

    Natural gas grills tend to be more expensive than their propane counterparts.

    This is because theyre more complex than propane grills. They have more components and are built in a slightly different way.

    Price of a Natural Gas Outlet Project

    Most urban households get natural gas already, but dont have a natural gas outlet available for grilling. Obtaining one is usually a that you would do by yourself if you know the construction trade, or else hire someone to come and do it for you.

    When considering the cost of gas, this project often gets ignored while crunching the numbers, but it can make a big difference in the final cost breakdown, especially if there are hidden problems with the project that makes the actual cost even higher.

    Price of Natural Gas

    Is Natural Gas Expensive to Use?

    The price of natural gas is very cheap compared to propane and most natural gas grillers dont even consider the price of running their grill into their monthly budget considerations as it is negligible.

    But you will definitely consider the price of purchasing a new grill.

    Price of Propane Tank Exchange

    Propane is purchased by the tank unit, and that is how the price is typically factored in. Each tank comes with the added cost of the tank itself, though.

    The convenience of propane tank exchange stations is usually easy to do. But the overall cost of this method can be more pricey than other methods if you grill often.

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    Natural Gas Vs Propane Grills: An Overview

    So, is there a difference between a natural gas grill and a propane grill?

    In short – yes.

    You may have heard the two terms being used interchangeably, however, there are a few distinct differences between both.

    They may look quite similar, both use gas and do the same job, but they are two grills in a class of their own.

    Like many things in life, the choice between natural gas and propane grills comes down to personal preference and how you like your cook.

    If convenience is the key to your grilling life, natural gas is the way to go.

    Youre getting rid of the middle man and going right to the source. All you have to do is hook her up, strike a match, and cook until the sun comes up.

    However, if you like to grill on the go, propane grills may be more up your alley. Not only can you go where the sun goes, but propane grills also cook up a mean sear as well as anything else you throw its way.

    When it comes to pricing, natural gas is much cheaper in the long run. This is especially true if you already have a natural gas line at home.

    However, the initial purchase of a propane grill is generally cheaper than a natural gas grill, so it depends on which area youre looking to save money.

    Number Of Btus In A Grill & Propane Use

    Determining how long a 20-pound propane tank might last depends on a number of variables, including the construction and efficiency of your grill, the heat setting, and the amount of time in use.

    A standard sized 20-pound propane cylinder holds approximately 430,000 BTUs of liquid propane. Each gallon of propane contains 91,502 BTUs of potential heat and each pound contains approximately 21,548 BTUs.

    A full 20-pound tank on a grill with 30,000 BTU maximum output on medium heat should yield between 19 and 20 hours of cooking time.

    While propane grills have long been popular appliances for outdoor grilling because of their instant heat and even temperature control, another popular option is an infrared propane grill.

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    Gas Vs Charcoal: Which Grill Is Greener

    If either gas or charcoal grills were a clear environmental winner, the decision of what to use would be much easier. But its not that straightforward. Charcoal grills release about twice as much carbon dioxide per hour as gas grills do, roughly 11 pounds versus 5.6, says the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. But charcoal comes from trees, which absorb carbon as they grow, making the emissions net zero. Still, groups like the Sierra Club advocate gas grills because they are cleaner burning using mostly natural gas.

    Though there doesnt seem to be an obvious eco-friendly choice when it comes to what fuels your grill, there are still a few things you can do to lessen the environmental impact of your weekend barbecue:

    Natural Gas And Propane Grills Are Not The Same

    Gas Grill vs Charcoal Grill – Which is Better?

    What is the difference between natural gas and propane grills? The differences between these 2 fuels come down to whether or not you have a natural gas outlet already, and if so, whether you plan to take your grill to different places, such as camping, or whether you plan to keep grilling out in your backyard.

    Do you know how much natural gas you can get from crude oil?

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    Natural Gas Grills Vs Propane Grills Vs Charcoal Grills

    Some folks swear by old-school charcoal. Charcoal does have the benefit of easy heat management. By spreading out the coals in your grill, you can have different areas of high or low heat. You can do the same with a gas grill by turning the flame up or down. Charcoal does impart a that traditional flavor though. And were not talking about the flavor of lighter fluid! If you do use charcoal and lighter fluid, make sure that the coals are completely ready and the lighter fluid smell has burnt off before putting food on the grill.

    But once you decide to go beyond charcoal to gas grills, its the great gas grill fuel debate natural gas or propane?

    About 2/3 of gas grills sold in the US are propane gas grills. Its easy, its portable, its accessible at many grocery and drugstores. Only problem is when you forget to refill it. Nothing better than having a nice filet on the grill when the flame goes out. Even more fun if you have company over.

    With a natural gas grill you dont have to worry about when the charcoal will be ready, or whether you have a full tank of propane. Turn it on, and its there. You never run out of the source of heat, because your natural gas supply is continuous.

    Pro Tip: Avoid Excessive Btu Ratings

    Additionally, an excessive BTU rating on a propane grill might be an effort to compensate for poor craftsmanship. Inspect grills carefully before making your purchase. Look for models that have heavy-duty lids that seal tightly around the primary cooking area. Grills with high-quality grates for the cooking surface, and well-constructed vents that can help control airflow, will produce better results for your backyard barbecue.

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    How To Convert Your Gas Grill To Natural Gas

    There are a couple steps to converting and then installing a natural gas grill.

    First, purchase a gas grill natural gas conversion kit from the manufacturer of your grill. Install the new parts by closely following the instructions.

    Then, contact a local plumbing company to get a natural gas line run from your meter to your grill location, also known as a gas grill natural gas hookup. Your plumber will know this, but make sure the gas line is buried deep enough to meet local requirements, and not somewhere that you plan to plant a garden!

    Pro Tip: The Btu Rating Should Apply To The Grilling Surface

    Propane vs Natural Gas Grill

    Its important to make sure that the BTU rating listed on the grill applies to the grilling surface. Some manufacturers try to boost the BTU rating by including the output for side burners, or accessory heating elements.

    To find your grilling surface BTUs, follow this formula:

    total BTUs for the main burner


    the primary cooking area in square inches

    While this might bring the total BTU to within the optimal range, 75-100 BTUs, it could lead to under heating of the primary cooking surface that lacks the ability to meet your demands. A quality grill will give you years of trouble-free use, and use the right amount of propane to meet your grilling needs.

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    On A Scale Of 1 To Pyromaniac How Often Will You Be Lighting The Fire

    If youre going to be grilling on almost every clear night, youll quickly get to enjoy the cost savings of natural gas. With it, every time you use the grill earns you back a little bit on the setup costs. If youre more of an occasional barbequer, though, youre likely much better off with propane.

    Balancing out the initial cost may take you years if youre only starting up the grill every month or so. The climate youre in will also affect this, since it determines how often you can grill .

    Can Your Kit Swing Both Ways

    While more expensive, many models can operate with both types of gas. Giving you the true best of both worlds the cost savings of natural gas , and the convenience/portability of propane whenever you want it.

    There are also plenty of converter kits out there. Just be careful. Many of these need to be specific to your type of grill, and many may not work quite as well as they should. Natural gas grills often need to focus the heat more since that gas produces less heat when burned. If you suddenly put propane in there, which burns 3 times hotter, your hot dog will very quickly become a hot rock.

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