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Traeger Grills Tfb39tod Renegade Pro Pellet Grill And Smoker

Traeger Timberline 850 Review: The Best Wood Pellet Grill you can Buy

The Renegade Pro is our next Traeger smoker review. It is a smoker/griller that uses wood-pellets for that delicious wood-fired taste and smell. It is a versatile cooker that comes with 380 square inches of cooking space to cook 12 burgers, 2 chickens and 3 racks of ribs. This smoker may be the right one for a small family or for a small group of friends.

Key features of this smoker

  • Gives you that wood-fired taste and smell
  • The versatile cooker can;be used in six different;ways
  • Comes with;precise temperature controls that let;you set and forget your food
  • Made from strong steel with porcelain grates, both;durable and easy to clean
  • With all-terrain wheels;to let you push the grill over grass and dirt
  • Easy to clean with a grease bucket

The Renegade Pro is made from strong steel with a powder coat finish and porcelain grates for easy cleaning. It has all-terrain wheels which you can use on grass and soil. It is very easy to use with its digital controller; you just set the grill and come back for cooked food. Youll also find this grill very easy to use and maintain. The easy to clean drip basket removes grease and oil from the smoker for easy maintenance.

Bbqrs Delight Cherry Smoke Flavor Bbq Pellets

The BBQrs Delight Cherry Smoke Flavor BBQ Pellets are top-quality smoking pellets.

They are 100% natural wood pellets and come in a variety of flavors, and they are the perfect choice for anyone whos got meat smoking in their grill.

In addition to being natural wood, these pellets are made from high-quality wood, not rotten or diseased wood.

  • Size 20 lbs.
  • They constitute of one-third cherry and two-thirds oak


  • Low ash


  • Milder flavor than youd get with 100% flavor wood
  • A bit pricey for a blend

Blending wood pellets with oak only ensures that you get a good and steady burn at a consistent temperature.

The BBQrs Delight Cherry Smoke Flavor BBQ Pellets are nicely formed wood pellets, made without oil and filler, and they usually burn clean.

They come in 20 lbs. Bag, which is pretty manageable. It allows you to use different wood without ever feeling limited.

Traeger Grill Considerations When Buying

Before we do a deep dive into the different models, lets cover some general considerations:


Obviously, this one goes without saying, but how much do you have to spend? When buying a Traeger Grill, a big part of your decision is going to depend on your budget and what you can afford. Just keep in mind that depending on how often you use your Traeger, youll also need to allocate a few hundred dollars a year, or more, for wood pellets to operate your grill.

Size of Your Family and Circle of Friends

How many people do you expect to cook for? The amount of people will determine how big of a grill you buy. For a family of 2 adults and 2 children, or less, I think you can manage with any of the smaller sized grills. For larger families or families with older children that eat more, the bigger grill sizes are probably a better fit because you can handle more food at once.

Also consider where you plan on putting your grill. You might be lucky enough to have a condo that allows grills on balconies, but your balcony might only have enough space to accommodate a smaller sized grill.

To give you an idea of how big the Ironwood 880is, its enough for 10 chickens or 7 racks of ribs or 9 pork butts, according to the Traeger website.

Buying a Traeger Grill Based on What You Want To Cook

Do You Want Bells and Whistles? Buy Accordingly

Grill Design and Aesthetics

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Pros & Cons Of Pellet Grilling

Pro: Ease of UseMore so than any other king of grill, pellet grills strive to eliminate barrier to entry. While revered for high temperature cooking and its more primal roots, charcoal is especially tricky for new grillers to get a handle on. Gas grilling is quite easy comparatively, but gas grills with the firepower to sear meat quickly are pricier than you’d expect. A decent pellet grill is reasonably priced and grants even the most novice cooks the ability to turn out really well-smoked grub.

Pro: Smoking, SimplifiedTraditional wood and charcoal smoking is challenging. You’ve got 6 to 12 hours to maintain a steady temperature, keep the coalbed happy, monitor internal temperatures and probably entertain guests to boot. Pellet grilling frontloads the work on your end: fill hopper with wood pellets, preheat the grill, put the food on and you’re done. There’s no tending to the fire or monitoring vents for heat flow; computers in the grill do all that for you.

Pro: Grilling from Your SofaManufacturers have begun working smart technology into their latest grills, but pellet grills have had it for years now. Turn on the grill, select a cook cycle and get the interior pre-heated and smoky from bed. Once you’re cooking, you can monitor the internal temperature of the butt you’re roasting from your phone. More advanced pellet grills will even cut the temperature when you’re closing in on that desired temperature.

Alleviate To Establish Up And Also Usage

Traeger Grills TFB65LZBC Texas Elite 34 Wood Pellet

The very easy arrangement and also usage features of the grill has actually made the setup and setup jobs less complicated for novices to skilled people. The one-button starts up conveniences eliminates the hassle for every user to make it functional. Aside from this, all the electronic control systems have made the device user-friendly for all, from beginners to professional.

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Thickness Of Grill Metal

Traeger grills are high quality, so their grill grates are thick and either porcelain-coated or made from 100 percent stainless steel.

The Pro and Ironwood series grills have porcelain-coated grill grates, which have great non-stick qualities and retain/distribute heat very effectively. The top of the line Timberline series grills have stainless-steel grill grates that have even better durability and longevity.

Traeger Grills Renegade Elite Wood Pellet Grill And Smoker

With the Traeger Grill TFB38TCA Renegade, you wont have to cook using charcoal or propane again. This elite grill was made due to the increasing demand for alternative fuel. It is a traditional Traeger that will be able to provide that amazing wood-fired food.

  • Will not use gas or charcoal. Uses only wood chips for that wood-fired taste and smell.
  • With versatile cooking, so you can cook all kinds of foods for your family.
  • With Digital Elite Controller to improve cooking temperatures and for fast and efficient cooking.
  • Easy to set and forget after the wedding is over.
  • With 380 square inches cooking space

It comes with ample cooking space at only 380 square inches. Space is enough to cook all kinds of food but it can be used as a grill for a small batch of food. You can grill, smoke, roast, braise, barbecue and so on.

This grill comes with the Digital Elite controller that will maintain the temperature inside the grill. Its important that you maintain the best cooking or grilling temperature inside the hood. This way, you will also be able to cook all kind of food without charring, blackening or affecting the natural flavor of food.

This grill has a durable body, strong legs and feet and large wheels to wheel it anywhere you want to cook. It also comes with a tool rack and a tool basket so you can easily place your accessories and tools and never forget or lose these as well.;It is handy and easy to take anywhere because if its size.

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What Is The Best Traeger For The Money

Best Traeger Grill Reviews Traeger Pro 575 Wood Pellet Grill. The Traeger Pro is the most popular and best selling Treager grill. Traeger Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill. The Ironwood series is a new addition to the Traeger lineup of pellet grills. Traeger Timberline 1300 Wood Pellet Grill. Tailgater Portable Pellet Grill.

Traeger Tfb42lzbc Grills Lil Tex Elite 22

Traeger Smoker Grills Review – The Best Smoker Grill on the Market

It does not matter whether youre a beginner or experienced smoker, this unit from Traeger is definitely for you.

Coming at 418 square inches of cooking space, feel free to cook up to 5 racks of ribs, 4 chicken, and over 16 burgers on the go.; The hopper can also hold over 8lb of pellet weight. That way, you can grill for hours without refilling.

The burner is durable and long-lasting, thanks to its high-quality steel materials. It comes with a digital controller that has your temperature maintained at the 20°F range. The controller makes it easier for you to set the temperature of your grill. To cook your food at a low temperature, choose the low and slow settings, or switch to the hot and fast setting for high heat cooking. At a max temperature of 450°F, enjoy a consistent cooking experience.

Set your grill to your preferred temperature and face other activities. I love that the LED display is clear enough to be read.

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How To Choose The Best Traeger Grills: A Pellet Grill Buying Guide


The first thing that you need to secure is the price. Yes. This is the first consideration that should come in your mind.

Not all grills out there are within the reach of your budget. And for practical reasons, there’s no need to push your limits just to get them. That’s not worth it. Instead, mind your budget and find grills that are within that price range. In this way, the process of choosing will be simplified.

Now, I know that a lot of you would ask if these entry-level grills can meet your demands. Whether you believe it or not, they can and they will. You just make sure that you have the right one. In this case, you can always opt for the affordable grills of Traeger.


The construction of the grill matters. There’s no discounting this fact. The grill has to be sturdy and durable so that it can withstand constant use and exposure to different elements. Keep in mind that you cannot place these grills inside your garage or kitchen. They have to be placed in your yard. Therefore, they have to be robust enough to stay impervious to damages.

Cooking Space

Next, you need to determine the size of the pellet grill that you want. Of course, the decision for this matter is anchored on your needs. Do you want a grill for large cookouts, or do you want a grill that you can take anywhere?

You just have to consider where you are going to use the grill. This alone can help you determine what size of grill you should get.

How Do Traeger Grills Work

Traeger wood pellet grills work similarly to all types of pellet grills. The pellets get moved from the hopper of the grill to a part called a firepot.

There, a HotRod ignites the pellets, which feed the flames and impart that smoky flavor to the meat. The grill has a fan that circulates all the heat and smoke for even cooking.

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Why Do We Recommend This Traeger Grill

  • Integrated Digital Elite Controller This feature keeps the temperatures within +/- 20 degrees F. It makes setting the grill temperature very easy. You can have your food cook at low and slow settings or fast and hot. Besides, you can tune and read its temperature on its LED display system.
  • Wheels with Locking Casters You can now glide this Traeger grill to anywhere you want, as it comes with durable wheels and locking casters to keep it steady when parked.
  • Porcelain Grill Grates Now you can smoke any saucy rib racks and never worry about cleaning as this grill has a non-stick surface that makes it easy to clean its grill grates.

Traeger Pel319 Hickory Pellets

Traeger Tailgater Pellet Grill Review: A Portable Smoker ...

You will never get it wrong whenever you buy wood pellets from one of the most trusted brands in the market. Therefore, always choose a trusted brand with good ratings on Amazon. This way, you avoid disappointment when you start cooking.

The Traeger Pel319 Hickory Pellets are some of the best you will find on the market, and they will always make your grilling experience memorable.

  • Excellent burn properties clean, low ash, thin blue smoke


  • Not made of hickory wood

As we highlighted earlier, Traeger Pel319 Hickory Pellets are some of the best wood smoking pellets you can ever find there in the market.

This brand, particularly, is a great maker of pellet flavor for smoking and grilling, so it is an excellent choice for grillers.

When you opt to go for hardwood, rather than flavored wood, you will end up with all the natural flavors youd like to haveand an enhanced burn quality of alder or oak.

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Best Traeger Grills In 2021 Are They Still King

SmokeGuys is supported by its readers. We may earn an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you if you buy through a link on this page.;

Traeger is the top selling brand of pellet grills in the world. They invented the first pellet grill in 1986 and are still the most popular. We review the best Traeger grills to show you how they stack up against the competition and in what way is Traeger still king.But, before we delve deeper into the benefits of the four best Traeger grills, lets pay attention to why you should pay attention to what these grills have to offer.

Other Brands To Consider

Thanks to the popularity of Traeger wood-fired pellet grills, there are now many more brands to choose from. While Traeger is still the most popular, these brands are definitely hot on their tails.

Ive tried to provide a general overview of how each brand compares with Traeger, but because each brand produces many different grills if you need specifics I would suggest comparing individual specs from the manufacturers and then looking at a few different reviews.

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Winner: Traeger Tailgator 20

Unless space is severely limited and/or you just must have a tabletop unit, if you want a true Traeger Grill experience in a portable model, do yourself a favor and choose the Traeger Tailgater 20 Grill. Theres nothing wrong with the Traeger Scout and;Ranger models, but they dont compare to the experience of the Traeger Tailgater 20.

Why is the Traeger Tailgater 20 the best Traeger Portable Grill?

From game days to getaways, bring wood-fired flavor everywhere with the new Tailgater 20. Featuring a compact, portable design, its prime for balconies, tailgating or anywhere else you want to take 6-in-1 versatility and superior taste. And now it comes armed with Traegers Digital Arc controller for more precise, consistent temperatures and a Keep Warm Mode that keeps food fresh until chow time.

That means that with the Traeger Tailgater 20 you can enjoy all the benefits of that true wood-pellet grilling experience AND take it with you! With foldable legs and a total weight around 60 lbs, the Traeger Tailgator 20 is easy to transport. But dont let its light weight fool you, this is a real Traeger grill that uses a hopper for wood pellets and the hopper is big enough to hold 8 lbs of wood pellets so you can still cook for 5-6 hours without refilling.

Traeger Tailgator 20 Features

Other features of the Traeger Tailgater 20 include:

Traeger Tailgater 20 Grilling Capacity

Heres what you can fit on a Traeger Tailgator 20

Traeger Tailgator 20 Video Review

Brand Reputation And Competitors

Why Traeger Grills is the Best Grill & How it Works

Nowadays, Traeger is known to be a premium brand that sells high-quality and user-friendly grills.

Although other brands such as Z Grills, Green Mountain Grills, and Camp Chef have popped up in the market, a Traeger grill still has a different effect on consumers in terms of trustworthiness and brand perception.

This is not to say those companies are less reliable, though. In fact, Z Grills’ products are quickly gaining popularity for being cost-effective options for those on a budget!

Again, it all depends on your specific wants, needs, and lifestyle!

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Pellet Delivery Mechanism And Design

Pellet grills hold wood pellets in a hopper, from which they fall into the auger tube, and finally into the combustion chamber. The rate of pellet distribution to the smoke chamber depends on the temperature, which in turn depends on the digital controller.

The more pellets that enter the combustion chamber, the more heat will form. The wood pellets ignite and heat the cooking chamber by combustion. Air is brought in by intake fans, and smoke and heat disperse throughout the cooking chamber, smoking and grilling the food.

When choosing a pellet grill, make sure that the tip of the electrical-powered auger tube is at a safe distance from the combustion chamber so that the fire will not reach any unused wood pellets in storage. The auger should also be wide enough to avoid pellet jams and protected from outdoor weather conditions like sleet or rain.

Aim for a pellet grill with an easy-to-load, easy-to-clean hopper that makes grilling more comfortable and less messy.

Other Models To Consider

Thanks to the name Traeger wood-fired grills made for themselves, one is spoiled for choice as other models were introduced. These brands are hot on the trail of top grills like Traeger.

You may want to know how the other brands size up to Traeger. We thought it would be a nice touch to highlight the most useful take aways of these models for you.

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