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Weber 62011001 Genesis Ii E

How to Choose The Best Gas Grill 2019 | BBQGuys.com Grill Buying Guide
  • Company: Weber
  • Gas Type: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Price: $$
  • Rating: 4.4 / 5 stars

Once again, Weber adds another sleek and stylish, top quality grill to our Best Of list. This particular model, the Genesis II E-410, is one of the few that comes in a variety of colors , and also in either Natural Gas or Liquid Propane, so you can really customize to make it exactly to suit you!

The Genesis II E-410 is a large grill, able to cook enough to feed a crowd! It has one of the largest grilling areas of any of the grills featured here, coming in at 646 square inches . Itll be great for cooking complicated meals that require various settings , or for foods that are best cooked via indirect heat.

As you can see in the pic here, this grill has the open cart design. The Natural Gas model is pictured the LP model has a steel shield of sorts on the right side under the shelf that hides the propane tank from view. The open cart shelves design is great for easy grease tray removal, for storage of grilling tools, and more!

For the pretty impressive price, you get a LOT with this popular Weber:

While this grill doesnt have a ton of bells and whistles , if the large grilling area size and top quality burners/grates are whats most important to you, this grill is one you shouldnt pass up!

Q: What Type Of Gas Should I Use With A Gas Grill

If youre using a propane gas grill, youll need to use a 20-gallon propane natural gas tank. Most portable gas grills use a one-pound gas canister. A natural gas grill will attach directly to your homes gas line. Remember, you can only use a natural gas grill with natural gas and a propane gas grill with propane gas.

Best Charcoal: Weber Original Kettle Premium Charcoal Grill

  • Smaller cooking surface

  • More challenging to use than a gas grill

For those that love the taste of charcoal-grilled food, the Weber Original Kettle Premium Grill is the obvious choice. This fan-favorite may not have as many bells and whistles as high-end gas grills, but its unbeatable in terms of value and performance. The charcoal grill has a 22-inch round grate for a total of 363 square inches of cooking space, and the grates hinged design allows you to easily add more charcoal while using the grill.

The Weber Original Kettle Charcoal Grill has a porcelain-enameled lid and bowl for superior heat retention, as well as rust-resistant aluminum dampers and a built-in lid thermometer for precise heat control. Theres a lid hook on the side of the unit so you dont have to put the top on the ground while tending your food, and the grills one-touch cleaning system features a high-capacity ash catcher that makes cleaning up a breeze.

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How To Choose A Grill

Grills are possibly the most American cooking appliances, and their popularity paired with their variety has made selecting one more complicated than ever. The right grill helps make every step of cooking easier, from lighting it to finishing the perfect sear.

A good grill brand offers a variety of sizes, options and upgrades, has plenty of models within your price range and receives positive reviews. The type and size of the cooker you choose should be based on how and where you plan on using it.

What Are The Most Common Propane Grill Sizes

15 Best Propane Gas Grills Under $300 To Buy 2020

Propane grills come in a range of different sizes, with the most common coming in either the 4 or 6 burner varieties. The most popular size here is the 6 burner propane grill, which you can find rather easily online Round Table Pizza stocks this model for example.

You can also buy smaller-sized propane gas grills if you have less space available on your patio. These are usually around 2-3 feet across and so are great for an average family looking to get barbequing! Before buying one of these be sure to check your local stores first, as they may well offer them at a cheaper rate than online sellers!

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Weber 62004001 Genesis Ii Lx S

  • Company: Weber
  • Gas Type: Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
  • Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars
  • Price: $$$$

If youre looking for a high quality larger size grill, this 4 burner option from Weber comes with lots fun extras! Its a serious grill for serious grillers!

Whether you choose the natural gas model or the liquid propane model, and select the painted black steel or stainless steel look, we think youll be as thrilled with this gas grill as the many product reviewers who gave it such a high rating!

Heres why we like it:

Overall, if you are looking for a grill this size, and want something top quality and long-lasting, the Weber Genesis S-440 is one of the grills you need to be looking at!

What Is The Best Gas Grill To Buy

In my opinion, the Char-Broil Performance 5-burner model is the very best gas grill you can buy. It gives you 495 square inches of cooking surface, including a warming grate, as well as a side burner for cooking sauces and sides. A side shelf helps to keep utensils and seasonings handy while the built-in temperature gauge lets you check on cooking temps without having to lift the lid. The cast iron cooking grates feature a porcelain-enamel coating to prevent rust and corrosion that can happen when exposed to weather and cooking juices, and the stainless steel construction prevents water damage to the body and frame of the grill as well. It even has a removable grease pan to help keep your grill clean and ready to handle everything from burgers and hotdogs to steaks and briskets.

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Best Propane Gas Grills 2021

Grillers, rejoice! The list of the top-rated liquid propane gas grills for 2021 is here. Weve researched and compared to create this list of the best propane gas grills, keeping affordability in mind. The grills are designed for the true hearts of grillers. Grills with the technology and innovation that offer an optimal grilling experience. If you love firing up the grill for a backyard cuisine cookout, youll love this list of grills. They are highly rated among consumers that want the most from their grills. These are propane gas grills , so they are fit for any deck or patio and have the style to add pizzazz to the area. Weekends or weekdays, family and friends are sure to be close by and satisfied with sweet, tangy, juicy, and tender foods and, the master griller is sure to hear seconds, please. The grills are tried and true, and take backyard cuisine to a new level of chef-delicious! Each of the grills do have their pros and cons, however we are only providing a brief introduction of the grills listed, but if you click on you can read the full review for features, specs and our conclusion. Review the grills below to shop and compare the best propane gas grills of 2021!

Host The Best Cookouts On The Block

$300 Nexgrill vs. $1080 Weber: Which is the Best Propane Grill?
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Theres nothing better than grilling up steaks, hamburgers, hot dogs, or veggies on a summer afternoon, which is why a quality grill is a must-have tool for any outdoor living space. There are so many great grilling recipes to try and techniques to use, and once you get good at it, you wont want to cook your food any other way.

Whether your current grill has seen better days or youre shopping for your very first grill, there is a huge selection of grills to choose from today, including models that run on propane, natural gas, charcoal, wood pellets, and electricity. Many of these grills are available at different price points, and there are even options that you can use inside if your outdoor space is limited.

Here, the best grills to add to your backyard barbecuing setup.

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How Often Do Propane Grills Explode

For a propane grill to explode it first needs to be pressurised only then will the gas inside build up enough pressure to cause an explosion. You should never use your grill if its pressure regulator is completely missing, as you cannot release any of this built-up gas and so it has nowhere to go.

One of the best ways to avoid explosions from pressing barbeques is by keeping them well maintained make sure that all the ventilation holes are free from blockages or that there isnt too much grease buildup that can ignite! If anything happens with your grill call the manufacturer straight away, they usually have a helpline with someone on hand who can help you out.

How Do I Check For Propane Leaks

Safety first is a great motto when dealing with flammable gases. You want to be confident in the knowledge that you are not only cooking delicious food but that you are doing so safely by making sure nothing is leaking. If you suspect a leak, you should check for one right away.

Checking for a propane gas leak is easier than you might expect. All you need to test it is soapy water.

First, connect the grill and the propane tank via the hose. Next, spray the tank and hose with your soapy water. Now, open the gas tank keeping the burner valves off, and watch closely. If there is an opening for a leak, no matter how small it is, new bubbles are going to begin to form in your soapy water solution. Once you find the leak, you can get it repaired and continue using your propane grill safely.

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Can I Hook Up Natural Gas To My Propane Grill

If you already have an existing natural gas line then it should be pretty straightforward to connect your propane grill up! All you will need is a hose and regulator as well as a connector.

Once the new lines are put in place turn on the indoor and outdoor grill controls inside your house . Turn on the gas at the outdoor propane tank and press the ignitor button you should see it light up!

Most people find that they can hook up their grill themselves however if you are struggling or unsure then call a professional.

Can You Add Charcoal In A Gas Grill

The Best 4 Burner Gas Grill Reviews for 2020 &  Guide

If you intend to add charcoal to your gas grill, you have to invest in a dual-fuel grill that comes with a charcoal basket or tray. Such grills are not only expensive to buy but also costly to maintain. With this in mind, it is a good idea to buy a smoker box or tube to obtain the smoky flavor you want instead of adding charcoal to your gas grill.

Learn more about if you can put charcoal in a gas grill.

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Where Should I Keep My Gas Grill

While gas grills are pretty hardy and can be left outside, you’ll want to buy a cover for your grill to protect it from the elements. Cast iron elements in particular are prone to rusting if exposed to rain or snow.

If you live somewhere with regular inclement weather, you may want to move your grill into a basement or shed for the winter. Just remember that propane tanks should always be stored outside.

What Type Of Grill Is Best

When buying a new outdoor grill, the two biggest players are gas and charcoal â but electric, kamado and pellet grills are also fair game. When selecting what type of grill to buy, consider how often you’ll be grilling, the amount of space you have for storage, what flavor you prefer and the amount of time and attention you’ll want to spend cooking. Here are the basics on each:

  • Dual grill zones
  • Need to be near an electrical outlet

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How To Use A Propane Grill

Propane Grill: Best Propane Grill (Buying Guide)

The first step is to make sure that the grill has been correctly assembled. There should be no loose parts and it should line up perfectly when closed. The next step is to turn on your gas supply . Then attach the propane cylinder, open the outlet valve and light the burner with a match or lighter.

When cooking, check that theres enough room in front of the burners for air to flow freely whilst still preventing flying objects from landing in them . From here on its simply a case of following any instructions that came with your grill and adding some nice flavoring!

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The Best Gas Grill Under $500 And The Best Compact Gas Grill: Char

Originally, I planned to test the two-burner Char-Broil Performance Infrared as just a budget option, but because it seriously outperformed the compact competition, it won in both categories. This grill is small but truly mighty thanks to Char-Broils Amplifire Cooking System , which relies on what Char-Broil calls an infrared emitterbasically a wavy sheet of stainless steel with rows of tiny holes that the company claims to direct heat such that it produces juicier meat and prevents flare-ups. While I cant say I noticed a difference in the meat we cooked on this grill versus the other top grills we tested, the Performance delivers powerful, even heat. It also allows for the use of wood chips to add a bit of wood smoke flavor.

The Performance was easy for one person to assemble in just about an hour, and four casters make it easy to move. When the side tables are folded down, this grill takes up less than four square feet, which is only slightly larger than the footprint of the Fuego Element, the smallest grill we tested. Under the stainless-steel lid theres 310 square inches of cooking space plus a 95-square-inch warming rack. It even comes with a cute little nylon grill brush for safely cleaning the cooking surface.

Its hard to complain about a compact yet powerful gas grill at this price point. But if I had to complain about something, I guess the side tables feel a little flimsy compared to more expensive grills. But the tables fold down easily, so theres that.

Does My Gas Grill Come With A Propane Tank

No, most propane grills dont come with tanks. Youll have to add this cost into your budget. Some retailers or hardware stores rent propane tanks, allowing you to put a deposit on the tank, and refill without purchasing one. However, tanks arent expensive, and they are handy to have around the house.

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Best Indoor Grill: Cuisinart Gr

  • Small grease funnel

  • Can’t achieve same temps as a full-size grill

Whether you lack the outdoor space for a full-size grill or are simply hoping to keep your grilling going year-round, the Cuisinart 5-in-1 Griddler is a top-rated indoor grill that also works as a griddle and panini press. It can be used in five different configurations thanks to its reversible cooking plates, and the nonstick surfaces are even dishwasher-safe, allowing you to clean the appliance in minutes. The Griddler offers adjustable temperature controls with indicator lights that let you know when its ready, and it comes with a scraper tool to clean between the ridges on the plate.

Most homeowners can’t go wrong with the Weber Spirit II E-310 Grill , which offers a spacious cooking area and three burners, as well as ample space for food prep. If you prefer cooking with charcoal, however, the Weber Original Kettle Premium Grill is a classic choice thanks to its 22-inch hinged grate and one-touch cleaning system.

Is Cooking Over Propane Safe

Best Gas Grills For BBQ Reviewed in 2021

In general, grilling your food is considered a healthy way to cook proteins and veggies since it doesn’t use excess fat to impart flavor unlike pan-frying, deep-frying, and sauteing. However, there have been studies done that suggest grilling food can cause the creation of carcinogenic compounds due to charring and prolonged contact with smoke. The good news is that natural gas and propane grills don’t have as high of a risk as their charcoal counterparts, since they cook your food at lower temperatures and don’t produce as much smoke. If you want a more in-depth explanation of what happens to your food when you grill, and the health risks that may be involved, you can check out our informative article over at Healthline.

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How Did We Choose These Gas Grills

I chose gas grills from a variety of brands with different feature sets to suit different cooking styles. I picked different price points as well to fit both modest and generous budgets, so even if you don’t have a lot to spend on a new grill, you can still get one that ticks all the boxes. I also made sure to choose gas grills with generous cooking surfaces to accommodate both small foods like veggies, kabobs, and burgers and larger cuts of meat like whole racks of ribs, briskets, and even whole chickens.

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