Why Are Traeger Grills So Good

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crockett

Why Traeger Grills is the Best Grill & How it Works

If youre more of a casual smoker who likes to barbecue while still being able to socialize at a party, the Green Mountain Davy Crockett model might be for you. Clocking in at just $299, this pellet grill boasts similar functionality without the solid body and all the bells and whistles.

This grill comes with a meat probe and peaked lid, like many of the Traeger models, as well as an option to monitor the grill via WiFi on your phone. In fact, the temperature reads out in five degree increments, which is one of the most precise WiFi temperature grill monitoring devices on the market.

However, the grill capacity isnt nearly as great as a classic Traeger, and the craftsmanship is not as high quality, either. However, if youre only using a pellet grill a few times a year, this model may do just the trick.

Plus, the Davy Crockett easily folds up so you can take it anywhere . But, on the flip side, these foldable legs probably wont last as long as solid ones.

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Available Upgrades Accessories And Attachments

Though not an upgrade, exactly, the first thing youll want to get for your new Traeger Pro Series 22 pellet grill is more pellets! They come in a variety of flavors, and youll have fun experimenting and combining different foods with different woods.

Out of the box, theres no work surface available for getting prepped. Fortunately, Traeger sells a folding front shelf that runs the full width of the cook box. This is ideal for sliding large cuts in and out, and for last-minute mopping, rubbing, and seasoning.

For some storage space, check out the bottom shelf accessory. It attaches near the bottom of the frame, just about the wheels.

Holding a consistent temperature is the key to smoking and slow roasting. Unfortunately, thats not easy to do in cold weather! If you love to cook all year, consider the insulated blanket to help hold in the heat.

You can also grab a variety of extra shelving and specialty racks for ribs, poppers, or extra smoking space. From a practical standpoint, some foil liners for your drip bucket will make and easy clean-up even easier!

As always, though, the most important accessory for your Traeger is a fitted cover. This low-cost investment will extend the life and protect the appearance of your beloved barbecue by keeping out moisture between uses.

Its A Serious Pain To Clean

Cleaning a propane grill isnât what Iâd call fun, but Iâd much rather clean one of those than a wood smoker like the Timberline. With pellet grills, dealing with food grease is just the start. All that wood smoke circulating within its main cavity creates a sticky residue. Called creosote, itâs a combination of wood tars and other organic compounds that lend smoked food its distinctive flavor. Ridding smokers of creosote makes for a very messy job.

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Other Factors To Consider When Buying A Pellet Grill

With so many models and brands available, deciding which model to buy can be intimidating.

But finding the best grill is all about weighing up your needs. I find it helpful to think about a few different factors when buying a new grill.


The Pellet grills weve looked at in this guide range from 300 1300 square ft. An easy way to narrow your search down is to work out how big you want to go.

Generally the larger you go, the more expensive the grill will get. Although a large grill from a budget brand like Z Grills will still cost less than a more premium brand like Traeger.

If you go too small you wont be able to cook enough food to feed all your guests. But if you go too big your grill will cost more to run and youll waste some wood pellets.

You also need to think about size of the pellet hopper. The larger the hopper the more cooking time you get without re-filing it.

My recommendation is to choose a grill slightly larger than you think youll need.


Some people like to have all the latest tech on their grills, while others prefer to invest all their budget in a grill that focuses on superior build quality.

Have a think about which features are nice to have, and which are non-negotiable.

Some common features on pellet grills include:


Every factor weve talked about contributes to the price. Pellet grills have more tech in them, and generally cost more than other types of smoker.

How Easy To Operate Compared To Other Grill Types


A pellet grill looks imposing, but its deceptively easy-to-use. As expressed so perfectly at SeriouslySmoked.com,

As long as you can empty the bag of pellets into the hopper and touch a few buttons, you can use one of these grills.

Honestly, thats about right!

Unlike with most smokers, a pellet grill knows when to add more wood and how much. How?

A thermometer inside the cook chamber monitors the ambient temperature. When it drops below the target you preset on the digital controller, more pellets are delivered from the hopper to the fire pot. There, they are automatically ignited and fanned to produce more heat and smoke.

Compared to a charcoal grill, you do not need to tend your fire by hand, adding more wood as needed. With charcoal grills, youll also spend time fiddling with dampers and vents to control the airflow and adjust the temperature up and down.

Even comparing a pellet grill to a gas grill, the pellet grill is easier. On a gas grill, the temperature control is manually set by adjusting the gas flow with a dial. And ambient air temperature and how much wind will affect where to set things day to day.

Its all part of the hobby, but its daunting for beginners, and even experienced pitmasters find it tedious sometimes. With a pellet smoker, its essentially set it and forget it.

Something else youll never worry about with a pellet grill is a flare-up.

No more burnt edges and no more singed arm hair.

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Are They Worth It

Traeger grills are worth the investment for many people. They are some of the most expensive products on the market, but they are premium grills that rarely fail to impress. Traegers offer precision temperature control, durability and are generally built using the latest in grilling technology.

These grills are developed for cooks and BBQ enthusiasts. They are premium products at a high price point, and as with many luxury goods, they dont come cheap. If you are willing to pay a little bit extra, a Traeger may be your number one choice.

However, for others, Traegers may not be worth the money. If you grill occasionally and arent a BBQ enthusiast, you may not get as much value from such an expensive item.

Will This Grill Fall Apart Within A Year

Aside from an act of God, no it will not. Heck, our grills are so tough, they can take a direct hit from a tree. Seriously. Check out what happened a few years ago in John Copleys backyard in Spokane.

Traeger grills are built-to-last. Every Traeger features superior structural construction, an ultra-sturdy base, and built-tough steel legs. If something does go wrong, our ironclad 3-year warranty and 365 days of customer service will cover any issue that may arise.


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Our Best Traeger Outdoor Grills

Traeger grills bring an unrivaled wood-fired flavor to your favorite foods, unlocking your true grilling potential. No matter which grill model you go with, Traeger’s 6-in-1 capabilities mean you have the ability to grill, smoke, bake, roast, and braise with pure hardwood flavor. Now that you know a little bit more about this reputable outdoor grill brand, lets take a look at a couple of our favorite Traeger pellet grills that will instantly turn you into a grilling pro.

Big Horn Outdoors Pellet Grill & Smoker

Why Traeger is the Best Pellet Grill – Stop Grilling. Start Traegering.


With almost a decade in the market, Big Horn Outdoors is doing pretty well at making a name for themselves. This model represents the least expensive option for a full size backyard pellet smoker in this group. Granted, they rely heavily on the upper rack to get their available space to 700 square inches. Some of us less coordinated individuals remove the upper rack much of the time to be able cook taller items and maneuver in general, so this comes off as somewhat cramped. The pellet hopper is a little small at 8 pounds and may need refilling for longer smokes.

They do include some fun accessories folding front shelf, pellet hopper latch, and tool hooks. They also have a nice easy to read chamber thermometer. The control settings are simpler in 25 degree increments, and it does have two probe inputs. They also have nice oversize metal wheels for better mobility with the pellet hopper opposite the handle so it works as a counterweight when moving around.

Specs to know

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Traeger Pro 575 41 Black Free Standing Pellet Grill

Shop Now

With the capacity to fit up to 24 tasty burgers, five racks of ribs, or five whole chickens, this Traeger Pro grill sets the standard for grilling excellence. As the brands overall best-selling wood pellet grill, the Traeger Pro gives you the ability to craft incredible tasting wood-fired eats with pure ease. Featuring Traegers exclusive pellet-fueled grilling technology, this wood-fired grill will not only make your meals consistently simple, but theyll also be packed with much more flavor than ever before. To put the cherry on top, this Traeger grill comes infused with WiFIRE-enabled controllers, which gives you the freedom to check the cooking progress of your foods from any location all from your preferred smart device on the Traeger app.

If You Want A High Quality Pellet Grill

If you want a seriously high quality grill with a lower price than a Traeger then you have some options. The following grills have just as precise temperature control as a Traeger but achieve it with PID controllers instead of a DC motor.

Grilla Grills

Grilla Grills is located in Michigan and makes ultra high quality pellet grills. Grilla Grills are more affordable than Traeger because they sell directly to consumers and do not have to factor in distributor markups.

Traeger sells their grills at wholesale prices to Big Box stores like Home Depot. Home Depot then marks up the price so they can make a profit. Traeger generally matches the Home Depot price on their website so they dont undercut their retail partners.

Grilla Grills does not have any retail partners to upset so they can offer you great prices directly.

The Grilla Grills Silverbac Alpha is a beautiful, stainless steel freaking beast of a grill that received a Gold Medal Best Value Award from the grill gurus at AmazingRibs. The Silverbac has a better warranty than Traeger simply because it is a better grill.

The Silverbac Alpha does not have WiFi connectivity.

Here is the link to check out Grilla Grills.

Rec Tec

Rec Tec is a company located in Georgia and they make spectacular pellet grills. Rec Tec is like Grilla Grills in that they sell directly to consumers and do not have a distribution network to support.

The Rec Tec grills do have WiFi connectivity.

Camp Chef

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Traeger Wood Pellet Grill Review Video

In this video, I give you my full review of the Traeger Wood Pellet Grill. I also show you the results of using it to cook some fresh lobster and kingfish.

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to see the one that model that I have.

Natural Flavor In A Pellet

Traeger Pro 780 Review: Why your next pellet grill needs WiFi

Wood is chipped, dried to specific moisture, milled to a smaller size, and then compressed into pellets. Generally the heat of the compression process pulls natural glue from the wood to keep their shape. Smoking pellets are pure wood, but the pellet smoker is efficient, so it does not put out quite as much smoke during the burn. This creates less intense flavors versus charcoal or split wood. The smoke is clean and easy to control, and it still imparts great flavors if somewhat milder than other techniques.

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Types Of Traeger Pellet Grills

Its important to understand that not only does the Traeger grill come in a different model, you can also find the different models in 4 basic lines. Dont get too confused heres what I mean. Traeger produces four basic lines of pellet grills. And you must clearly understand these lines before shopping for your grill.

Also, you must choose between purchasing the latest model and simply going for an old model. Thats because the market is stock with various old Traeger models. However, here are the four Traeger pellet grill lineup

Traeger Pro series

This is the most popular of the lineup. It features a Wi-Fi connectivity option that allows you to connect the grill to your Traeger app.

Traeger Ironwood Series

This is an advanced version of the Pro series. The size is a bit larger than the Pro series. You can also expect more advanced smart tech features like the TRU connection that helps boost your cook time.

Trust me these versions are super techy.

Theres also the super smoke mode with this smart feature, push a button, and your smoke is ramped up.

Traeger Timberline series

Here comes the most extensive option. It features two cooking space varieties: the 850 and 1300 square inches. Get ready to explore the features of these two line ups. Plus, you can also have your pellet levels measured on the app.

Traeger Tailgater

Okay, dont expect much smart tech feature here. This lineup is all about portability. Hope you understand?

Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 Top Pick

The first on our list is the top-notch Pro Series 575 model that combines lots of interesting features within a single unit. The total grilling space on the unit is 575 sq inches, which is sufficient for handling the needs of medium to large families. Moreover, the Alexa compatibility allows users to control the machine remotely.

The presence of the D2 drivetrain mechanism on this grill makes it stand out from its competitors as it adds to the overall convenience of users. With an overall weight of 126 pounds, Traeger 575 is comparatively lighter than many of its competitors. In addition, it boasts a standard 18 lbs hopper capacity that gets rid of frequent refilling of pellets.

Grilling Space of 575 Sq Inches

Are you looking for a new grill that offers convenient grilling space for medium families? Well, Traeger Pro 575 can be a good choice. With its 575 sq inches of cooking space, it is one of the perfect Traeger grills for anyone who loves to cook.

A grilling space of 575 sq inches allows users to cook up to 20 burgers if they know how to accommodate things adequately on a grill. Not only that, but its packed with features that make everyday life easier, more entertaining, and more productive.

D2 Drivetrain

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Why Are Traeger Grills So Expensive Are They Worth It

June 25, 2020 By David

Buying a Traeger grill requires spending a serious amount of money. Traegers price tags shock a lot of people, especially if they have just been checking out the Pit Boss grills at Walmart. So what gives? How come Traegers are so expensive and, more importantly, are they worth it?

Traeger grills are expensive due to the use of advanced technology and the expenses related to Research and Development, Legal and Marketing. While Traeger makes excellent grills there are other companies that make equivalent or better pellet grills which are also less expensive. With a singular exception, Traeger grills are not worth the price given the products from other high quality pellet grill manufacturers.

Lets look at the components that go into the price tag of a Traeger grill in more detail, check out some alternative manufacturers and then look at the only Traeger that is worth the money.

Tips For Pellet Grilling

Why Doesnt My Grill Power On Traeger

Pellet grills are wood-fired grills and so choosing the right wood for the foods youre cooking is vital.

Research the suggested pairings of wood types with certain foods. For example, Hickory is a good option for Pork and chicken, but not recommended for seafood.

Hot TipResearch your wood choices!

Since the wood pellets are susceptible to the elements storage is key. Storing wood pellets in a dry place is vital to keeping them fresh and usable.

If storing inside keep pellets elevated off the ground and store in a dry location. Try to store in an airtight container!

If inside storage is not an option dont freak out! Outside storage is possible too. Like before, keeping pellets off the ground. Use a tarp to cover the pellets and use weights to hold the tarp down. Place an object at the top of the pellets under the tarp so that the top of the tarp is not flat. A flat tarp collects rainwater, whereas a slanted top lets rainwater slide off.

Most importantly check on your pellets!

The hopper is not a long-term storage option. Yes, you can keep pellets in there for a day or two, but any longer than that you should empty the pellets out and store them properly.

Research what your grill can do! Some of the higher end models offer some cool perks such as cold smoking, perfect for that lox style salmon! Pellet grills are super versatile dont hold yourself back.

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