Are Infrared Grills Better Than Regular Gas Grills

What Are The Advantages Of Cooking With An Infrared Grill

How to Sear on an Infrared Grill | How to Grill with Grillabilities from BBQGuys

The undeniable truth about infrared burners is that they are lightening fast. These burners are capable of getting up to around 700°F in seven minutes.

  • With a grill that hot, you will be able to sear your food really quick.
  • Manufacturers also make the claim that cooking with an infrared grill will lock in more juices.

However, there is still conjecture surrounding these claims. When searing your meat, you are caramelizing and browning the surface as the Maillard reaction takes place. While a brown and crispy surface may appear to lock in juices, whether or not this really happens is still debated.

So while locking in juices is a moot point, there are some other advantages.

Infrared grills produce very even heat, which makes for a consistently well seared surface.

Being so fast and hot, infrared cooking is energy efficient as well. You will be able to cook more food in a shorter amount of time, using less fuel.

Lastly, due to the intense heat of the burners, there can be less chance of flare ups when cooking with certain types of infrared. We will talk more about the different types of infrared grill later in this article.

Which Infrared Grill To Buy

Char-Broil 463655621 Performance TRU-Infrared Propane Gas Grill

For an infrared grill that comes with key features, and provides an unmatched infrared grilling experience, the Char-Broil Performance TRU-infrared grill is hard to beat.

It offers 310 square inches of primary cooking area, and also comes with a separate 95 square inch warming rack thats ideal for heating up sauces and buns.

It features the latest TRU-infrared technology, which prevents flare-ups, delivers even heat, and cooks up to 50 percent juicier food.

The Char-Broil infrared grill features an appealing metallic gray finish, and comes with durable porcelain-coated cooking grates that are easy to clean, and are rust-resistant.

Adding to its rich set of features is its onsite electronic ignition system, which allows you to get grilling in no time.

The Char-Broil Performance infrared grill comes with foldable side shelves, and a large storage compartment at the bottom to store your grilling essentials.

Adding to this, the Char-Broil infrared grill is fitted with a lid-mounted temperature gauge, four heavy-duty wheels, and is easy to assemble.


  • 310 square inches of primary cooking space
  • 95 square inches side burner
  • Rich metallic gray finish
  • Limited to one color option

Is The Infrared Grill Worth It

Enthusiasts say infrared grills are good at searing meat, provide uniform heat and cut down on flare-ups. In our tests of gas grills, we havent found that infrared grills or grills with an infrared element are any better than those with standard burners. All the best grills in our tests cook uniformly.

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How Will An Infrared Grill Affect The Taste Of My Food

Taste, of course, is subjective.

Many people enjoy cooking with charcoal because of the residual smoky taste, which you wont get from an infrared grill.

However, there is evidence to suggest that an infrared grill might actually make your food taste better than a charcoal or standard gas grill!

Because of the high direct heat of an infrared grill the drippings are said to actually vaporize and be reintroduced back into the food through steam, rather than being lost to the bowels of your grill.

This is why many brands claim the ceramic plates often used in infrared grills protect the meat from being dried out during cooking.

The high, even heat also makes them ideal for cooking foods like steak.

Which Gas Grill To Buy

5 Best Gas Grill Under $100 Reviewed (Updated June 2020)

Monument Propane Gas Grill

The Monument gas grill not only looks good, but offers some serious power under its hood. It offers a large 473 square inch primary cooking space, and a separate 147 square inch warming rack.

It is equipped with two 304 grade stainless steel burners that collectively generate an impressive 24,000 BTU heat power.

The Monument Gas grill comes with porcelain coated, cast iron cooking grates that provide even heat across the cooking surface.

It features a sturdy construction with its 430-grade stainless steel lid, black powder coated side shelves, side panel and base panel.

The Monument gas grill features an electronic ignition for easy starting, and come with wheels to easily to move it around.


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Things To Watch Out For With Infrared Gas Grills

Lets start with Char-Broil. Theyve got 4 product lines covering at least 2 completely different designs for infrared. The key features and differences between them are important. Prices for these barbecue gas grills have a gigantic range. Most folks arent even aware of how high-end the market for gas grills goes. The table below shows a range of gas grills with infrared technology ranging from $230 to $4000. Needless to say, theres a lot to consider so lets get into it.

Are Infrared Grills Hard To Clean

The surfaces of Infrared grills are easily removed and cleaned with the added advantage of keeping drips and drops from gathering on the floor of the grill body.

Traditional gas grills can be a challenge to keep clean. The grill itself has to be scrubbed or food will be contaminated with the last bar-b-ques ingredients.

The body of the grill and the burner assembly should be kept clean as well to prevent fires and flare-ups from occurring.

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Is Infrared Grill Better Than Gas

The gas grill heats the air around the grilling plate. The hot circulating air cooks the food but also dries it out. On the contrary, the infrared grill uses electric or gas element to radiate heat to the surface where the food is placed. The far infrared waves are emitted from the surface. The heat transferred directly to the food cooks the food. In the infrared technology, less air is circulated the grilling area keeping the moisture in.

If you want a faster way of roasting with no flare-ups, the infrared grill is the better option. For a more authentic outdoor experience and aromatic flavor, the gas grill is still the way to go. Having described the main difference between infrared and gas grill, is infrared grill better?

When it comes to cooking steak and retaining the moisture of the food, the infrared grill is better. There are other factors to consider and the decision depends on your preferences. Just like any other product, the infrared grill is not perfect. It has some minor drawbacks too.

Why Should You Buy A Tru Infrared Grill

How to Choose The Best Gas Grill 2019 | Grill Buying Guide

There are many reasons you should buy a TRU infrared grill. Perhaps the most important reason is that infrared grills cook food more evenly than other grills. This means that your food will not be dry or overcooked on the outside while being undercooked on the inside.

Additionally, infrared grills use less fuel than traditional grills, so they are more environmentally friendly. Finally, infrared grills are easier to clean than other grills-all you need to do is wipe them down with a damp cloth! So if you are in the market for a new grill, be sure to consider a TRU infrared grill. You wont be disappointed!

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Are Infrared Grills Really Infrared

When it comes to grilling, thats all infrared radiation is: heat waves that are emitted by a hot object which has itself been heated by a propane or natural gas-powered heat element. In short, infrared grills are much hotter and much more efficient, which means they cook much more quickly than conventional grills.

Does Weber Make An Infrared Grill

Yes Weber does make an infrared grill. It is called the Summit S-670 and it is a 6-burner gas grill with infrared searing. The infrared searing feature cooks food quickly and evenly, locking in flavor and moisture. Plus, the grill is outfitted with a smoker box, so you can add smoke flavor to your food. If youre looking for an impressive, high-quality grill that can do it all, the Summit S-670 is a great option.

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What Is Infrared Grilling Technology

First, a little history of how it all got started.In 1961, Bill Best, founder of Thermal Engineering Corp., Had patented the first infrared burner. This burner was only used for industrial machinery.

Bill Best was also a backyard griller and build an infrared burner in one of the barbecues he had built to use for himself. This was when he found out about the faster cooking and all other benefits of an infrared grill that we mentioned here.

All right, here we go with my explanation of the whole infrared technology. I hope you understand!Gas and electric grills use hot air to cook our food. A dryer also uses hot air but this is used to dry our clothes.This means that the gas grill dries out our meat and that is a complaint you hear a lot.And that is one of the reasons why we inject and marinate our meat. To keep the moisture inside.These grills have no infrared or radiant heating at all.

Charcoal is already a little better because it has about 25% infrared heat and that is why the meat stays moister and not too much dried out like on a gas grill.

Hybrid Infrared Gas Grills

Best Gas Grills Under $500: Updated for 2021

The latest advance in grilling is the creation of a hybrid grill that can operate in a traditional convection mode or an infrared mode. This allows you to choose the preferred mode of cooking.

It also lets you transition quickly from searing your food over high heat to low-temperature cooking as needed.

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Quick Preheat/fast Cooking Times

Infrared grills heat up faster and can generate much higher temperatures than most conventional grills. In fact, its not uncommon for an infrared grill to reach a temperature of 700 degrees F in under 7 minutes. This translates to faster cooking times, especially for solid, dense meats like steak, which can cook in as little as 1 minute per side. Plus, with faster preheating, grill enthusiasts will look forward to grilling more often, even when they may be short on time.

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Are There Any Potential Problems With Infrared Grills

Older style infrared grills with a ceramic burner can crack. If this has happened, your infrared burner wont get as hot as usual and will likely be making a popping or even an engine like sound.

Similarly, if the burners are still hot, dont splash them with cold water as it could cause them to crack.

While many manufacturers state that infrared grills are less likely to cause flare ups, depending on the type you get, flare ups can still happen. In fact, some infrared grills are quite prone to flare ups. Make sure you ask plenty of questions and do your research on the particular model you plan on purchasing.

It is also important to keep a close eye on anything you cook with an infrared grill as things will burn fast.

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Lynx Professional Bbq Grill L30atrflp

A normal infrared is one temperature, but Lynx offers a variable from 300-1000 degrees.

You have that direct heat of an infrared but at a lower temperature. You can cook more water-soluble foods like fruit and veggies.

Lynx Professional BBQ Grill Infrared Burners

This grill is all infrared and is available in larger in 30, 36, and 48-inch sizes, but should you buy it?

Lynx Professional Built-In BBQ Grill on Display at Yale Appliance in Hanover

You will be able to grill faster than a conventional burner. The downside is the price at well over $4,000.

Also, you need to be close by to your grill when you’re cooking with infrared. Your food cooks faster and could burn if you are not paying attention.

Many pro grills will have the infrared option along with burners. A combination may be a good consideration to an all sear grill.

However, If you truly like to grill, all sear is a good consideration. You have the output plus the ability to lower temperature.

Disadvantages Of Cooking With An Infrared Grill

Napoleon Prestige Gas Grill Review | BBQGuys Expert Overview

Without making some adjustments the advantages can quickly become disadvantages when cooking with infrared.

  • The intense heat put out by infrared grills can quickly burn food. When cooking delicate meats like fish, the heat put out by infrared can be too intense.
  • For that reason, you will get the best results if you cook sturdier meats, such as steaks, especially when you are first using your infrared grill.
  • Manufacturers have come to realize that an all infrared grill is not very versatile due to the intensity of the heat they produce.

For that reason, most grills now offer a sear zone. The rest of the grill heats the food a more traditional way, such as with gas burners. This way, after a very short time on the infrared burner, your meat can be moved back to the non infrared part of the grill to finish off .

This different way of cooking can take a little while to get used to, which can put people off using infrared grills initially.

There is also concern that burnt food, and particularly burnt meat, causes cancer. While it is true that certain compounds created when meat is cooked have been linked to cancer, there is still more research to be done.

In the meantime, if you are concerned, a good rule of thumb is to avoid burning your meat

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Is Weber Sear Station Infrared

The Weber sear station infrared is a great option if youre looking for an easy way to cook your food. The infrared heat cooks your food evenly and quickly, so its a great choice if youre short on time. Plus, the sear station feature gives your food a crispy outer crust thatll tantalize your taste buds. So, if youre looking for a convenient and delicious way to cook your food, the Weber sear station infrared is definitely worth considering.

Minimizes The Chances Of Flare

The heat generated by infrared radiation is so intense that it instantly vaporizes grease or marinade drippings, generating flavor-enriching smoke in the process. This enhances the rich flavor of whatevers on the grill and virtually eliminates any chance of a flare-up. Its a win-win either way you slice it.

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Cleaning Can Be Tedious

Generally speaking, infrared grills should actually be easier to clean. So why is it showing up as one of the disadvantages of infrared grill models?

Simply because it doesnt apply to them all. For example, a grill with exposed ceramic burners can easily be clogged. The same goes for radiation panels and cooking grates that are purpose-built for infrared technologies.

Like all grills, you will have to do a certain amount of cleaning and preventative maintenance. While most grills can function just fine when a little gunked up, some infrared grills are far more finicky.

Of course, it all depends on the quality of construction and the precise design your grill uses, but you dont want to be replacing expensive infrared heating elements regularly.

Flame King Scorch Smokeless Infrared Electric Broiler For Indoor Use

Infrared Grills Pros and Cons

Looking to enjoy grilled food year-round, regardless of the weather? The Flame King Scorch is your perfect indoor solution! This powerful and smokeless searing/charbroiling electric grill can deliver a perfect steak in just five minutes. Whether youre cooking up beef, chicken, pork or any other type of meat, the Scorchs high-heat infrared capabilities make quick work of it. And because its electric, it can be used with any 120-volt outlet. So why wait? Get the Flame King Scorch today and start enjoying great-tasting grilled food all year long!

  • The Item Dimensions LxWxH is 16 x 14 x 15 inches
  • The Item Weight is 30 Pounds


  • Cook food evenly and quickly.
  • Insulated to prevent damage to surfaces.
  • Impress your guests with your cooking skills.
  • Enjoy a relaxing meal after a long day.


  • The product may have minor defects but can be exchanged

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Grilling Quality & Taste

The grill quality and taste of both infrared grills and gas grills mostly depend on the marination you use, and how well you grill.

Of course, since infrared grills provide a higher heat temperature, you will be able to create sear marks faster, but takes a bit longer with gas grills.

The taste produced also dates back to the heating method of both types of grills. Gas grills use the convection method to break down the moisture barrier in meats, causing the meats to dry out when grilling.

Infrared grills however directly heat the meat through their respective heating system, hence trapping the fluids, resulting in juicier cooked foods.

But if youre just getting your feet wet with grilling, its easy to overcook and char food on an infrared grill, for which a gas grill is a better option for you.


Gas grills Novice grillers

Disadvantages Of Infrared Grills

Infrared grills arent perfect, and here are a few disadvantages that you may or may not face.

1. Heat up too quickly

While this is a good thing for most grillers, the risk of burning food is high, especially if you dont know how to control the heat.

Many people who enjoy slow cooking may also find infrared grills to be a bit overwhelming to use.

2. Less versatility with most infrared grills

Most infrared grills dont offer a wide temperature range, and also dont provide the necessary controls to adjust the speed at which food gets cooked.

3. Prone to damage

The plates of infrared grills may look sturdy, but are prone to chipping and cracking. Further, Ive read some infrared grill reviews claiming that these grills and more prone to mechanical failure as well.

4. Doesnt offer wood or charcoal flavoring

If you cant resist the wood or charcoal flavors when you BBQ, youll be a tad bit disappointed with an infrared grill.

5. Infrared grills are expensive

Infrared grills are notoriously expensive compared to other types of grills. However, there are several cheap infrared grills available, but models in this range dont provide a true infrared grilling experience.

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