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With its steel construction and sturdiness, the Blackstone four-burner 36-in. gas griddle wont just be your grill. It will probably be your kids grill, and maybe even your grandkids grill. The four-burner capability combined with a super large cooking plate make this grill perfect for catering to the extended family or the entire Little League team.

Heavy-duty wheels make it easy to move from the patio to the backyard and easily lock in place when youre ready to cook. Its also supremely easy to clean when youre done cooking.

An Experienced Grill Master Walks You Through The Best Propane Flat Top Grills On The Market To Help You Choose The Best Option

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A quality propane flat top grill is essential to any grill master. The high and even heat these grills give off perfectly produces that beautiful Maillard reaction that turns food into edible magic. Here Ill discuss how to choose a great propane flat top grill and share a few of my top product choices.

Number of Burners and Cooking Space: Multiple burners allow you to create cooking zones with different temperatures. This can let you, say, perfectly sear a steak at high heat, while simultaneously browning baby carrots at a lower heat.

BTUs: British Thermal Units are thrown about on every grill listing out there. Theyre a measure of fuel efficiency, not grill heat, and neednt be among your top considerations when choosing the right grill. Whats more, this measure is often used incorrectly by salespeople and in online sales listings.

Restaurant Griddles: What You Need To Know

Commercial griddles are used in burger joints, diners, and other restaurants serving popular breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Also known as flat-top griddles, these versatile countertop pieces have a flat metal cooking surface called a plate and can handle everything from hamburgers and bacon to eggs and pancakes. The most common plate material is steel, although some may be constructed of chrome. Plate thicknesses range from 12 to 1 inch. Thicker griddle plates may mean a more expensive unit, but they’re less likely to warp over time.

Additional factors can determine the cost of your flat-top grill, such as how it’s powered and how large it is. Like other types of commercial kitchen equipment, restaurant griddles are powered by gas or electricity and have manual or thermostatic controls. Some gas units are convertible, meaning they ship configured for either LP or natural gas but include a conversion kit that makes them compatible with the other option. If you choose a commercial electric griddle, which can be the better option for commercial kitchens in areas with expensive gas costs, verify you’re purchasing the correct voltage for your kitchen’s wiring.

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George Foreman Gfo3320gm Flat

Now the George Foreman GFO3320GM Indoor/Outdoor Gun Metal Electric Grill is one of the most innovative designs a flat top grill can have. It is circular in shape and has a cherry on top, it comes with a removable lid that does not let the supplied heat escape. The entire unit also includes a removable stand. This flat-top grill can cater to more than 15 people, all at once, which makes it extremely handy for small get-togethers and camps. Its innumerable features make it one of the most trustable grills available in the market.

Main Features

  • It measures 11 x 19.5 x 20 inches
  • Weighs about 17 pounds

Quality & Performance

The George Foreman GFO3320GM Indoor/Outdoor Gun Metal Electric Grill has one of the most innovative designs. It has a 3-year warranty and has a very reliable and sturdy structure. It has a detachable bottom stand therefore, it can be used for tabletop cooking as well. It comes with a lid that doesnt allow heat to escape while the food is being cooked.

The most impressive feature is that its surface is coated with ceramic, which makes it five times more durable and long-lasting than the ordinary steel surface.

It can be used for in-house cooking as well as outdoor culinary gatherings. It is very much handy to carry and can be used to prepare meat, kebabs, burgers, hot dogs and even deserts.

Why We Love It

  • A fully electric system does not work in the absence of electric power.

Cookrite Commercial Heavy Duty Manual Griddle Gas Countertop 36” DESENNIE 24

Durable stainless steel structure, corrosion-resistant and easy to clean.Independent manual controls to save the energy.Thick stainless steel radiant plate, for quick and even heating.Overall Dimensions:Lengthï¼36 inch Width:28.6 inch Height:15.2 inch.With a countertop design, the unit is space efficient, leaving room in your kitchen for additional equipment, supplies, or work surface area. It also allows placement on top of existing work tables and chef bases, ensuring that your space is maximized to its full potential.

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Use Commercial Griddles To Efficiently Cook Delicious Meals At Your Foodservice Business

Commercial flat top grills are a versatile cooking option for restaurants because they can be used to prepare a variety of popular foods. If you have an extensive breakfast menu, a griddle grill is going to allow you to cook most of those items at the same time. While homefries and hashbrowns are crisping up on one side of the flat top, you can fry eggs to order on the other side. Pancakes, sausages, and bacon can all be cooked on your griddle, and you can even adjust the heat with individual burners to create areas of low or high heat on the cook plate.

Countertop flat top grills are a flexible alternative to freestanding cooktops. With a countertop griddle, you have the option of placing the unit on any available countertop space as long as long as you have access to the required utilities and ventilation. Flat grills can be moved around more easily than a permanent unit, either for cleaning or to rearrange your layout.

Our selection of drop-in griddles includes regular and hibachi-style Teppanyaki griddles. Both of these options feature heating elements located in the center of the griddle for cooking food and cooler outer edges to warm cooked food. Both styles of commercial griddles are designed to mount flush with your existing countertops, making them perfect for businesses with limited space.

Blackstone Tailgater Portable Grill And Griddle Combo

As you scroll down, there are even better options for you, and the Blackstone Tailgater Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo is an example of that. It is most definitely at the top of its game and extremely user friendly. Its size is even better, and the best part is that it has sleek and adjustable legs, which means you can use it anywhere, ranging from your home to your backyard to mountains and rugged terrain surfaces. What makes it even more affordable and economical is the grill and griddle combo, which means that you do not have to purchase either of the two separately.

Main Features

  • One stainless steel H tube burner
  • One cast iron burner

Quality & Performance

The Blackstone Tailgater Portable Gas Grill and Griddle Combo are specifically designed to cater to your outdoor culinary needs. Its versatile design makes it user-friendly and enables us to use it in any possible place. You can use the grill box to grill your meat at up to 500 degrees, and if you want to cook at lower temperatures at a flat surface, you have that option as well. The Tailgater just never disappoints. You can use it as a frying pan, and a grill box and its heat adjusting knobs would serve the purpose efficiently without worrying about extra or lesser heat supply. You can now cook outdoors without having to worry about finding a flat surface to mount your grill on and worrying about the availability of abundant fuels.

Why We Love It

  • No evident cons

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Portable Electric & Gas Griddles

Sams Club carries reliable gas commercial griddles with mechanical control systems for restaurants with concerns about using automatic spark ignition. The gas restaurant griddles carried by Sams Club also have a green design with a flame switch that contains no mercury. With one pilot safety valve for every two burners, this great safety feature ensures the griddle will shut off the gas completely if the pilot extinguishes for any reason.

If you are looking for electric restaurant griddles, Sams Club has a great selection of that will ensure that you serve the best delicacies every time. With a fast startup, these are great for breakfast when a large percentage of items are prepared on a griddle. The portable electric griddle is the perfect option for caterers as it is compact for outdoor and buffet use.

Sams Club carries a great selection of restaurant griddles and commercial griddles. In addition, every griddle is covered by a one-year manufacturer warranty, so you get reliable equipment for your kitchen. So dont waste another day. Get the best deals on restaurant grills at Sams Club, today!

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Best Flavor Profile For A Propane Flat Top Grill

48 INCH Gas Griddle Flat Top Grill stove propane LP natural gas

One of the reasons you see so many old grills in the trash is because their former owners purchased a Weber Q and never looked back. Turning it into a flat top grill requires the purchase of an additional Griddle, which replaces one side of the standard Weber grate.

The steel hood and innovative airflow design give the Weber Q a unique flavor profile which has become extremely popular around the world. Durable construction, combined with a stellar record of amazing customer service, makes the Weber Q one of my top gas grill choices.

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Get In Touch With The Restaurant Warehouse

My name is Sean Kearney , Do you not like placing orders or giving your personal information over the internet? Hate dealing with checkout? Are you a busy restaurant owner of casual or fine dining restaurant, grocery stores, chef, caterers or liquor stores, bar manager with not a lot of time to shop around for low price on commercial equipment? Please feel free to contact me and will be more than happy to process your order over the phone. cellphone number is 206-419-5801 and my email address is . I am more than happy to answer your emails, phone calls, or live chat texts morning, noon or night.

Royal Gourmet Gb4001 4

If you are looking for the best flat-top grills available, the Royal Gourmet GB4001 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle Outdoor Flat Top Grill would be sufficient to satisfy your desires. This gas griddle can greatly enhance your culinary abilities and can provide an efficient workspace for easy and versatile cooking. It is super easy to set up and use which makes it extremely efficient and effective.

Along with a reasonable size and a perfect surface for outdoor barbecue parties, it has tonnes of other features as well which are listed below.

Main Features

  • Four caster wheels

Quality & Performance

The Royal Gourmet GB4001 4-Burner Propane Gas Grill Griddle would leave no stone unturned in order to satisfy your requirements in terms of quality and performance. It has four heat adjusting knobs, each of which generates 13,000 BTUs of power, which accumulates to produce a great deal, which makes it a worthwhile investment.

It is easily mobile because it has four wheels underneath the stand to move it from place to place. It also includes a detachable grease cup that can be emptied once it becomes full to avoid any mess created.

Why We Love It?

The Royal Gourmet has proved to be one of the best grilling stations because of its open cart design, which can easily accommodate a gas cylinder and can attach a pipe for an efficient supply of fuel for cooking.

  • Requires additional time for set-up.

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Yescom 1500w Electric Countertop Grill

Restaurants commonly use this tabletop grill because they need to prepare bulk quantities of food, and this is principally why this flat-top grill is brought into use. It has wide applications and can also be used at home. It can grill your meat perfectly and serve you a variety of foods of your choice.

Main Features:

  • It measures 17 11/16 x 14 3/16 x 9 13/16 inches with a stand
  • Temperature ranges from 122°C to 572°C

Quality & Performance

The Yescom Electric Countertop Griddle Commercial Restaurant Grill comes with a stainless steel surface for efficient cooking. The oil splash guards on the sides prevent oil splashes, which makes it very user friendly. It can be used on a counter tabletop as well as on its stand. It has a removable grease catcher, which makes cleaning easy and less time-consuming. The smooth surface also ensures uniform heating of food. This type of grill can be used to cook a wide variety of food, including bacon, grilled cheese, breakfast, pancakes, chicken, etc.

Why We Love It

We absolutely admire and recommend the Yescom Electric Countertop Griddle Commercial Restaurant Grill because it is notably one of the best ones in the business. It has made the job of restaurants and snack bars easy. It requires minimal effort for its assembly, and once it is done, it proves to be very fruitful.

It has adjustable temperature knobs and also has electronic on and off buttons that can save us from the hassle of operating mechanical knobs.

What Griddle Plate Thickness Do I Need

Evo Professional Classic Tabletop Flattop Propane Gas Grill

One of the first items to consider when selecting a griddle is plate thickness options are available between 38 and 1 inch. Generally, the thicker the plate, the more evenly it’s heated, which means it’ll be less likely to develop hot or cold spots on the surface. Thicker plates also mean better heat retention for faster temperature recovery, so the griddle surface will return to set temperatures quicker after you add cold food to it. One thing to remember: thicker plates require more energy because it takes more fuel or electricity to keep them hot.

Models with a thinner griddle plate usually:

  • Are less expensive
  • Heat up and cool down quicker
  • Require less energy than thicker plate models

Thinner models are likelier to crack or warp over time when lots of frozen food is added frequently to the griddle plate. A commercial griddle with a thin plate is best suited for low-volume applications, while a flat-top grill with a thick plate should be used for high-volume operations. A thicker plate will endure longer, resisting warps and damage better than a thinner plate.

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Which Griddle Plate Surface Do I Need

Another important detail to consider is what the griddle plate is made of. Most models are made of either steel or chrome-plated steel. Steel griddle plates are:

  • More durable over time
  • Easier to clean than other griddle plate materials

Over time, steel plates can discolor, which doesn’t affect cooking ability and shouldn’t be cause for concern. Some cooks prefer chrome-plated steel because it distributes heat more evenly and food is less likely to stick to it than to steel alone, which eases cleaning. However, chrome-plated models are more expensive than others.

We also have griddles with a cast iron cooking surface. In order to be effective, cast iron surfaces must retain a coat of seasoning a baked-on layer of oil with nonstick properties that preserves the flavor of food. Manufacturers provide detailed guidelines on how to keep their griddles seasoned. Cast iron is ideal for cooking the same type of food over and over if you specialize in burgers, for example but not if you want to cook several types of food, since the seasoning can retain and transfer some of the flavors.

Aluminum surfaces are another option to consider. These are more affordable than the rest and heat up quickly. Aluminum isn’t quite as durable as cast iron, steel, or chrome, though. This type of commercial griddle is recommended generally for light-duty applications, such as concession stands or venues that are only open on a seasonal basis.

Top 10 Best Flat Top Grills For 2022

A flat-top grill is used for cooking purposes and is usually round-shaped, but apart from that, many other rectangular shapes come in handy as well. It serves the same purpose as a standard cooking grill however, it has a flat surface for uniform distribution of heat to the utensil for proper cooking of food.

A flat-top grill is used for toasting, simmering, shallow frying, stir-frying, pan-frying, browning, and many other methods of cooking food.

It doesnt have a grill-like bumpy surface it is more of a flat cooking grill, which is extremely helpful in cooking and supplying proper heat.


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