Commercial Flat Top Grill Electric

Commercial Electric Flat Top Grill Features

VEVOR Electric Griddle Flat Top Grill 1500w 14″ Hot Plate Bbq Countertop Commercial

The flat top offers convenience and ease of use eliminating the possibility of suffocation and ensuring the chefs safety while cooking.

Commercial electric flat top grills are perfect burger cookers they ensure burgers retains just enough moisture and texture. Being a radiating heat source, all foods cook evenly, thanks to its well fitted cooking plane.

Unlike in grills that use charcoal, it is easy to control the temperature for the commercial electric flat top grill. You are likely to get the best outcome with a flattop because you can monitor heat levels.

These units are also consistent and bulk burgers cookers, which makes them convenient for service kitchens that need to produce foods in bulk.

Add the electric flat top grill to your commercial kitchen and enjoy increased productivity.

Commercial & Restaurant Griddles

Restaurant griddles are powerhouses in countless foodservice kitchens that cook menu items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Because flat-top griddles can cook so many different foods quickly and consistently, they can be found anywhere from small concession stands to high-end steakhouses. More

Electric griddles may be preferred in areas where gas prices make electric equipment a more economical option.

Natural gas and propane are popular choices in commercial kitchens where gas is more affordable or convenient than electricity.

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About The Commercial Electric Flat Top Grill

Are you looking for a commercial electric flat top grill to cook better burgers or just planning to add to your list of kitchen appliances? Well, these units can make pancakes, prepare burgers, fry potatoes and cook a long list of other food types. But they are mainly known for making juicy burgers.

Enjoy smokeless grilling at your kitchen restaurant or outdoor cooks with the commercial countertop flat top grill. While most are not light enough to carry around, they are movable from kitchens to outdoor sites and usable as long as there is a source of electric power. Remember, the countertop flat top grill can get super-hot, so it is advisable to keep flammable items like plastic wrappers away from it as soon as you plug it in and turn it on for use.

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Which Control Setup Should I Choose

Commercial griddle controls are either manual or thermostatic. Manual controls are the least expensive type and range in intensity from low to high. These are best suited for experienced cooks because they require some knowledge of which settings to cook with. Your chef must understand how to set and when to adjust the controls based on what foods are cooked. Many professionals are familiar with manual controls and would prefer nothing else, but the learning curve might be steep for inexperienced users.

The dials on thermostatic controls are marked with specific temperatures, and a thermostat will keep the commercial griddle’s surface at the temperature you set, with some degree of variation depending on the type. Thermostatic controls are good for beginners because you can set temperatures according to predetermined guidelines for different types of food. This takes away some uncertainty and room for errors. Thermostatic controls tend to be expensive but can save money in the long run by wasting less food, especially if your business serves a diverse menu of items that must be cooked at different temperatures. More sophisticated types of flat-top grill thermostatic controls include snap-action and solid-state. These come at higher costs but can maintain a more precise temperature setting and are ideal when cooking sensitive products that need very specific temperatures.

Restaurant Griddles: What You Need To Know

VEVOR Electric Grill Grooved and Flat Top Grill Combo 30"  Commercial ...

Commercial griddles are used in burger joints, diners, and other restaurants serving popular breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Also known as flat-top griddles, these versatile countertop pieces have a flat metal cooking surface called a plate and can handle everything from hamburgers and bacon to eggs and pancakes. The most common plate material is steel, although some may be constructed of chrome. Plate thicknesses range from 12 to 1 inch. Thicker griddle plates may mean a more expensive unit, but they’re less likely to warp over time.

Additional factors can determine the cost of your flat-top grill, such as how it’s powered and how large it is. Like other types of commercial kitchen equipment, restaurant griddles are powered by gas or electricity and have manual or thermostatic controls. Some gas units are convertible, meaning they ship configured for either LP or natural gas but include a conversion kit that makes them compatible with the other option. If you choose a commercial electric griddle, which can be the better option for commercial kitchens in areas with expensive gas costs, verify you’re purchasing the correct voltage for your kitchen’s wiring.

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The Best Hamilton Electric Grill

Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill Removable Easy-To-Clean Nonstick Plate, 6-Serving, Extra-Large Drip Tray, Stainless Steel , this barbecue allows you to cook food. It makes grilled seared and marked thanks to its electrical power which is 1200 Watts while reducing smoke and odors thanks to its integrated water tank. It has thermoplastic handles so that it can be used securely. It is efficient and ingenious in providing homogeneous heat. It is practical for successful grilling sessions indoors or outdoors to share with family or friends.

The hob and the drain pan for juices and fats are compatible with the dishwasher because they are 100% removable. Cooking is quick and perfectly controlled.


  • Enjoy Outdoor Grilling with a Dishwasher-Safe Non-Stick Tray.


The Best Indoor Electric Grill

Ideal for cooking indoors and outdoors, the PowerXL Smokeless Grill Advantages is a barbecue with a unique design, allowing to perfectly and easily grill food with natural flavors of wood smoke, spices, herbs or wine. This barbecue allows you to benefit from authentic favors. It has a glass cover allowing to capture the rich scents generated by the integrated aroma infuser. When the latter is filled with water, the steam produced makes it possible to obtain softer meat. It cooks food evenly and with an irresistible appearance thanks to its non-stick plate, and ensures a perfect result for all your food thanks to its adjustable thermostat.

It also has a smoke infuser that helps spread a good barbecue taste at home. A recipe book is provided in its box to allow you to have inspiration in all your preparations. It is easy to clean since its plate is removable and can be washed in the dishwasher. The PowerXL grill quickly heats up to 450°f and maintains a constant temperature.

  • Product Dimensions: 21 x 15.4 x 8.1 inches
  • Item Weight: 17.3 pounds
  • Cooking Surface 13.5″ x 8″ Non-Stick Interchangeable Grill & Griddle Plates, Extra Large
  • Heavy Duty Die-Cast Aluminum Removable Parts with LED Smart Temperature Control Adjustable Up to 450° F 1500 Watts


  • There is a lot of cleaning to do.
  • a little bit uneven frying

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Taimiko Commercial Electric Griddle Flat Top Grill

High-quality stainless steel, which is strong, long-lasting, and safer to use, is used to make electric flat top griddle. Consequently, it is small, sturdy, and won’t be pushed down. The countertop’s form enables placing on top of already-existing work tables and chef bases, maximizing your available area.Our commercial electric griddle has a cooking surface made of 22″ by 14″ cast iron that is 0.3 inches thick, high temperature resistant, sturdy, and simple to clean.

The griddle’s temperature may be changed to meet the needs of various dishes as they cook. With a broad temperature control range, up to 572°F. It’s usual for the Electric Griddle to emit a little bit of smoke when used for the first time. In a few minutes, the smoke will go away due to the heating.For the most equal heat distribution in the kitchen, a griddle grill is a wonderful match. It is frequently used to prepare exquisite pancakes, crispy bacon, grilled cheese, fajitas, complete breakfasts, stir-fries, omelets, and pizza.


Manual Griddles Versus Thermostatic Griddles

TheLAShop 24″ 1500W 110V Electric Griddle Countertop Grill Commercial

Restaurant flat top grills come in manual or thermostatic options. Manual griddles offer you the most flexibility when it comes to adjusting temperature, which could prove useful if you often cook different types of food throughout the day. With ultimate control does come responsibility, and it’ll be up to you to constantly adjust the amount of gas/electricity that is feeding the griddle to attain your desired temperature. On the other hand, for those simply looking to flip burgers or cook up fajitas regularly, then a thermostatic griddle enables you to set a desired temperature and forget it the thermostatic griddle will automatically adjust to hold the desire temperature.

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Customer Ratings By Feature

key FeaturesLarge Cooking Area21.3 x 11.8-in cooking area allows you to cook more food, which is very suitable for enjoying delicious food with family and friends during dinner or camping.Temperature ControlThe electric grill is equipped with accurate temperature control, the rotary knob can be adjusted freely from 50â to 300â, and the internal heating pipe can help uniform heating.Humanized DetailsWe provide you with four skid-proof solid rubber soles, cooling ports to promote heat dissipation, and raised baffles to keep oil splash, making you more comfortable to use.Convenient to CleanWhen cooking, there is an oil drop hole on the panel to deal with the waste. In addition, there is an oil collecting box under which to store the waste. After use, pour out the rubbish. The stainless steel panel is easy to clean.Oil Brush and ShovelYou will get two oil brushes to help you spread the oil evenly on the panel or food and two shovels to help you stir fry the food during cooking to make the food more delicious.Extensive ApplicationOur commercial grill can be used to cook meat, eggs, pancakes, steak, and other food and can be used in domestic or commercial kitchens. Very suitable for dinner parties.Specifications

Vbenlem 22 Commercial Electric Griddle

Our commercial griddle is made of premium stainless steel and has a cast iron cooking surface with a non-stick coating. Cooking area is plenty on the 21.3 x 11.8-inch cooking surface, which is 0.3 inches thick, sturdy, and not easily deformed.Two constant temperature buttons may be used to regulate the interior heating tube’s temperature to accommodate various meals. With a broad temperature control range, up to 572°F. The electric grill may initially emit a little quantity of smoke the smoke will dissipate after a short period of heating.

The raised oil baffle prevents oil splash, the oil leakage hole removes waste, the oil storage box collects waste oil and food, and the heat dissipation hole expedites heat dissipation. The rubber bottom corner makes the electric grill more stable.Our teppanyaki grill’s surface is simple to clean, and the oil storage box also makes it easy to remove leftover food and oil. We also provide you with brushes and shovels to improve your cooking. so that you may delight in the cooking process.


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Ales H1001 Everyday Nonstick Electric Griddle

EASY TO CLEAN: The PFOA-free, non-stick surface provides an even cook for consistent results. Comes with a drip tray to catch excess grease, cleanup is a snap!

Ideal for Any Meat: From breakfast, and lunch to dinner, ALES electric griddle/grill is ideal for family meals, entertaining, or cooking a variety of foods at the same time. Making eggs, pancakes, grilled cheese, and burgers without other pans.

High-Quality Griddle & 100% Satisfaction Service: Full confidence in our electric griddle quality. We provide 1-year warranty. Any questions, any inquires will be answered within 24 hours.

The ALES H1001 Everyday Nonstick Electric Griddle is the perfect griddle for any kitchen. Made with a high-quality NR and PCT-100 nonstick coating, the griddle will withstand years of use without losing its stickiness. The other bonus to this product is it’s ability to be cleaned in as much time as it takes to cook your food. Easily remove burnt items and all you’ll have left is a neat surface full of drip grooves so no grease accumulates on the sides or bottom of your stove. Not only are these features amazing but there are more things than we can mention here which make the ALES H1001 Everyday Nonstick Electric Griddle stand out above others like an extra-large capacity versatility


Which Griddle Plate Surface Do I Need

VEVOR 30"  Electric Countertop Flat Top Griddle 110V 4400W Non

Another important detail to consider is what the griddle plate is made of. Most models are made of either steel or chrome-plated steel. Steel griddle plates are:

  • More durable over time
  • Easier to clean than other griddle plate materials

Over time, steel plates can discolor, which doesn’t affect cooking ability and shouldn’t be cause for concern. Some cooks prefer chrome-plated steel because it distributes heat more evenly and food is less likely to stick to it than to steel alone, which eases cleaning. However, chrome-plated models are more expensive than others.

We also have griddles with a cast iron cooking surface. In order to be effective, cast iron surfaces must retain a coat of seasoning a baked-on layer of oil with nonstick properties that preserves the flavor of food. Manufacturers provide detailed guidelines on how to keep their griddles seasoned. Cast iron is ideal for cooking the same type of food over and over if you specialize in burgers, for example but not if you want to cook several types of food, since the seasoning can retain and transfer some of the flavors.

Aluminum surfaces are another option to consider. These are more affordable than the rest and heat up quickly. Aluminum isn’t quite as durable as cast iron, steel, or chrome, though. This type of commercial griddle is recommended generally for light-duty applications, such as concession stands or venues that are only open on a seasonal basis.

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Why Go With A Gas Griddle

Gas griddle burners sit below the griddle plate. The burners heat up fast and quickly warm the cooking surface. Gas griddles often fire up faster and cool down quicker than electric griddles.

Gas griddles are sometimes less accurate for heating the surface evenly. This may be the case if there is a breeze from your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.

Gas usually edges out electricity for searing. They can get hot! H-formation burners let you get up to 60,000 BTUs on as small as a 36 griddle.

Gas griddles need a professional installer, likely a person from the gas company. Planning that installation can often be more troublesome than youd hope. The surly, unshaven utility tech often runs hours late wearing his sloppy, ill-fitting gray uniform, less than eager to do the job.

Gas griddles arent portable. Theyre going to be a regular fixture in your kitchen. You can choose between propane and natural gas, depending on whats available in your area.

A countertop gas griddle takes up a lot of kitchen space. And its no more portable than others. It will need the same installation professional.

You’ll likely use your commercial kitchens gas griddle most of the day. The gas griddle gets hot faster. It adjusts temperature quicker.

So it may seem like a given to go with gas. But a commercial gas griddle will need an exhaust fan above it. You cant get around proper ventilation with heavy use. And youll have to pay a professional to install that too.

The Best Standing Electric Grill

The advantages of the Cuisinart CEG-980 Outdoor Electric Grill lie mainly in its ease of use and its possibility of grilling indoors, on a terrace or on a balcony, in an urban environment. This barbecue is ready to use and is put on the market at an excellent price allowing a good majority to benefit from its performance.

It has been designed with metal, which ensures its long service life. It just needs to be connected for the resistors to heat enameled metal cooking grate. It should be noted that it does not emit fumes due to the combustion of charcoal, but does not offer the same flavor either. The need for a mains connection limits its practicality for outdoor use.


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Why Pick An Electric Griddle

Electric griddles have a heating element embedded into the griddle plate. They often dont heat as fast as gas. And they dont get quite as hot. And the temperatures dont change as quickly. But they do allow for more precision. An electric griddle is perfect when there’s no gas or where it would be costly to install ventilation.

Electric griddles often heat more evenly. They dont have flames that dance around due to air movement. So, the cooking surface maintains the temperature.

Electric griddles are also far more energy-efficient than gas grills. Gas usage will shoot past the cost of the added electricity. And the initial cost of a gas griddle is higher than an electric one. The gas appliance costs more.

Electric griddles often dont need professional installation. They dont need gas piping. Large commercial electric griddles still need exhaust fans for ventilation. But the systems likely cost less than their gas griddle equivalents.

The Best Weber Electric Grill

Best Electric Grills [Real Testing, Real Reviews]

This barbecue is very reliable and easy to use. It has a pleasant and very aesthetic style that catches the eye directly, although it is covered in black color. It has been designed with strong and resistant materials which guarantee its durability. Its design has been very well studied by the manufacturer and meets user expectations.

It is very ergonomic and doesn’t take up enough space. It is also very compact for storage. It can be placed in the kitchen or on the balcony or in another place. As it has a cover, the electric power is more concentrated in order to obtain perfect cooking without the risk of burning the food. It is made up of a thermostat that allows food to be cooked at different temperatures. It is easy to clean and its grates can go well in a dishwasher. Just that it is quite heavy and expensive.


  • endlessly adjustable burner valve settings
  • a grounded 6-foot cable


  • Body and lid made of cast aluminum Cast-iron grates with porcelain coating, with 189 square inches of cooking space


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