How To Clean Outside Of Grill

Disassemble Your Grill And Remove Any Large Lumps Flakes And Dirt

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Before we get any water near your grill components, it pays to remove the bulk of any dirt and debris with a scraper, and a dustpan and brush.

During grilling, grease and carbon build up on the inside lid and the sides, as well as the base of the grill.

As you scrape down the inside the lid and the sides, you might see what looks like flakes of paint coming loose. But dont worry, this isnt paint, it is the carbonized grease and smoke that has collected over time.

So, take out all grates, any Flavorizer bars, burner assemblies, drip trays everything that can be removed and place them aside for cleaning shortly.

Then with a scraper, go around the inside the lid and the sides, and scrape away at the bottom of the grill to remove as much debris and build up as you can while its still dry.

Its easier to get any dry bulk out now before we get things wet with soapy water, and will reduce the amount of greasy water leaking out onto the surrounding floor.

Vacuum And Wipe Burner Tubes And Lower Cookbox

  • Use your shop vacuum to remove any remaining debris from the burner tubes and lower cookbox.
  • Spray both the tubes and box with grill cleaner, then use a shop towel to wipe them down thoroughly. This is the time to make them as clean and shiny as possible, so don’t be afraid to use lots of spray and towels.
  • Once everything’s sparkling, go ahead and replace the cooking grates.

Why Does Cleaning The Exterior Of A Stainless Steel Grill Matter

Many people think that the exterior of a grill is not necessary to clean, but this is not true. The exterior of our grill can get dirty and rusty after we use it for several days this can cause problems like rusting out, holes in your grills and make it hard for you to clean.

Cleaning your stainless steel grill regularly will help you maintain its exterior in good condition and keep it shiny so that when you use it, everything will look good on the inside and look new again.

Hope you get all the information on cleaning the stainless steel grill exterior. Next, whenever you have to clean the exterior of your grill, do it properly, as mentioned above.

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A Better Way To Clean Your Bbq Grill

Its barbecue season, which means youre likely firing up the grill to whip up some of your summer favorites. But after a whole winter season sitting stagnant, it likely needs a good clean. So you get out your bristle brush and begin scraping.

Except the grime isnt budging. If no amount of elbow grease seems to get to the bottom of the stuck-on grime and oil, Jeff Rossen, NBC News National Investigative Correspondent and host of Rossen Reports, has some tricks up his sleeves to help you get through the grime and back to cooking up some tasty summer fare.

Cleaning Your Heat Shields Orceramic Briquettes

The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Clean Your Grill ...

Depending on the model, your grill may use heat shields or ceramic briquettes. A heatshield or heat deflector is a piece of metal that sits over the burner todistribute heat. Ceramic briquettes look like little tiles, or stylized piecesof charcoal, all the same size and shape.

Its also possible that your grill has lavarocks little clumps of volcanic rock that look like charcoal. Lava rocks arehard to clean. Their porous surface absorbs grease, and theyll fall apart ifyou try to scrub them. If you have lava rocks, we recommend replacing them withceramic briquettes.

Ceramic briquettes are easy to clean with awire brush. Remove them, and scrub until any debris falls off. If you have a heatshield, spray it with a degreaser, then clean it with a wire brush or brillopad and wipe it clean with a cloth. Do not use water or degreaser on briquettes as they will crumble.

Both heat shields and ceramic briquettes willwear out eventually, so you should inspect them carefully as you clean. If yourbriquettes are starting to crumble when you clean them, its probably time toreplace them. However, cracks or nicks on a few briquettes shouldnt be aproblem. As long as theyre mostly intact, they should work fine.

Heat shields, on the other hand, are often thefirst thing to wear out on a grill. If your heat shields are rusty or warped,they cant disperse heat evenly, and may not protect the burner from drippingheat. That means its probably time to replace them.

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Clean The Inside And Lid Of The Grill

With the grates off and the ash box clean, use a sponge and soapy water to wipe down the inside of the lid and the inside walls of the grill. You will likely find soot, debris, and burnt-on grease on these parts. If you need more cleaning power, you can use vinegar or a dedicated grill cleanercheck with your owners manual to see what cleaners are recommended.

Some grill surfaces, like stainless steel, are best cleaned with a stainless-steal cleaner, while ceramic and painted grills should be cleaned with soap and water.

Wipe down the outside of the grill and lid and dry them with a clean cloth.

How To Clean A Gas Grill With Minimal Effort

You bought your new gas grill a while ago and its getting pretty gross. Theres baked-on food everywhere and grease burnt on the grill. Its not coming off anytime soon, and youve tried everything.

Even worse, every time you cook, the baked-on food catches fire in the bottom of the grill pan. Not to mention that it smells of old food.

Luckily, you can clean a gas grill with minimal effort with the right strategy. Heres how.

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How To Clean A Gas Bbq

To clean your gas BBQ, you need to disconnect the gas first to ensure your safety. Detach all removable parts and clean them individually. Wash the body of the BBQ, leave it to dry and reassemble the grill back.

Here is the detailed process of how to clean a gas BBQ:

  • Disconnect the gas The first and most important thing to do before you start the actual cleaning process is to disconnect the gas.
  • Prepare a bucket of soapy waterJust a bucket of warm water with added dish soap will do the job. There is no need to use any dangerous chemicals.
  • Dethatch the parts of the BBQUsing work gloves, remove the grates, the metal plates and basically all plates from the inside of the BBQ while they are still warm.
  • Remove the excess fatScrub the excess fat from the parts, again while they are still warm. When youre cleaning the grill scrub both of its sides to make sure any fat that is underneath is cleaned off as well.
  • Clean the partsPlace all hot plates, char grill plates, flame diffusers and warmer racks in the bucket of warm soapy water and use a sponge to clean them.Bonus tip: Stainless-steel food warmers can be soaked in warm water and laundry powder for an hour. After that scrub them with a scarer, rinse and dry.
  • Use hot soapy water to cleanGive the barbecue itself a good clean again with hot soapy water and a soft scouring pad.Bonus tip: BBQ wipes are great for keeping the BBQ look good between big clean-ups.
  • Let the parts dry
  • Smoke Stains On The Rear Of The Hood Were Not Touched By Any Product But The Clr

    Cleaning the Outside of your Grill: How to clean stainless steel, porcelain, & matte black finish

    This didnt seem effective on anything at first glance. The C.L.R. needs to sit on the stain for a few minutes to begin working. To accomplish this on the slanted part of the hood. I sprayed it onto a paper towel and stuck the wet towel to the hood. Let it sit for at least 5 minutes and clean with a another paper towel, rinse with water , repeat in needed. Then clean with the cleaner of your choice.

    Finally if any scratches or discolorations remain you will need to use a Stainless Steel Polish.

    If you clean the outside of your grill on a frequent basis. You will be able to maintain a great appearance with any of the cleaners from the light test.

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    Maintaining A Gas Grill

    1. Turn on the grill about 15 minutes prior to cooking to burn off any leftover food from the last time you used it.

    2. Buy a grill cover to protect your investment through those long periods of time when it is not in use.

    3. Buy a grill brush if you havent done so already. Give the grill a good brushing every time you use it, both before and after use.

    4. Buy stainless steel polish to protect your grill from rust.

    5. Remember to empty your drip tray. Again, some people say to do this every two week but you should do it after every use. That way you have plenty of room for the new grease the next time you barbecue.

    How To Clean A Beefeater Bbq

    Beefeater also offers both types of BBQ gas and charcoal.

    Beefeater General Cleaning Guide

    For general cleaning and maintenance, Beefeater manuals advise on following these steps:

    • Replace aluminium foil or absorbent material in drip tray at regular intervals to prevent grease build-up.
    • Use hot soapy water on the barbecue fascia and avoid abrasive cleaners or brushes as these could damage the surface and graphics on the fascia. Clean the entire barbecue thoroughly at least twice annually to keep it in good operating condition.
    • Keep cooking surfaces clean by removing all solid matter after use. A light coating of vegetable oil or vegetable cooking spray after each use will help to reduce surface rust and prolong plate and grill life.
    • Burners: Check main opening, throat and venturi to each burner and pilot flame tube regularly for insect nests.
    • Remove burners periodically and scrub clean with soapy water and a wire brush making sure that the ports are free of obstructions.
    • For barbecues used near a marine environment however more frequent cleaning and servicing should be conducted.

    Beefeater Porcelain and Stainless Steel BBQs

    For porcelain enamel or stainless steel BBQ, the manufacturer recommends the universal cleaning method: clearing away all residues from the cooking surface, washing the grills with hot or warm water and dish liquid using a soft sponge and afterwards dry with a paper towel or cloth. And also adds a little bit more specific Beefeater suggestions:

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    Clean Grates And Racks After Each Use

    Cleaning chores are much easier if they are done often, after each use of the grill. This is critical with gas grills since the high temperatures can bake on grease and foods, making it challenging to clean the grates and racks once they cool and the grease hardens.

    Make sure to clean these parts after every cooking session.

    How To Clean Rusty Grill Grates

    Dry Your Grill from How to Clean Your Outdoor Grill in 8 ...

    No one wants to eat food thats been cooked on rusty grill grates. Not only is it unappetizing, but cooking on rusty surfaces can also allow bacteria to enter the food. But the good news is that you can clean rust off your grill grates in just a few simple steps.

    Tools and Materials Needed:

    Collect all of the necessary cleaning supplies before heading outside to your grill.

    Step 2: Make a Paste

    After placing your rubber gloves on, make a thick paste of baking soda and vinegar in the plastic bowl by stirring the two ingredients together, adding small amounts of each until the mixture resembles the consistency of toothpaste.

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    Turn Off The Gas Supply

    First things first, make sure you turn off the gas supply.

    While this might seem like an obvious step, its often a forgotten one thats very important.

    So, locate the source of the gas, whether thats the gas supply valve on a propane tank, or the connection point for natural gas supplied grills, and turn it off before you do anything.

    And if in any doubt, as good ol Grandpa taught me, righty tighty, lefty loosey.

    How To Clean The Exterior Of My Weber Grill

    My husband forgot to put the cover on the grill after I used it the other night. This morning I went outside and saw it covered with dust and tons of pollen like yellow stuff. And a spider decided to spin a web between the handle and the side tray. The grill needs a good cleaning now. what’s the best way to do this? Can I just turn the hose on high and blast it? If I need to rub off stubborn spots, what should I use?

    It’s a Weber Genesis grill with a natural gas connection, if that makes a difference. Thanks!

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    Which Gas Grills Does This Guide Apply To

    Generally speaking, this guide can be applied to all and any gas grills.

    Whether full-sized or portable gas grills, liquid propane or natural gas grills, they all have pretty much the same components and should be cleaned the same way.

    There can be differences between manufacturers and models, and some may indeed have special components not seen elsewhere, but this guide will be right for over 90% of all gas grills out there.

    Clean The Flavorizer Bars

    Use SuperClean For A Fast Easy Way To Clean The Exterior Of A BBQ Grill

    Most grills have some sort of cover over the gas burners, and these are often named Flavorizer Bars, or sometimes heat diffusers, or simply metal plates.

    Before their invention, lava rocks were used instead, which were a nightmare to clean and prone to flare-ups.

    Nowadays, the Flavorizer Bars spread the heat more evenly and direct drippings away from the burner tubes. This not only creates more even cooking, but it helps to prevent flare-ups and stops the burners from clogging, so its essential to keep these guys clean.

    The Flavorizer Bars are the most chastised part of the grill, because not only do they take full whack of the heat, but they also collect all the marinade and drippings so do tend to get and look a bit grim over time.

    Again, theres no secret technique here, just make sure these guys are removed from the grill and then scrub both sides with a scourer and warm soapy water.

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    Clean All Parts Once A Year

    Clean everything elseincluding the burners themselves, the side walls, the bottom of the cooking compartment, and the drip panat least once a year, using warm, soapy water. This seasonal or annual cleaning requires some simple disassembly so you can clean each part separately let and dry it thoroughly before reassembling the grill. Make sure to disconnect the gas hookups before removing the burners.

    The burners require special attention. Makes sure the jets are free of debris. A thin wire or small nail can help to open up any holes that are plugged.

    Conclude by wiping down the outside of the grill, using warm water. Wipe dry to prevent rust.

    How To Clean Le Creuset Cookware

    Side note: Read our how to clean Le Creuset full guide if you own a set.

    You decided to invest in a fancy Le Creuset enameled cookware. You might as well learn the best way to take care of it and clean it.

    Le Creuset cookware is dishwasher safe. Its covered in enamel, so you dont need to season it before and after use.

    It also means you can use warm, soapy water on this one and soak it under the solution without risks of harming it.

    Enameled cookware is coated with enamel over steel so you wont see the rust unless the enamel is damaged. Its not 100% rust-proof, but there is no risk in using it as long as the enamel inside is not cracked or worn off.

    Here are a few cleaning tips.

    1. Simmer water in the pan to get rid of sticky food residue2. Let it cool down then clean it with a cast iron grill brush A brush will not scratch it like a scourer 3. You can use soap and baking soda with the brush to make the cleaning easier 4. Dry it with a dishcloth. No need to season after drying5. Hang dry and store in a cool, dry place

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    How To Clean A Charcoal Grill

    Out of the many different types of grills, the varieties that heat using charcoal require the most cleaning. Keep charcoal grills in peak condition by cleaning them after each use and thoroughly cleaning before and after each grilling season.

    After each use:

    Charcoal ash gathers at the bottom of the grill every time it’s used, so you must clean the grill after each use. Built-up ash can block vents in the bottom of the grill, making it difficult to control cooking temperature and increase fire risks.

    • Once the charcoal has cooled, remove the bricks and brush out the ash.
    • Cleaning grill grates is best done with a long-handled stiff-wire brush. If you dont have a brush, ball up some aluminum foil and hold with long-handled tongs.
    • Use a rag or folded paper towels to apply vegetable oil to the clean grates. This will help prevent rust and food build-up.
    • Clean the inside of the grilling bowl and lid using mild dish soap and a steel brush.

    Before and after each grilling season:

    In addition to cleaning out old charcoal, keep your charcoal grill in peak condition with regular maintenance. Follow these cleaning tips at the beginning and end of each grilling season, performing more often as needed.

    • Clean the outside of the lid and bowl using soap and water. You can also use grill cleaner. Towel dry to prevent rust.
    • Keep the grill protected with a grill cover.
    • Replace your grill brushes annually.

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